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henriquelengHow often crux update the kernel?01:49
jaegerthe kernel isn't provided by a crux package so you can update it whenever you like01:50
mechaniputerWhenever you want to :)01:50
henriquelengCool, is the last one already in the tree?01:51
mechaniputerIt's up to you to go get a newer kernel. CRUX supplies one to install with but tends not to update it frequently.01:53
henriquelengmechaniputer: Ok01:54
henriquelengCan I have a base system compiled on musl?01:55
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nwegood morning :)06:12
tired890morning :)06:24
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nwehow are you?06:28
tired890fine. u ?06:32
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frinnstParity Initialization Status In Progress (67.6%)06:55
frinnsthas been running since friday06:55
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Spoofinghello, how I can rebuild world in crux? like in gentoo.. # prt-get update `prt-get listinst` is ok?07:45
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newbie__Spoofing: hi, you probably want to use -fr (force rebuild) for prt-get07:52
newbie__prt-get -fr update `prt-get listinst`07:53
Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst`07:56
Romsterbut we do have revdep07:56
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep`07:57
Spoofingthanks, today will be a very hot night @ at crux rebuild08:00
Romsterccache helps after the fist compile08:01
newbie__I tried to build firefox in A VM with 1GB RAM and no swap. Run out of RAM.08:01
Romsteryou need like 12gb for firefox08:02
newbie__are there any public packages repo anywhere?08:03
Romsteri build some08:03
Romsterwget and pkgadd firefox#40.0.3-1.pkg.tar.xz08:05
Romster-u to upgrade08:05
Romsteryou can do stuff like prt-get depinst firefox --ignore=firefox08:08
Romsterto install all deps but not the actual program08:08
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frinnstwohoo, new blade server just arrived09:10
newbie__My lab server is an old HP blade server with four blades, each one has 4 E5520 @ 2.27GHz and 24GB RAM.09:16
frinnstbl460c gen9 e5-2640v309:24
frinnstwe still have a c7000 with a handful of gen1 with e5345 for lab stuff and some internal infrastructure09:26
frinnstram is a very limiting factor with those09:26
frinnst40gb each09:27
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frinnstbah, the second cpu is shipped separately :(09:28
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frinnst"may be habit-forming"
retardquality drug09:31
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newbie__I have problem getting swedish input in X13:44
frinnst        Driver "evdev"13:45
frinnst        Option "xkblayout" "se"13:45
frinnstman setxkbmap13:46
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frinnstgod damn gen9 servers boot slowly14:38
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joacimgot myself a poweredge t410 with two 4-core cpus and 16GB RAM. What do I do with it?15:25
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teK__compile all the things16:55
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SiFuh__anyone using an NEC Versa S3500 piece of crap?17:47
jaegernever used one, myself17:49
SiFuh__It has many toshiba parts inside but is nothing close to a Toshiba.17:50
jaegerhow odd17:51
SiFuh__NEC scavengers :-)17:51
jaegerwas NEC justn buying other manufacturers' parts then?17:51
jaegerguess so :)17:51
SiFuh__pretty much17:51
SiFuh__I gave my Fujitsu Lifebook LH530 to my GF. I regret it now..17:51
SiFuh__I could use X-Plane 10 on the Fujitsu well. On the NEC no chance.17:53
SiFuh__be back later    see ya17:54
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reephi guys user cannot user restart our shutdown in the xfce4 log out window. user is in wheel and power group.23:04
reepuser can only log out and then shutdown using the command line23:05
reepi have googled a lot but nothing (there is a lot of stuff) helped23:05

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