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onoderaHi, I'm trying to install firmware for my wifi card09:27
onodera <- which one of the two should I install09:28
onoderaor should I install them both?09:28
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newbie__onodera: lspci -vv   does it show up there?10:03
newbie__or wait, just lspci should do it10:05
newbie__should be listed as a Network controller10:06
onoderanewbie__: it didn't load the firmware module for some reason but I found and answer on the gentoo forums10:10
onoderarecompiling my kernel right now to see if it works10:10
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newbie__is compiling a kernel a good time measurement for processor speed and comparison between computers/processors?10:14
onoderaHm I don't really think so10:17
onoderasince I have different kernel configs depending on the computer10:17
newbie__ but if just using the default config from and make -j$(echo `grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo` +1 | bc)10:20
xeirrryou need to disable “prevent firmware being built”10:25
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onoderahm I justfigured out you can specify what firmware to build in the kernel menuconfig10:31
xeirrryes, that also works10:35
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frinnstI like how a major sellingpoint of systemd is "faster boot"12:34
frinnstespecially when new servers take 5-10 minutes to finish post12:34
penguinfanhaha ;-)12:38
penguinfanif long post reboots are a problem how about reboots with kexec12:40
frinnststill not up12:43
frinnstthis is a windows server unfortunately12:44
frinnstwindows update.. so lots more reboots are expected12:44
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