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koriprologic: can you update the go package to 1.5?01:22
onoderakori: go 1.5 is tricky01:23
onoderasince you need to bootstrao go 1.4 in some way, since they ported to compiler to go.01:23
koriaye, I attempted it01:23
onoderayeah me too lol01:23
onoderaand failed01:23
koriattempted is the key word01:23
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tsaopfor those interested in that go15 Pkgbuild, check this one I quickly hacked up09:50
tsaopdon't know if it is correct09:50
tsaopbut it works09:50
frinnstjust include ${name}${version}.linux-amd64.tar.gz in source(); manually wgetting and extracting is yucky :)09:51
tsaopfrinnst: the problem is both packages extract to "go" and probably something gets overwritten in the process09:56
tsaopand build fails09:56
tsaopdoes pkgmk support something like arch's09:56
tsaopwhere you do09:56
tsaopand it gets extracted in a custom directory09:57
tsaopthen how to circumvent that without calling wget directly?09:57
tsaopit is indeed not very elegant09:57
frinnstguess that would be tricky09:57
tsaopI also deleted all of the README files in subdirectories. is that OK?10:00
tsaopgo get doesn't work from https because the default cacert file search path is not included in src/crypto/x509/root_linux.go10:15
tsaopshould I make a patch?10:15
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Romstercd $SRC is redundant, that is the first directory it goes to on build11:50
Romstercontrib/ghc has a way to bootstrap tsaop11:52
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nwegood evening guys!15:53
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tsaopRomster: okay, i rewrote the Pkgbuild16:00
tsaophere it is, along with the cacert patch16:00
tsaop -
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