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MittKH said not to compile kernels as root, Slackware wiki describes the opposite way. Who to believe? Assuming that in CRUX we do it as root as well (no options hehe)13:04
frinnstsure you can build linux as root13:06
frinnstif you trust the kernel you are building.13:07
frinnsti dont build as root though13:07
MittI've just watched another "review" about DEs, they say GNOME 3 is for minimalists (:13:14
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penguinfanHi Everyone!13:45
penguinfanGreetings from Nagoya/Japan13:45
MittHello penguinfan (:14:12
penguinfanHi Mitt14:12
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druid_droidhi penguinfan :)14:46
penguinfanHi druid_droid14:46
newbie__OK, so I installed crux 3.1 with all packages from core, opt and xorg ports. Then I run ports -u followed by prt-get sysup. Result: Packages where update failed: libpcre, curl, libdevmapper, xorg-server, firefox.15:10
newbie__Then i run prt-get update libpcre. Result: success15:12
newbie__Then i run prt-get update curl. Result: success15:14
newbie__Then i run prt-get update libdevmapper. Result: success15:14
newbie__Then i run prt-get update xorg-server. Result: failed. No package 'epoxy' found.15:15
frinnstyes, new dependencies were introduced with a few of those ports15:15
frinnstand its very possible you ran into some download troubles on a few of those packages too15:16
frinnstfirefox and xorg-servers have new deps: gst for firefox and libepoxy for xorg-server15:16
frinnstwe send out alerts on the mailinglist when ports require manual intervention. currently we have no way of installing new deps when upgrading15:17
newbie__I see. thanks for the information!15:17
frinnstits normally not a big deal but I understand it might be confusing when running it for the first time :)15:18
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frinnstcan you OD on beer?20:27
joacimyou've ODed right now?20:45
joacimi think you can20:46
frinnstI dont mind it to be honest20:50
joacimI overdosed on spaghetti and falukorv once20:56
joacimthought i was going to burst20:56
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frinnstwow, web browsers allow javascript to do upnp stuff?21:02
frinnstthats pretty fucked up21:03
frinnstupnp in it self is pretty fucked up though21:03
nwehow are you frinnst ?21:06
frinnstworking from home while OD:ing on beer21:06
nwehehe =D on duty or?21:06
nweor working with private project?21:06
frinnstnah, reorganizing our backups21:06
frinnstmoving data between backups21:07
frinnstbetween running backups rather21:07
nweoh I see =)21:07
frinnstso lots of waiting for stuff to finish21:07
nwewhile waiting you drinking beer ^^21:09
joacimtomorrow you spend trying to figure out where you put the backups?21:10
frinnstits not THAT bad :)21:10
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