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Workstermyztic, i offer some packaged ports of big stuff
Worksterif it arn't there ask me03:52
Worksterkori> that go package someone posted yesterday works, by the way < i'll test that out and see if prologic can get it updated03:54
koriaye, cool03:56
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myzticthe thing is, crux seems to heavily rely on user created ports / repositories06:21
myzticyet this is like AUR from Arch and does not exactly increase stability and security06:22
Worksterand 50% on me :P06:30
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frinnstmyztic: yeah, we are quite a small community & userbase07:36
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myzticfrinnst, small but passionate, dedicated community is preferable to big communities full of passive users ;)08:00
frinnstyeah but it also means less maintainers08:02
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tvaalenWith sheer mass you can draw a lot of active people from a passive userbase though.08:05
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frinnst <- drool08:30
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prologicgenerally I find we maintain what we use09:49
prologicso many of us have CRUX desktops and servers, etc09:50
prologicsorry Go hasn't been updated yet; but as Docker relies on it for build I'm reluctant to update it too quickly :)09:50
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Romsteri already see a issue with a upgrade from that go version to 1.5.x tsaop12:00
Romsterwont bootstrap because prologic removes rm -rf $PKG/usr/lib/go/bin12:00
Romsterso only way is to pkgrm go then update.12:00
Romsterwell then install new go12:01
prologicYeah it has to be bootstrapped with a previous version of the Go compiler right?12:43
prologicDo they ship one with the source now?12:43
Romsterit does and no.13:08
Romsteri'm playing with buildingit now13:10
Romsterprologic, i am certain this is a bug13:14
Romster    $PKG/usr/bin/go get -u
Romster    $PKG/usr/bin/go install
Romstersecond line there should also be vet13:14
Romsterhowever that does not seem to affect docker13:14
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myztictrying out crux later in the evening15:57
myzticanyone using it with lvm + luks? :)15:57
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myztic15G virtual hard drive, create with fdisk /dev/sda1 with 200M for /16:34
myztic^ wait sorry, did not want to send, think I know the problem...16:34
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tsaopRomster: as for Go, I posted an updated Pkgfile which takes the removal of go/bin into account19:05
tsaop I am symlinking the executables from go bin into /usr/bin19:06
tsaopis this acceptable behaviour?19:06
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Romsterheading to work i'll take another look later22:44
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