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frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ sudo btrfs balance start -dconvert=raid5 -mconvert=raid5 .00:39
frinnstDone, had to relocate 2592 out of 2592 chunks00:39
frinnstwee, only took 11hrs00:39
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SparkySquirrelHow do I make a package for libfdt?01:57
SparkySquirrelI'm so new.01:57
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Romsterah i can't get M2Crypto to work with swig.06:08
RomsterAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'PKCS5_SALT_LEN'06:08
RomsterApparently swig 3.0.5 breaks M2Crypto.06:10
Romsterand i tried swig 3.0.7 no difference.06:10
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onoderawill 3.2 release anytime soon>11:50
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frinnsthopefully within a month12:17
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frinnst_yeah 4.1.10 is also broken13:30
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onoderain what way?13:31
joacimhe doesn't know...13:31
frinnstcant do any sysrq stuff when it freezes so hard to tell13:32
joacimwrong link...13:32
frinnstacpi does trigger a shutdown but init is unable to complete the shutdown so a hard reset is needed13:32
frinnstthat was supposed to be fixed in 4.1.1013:32
frinnstnot sure if its the same thing Im hitting now or not13:33
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Romsteri have used my phone to log in to my desktop to try and reboot it before.13:56
Romsteror kill a process that went spastic13:56
frinnsthard when everything is dead :)14:16
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joacimsame. had to hard reset mye machine14:20
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joacimdidnt respond to keyboard or ssh14:21
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jaegerI'm still on 4.1.8, it seems pretty solid14:28
onoderaim on 4.1.6 still14:29
onoderawaiting for a 4.2 ck patch14:30
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joacimany idea why Xorg fails to start?14:51
joacimonly happens when i try to use the intel integrated graphics. the discrete radeon chip works fine when i remove the intel driver or disable the intel thing in the bios14:51
onoderageneric answer, but have you tried running revdep yet?14:53
joacimfresh install, but i could try that14:53
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jaegerhave we switched to the git version of the intel driver in 3.1? The release one is brokenish. You can either switch to git or disable SNA, I think15:01
jaegerit was either disable or use SNA, can't remember15:02
joacimOption      "AccelMethod"  "uxa"15:03
joacimthat worked15:03
nwe§good evening!15:34
druid_droidhello :)15:42
nwehow are you guys?15:45
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joacimwell that was a pain in the ass. upgraded to the git version15:55
joacimthat one works =)15:56
joacimand graphics switching works15:57
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joacimshould've installed 3.2 from the start. decided to be lazy and use the 3.1 iso I already had15:58
frinnsthm, yeah perhaps we should push the git version to 3.1 to15:58
frinnststrange though, since the 3.1 intel port worked for me when I ran 3.1 at work15:59
frinnstbut stopped working after I upgraded to 3.215:59
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frinnstGreg Kroah-Hartman has released the 4.2.3 and 4.1.10 stable kernels. The fix for the deadlocks reported for 4.1.9 did not make it into 4.1.10. As usual, these stable kernels contain fixes throughout the tree.16:37
frinnstguess there was some other deadlock reported in the changelog then16:37
frinnstthat, or I cant read (<- this probably)16:37
joacimlooks like i have to choose between working graphics switching and tear free video16:48
tilmanfrinnst: another deadlock fix in the changelog for 4.1.10? i don't see one17:14
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viaare there any already-existing scripts to build all ports from a tree into packages, and/or rebuild packages that are out of date?17:47
viathinking of an automated package build system17:48
viaso that one build server can build all packages and other machines can just use the binaries17:48
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onoderaI made this script to rebuild all installed packages17:54
onoderait saves rebuild packages to a log file so you can interrupt it halfway though if you want17:54
onoderaif thats what you are asking for17:54
viagoogling around though it seems that pkg-get and pkg-repgen might be what i'm looking for, but ican't find anything on pkg-repgen17:54
onoderaif you want to update all out of date packages you should just use prt-get sysup17:55
viayeah, thats how i've done it in the past, but i'm thinking of ways to not have to build any ports locally17:55
viapkg-get solves that on the client, but i still need t something to generate a package repo from ports17:55
viaoh, pkg-repgen comes with pkg-get...17:56
onoderacan't you run a cronjob that runs prt-get sysup every once in a while?17:57
viathat will build all out of date packages from ports, no?17:58
viathats what i'm trying to avoid17:58
viai want to offload all the building onto a build server17:58
viaopenbsd can do this with dpb, for example17:59
jaegeryou could update ports via cron on the clients but have the build server do the builds and export the pkg dir via NFS17:59
viabut i think pkg-get does what i want17:59
viathats true17:59
jaegeror use pkg-get :)17:59
viadoes pkg-repgen actually build the packages or do i have to use prt-get to build them all into one place first?18:00
jaegerI haven't used it, myself18:01
viaokay, i'll play around with it, thanks18:01
viai suppose a better question is how does crux build the binary repos for opt/core ?18:13
teK__it does not officially.18:14
viadid it used to? i feel like i remember installing 3.0 and having my base install come from binaries18:14
mechaniputerBinaries are on the CD to make installation quicker, but they are not hosted in repos. Just the CD.18:16
teK__via: yeah, oin the ISO but nothing else..18:16
teK__Romster has some huge packages in binary form for you convenience18:16
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tired890hi guys20:41
tired890u familiar with cpufreq scaling? can I set the governer on the fly? ie change from ondemand to performance on the fly?20:42
tired890I recall I need to echo 1 or something into a file.. dont recall exactly tho20:43
jaegerfor C in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor; do echo "performance" > ${C}; done21:06
jaegersomething like that, double check the path21:06
tired890jaeger, cheers21:06
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viais there a recommended way to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1?21:35
onoderaI think there is21:36
onoderadownload the 3.1 iso21:36
onoderarun setup, it asks you if you want to install or upgrade21:37
viai vaguely remember trying this a few months ago and don't remember that, i'll try again21:37
viai guess just changing the ports trees to point to 3.1 is insufficient21:38
viano i remember now, i don't have a cdrom drive so i was trying to use grub/memdisk to make it work21:48
frinnstyou can just write the iso to a usb stick21:49
viaand when it couldn't mount the iso i found that usb support isn't built into the kernel on it21:49
viaoh, i can try that21:49
frinnstdd if=<crux.iso> of=/dev/usb-stick21:49
viaif i can find one. normally i'd pxeboot this, but i'm on wireless atm21:50
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viaits updating, thanks21:57
viai'm reverting to a >1year old crux install from gentoo because i fed up with keeping it up to date with constant breakages21:58
onoderaI'm trying to play a 96k Hz flac file with mpd22:00
onoderabut keep getting this error: ALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_rate_speexrate_medium.so22:00
onoderaam I missing some dependency or what?22:00
onoderaah I think installing alsa-plugins will fix this22:06
onoderait did22:06
jaegerperhaps you built alsa-plugins with speex support and removed speex later or something22:10
SparkySquirreljaeger: how do you make a package for libdft?23:40
SparkySquirrelok, how do I use git sources?23:43
SparkySquirrelThis is the repository I need to clone:
frinnst <- ugly example23:44
SparkySquirrelworked perfectly! However, I have a problem related to libfdt alone: -rwxr-xr-x  0 root   root    74200 Oct  3 18:49 home/sparky/bin/dtc23:50
SparkySquirrelsee how it wants to install in my home directory?23:50
SparkySquirrelfrinnst: ok, where's the pkgconfig file for libfdt?23:52
SparkySquirrelif you were so kind to build that package would you tell me how to fix it?23:54
SparkySquirrelI am trying to get my head around it23:56

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