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joacimvia: edit pkgmk.conf and modify PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW00:09
viathat was brought up, that defeats the point though00:10
joacimwhats the point?00:10
viato make sure that the package built includes what it is supposed to include00:11
joacimif a package is missing a required dependency, you should notify the maintainer00:12
viawell, that seems more of an opinion piece00:12
viai would personally believe that if a package will build against something that is on the system if it finds it, it should be a dep00:12
viabut i can imagine others wouldn't think that way00:12
joacimit is only a dependency if it is needed to compile and function00:13
viaeither way idon't want to globally disable footprint validation just because a dozen or so packages are building a couple extra files00:13
joacimoptional features enabled because you happened to have a library installed are not a dependency00:13
viano, but they suddenly mean you need to start manually maintaining changes to footprint files00:14
joacimyou can ignore footprint just for that one package if you want00:14
joacimbut PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW is pretty safe00:14
viahow do you ignore footprints for a specific list of packages?00:15
joacimnothing should break from gaining a few extra features and files because you happened to have lua or libass installed00:15
viaoh. i mean in such a way that you can set it somewhere central and still have prt-get sysup respect it00:15
joacimPKGMK_IGNORE_NEW doesn't ignore all footprint mismatches. it ignores mismatches that has files marked as NEW00:16
joacimthe install still stops on MISSING00:16
viayeah...thats not the worst thing in the world00:16
viait just still seems like there should be a better way00:16
viasomething like rpm specfile style globs for certain directories00:17
viasuch that you could have /usr/share/blah/somepackage/somepluginsforpackage/*.so00:17
joacimlike useflags and mask stuff. that kind of stuff can be a chore00:17
viai'd complaining less if this computer weren't slow as hell00:18
viai was hoping that running pkgmk -kw the second time wouldn't clean up the working directory at the start00:19
joacimpkgmk removes the work directory after building the package00:20
viai'm using -kw to prevent that00:20
viaalthough i'd hoped that this time (i accidentally left a blank line at the bottom of my .footprint) it'd just be able to pick right back up00:20
joacimnot without the work directory00:21
viaisn't that what -kw does?00:21
joacimi'm guessing the first time you ran pkgmk/prt-get without -kw00:21
viai used -kw both times00:22
viai guess its not going to skip the unpack stage if it finds work/00:24
rmull_via: You should still have a correctly-built package that can be installed using pkgadd even if the footprint doesn't match00:26
rmull_though I think I don't understand the problem, so pardon me!00:27
joacim-kw is more for your own pleasure. dont think pkgmk "continues" the build00:27
viarmull: you're totally right, i can't believe i didn't notice that00:27
viayes, it does, although for some reason the resulting package has a weird date in the filesystem00:29
viai guess pkgmk makes the date whatever the pkgfile date is00:29
rmullthat's weird, is your system clock correct?00:29
viait seems to create it matching that00:29
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SparkySquirrelok I wanna build Chromium but look at this: OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied01:42
SparkySquirrel=======> ERROR: Building '/home/sparky/crux/packages/chromium/chromium#45.0.2454.101-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.01:42
RomsterSparkySquirrel, not enough details and you need lots of ram to build it. i have it packaged already01:47
Romsterhmm only got 99 there01:48
Romsteri'll build the new one and upload it01:50
tired890Romster, how much ram for chrome?01:51
Romsteri dunno i just allow for 32GB as overkill01:54
SparkySquirrelRomster: it was due to /dev/shm not being mounted01:54
tired890I guess it could be done with big swap for those without enough real ram, no?01:54
Romsteropt only has 99 wth01:55
SparkySquirrelread the README in the chromium port dir and you will see you need a working shared implementation /dev/shm to be mounted there or it won't compile01:55
Romsterknow that01:55
SparkySquirrelshared memory implementation, that is01:55
Romsterthats more for running than to compile afaik01:55
Romstersepen is lagging on the update01:55
Romsterafk again01:58
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asie1intellij idea started sigsegving for me for on reason07:19
asie1no reason*07:23
Romsterwould need a pastebin of the error07:25
Romsteri don't run that but someone here might07:25
asie1hmm. reverting gettext, boost and/or glib (not sure which) fixed it07:30
asie1probably not boost, idea doesn't link to boost07:30
asie1maybe one of my other packages was not recompiled correctly. oh well. doesn't matter07:30
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Romsterasie1, use revdep to check09:39
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frinnstalso asie1, fix your mime types :)09:43
frinnstLength: 60451 (59K) [application/octet-stream]09:43
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deus_exmy egl-select script(shameless ripoff of gl-select) kind of works16:46
frinnstbtw, the egl thingy in mesa3d was pushed for 3.216:47
frinnsti think jue pushed it for 3.1 too16:48
deus_exfrinnst: yup, it's in 3.1, too16:50
deus_exeglgears show just the black window, no gears :)16:53
deus_exboth with mesa and nvidia egl16:53
deus_exeglinfo works fine, so16:54
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frinnstoh. feel free to dig deeper if you have any more problems. Personally I dont really use any 3d stuff but I do rely on glamor for 2d :)17:04
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deus_exit might be a problem with 355.11 nvidia driver and compton compositor.interestingly enough, es2gears work fine.17:13
deus_exbtw, freedesktop git repo is slooooow.17:15
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rmulljue: your 'ledger' port 404s21:42
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xveenoticed there is a 3.2 core directory. any idea when the 3.2 version of crux will release?23:29
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onoderaxvee: someone told me porbably next month yesterday23:43
onoderacan't remember who.23:43
xveeonodera: sweet. thank you23:44
xveejaeger: thanks for your updated iso's too. saves a ton of time with updates23:44
jaegerno problem23:48
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