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SparkySquirrelok guys, how do I rebuild my system with support for PAM?00:32
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SparkySquirreljue: how do I rebuild my system with support for PAM?00:45
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nweSparkySquirrel:  if you want pam support install linux-pam and rebuild shadow,openssh etc I have port with linux-pam support already if you looking in
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newbie__I have installed crux in a VM under KVM.12:24
newbie__When I start sshd on it, I get this on the host when connecting to the VM:12:25
newbie__ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer12:25
newbie__will try opensshd -V12:25
newbie__ssh -D12:27
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nwenewbie__: it´s because /etc/hosts.deny contains ALL:ALL12:34
nwenewbie__: ALL: ALL: DENY *12:41
newbie__yes, found it myself.12:44
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onoderawhats the default march gflag again?15:37
onoderaah thanks, i used x86_64 :p15:40
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frinnstim rebalancing my ~/ to 3x3tb btrfs raid515:53
frinnstData, RAID1: total=1.88TiB, used=1.84TiB15:54
frinnstData, RAID5: total=1.29TiB, used=656.78GiB15:54
frinnstsurprisingly fast convert15:54
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onoderaz3bra: kinda off-topic, but did you make any progress with you distro?16:37
z3brait boots in a container16:38
z3braand I can use curl + libressl after setting up the network manually16:38
z3braso nothing actually usable16:38
z3braI got ports packaged16:39
onoderapretty usable already for a one man distro in my opinion16:39
z3braypnose went farther for example16:44
asiei remember when i tried to get mine working, had about 200 packages and booted it off a real machine where i could watch videos on mpv16:47
asieit was a mess, though16:47
asieas i tried using tinyxserver... 2D acceleration worked but it was so tiny there was no glx16:47
z3braI was actually sceptical regarding tinyxserver16:48
z3brais it actually usable?16:48
z3brawith existing X applications I mean16:48
asiexrandr needed an old version16:49
asiempv/sdl/st worked fine16:49
asiegtk+ might work less fine16:49
asieit is kinda bad tho16:49
z3brait doeasn't even work with the actual X serv16:49
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deus_exbuilding qemu-2.4, I get the same compile error with either pure mesa (no nvidia driver) and with nvidia.17:41
pedjathis, if anyone is curious :
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pedjaI could disable opengl and build it, since I use virt-manager/spice-gtk, but where is fun in that?17:48
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SparkySquirrelnwe: do I use this repository for PAM packages or yours?
SparkySquirrelnwe: how do I use your repository instead of the system's?18:12
joacimdoes the install iso contain a gpt partition table or something?18:25
joacimor traces of one?18:25
joacimgetting this whine from parted. thinking I didnt wipe the drive before using it for the crux install iso18:26
joacimdoesnt matter tho. it works =)18:27
jaegerisohybrid does something weird to it but it still works, yeah18:27
frinnst1.2TB to go18:31
joacimthe backup table isn't at the end of the drive. not something that one can fix i guess18:32
jaegerIs it causing problems?18:32
joacimjust parted that likes to whine about the install drive18:33
frinnsthow do you hit that? why use parted on the iso?18:34
frinnstoh, the usb device..18:34
frinnstim stupid18:34
jaegeryeah. I use parted -l to list partitions when installing, it bitches when it gets to the USB drive18:35
joacimyeah thats what i did. parted -l18:35
jaegerIf we created the USB image separately from the ISO it would be fine, it's due to the hybrid iso18:36
nweSparkySquirrel: you can use linux-pam from contrib18:39
nweSparkySquirrel: if you want to use my collection use must first download nwe.rsync to /etc/ports/18:40
frinnstyay, halfway mark18:42
frinnstData, RAID1: total=1.28TiB, used=1.24TiB18:42
frinnstData, RAID5: total=2.48TiB, used=1.24TiB18:42
SparkySquirrelnwe: your collection works perfectly! thanks!18:43
SparkySquirrelPkgfile: line 22: chorn: command not found18:43
SparkySquirrelthat's when I try installing lxpanel18:44
frinnstlooks like a typo18:44
frinnstshould be "chown"18:45
SparkySquirrelit's in contrib though18:45
SparkySquirrelhowever, I did fix the typo and I'm building the lxpanel package in my $HOME and installing it with pkgadd18:46
frinnstyeah hopefully prologic notices this and fix it :>18:47
nweSparkySquirrel: nice to hear =)18:48
SparkySquirrelnwe: what packages do I need to rebuild when I enable PAM support? I have rebuilt the shadow and openssh packages18:52
SparkySquirrelbecause I want to reboot and if my whole system breaks...18:53
nweSparkySquirrel: shadow and openssh if you using vsftpd use should rebuilt it too.. did you use openssh from my port or have you modify openssh from core collection?18:55
jaegerIf your whole system breaks you can still recover it using the install media18:56
nweif you rebuilt shadow from my collection and openssh it will be fine18:56
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nweSparkySquirrel: how is it going?19:14
