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minimlCan anyone advise on how to encrypt a root partition during install? There is a cryptsetup article in the wiki, but it doesn't tell how to get cryptsetup itself, and it's not included in the installation disk.04:40
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nweminiml: you must install your base system first, and when I doing chroot thing.. then you can install crytpsetup..05:47
nweinstall cryptsetup..05:48
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Workstercrux 3.2 should have cryptosetup on the iso when it's ready06:33
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frinnstIm not sure anybody's working on that though08:07
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frinnst[ERROR][com.freerdp.core.rdp] - DisconnectProviderUltimatum: reason: 108:58
frinnsthow informative08:58
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minimlWhat is the planned release date for crux 3.2?14:19
rmullAnyone using IPMI?14:24
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frinnstminiml: when it's done :-)14:38
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joacimi have hardware that supports ipmi15:47
joacimbut i dont really use it15:48
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