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SparkySquirrelHow do I set up CRUX so my wireless ethernet connection is automatically available on boot?02:36
RomsterAs of version 6.0 dhcpcd includes a hook, 10-wpa_supplicant, that starts02:41
Romster    wpa_supplicant for wireless interfaces. The hook expects that the default02:41
Romster    configuration file of wpa_supplicant is /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf.02:41
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Romsterit's been done in crux 3.2 but that is not released yet, you can how ever grab that file and drop it in /etc/rc.d/ and add it to SERVICES array in /etc/rc.conf02:44
RomsterSpacePenguin, ^02:44
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SparkySquirrelRomster: where are the settings for the net script stored?03:19
tired890/etc/rc.d/net ?03:20
SparkySquirreltired890: not there for sure; I was thinking /etc/rc.co03:21
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tired890I think my MBs AMD-Vi implementation is broken03:49
tired890apparently loads of people have this problem03:49
tired890I will download a live cd with a known working config to rule out hardware03:49
tired890sigh.. oh man what a disappointing end to days of trying to get this working03:50
jaegertired890: iommu groups not adequately separated or something else?03:57
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tired890jaeger, upon enabling iommu (passed iommu=pt iommu=1) in lilo.conf, I get endless AMD-Vi msgs04:14
tired890AMD-Vi: Event logged [INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST device=00:14.0 .....04:15
tired890its endless.. matter of fact its spamming mee right now04:15
jaegerI have no experience with iommu on AMD hardware, haven't bought anything AMD in a long time... but on my hardware it took a lot of fiddling even so04:16
tired890relatively new stuff.. not many people use it04:19
tired890that device is the SMBus controller04:20
tired890when I do:04:20
tired890lspci -nn | grep 00:14.004:21
tired890I get04:21
tired89000:14.0 SMBus [0c05]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SBx00 SMBus Controller [1002:4385] (rev 42)04:21
jaegerIs it in the same iommu group as your GPU?04:21
tired890how can I tell? I have loads of iommu groups in /sys/kernel/04:22
jaegertry "find /sys/kernel/iommu_groups -type l"04:23
jaeger4th element is the group, 6th is the device04:23
jaegerIf your GPU shares a group with other devices they all need to be passed through04:24
tired890jaeger, my GPU only shares with the hdmi audio from the card itself, both are passed through04:25
jaegerok. that's good, at least04:25
jaegerwhich motherboard do you have?04:25
tired890Gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 rev 1.004:25
jaeger is an example of that board working, looks like... rev 3, though04:26
tired890rev 3 has uefi bios04:27
jaeger <-- here's a rev 1.0 version04:27
tired890mine is the old non graphical bios04:27
nogagplzjust curious, has anybody seen this with glibc before?
jaegernogagplz: not that I can recall04:28
tired890jaeger, awesome fine.. very similar hardware also (two radeon gpus)04:28
jaegermaybe it'll help04:28
nogagplzhmm ok04:39
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jaegerRomster: dhcpcd has had the wpa_supplicant hook for a while now, it's not specific to the version in 3.205:05
Workstersince dhcp version 6.0 i meant05:13
jaegerwell, you did say that, but my point was that it's in 3.1 as well05:16
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Worksteryes but the /etc/rc.d/wlan script is in 3.2 only06:13
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juethere's no need for a special script to start wifi, our /etc/rc.d/net starts any available interface and even a wifi card if wpa_supplicant is configured via /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf07:35
juewell, it's dhcpcd and it's hook-scripts that is doing the whole work07:37
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Romsterso why did i bother with
juewell, I dunno08:24
jueprobably you want more control over the whole thing?08:25
Romsterwell i never realized dhcpd can start it08:25
Romsteror back when i made the script originally dhcp was < 6.008:26
Romsteri don't remember08:26
juee.g. I don't like it if the ethernet is up if I use wifi08:26
juebut that's perhaps a bit stupid ;)08:27
Romsterseems so08:27
Romstermight be more to the point of had edited /etc/rc.d/net to work with wpa_supclient08:28
jueyeah, it's best to not touch /etc/rc.d/net and create a valid wpa_supplicant.conf08:32
frinnstI cant stand rc.d/net - i *need* one script per interface08:33
