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Worksteronodera, that looks interesting, i'll take a look into that release monitoring.00:23
deus_exhas anyone tried to build qemu-
deus_exhere build fails with some weird egl error00:25
deus_ex2.3.1 builds fine00:25
deus_exi suspect it has something to do with mesa/nvidia00:26
deus_excould I rebuild mesa without egl/gles, just with gl part?00:28
deus_exor is it all or nothing?00:29
Worksterdeus_ex, try looking over for clues00:30
Worksteralso 2.4.0 is old new version is out00:30
Workstercould also try that00:30
tired890I'm trying to setup qemu now too :D00:31
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pedjaWorkster: I did look at arch package, there is nothing related, afaict00:32
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tired890re-logged in to have support enabled for kvm (added myself to kvm group)00:33
tired890now.. gpu passthrough00:33
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Romsteri'm too busy t help tilman03:11
Romstertired i mean03:12
Romsterwhich is nto here bah03:12
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tilmanDaViruz: yeah, but i thought maybe we can replace nlz16() with a single instruction on $target05:10
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tilmanDaViruz: anyway, looking at the number of leading zeroes doesn't suffice. consider the input pair (12037, 7269) (0b10* and 0b11*) ... that 2nd bit breaks things ._.05:25
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tired890hey guys07:53
tired890I need some pointers07:53
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tired890scroll down a bit, for the part that says:07:53
tired890"Next we'll want to ensure the kernel loads the necessary modules for vfio-pci when starting up"07:53
tired890do I do this with lilo ?07:54
tired890this is a module (vfio) that will take over my GPU so that its not initialized (and hence make it available for passthru to the virtual machine)07:55
Romstercan't you just add them in a conf file in /etc/
tired890Romster, not sure..07:56
Romsternether am i07:57
tired890I figured I needed to do something with lilo to pass it as an argument to kernel or so..07:57
Romsterif it has to load that early07:57
tired890Romster, yups..07:58
Romsterappend = something08:00
tired890Romster, yes :D08:02
tired890right now I have radeon.dpm=108:02
tired890I will put those behind it08:02
tired890and see how it goes08:02
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tired890Romster, if lilo is unable to boot for some reason, I will pop in a usb stick with crux installation, then chroot into my drive and undo my lilo changes, that should work no?08:09
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tired890that made no difference..08:16
tired890Romster, I assume if I want defaults I can just do with module name right?08:16
Romsteryou can often hit TAB a few times at the lilo stage and get back to a older kernel etc.08:30
tired890Romster, that didn't work (putting the modules in question under append in lilo.conf)08:31
tired890in that page search for (find):08:31
tired890you will see they describe the procedure for grub..08:32
Romsteryeah but this is lilo you use append08:32
Romsterto feed it to the kernel08:33
tired890Romster, yes but apparently nothing happend.. when I issue "dmesg | grep vfio" I only get:08:34
Romsterlooks like you need to really just add it to /etc/ then in /etc/rc.local you can echo to over ride08:35
Romsterthat is talking about a initramfs setup08:36
Romsteri really have no clue how all this vga pass though works.08:36
tired890Romster, which we don't use08:36
tired890Romster, yes.. I'm at the last stage, basically all I need to do now is tell the kernel to load a module (vfio) before another (radeon)08:37
Romstercan't you compile it as a built in?08:37
tired890vfio will lock my second GPU so that it doesn't get initialized by radeon, once thats done, I can then pass it thru to the VM. Once initialized I can't pass it thru..08:37
Romsterso it must load before radeon driver does08:38
tired890Romster, I guess I could.. but I need to pass options to vfio (ie tell it which device to lock, using BusID)08:38
tired890Romster, correct08:38
tired890Romster, if I had an intel HD graphics or matrox/etc it would be easier as I would simply blacklist the driver in use by the second GPU08:41
tired890but both my GPUs are AMDs, both use the radeon module08:41
tired890hence vfio-pci which allows me to prevent specific devices from loading and still load the module to initialize the main vga which I use for crux08:42
Romsterpre-install vfio08:42
tired890Romster, I have that file already08:42
tired890pre-install ?08:42
Romsteroptions vfio ...08:43
Romsterhmm not sure if this works at all like i said no fucking idea08:44
Romsteri'm just gonna go do something i do know... like cooking dinner -_-08:44
