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tired890ping jaeger00:12
jaegertired890: I'm here off and on, assembling a workbench00:14
tired890the link you posted with the guy doing passthru with almost my exact setup down to the same motherboard revision makes me think I have a wrong kernel/config somewhere.. but I followed the guide as much as I could applying what I could to my crux setup but still no go. That amd-vi spam floods dmesg and I cant even see the logs. Now I'm thinking of unplugging my main system drive (crux) and putting an old drive, installing debian and following the same step00:16
tired890s down to the same (outdated) kernel just to remove the doubt about my hardware00:16
tired890maybe gigabyte has micro revisions (ie both 1.0 but mine is or something)00:16
tired890before that I was wondering if you can share you working kernel .config00:17
tired890want to see how you had it configured..00:17
tired890this passthru tech is literally WIP, some instructions out there require kernels 4.1+ for them to work..00:17
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SparkySquirrelOK, first, how do I update my system?00:24
SparkySquirrelsecond, how do I get packages like Weechat installed?00:25
SparkySquirrelI mean, sure I know how to create the Weechat package but I am wondering if anybody has already done it00:25
SparkySquirreland you guys gotta try this terminal emulator called st00:25
koriSparkySquirrel: woah woah woah00:26
tired890ports -u && prt-get sysup00:26
tired890to update your system00:26
kori1. ^00:26
kori3. already using it00:26
SparkySquirrelI like CRUX a lot now that I figured out my custom kernel as to why my wifi wasn't working00:27
tired890SparkySquirre, the figuring it out part is a bonding experience, working as intended it seems00:29
tired890oh we have two Sparky's00:29
SparkySquirrellol one's my cell phone00:29
SparkySquirrellet me fix that00:29
SparkySquirrelLOL I think it's in our car now and the car's owner is gone00:30
SparkySquirrelI'll kick him out.00:31
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SparkySquirrelsee atomic in the ident part?00:31
SparkySquirrelthat's the name of an Android IRC client00:31
jaegertired890: one thing I did while trying to get mine to work was use fedora 21/22's kernel config on my system to see if I was missing things00:42
tired890jaeger, where do I get the config file? pull this: and copy the file over ?00:56
tired890jaeger, did you use the default fedora kernel with crux without any modification ?00:57
jaegerpretty much, yeah. I made sure the disk controller and filesystem et al were builtin01:03
tired890did you use pci-stub ? its not required in recent kernels no?01:04
jaegerI did use pci-stub but in a recent enough kernel either should work01:08
SparkySquirrelwhat about if I wanted GCC 5.2.0 on CRUX?01:10
SparkySquirreland oh, I'm drinking Spearmint tea01:11
jaegerSparkySquirrel: 3.2 will use 5.2.x if you can wait01:14
SparkySquirreljaeger: how do I be a part of the 3.2 development process?01:16
SparkySquirreland, do you have a perfect programming book for me where perfect means good exercises at the end of or during each chapter?01:16
jaegerheh. perfect differs from person to person but I'd recommend checking out
jaegeras far as 3.2, nothing but to wait at the moment. should be RCs soon01:21
tired890damn it I knew it01:25
tired890that guy right there has my exact prob01:25
tired890the kernel is broken01:25
tired890jaeger I'm curious, what kernel was it that you used for your passthru experimentation ?01:26
jaegerI don't recall exactly. I'll see if I still have the config01:29
tired890I'm reverting to 4.1.201:29
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tired890rebooting into 4.1.2.. I hope I dont get greeted by that IOMMU spam again01:35
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tired890jaeger your the man01:38
tired890dmesg| grep AMD-Vi01:38
tired890[    2.112880] AMD-Vi: Found IOMMU at 0000:00:00.2 cap 0x4001:38
tired890[    2.112880] AMD-Vi: Interrupt remapping enabled01:38
tired890[    2.113006] AMD-Vi: Initialized for Passthrough Mode01:38
jaegerlooks more promising01:38
jaegeralso looks like I had 3.18.7 and 4.0.6 on that install01:38
tired890I can't believe it.. all this time my config was correct01:39
tired890it was a broken kernel01:39
jaegerthat's a pain01:39
tired890truly, newer is not always better. Indeed my friends :)01:39