Romstermakes sense since not everyone wants wpa_supplicant08:33
frinnstthats why I pushed for rc.d/lo :)08:33
Romsterwe got local and net08:33
Romsterah lo08:33
Romsterhonestly splitting up lo and net *shrugs*08:34
frinnstI always use rc.d/eth{0,1,2} etc08:34
Romsteri added another line net does not handle more than one ip on the same interface :)08:34
juefrinnst: me too, but it's good that our default script should work in many cases08:35
Romsterhonestly the new names suck than eth... i pulled out a second GPU ages ago and my net changed number!08:35
Romsteri thought the new naming convention avoided that08:35
frinnsthaha yeah that happened to me too08:35
frinnstadded a sata controller and network stopped working08:35
frinnstfucking udev08:35
frinnsti prefer to bind eth per mac address08:36
Romsterthat's what i was doing08:36
Romsterbefore the new udev way08:36
frinnstSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="d4:3d:7e:40:47:2b", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth008:36
frinnstyou can rip that from my cold dead and grumpy hands!08:36
Romster-mquin- [Global Notice] On or around Friday, October 2nd we will be cleaning up the services database. Now's a good time to ensure you identify to services when connecting. Check out
RomsterteK__, might get his nick08:39
Romsteror not it's grouped to teknogeek08:39
frinnstabuse-mailbox: <- that inspires confidence that im dealing with a serious isp!08:56
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Romsterthe isp that gives a fuck... not.09:48
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SparkySquirrelhow do I install a GUI so I can have a web browser?13:47
SparkySquirrelI'd prefer Wayland and would love to make the Wayland packages and the GTK3 support for Wayland after I get a Xorg GUI13:50
SparkySquirrelI have to leave though, would love to talk about all this later13:50
jaegerSparkySquirrel: install the 'xorg' port and its deps, then the window manager or desktop environment of your choice13:50
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SparkySquirreljaeger: how do I make ports use make -j9 by default?14:17
jaegercheck /etc/pkgmk.conf14:17
SparkySquirrelwhat are the gcc options for a Haswell system?14:18
jaegercore-avx2, I would guess14:18
jaegernot sure, though14:18
rmullSurely that's a googlable question14:19
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SparkySquirrelsurely I can beta test CRUX 3.2?14:20
frinnstim not giving out the url to the iso again.. last time people broke their systems (not really) and started to bother me about it :)14:22
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Wildefyrbest way to update intel microcode? using grub with gpt14:41
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SparkySquirreHow do I beta test not CRUX 3.2, but certain CRUX 3.2 ports?15:18
frinnst3.2 and 3.1 are very much alike15:21
frinnstthe differences are incompatible stuff15:21
frinnstso if you want to break your system you edit /etc/ports/{core,opt,xorg}.rsync to point to 3.215:22
SparkySquirrewhat if I wanted the latest Chromium web browser?15:24
EmoSpiceYou update the chromium port to point to the latest, purge the md5sum and try rebuilding the package.15:26
SparkySquirrealso, why can I never get an IPv6 address under CRUX but under, say, Debian I can?15:27
EmoSpiceI don't have ipv6 enabled at home so loliunno.15:27
SparkySquirrehow would we ever figure this out?15:28
EmoSpiceread the init script?15:29
SparkySquirrewell it uses dhcpcd15:29
EmoSpiceor read up on dhcpcd if that's all that you're using15:29
SparkySquirrethat is all that I'15:29
SparkySquirreI'm using15:29
EmoSpiceI see that my request for compression support to be added to kmod has been won't fixed. Can we at least note somewhere obvious that this is true? It took me ages to figure out that that was my problem when building a new kernel >_<15:31
frinnstyou probably dont have iipv6 support in your kernel15:38
SparkySquirreI do but not all parts of IPv6 [?] ?15:38
frinnstif you built it as a module you probably dont have it loaded15:39
frinnstalso you probably need to tell dhcpcd to look for ipv6 too15:40
frinnstdhcpcd -6 for example15:41
SparkySquirreIPv6 support is built into my kernel but possibly not all needed parts of the IPv6 support and AH...dhcpcd -615:42
SparkySquirredidn't know I had to pass -6 to dhcpcd to make it use ipv615:42
SparkySquirrealthough I'm not at home so I'll have to try that later15:44
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koriopenexr is not building and I don't understand why23:40

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