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onoderafirefox 41 removed the option to set a different new tab page, what a fantastic browser!09:47
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joacimi miss when major versions were still in the single digits11:19
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onoderaI just switched too seamonkey again11:41
frinnsttheres a addon for it11:42
onoderayeah but still11:42
onoderasoon they will also remove the ability to install unsigned addons11:42
onoderanot even being sarcastic.
onoderathere will also be NO option to disable it (not even in about:config), the only way to allow unsigned extensions is by compiling firefox with the unbranded flag11:44
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nwegood evening19:02
nwehow are you guys?19:12
jawboi'm good, just cleared my tickets, enjoying the nice sllooooowwww afternoon19:13
nweah :)19:13
jawboand yourself?19:15
nwenot much, just relaxing in front of the tv :) and wondering what I should do :P19:17
jawbogo for a walk19:20
jawbosmoke a pipe19:20
jawboget some coffee19:20
jawbothen watch a movie19:20
nwehehe, I cant go out.. can't leave bonus daughter.. brb get some coffee19:21
jawbobonus daughter?19:24
nwemy partner has a daughter from an earlier relationship..19:25
jawbohehe, nice!19:25
jawbobonus daughter19:25
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tired890so u would be her bonus father21:50
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