SparkySquirrelhow would I tell prt-get to leave the mesa package alone?01:47
SparkySquirrelI have mesa 11.0.1 installed01:47
SparkySquirrelnow it's trying to downgrade it to mesa 10.6.801:48
tired890prt-get lock mesa3d01:48
tired890elegant simplicity is it not ?01:51
SparkySquirrelwhere's qpdfview, atril, evince, epdfview?01:51
SparkySquirrelyes, it is01:51
SparkySquirrelthis was a list of PDF default CRUX has none of them01:51
tired890I use firefox for pdf viewing01:52
tired890works like a charm01:52
tired890jaeger, now  that I have the building blocks its time to try passthru. I noticed something tho01:54
tired890when I do lspci -k01:54
tired890I see that my gfx card (the one I told vfio-pci to capture), as so:01:55
tired89000:18.5 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 15h Processor Function 501:55
tired89001:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Curacao XT [Radeon R7 370 / R9 270X/370 OEM]01:55
tired890        Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd Curacao XT [Radeon R9 270X]01:55
tired890        Kernel driver in use: vfio-pci01:55
tired890        Kernel modules: radeon01:55
tired890kernel driver in use: vfio-pci , check01:55
tired890but just below it, kernel modules: radeon? what gives?01:55
jaegernot sure but I'd try it anyway, might not matter. As long as the driver in use line is correct01:56
SparkySquirreljaeger: big question, how do I update the Qt 5.4.3 port to Qt 5.5.0?01:57
jaegermake a local copy of it somewhere (I use ~/ports-overlay, for example) and update your copy, then build01:58
SparkySquirreljaeger: but the package building commands might be incorrect!01:58
jaegerindeed they might. :)01:58
SparkySquirrelis this part of the fun? I'm drinking tea so this must be fun01:58
jaegerbut if you want to update before the maintainer does, that's a risk  you take :)01:58
jaegerand you can always send a patch to the maintainer if you get it working and want to share01:59
tired890its part of the fun, and as mentioned before a bonding experience01:59
tired890soon you will have a better understanding of how it all works, then you will look at automated managers/binary based distros with dissatisfaction01:59
tired890dont forget to add march=native and -j<number of cores on your CPU>02:00
SparkySquirrelmy problem is that I lost some configure option02:00
SparkySquirrelI forgot what I was going to put02:00
SparkySquirrel[sparky@electrode qt5]$ fakeroot pkgmk -d02:01
tired890CFLAGS, add -march=native02:01
tired890just below it: MAKEFLAGS -j<numberOfCoresUhave)02:02
SparkySquirrelI have already put export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=core-avx2 -pipe"02:02
SparkySquirrelexport MAKEFLAGS="-j9"02:02
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tired890jaeger, I got it to work :)03:16
tired890thanks mate03:22
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Workster3hat kernel version is broken tired890 ?06:35
tired890Workster, 4.2.207:01
tired890I think all 4.2+07:01
tired890once I changed to 4.1.2 virtualization worked07:01
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SparkySquirrelHi guys, why would pkgmk -uf be saying the package is not found? answer: I was supposed to be updating the source md5sums, nothing else18:32
SparkySquirrelit's pkgmk -um not -uf18:33
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SparkySquirrelchecking for pam_open_session in -lpam... no18:45
SparkySquirrelconfigure: error: weston-launch requires pam18:45
SparkySquirrelwtf? don't I have pam and it's development headers installed?18:45
tired890never got comfortable with pam..18:46
tired890I think windows figured out its running inside a VM and wont update18:47
tired890nvidia gfx cards detect if they are being passthru to a VM and refuse installing driver, a workaround to prevent detection allows the driver to install fine18:47
tired890man what is wrong with these companies18:48
SparkySquirrelWelcome to Windows.18:48
tired890I have to admit that the hassle in the past few days to figure out qemu+kvm was worth it18:49
tired890I can't tell I'm in a VM, near native performance18:49
tired890goodbye wine..18:49
tired890for those annoying win only apps, now I can run them18:49
tired890and windows is exactly where it belongs, inside a VM. the whole system inside a single image file in my system :D18:50
SparkySquirreltired890: how do I get PAM on CRUX?18:51
tired890SparkySquirrel, prt-get install linux-pam18:51
pitilloSparkySquirrel: prt-get depinst linux-pam18:52