tired890Romster, thanks anyway. FTR, right now I have that file (vfio.conf) with options specified already. Specifying vfio in append in lilo.conf doesn't work.. next is try to recompile kernel with vfio built-in..08:45
tired890Romster, cheers08:45
Romsteranother idea would beto blacklist the radion driver then modprobe radion in rc.local08:48
Romsterthat would guarantee it was the last one loaded08:48
tired890Romster, great idea!08:48
Romsteri know i did someting with options n alsa when i  had 2 sound cards so i'd get a consistent sound card loading order.08:49
Romsterusing alias or something08:49
Romsteroptions ... index=08:49
Romsterdunno if there is another priority way. or even numbering the files like 10- 20- in /etc/modprobe.d/08:50
Romsteri think your reading too much about the initramfs setups. because without that you'd use the usual ways to order module loading08:51
tired890Romster, I was only reading on how to tell lilo to load modules in a certain order08:52
tired890and as far as I know I configured that correctly.. but cant see any vfio msgs in dmesg08:53
tired890it shows up in "lsmod | grep vfio"08:53
tired890but my VM VGA is initialized.. so basically, fail..08:54
tired890I have removed all append entries.08:57
tired890will reboot now and try loading modules manually one by one.. hope that works!08:57
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Romsterappend="vfio-pci.ids=1002:ffffffff:ffffffff:ffffffff:00030000:ffff00ff vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci vfio_virqfd"09:08
Romsteri think that would work when you got the right ids09:08
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frinnstdoes your cpu actually support passthrough?10:28
frinnstnot all do, my i7 2600k does not, for example10:29
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rmulljue: What's up with the prt-utils git repo?13:23
rmullIt's not showing up on the crux gitweb page, but you can still punch it in manually an access it - except one can't view the log13:24
rmullIf I try to clone it, I get: "warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout"13:24
rmullAnd you can't view the tree using gitweb either13:25
frinnstguess we need to add that repo to the list also13:28
jaegerJust tweaked it, give it another try13:29
rmullLooks good now, thank you very much13:31
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SparkySquirrelis there any GRUB port available?15:19
SparkySquirrelI am having troubles setting up GRUB for UEFI15:19
SparkySquirrelI wanted to put Arch Linux's GRUB on there but I didn't get the grub-install command quite right as it had /boot/EFI/EFI/grub/grubx64.efi in there and that was wrong15:20
jaegerthere are grub2 and grub2-efi ports.15:21
SparkySquirreljaeger: here's another problem: when I chrooted into my CRUX, it said: bash: ls: command not found15:22
jaegerthat definitely shouldn't happen15:23
SparkySquirrelforgot to "source /etc/profile"15:23
jaegerif you ran chroot with /bin/bash it should have taken care of that automatically15:23
SparkySquirrelwell it didn15:23
SparkySquirrelI'm chrooted in from Arch Linux install media15:23
SparkySquirrelso could you make a note of this? missing coreutils utility? source /etc/profile even when you use "chroot /bin/bash"15:24
jaegerSounds kinda odd but regarding the install, if you have the grub2-efi port installed and your ESP mounted somewhere like /boot/efi you can run "grub-install /boot/efi"15:24
SparkySquirrelhow do I install a port?15:25
jaegerinside the chroot, prt-get depinst grub2-efi15:25
jaegeryou'll need to enable the contrib collection and run ports -u first15:26
SparkySquirrelhow do I enable the contrib collection?15:26
SparkySquirrelI gotta go anyways15:26
jaegerIf you want to use arch's grub instead it should be doable, though I've no experience with it15:27
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SparkySquirreljaeger: how easy is it to write a port?15:33
SparkySquirrelI might want some more software later15:33
jaegerpretty easy, there's info in the handbook and you can look at anything in /usr/ports for examples15:34
jaegerthey're similar in some ways to PKGBUILD files15:35
SparkySquirreljaeger: here's the problem: I enabled the contrib collection and updated my ports list but still "prt-get depinst grub2-efi" doesn't find the grub2-efi port15:37
jaegerdid you also enable contrib in /etc/prt-get.conf as mentioned in the handbook?15:37
SparkySquirrelhow do I update prt-get's internal list of ports?15:37
jaegerIf your end goal is to boot a crux install from the already-installed grub from arch, though, you don't even need to install a bootloader in the crux install15:40
jaegeryou would just add menuentries for crux as needed15:41
SparkySquirrelmy goal is to get over my cruddy wifi15:45