SparkySquirrelnwe: it's going great! I am using your openssh and shadow packages19:14
SparkySquirrelhere's my problem: Where's the newest Java JDK?19:15
nweSparkySquirrel: I mean have you reboot your machine yet?19:15
SparkySquirrelnwe: not yet19:15
SparkySquirrelI'm scared to19:15
SparkySquirrelI want to program not play with Linux. I'm sick of playing with Linux19:16
nwewhat you can do is open a new console and login again.19:16
SparkySquirrelsure thing19:16
SparkySquirrelI can login just fine19:16
SparkySquirrelso do I reboot? Before I reboot I want the Java JDK installed19:16
nwelook in /var/log/auth and see if you  used pam..19:17
SparkySquirrelsOct  2 14:16:31 electrode login[24126]: PAM unable to dlopen(/lib/security/ /lib/security/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:19
SparkySquirrelI used PAM19:19
SparkySquirrelsu is using pam19:19
SparkySquirrellogin is using pam; everything is using pam19:19
SparkySquirrelso do I reboot?19:19
nweabout jdk have you look in the readme in /usr/ports/opt/jdk ?19:20
SparkySquirrelok, I can do that19:20
SparkySquirrelbut why not have the fully open source OpenJDK?19:20
SparkySquirrelthat README says to download the JDK from Oracle and put it into the directory defined by PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR19:21
nwebrb 15 min19:22
newbie__cd /usr/ports19:22
newbie__cd opt19:22
newbie__cd jdolan19:22
onoderaI think because you need to accept some kind of agreement on the oracle website before downloading19:22
jdolan"jd<tab>" haha19:23
jaegerjdolan: pipe down, lurker! :D19:23
jdolani'm lurkin my face off19:23
jdolani like to speak in #crux once every 2-3 years.19:23
SparkySquirrelhope my CRUX doesn't blow up19:24
onoderamy crux is so customized I sometimes wonder why it's still running fine19:26
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onoderatoday I completely removed everything alsa related and installed oss419:26
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frinnsthas it improved? i tried it a few years back but quickly got bored19:43
frinnstdont remember the problem I had, but it was something19:43
onoderawell I didn't really have any problems with alsa but just wanted to have some "fun", lol19:44
onoderait works perfect, good sounds, multiple programs can use it at once, pretty easy configuration19:45
joacimlooks like kernel 4.1 is still too early for me19:45
joacimserver freezes after ugprade19:45
frinnstjoacim: crashes after a few minutes?19:45
frinnstdowngrade to 4.1.8 or whatever19:46
frinnst4.1.9 is broken19:46
joacimwhoever pushed 4.1.9 for longterm support must've been high19:46
frinnstI'm announcing the release of the 4.1.9 kernel.19:47
frinnstAll users of the 4.1 kernel series must upgrade.19:47
frinnstgreg k-h19:47
joacimkeeping my old 3.18.21 for now =)19:48
frinnst4.3.0-rc3 here :)19:49
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SparkySquirrelHi guys, I installed poppler-qt5 dev libraries but I still get this when building qpdfview: Project ERROR: poppler-qt5 development package not found21:23
SparkySquirrelanyways, I don't have the time to diagnose this further21:23
SparkySquirrelI need to program so I'm downloading the Ubuntu LiveCD to read PDFs with21:23
jaegeryou could always use another pdf reader until you can get that one figured out21:25
SparkySquirrelthen which would you suggest?21:25
SparkySquirrelit'll be 34 minutes for that ubuntu21:25
frinnstmupdf ftw21:25
frinnstunless you need printing21:25
SparkySquirrelno, I don't need printing21:26
jaegerI use atril but try mupdf or one of the others21:26
frinnstatril? gnome package?21:26
SparkySquirrelit's a MATE Desktop Environment package21:26
SparkySquirrelwish somebody would actually package Gnome21:26
jaegerMATE version, it's a fork from evince (the GNOME one)21:26
jaegerI used to maintain gnome ports, it was a pain in the ass21:27
SparkySquirreland have the latest Gnome before any other distro, even Fedora21:27
jaegerespecially since I was like the only person using them21:27
SparkySquirrelthen can we fork Gnome and make it easier to package21:27
SparkySquirreleven easier to use and nicer?21:27
jaegerfeel free to try it, heh. I just switched to MATE21:28
frinnstyeah the fork will probably no work at all, heh :)21:28
SparkySquirrelI'm still using XFCE21:28
frinnstsome missing words there, oh well21:28
frinnst643gb to go, yaaaawn21:28
nweSparkySquirrel: wb!21:28
SparkySquirrelnwe: oh hi21:29
SparkySquirrelI wish I could start a new channel ##crux-coders21:29
SparkySquirrelfor all the people that are using CRUX to develop software]21:29
SparkySquirrelany language CRUX supports, with the know-how to make CRUX support yet another language if anybody asks for a specific one21:30
SparkySquirreleven Prolog21:30
nweSparkySquirrel: for pdf reader I used xpdf..21:30
SparkySquirrelnwe: I am past that now, just wanting to see if you guys wanted to program with me21:31
nweSparkySquirrel: what will you develop?21:33
SparkySquirrelnwe: I don't know yet21:33
SparkySquirrelI forgot all the itches I needed scratching21:35
SparkySquirrelI know what I'd like to develop, GNU Hurd stuff21:35
SparkySquirrelbut that's for later21:35
nwetime for sleep good night!21:41
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