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Romstervia, i have a semi automated way with docker containers to build packages01:22
RomsterSparkySquirrel, use fakeroot to build it01:26
Romsterfakeroot pkgmk01:26
Romsterwine: 1.7.51 -> 1.7.5201:35
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viaRomster: yeah, i was checking that out03:00
viabut i mean, do you just spin that up for every port?03:00
viasay you have an output directory with lots of built packages, do you just do something like prt-get diff, and run those in that docker builder?03:01
SparkySquirrelRomster: I made a libfdt package but where are its pkgconfig files?03:17
SparkySquirrelthey are not in the package when I build it03:17
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Romstervia, i just have a docker container for every port and do ports -u prt-get sysup. after the initial prt-get depinst foo06:49
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darthlukanoh, wrong channel, sorry about that12:39
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druid_droidI have a problem with hooks in gitolite, everything is fine, works well on post-update but post-receive is not called18:05
druid_droidI have checked on "remote" everything is ok,18:12
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druid_droidonly two issues to Crux 3.2 :)18:20
newbie__ah, yeah. issue 1029 and 1142 in bugtracker.18:26
viawhats the proper procedure for footprint bugs in footprints? right now i'm going through the 30 or so and just changing them in my ports tree19:06
viai figure some are just due to the various packages i have installed, but things like cups missing the https backend symlink....bug tracker?19:06
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onodera1via: yeah or mail the port maintainer?19:30
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onodera1some NEW FILE footprint errors can also appear if you have extra deps installed, for example some programs only compile with lua support if you have lua already installed, pkgmk.conf has an option to disable NEW FILE footprint errors.19:30
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viaonodera1: yeah, i've had that happen a lot and usually just know its gonna be a weird case for me from optional deps (like with cmus and input plugins)19:34
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viaand i just edit the footprint manually... although i wish there were a way to keep my modifications in there so that every time there's an update i didn't have to fix it19:34
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viai've had a few packages now have the girepository gobject crap missing -- am i doing something wrong or are there really just multiple wrong footprints in opt?20:00
viathings like usr/lib/girepository-1.0/GdkPixbuf-2.0.typelib20:01
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jaegeris gobject-introspection installed?20:08
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juevia: you get ipps/https only if gnutls is installed, which is not a hard dependency of cups, so not a bug20:10
viajaeger: no, but it doesn't appear to be a dep for any of these20:12
viajue: ok. do you all just maintain lots of oneoffs to your ports tree manually?20:12
jueI don't have any, so no ;)20:14
viai've had to make a decent number so far20:15
viai might be running into some of these because sysup won't take into account an updated dep list for a package, and this was a pretty out of date system20:15
jaegercould be, yeah20:17
jaegercan always check if deps are missing with something like prt-get depends $(prt-get listinst) | grep "\[ \]"20:18
viayeah, thats exactly whats going on20:18
vialibsecret does have gobject-introspection and vala as deps listed20:18
viai'll give thata shot, thanks20:18
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SparkySquirrelI have a question, how do you implement XDG_RUNTIME_DIR support?20:44
SparkySquirrelI need it for Wayland's Weston compositor20:45
SparkySquirrel[15:45:29.196] fatal: environment variable XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set.20:45
viait'd be great to haev the concept of optional things in the footprint. gtk will include cups related files if cups is there that aren't in the footprint...20:48
onodera1SparkySquirrel: put it in your .profile or shellrc?20:50
SparkySquirrelonodera1: no that isn't the proper solution20:52
onodera1 SparkySquirrel ?20:53
onodera1eh oh twait, I don't it does what I think it does20:54
SparkySquirrelanybody want to help me write a package for Gobby 0.5?20:57
frinnstvia: set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in your /etc/pkgmk.conf21:19
SparkySquirrelfrinnst: how do I get gtksourceview version 2.0 instead of 3.0?21:51
SparkySquirrelI guess if I ported that to CRUX21:51
frinnstIm sure you can modify opt/gtksourceview to use gtk2 if you like21:52
SparkySquirrel--2015-10-04 16:53:55--
SparkySquirrelnot found21:54
viafrinnst: good to know, although i feel that would defeat the whole point of the footprint21:54
frinnstindeed, thats why we fail by default :-)21:55
SparkySquirrelfrinnst: does CRUX's package manager handle file conflicts properly?21:57
frinnstdepends on what you mean21:57
frinnsttwo ports cannot install the same file for example21:58
SparkySquirrelthat's what I meant21:58
SparkySquirrel/usr/include/libxml++-2.6/libxml++/parsers/domparser.h:96:27: warning: override controls (override/final) only available with -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 [enabled by default]21:58
SparkySquirrelhow would I fix that error?21:58
frinnstthats not a package error21:58
frinnstand it only seems to be a warning, so21:59
SparkySquirrelwell that warning caused the error so22:00
frinnsthard to judge without context.. I dont even know what you are trying to do22:00
SparkySquirrelbuild Gobby 0.5 as a new CRUX package22:01
frinnstcan you post the pkgfile someplace?22:01
SparkySquirrelyes I will post them all22:01
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frinnstjust pastebin the Pkgfile22:07
SparkySquirrelbut I have like 4 Pkgfiles all related to gobby!22:07
frinnstnevermind, got it22:07
frinnstah, needs a lots of deps22:07
frinnstwhat was the port that failed?22:08
SparkySquirrelforgot already22:08
SparkySquirrelwell I wasn't really keeping track of deps22:08
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frinnstoh, I though all those ports were deps22:08
SparkySquirrelsome of them are deps for gobby22:09
SparkySquirrellike libinfinity, obby, and net622:09
SparkySquirrelqt5 is not a dep but it's Qt 5.5.0 so I'm sure you'll like it22:10
SparkySquirrelanother question, can we implement support for $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR so Wayland stuff will be happy?22:12
SparkySquirrelfrinnst: I need support for two things in CRUX: libfdt and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR22:15
SparkySquirrelany way we could collaborate and get all this stuff supported? I will do all the research22:16
SparkySquirrelwell, XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is supposed to be defined as /run/user/1000 or some such22:17
viasome distros use a /etc/profile.d directory for package-specific envs...but i could see that not being something crux wants22:17
SparkySquirrelno it's runtime data not a profile thing22:18
via...i mean for setting that environment variable22:19
vianot as the value for it22:19
viaso that your package would install something like /etc/profile.d/xdg that contains XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/$(id -u) or something22:20
SparkySquirrelwell, I have a question: how do you rebuild all xorg video and input drivers?22:20
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SparkySquirrelfrinnst: found out in my IRC logs, here: 2015-10-01 14:38:48     @jaeger prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst --regex 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')23:20
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viait is the most aggrevating thing in the world to wait an hour for prt-get to build something only to find two stupid files weren't in the footprint, and have to start over23:50
viai realize cups isn't a hard dep on gtk3, but ...surely lots of people have cups23:51
druid_droid via -kw23:56
druid_droidbut yeah it happens23:56
viacan you use that with prt-get?23:57
viai'm redoing it with pkgmk -kw now23:57
viaah, yes, you can23:57
viait'd be nice to only keep working on the ones that fail23:58

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