tired890it has no deps ;)18:52
SparkySquirreltired890: pitillo : did your systems break after rebooting once you just installed Linux PAM?18:53
tired890I don't have it installed18:53
SparkySquirrelshould I reboot after installing Linux PAM? What should I do?18:53
SparkySquirrelif you guys could help me figure all this out18:55
SparkySquirrellike how do I write the configuration files and how do I make the whole system use it?18:55
pitilloSparkySquirrel: here I don't use it... may be some rebuilds needed to add pam support18:56
SparkySquirrelpitillo: but how do I actually configure Linux-PAM so that when I reboot all is well and my system isn't borked?18:57
SparkySquirrelI wish jaeger were here18:57
tired890possible start:
pitillojaeger had a repo with some overlays, may be waiting him to see if he can point you to that repo and rebuild these ports18:59
tired890I dont know anything about it, but best to read a bit then ask specific questions if you're stuck :)18:59
tired890or you could do what I did and install a VM to do all experimentation there, then move to your main system once you're comfortable. With VMs I can help you ;)19:00
SparkySquirrelhow would I make a VM then?19:02
SparkySquirrelI mean, where's qemu?19:02
SparkySquirrelcan I boot my same Linux kernel in the VM?19:02
SparkySquirrelI do have hardware virtualization support so booting the host kernel should work19:03
tired890easy way: prt-get depinst virtualbox , you'll get a nice GUI and basically next next done to create a fully functioning VM. The better way is to use qemu with KVM19:03
SparkySquirrellet's go the better way19:03
SparkySquirrelI've been wanting to learn QEMU and now is the time to do that19:04
tired890prt-get depinst qemu19:04
SparkySquirrelquestion: is the the latest QEMU?19:04
tired890tell me your sys specs first, processor, ram, etc19:04
SparkySquirrelQEMU 2.319:04
tired890no but its working fine. someone else here reported an issue with latest IIRC19:04
tired890I'm running 2.3 as we speak now19:05
SparkySquirrelwell, my system is an Intel Core i7 4770K CPU @ 3.5GHz, 4 cores with 2 threads per core, 32GB of RAM, a 3GB of RAM GPU [AMD Radeon R9 7950 Tahiti] and 158G left of /home space19:06
SparkySquirrelI need to use ALL my processing power19:07
SparkySquirrelif I can't do that computers suck19:07
tired890with VM, you will dear19:07
tired890did you install qemu?19:07
SparkySquirrelit failed to install19:07
tired890error ?19:08
SparkySquirrelI'm logging the entire process the next time through19:08
SparkySquirrelI'm waiting on it to build19:08
SparkySquirrelFootprint mismatch found19:09
tired890add -if to your command19:09
SparkySquirrelthat ignores footprints, forgot about that19:10
pitillocheck prt-get.conf to save logs (usefull in lot of cases)19:11
SparkySquirrelpitillo: no way I want to do that manually19:13
SparkySquirrelwait, it doesn't make sense19:13
SparkySquirrelmy problem with that is that on one Linux install syslogd would save 80 gigabytes of log files in one day19:14
SparkySquirrelso I get scared of letting prt-get do logging for nothing19:14
pitillonot related, it only saves build logs19:14
pitilloand you can clean them when you want... usefull in lot of cases :)19:15
SparkySquirrelok thanks19:15
SparkySquirrelI'm having to rebuild my Linux kernel because KVM support was not a built module but as soon as I tried rebuilding just the modules MODPOST said something in the Radeon module wasn't defined19:16
SparkySquirrelI think it's because I upgraded gcc19:16
SparkySquirrelso wait for the eventual reboot19:17
SparkySquirrelok I'm rebooting, I'll brb19:19
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SparkySquirrelok, I think I have KVM set up now19:33
SparkySquirrells -l /dev/kvm ; ls -l /dev/kvm19:33
tired890usermod -aG kvm <yourUserName>19:34
SparkySquirrelI'm angry because just now I have a new problem19:35
SparkySquirrelmy keyboard and mouse don't work in Xorg to the point of me having to put the keyboard in RAW mode with Alt+PrintScreen+r to switch to a virtual console and get out of that mess19:35
tired890never had that one before19:36
SparkySquirrelto paraphrase" module ABI major version of 20 doesn't match the Xorg server's version 2119:36
SparkySquirrelso now how do I recompile ALL Xorg server modules?19:36
tired890should be long on your cpu ;)19:38
SparkySquirrelbut it's long on my Brain because I don't know how19:38
jaegerwhenever xorg-server gets updated, rebuild the input and video packages, too19:38
