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darthlukanquestion regarind port creation: I have a Telegram package, within it are two binary executables, the app itself and an updater binary that is meant to be in the same directory as the executable.  I want to place both of these into a directory together, then install a script in /usr/bin that will execute the main program06:27
darthlukanthe issue is that the rules on don't mention this case06:28
darthlukanso I'd like to get some advice on how to put this port together without breaking a convention of CRUX06:28
darthlukanI notice that in Arch, the PKGBUILD installs to /opt/appname and then uses a script to execute, but in the Package Guidelines section of the handbook, /opt should not be touched by ports06:30
darthlukanso yeah, just want to do this right :)06:31
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darthlukannevermind, I think I figured it out, /usr/lib/<progname> seems the best fit07:48
darthlukanand it's mentioned in the docs as acceptible for addons and plugins, which are arguably binaries in some cases, so there you go07:48
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tilmanteK__: does opt/gdb not have python support on purpose?10:39
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dlcusaIs there a standard approach (package) to establishing a local webserver to use as a site's first mirror for CRUX distfiles? ports?11:19
frinnstyou can use PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
frinnstbut its still very unpolished11:25
dlcusafrinnst, I'm talking about setting up the PHP that handles on a local webserver.11:26
frinnstdont think anybody has done the work to make it publishable11:27
frinnstbut you can ask/bribe tek :)11:27
dlcusaIt is a PHP script, though?11:27
frinnstnot sure, never touched it myself11:27
dlcusatek, could you please comment?11:28
dlcusaOr teK__, please.11:30
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teK__tilman: no it isnt14:43
teK__dlcusa: what do you need? the whole distfiles folder?14:43
teK__tilman: at least I dont remeber, let me check14:44
tilmanuse: rm -rf $PKG/usr/{lib,include,share/info,share/locale}14:45
tilmaninstead of the current rm14:45
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darthlukanIf a port in say, contrib is outdated and I wanted to provide an updated Pkgfile, would the best route be to just maintain an updated version in my own repo and have that repo registered or is there some mechanism whereby I can submit a pull request/patch to the contrib maintainers?15:57
darthlukanBasically, I duplicated a port because I didn't have the sense to search the portsdb first and now would rather not "steal someone else's thunder" since there is an official maintainer15:59
frinnstyeah, send a patch to the maintainer16:01
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darthlukansounds good, thanks for the response frinnst :)16:01
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grumpyhi in the following script I pass it two paths. The second path I thought was the $SRC path but I put the gecko*.msi in there and it doesnt find it.  what path is it trying to find gecko files in? thanks19:27
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jaegergrumpy: did you include the files in the source array in the Pkgfile?21:37
grumpyjaeger, what do you mean by Pkgfile? I got this script to  fix debians messed up dependency libs with wine. i downloaded the source files but I have no idea where to put wine_gecko....msi wine_gecko...64.msi  and wine-mono*.msi21:47
jaegerI assumed since you were asking in #crux you were talking about a crux issue, heh. I've no idea what's up with debian's wine but you could compare the wine Pkgfile in crux to see where the gecko and mono files get installed21:48
grumpyi am trying to figure out what path its expecting to find them in in ORDER to install21:49
grumpyI will run an strace and see if it tells me more21:49
jaegerdoes the script not say anything about them in its code? a comment or something? or perhaps a readme wherever you got it?21:50
grumpynope nothing21:51
grumpyit just says to download them21:51
grumpydoesnt say crap21:51
grumpyI think it works too21:51
grumpyalmost does now i JUST cant find the right path to put the files so it grabs them21:52
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jaegerout of curiosity why not file a bug with debian's bug tracker?22:24
grumpyI might do that, curious jaeger, when I ran it under the debugger it found the files where I put them22:41
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onoderaRomster: can you please update ffmpeg to 2.823:35
onoderachanging the $version should be enough, I just tried it23:35

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