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jaegerhrmm, wonder what the wifi has to do with the distro choice15:57
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SparkySquirrelOK guys, how do I fix this issue?: computer hangs at "switching to radeondrmfb from EFI VGA" framebuffer18:49
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frinnstSparkySquirrel: what are you doing? booting the install iso?19:10
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jaegerSparkySquirrel: try booting with "vga=0 nomodeset" on the command line, see if it's hanging or just not displaying19:11
SparkySquirreljaeger: frinnst : no, the installed CRUX system19:13
frinnstI dont think you'll want to load radeon fb. You probably want radeon kms19:15
SparkySquirrelwell um...19:18
SparkySquirrelVGACON disable radeon kernel modesetting19:18
SparkySquirrelwhat does that mean?19:18
frinnstwhere, in the kernel config?19:21
jaegerI don't have any AMD/ATI video hardware but sounds like a kernel config issue with framebuffer setup19:21
frinnstpatching esxi hosts is soooo much fun19:27
jaegerit's not bad if you do it with vsphere and the update manager19:30
frinnsttrue, but I have to juggle a bunch of vm's around due various reasons19:32
frinnstsome vms need to reside on a specific host19:32
jaegerfortunately I only have to do that with 1, it has a USB dongle thing for licensing19:35
jaegerthere are some with affinity or anti-affinity rules but only one with a physical constraint19:35
frinnstous are 3 machines, vcenter and the AD19:36
frinnstwe cant back those up unless we access them through the host directly19:36
frinnstwhat version are you guys on?19:37
frinnst5.0 ?19:37
frinnstas long as lowe doesnt timeout from irc, all should be good :)19:39
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jaeger5.5 here20:14
frinnst5.5 internally, 5.1 in production here20:15
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tired890hi guys22:22
tired890so in my continued attempts to get this to work, I resorted to "softdep"22:23
tired890ie in /etc/modprobe.d/ drm.conf , I put softdep to try to load the other module.. but it seems to be ignored22:23
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tired890I think it will be easier to completely blacklist radeon and see if the thing works in the first place!22:24
jaegertired890: if you want the vfio-pci or pci-stub modules loaded before their devices are otherwise claimed you need to use an initrd/initramfs. the easier choice is to build them as builtin and use the command line22:24
tired890jaeger, I see. That explains why everyone online speaks about initramfs. I thought I could get away without using it..22:25
tired890jaeger, yes I'm trying to use vfio-pci22:25
tired890ok I have a kernel with vfio built in22:26
jaegermodprobe.conf and* will not help for this unless you use an initramfs/initrd and load those modules first. builtin is easier22:26
tired890how do I go about setting up from there? pointers much appreciated22:26
jaegerfirst check which driver is using the device you want with "lspci -k"22:26
jaegerif it's not vfio-pci then sort that out first22:26
frinnstdoes your cpu support passthrough?22:26
jaegerAlso, are you sure your motherboard, chipset, cpu support iommu/vt-d?22:27
frinnstmy i7 2600k does not, for example22:27
tired890jaeger, frinnst, of course. its an amd.22:27
jaegerThat is no guarantee22:27
jaegerWhich one is it?22:28
tired890fx 835022:28
tired890amds desktop lines are usually overclocked opterons, you can see the exact same instructions supported (only ecc stripped)22:28
tired890jaeger, kernel driver in use is radeon for both cards22:29
jaegerthen your vfio-pci setup isn't working just yet22:30
tired890and btw guys I did check all (mobo/cpu) and ensured I can passthru. I got KVM working already, now only stuck at the part where the card is claimed before radeon/drm driver22:30
jaegerI've got to go for now, will try to help later if you haven't gotten it already. Double check the vfio setup, though22:31
frinnstaye, 0:31 here. sleepytime22:31
frinnstgood luck22:32
tired890thanks gents22:32
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Worksterjaeger, i thought this might get away with it, passing it to the kernel from lilo23:22
Worksterappend="vfio-pci.ids=1002:ffffffff:ffffffff:ffffffff:00030000:ffff00ff vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci vfio_virqfd"23:22
Worksterwith the right ids for the graphics card in question. but i did suggest to build it in than as a module23:22
Worksterthen it relies on depmod and for static execution?23:23
tired890Hi Romster / Workster23:29
tired890I got vfio-pci to capture the card23:29
tired890by blacklisting radeon23:30
tired890vfio then took the card, I then modprobed radeon for the other card23:30
Worksterah cool23:31
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