SparkySquirrelbut how?19:38
jaegerprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst --regex 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')19:38
frinnstA big fat warning is sent out to the mailinglist when xorg-server requires rebuild of drivers. though that doesnt help someone who just installed it :/19:40
SparkySquirrelwhere's the Radeon Xorg module port?19:41
frinnstand you dont have to rebuild for every xorg-server update, just major updates such as 1.16 -> 1.17 etc19:42
jaegerthe ABI version mismatch message is a good indicator of when you need a rebuild19:43
SparkySquirrelI'm so happy with my CRUX!19:44
SparkySquirrelit's fun learning19:44
frinnstyeah, and it's nice to have control over stuff19:44
SparkySquirrelwhat video games do you want to see on your CRUX?19:45
SparkySquirrelI want a Wayland compatible libSDL package19:45
frinnstpersonally, none :-)19:45
SparkySquirrelbut I'd love to have somebody to play video games with19:46
frinnsti think quite a few have steam running in crux. I cant be bothered, however. Too many deps and crap19:46
SparkySquirrelnot steam, mind you19:47
SparkySquirrelQUAKE 419:47
SparkySquirrelthat requires multilib but it's a good game19:47
frinnsti mostly played quake2 and quake319:51
tilmanfrinnst: actually steam comes with most of its deps19:52
tilmanfrinnst: i think all you need is dbus basically19:52
SparkySquirrelok, how about we get the QEMU show on the road shall we?19:52
frinnstreally? i thought you needed pulse audio19:53
tilmannot since a long time19:53
tilmanexport SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa19:53
tilmanyou might need this though if you don't have pulse19:53
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onoderahas anyone here ever tried sndio?20:18
onoderaRomster: can you please update opt/libao to 1.2.0? Just changing the version should be enough.20:26
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SparkySquirrelhow do I rebuild all packages, preferably only those that are Linux-PAM aware?20:47
tired890what happened with qemu ?20:48
SparkySquirrellet me see20:48
SparkySquirrelok I'm in the kvm group20:49
SparkySquirrel/dev/kvm exists20:49
SparkySquirrelnow how do you fire up a VM sharing a flash drive as a USB device and not a block device to the VM?20:49
tired890ok so lets create a virtual drive to which we'll install our os20:49
SparkySquirrelVirtual drive, ok20:50
SparkySquirrelI want SliTaz and Aboriginal Linuxes20:50
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SparkySquirrelFormatting 'aboriginal.qed', fmt=qed size=26843545600 cluster_size=6553620:51
SparkySquirrelFormatting 'slitaz.qed', fmt=qed size=26843545600 cluster_size=6553620:51
SparkySquirrelok, so I've got that20:51
tierd891go to your preferred location20:51
tierd891then create a new img:20:51
SparkySquirrelI never really knew the QEMU options for when you are running the VM20:52
tierd891qemu-img create -f qcow2 geiuna_peg.img 15G20:52
SparkySquirrelI chose qed does it matter?20:52
SparkySquirrelthere we go. qcow2 disk images.20:53
tierd891you can choose whatever you want, myself I'm using raw for better performance20:53
tierd891so you want to install crux on this VM right?20:54
tierd891if so, then grab the crux-3.1.iso and:20:54
SparkySquirrelwell hrm, not CRUX but Plan 920:55
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SparkySquirrelwait, why did I want CRUX?20:55
SparkySquirrelI want to rebuild ALL Linux-PAM aware programs to actually use Linux-PAM20:55
SparkySquirrelhow do I do that?20:55
tierd891qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 8G drive file=<the_Virtual_drive_u_just_made>,format=<format_u_seelected> -cpu host -smp cores=2,threads=2,sockets=120:56
SparkySquirrelalso, how would I rebuild my entire system leaving my custom packages in /home/sparky/crux/packages alone?20:56
tierd891oh one more thing, add this to boot off the img:20:57
tierd891-boot menu=on -cdrom crux/plan9/whatever.iso20:57
tierd891I don't know anything about PAM, sorry20:58
SparkySquirrelbut about rebuilding packages?20:59
SparkySquirrelthat's what I need of the PAM knowledge20:59
tierd891prt-get update -fr <prt_name>20:59
tierd891but will they check for PAM and include it by default? dunno20:59
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SparkySquirrelok guys, how do I rebuild my system with support for PAM?23:19

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