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tired890teK__, libreoffice Pkgfile has 5.0.1 which apparently no longer exists on the host (404), upon bumping the number in my Pkgfile to 5.0.2 I got it to work, pls update the port01:19
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viait seems that after finishing various updates including xorg-server, now x wont start, bitching about glamor02:02
via[   161.215] (WW) glamor requires at least 128 instructions (64 reported)02:02
via[   161.215] (EE) modeset(0): Failed to initialize glamor at ScreenInit() time.02:02
viai remember removing glamor since it conflicted with files in xorg-server, and apparently xorg-glamor is no longer a package?02:02
viaoh, i guess this is why someone was asking about rebuilding all of xorg-input/video02:04
Workstervia, prt-get readme xorg-server02:12
viacool. i see it mentions a 'this is necessary before you do sysup' thing, is there a place where i can find those centralized?02:14
viai suppose joining the mailing list would help02:14
Worksteri wrote that because we were getting a lot of these questions.02:17
Workstertired890, we also have a distfiles mirror at
Worksterthat you can set in pkgmk.conf02:18
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tired890Workster, I did for a while, but found its not as fast as I'd like02:19
tired890anyways bumping the version gave me the latest so .. but thanks for the reminder. I do have that url in pkgmk just commented out until I really need it02:20
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xveehey guys, so when installing crux, i used a localconfig but noticed the videos on youtube where running slow. realized the frames were slow, and it wasn't using my intel card, so i compiled it. startx wont work now. getting this error02:25
frinnstdont use fb, deselect it from your kernel config02:26
frinnstyeah, framebuffer02:28
frinnst-> Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Frame buffer Devices02:28
xveelet me check it out02:29
xveethem compile times though02:30
xveeits compiled, time to reboot. hope it works02:32
xveeno, that wasn't it. still getting the same error02:33
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xveethere is a slight change. xinit gives up, says its unable to reach x server. "bad display name "host:0" in "remove" command02:41
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xveefrinnst: you were right about the frame buffer, but it wasn't the one in frame buffer devices. the i915 has frame buffer support built in, and i stupidly had that enabled.03:11
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xveeweird. now, the i915 module wont load. it finds the nvidia, but not the intel card03:43
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xveeso, if i dont enable modsetting within the kernel, the i915 module wont load. if i allow it to load, the i915 has the panic mentioned earlier, and i cant start x. any ideas how to work around this?04:22
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xvee here is the xorg config if that helps04:49
xveexorg log*04:49
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xveei'm stumped. either xorg is the issue, or bumblebee is. i have no idea what else could be causing this05:19
tilmanxvee: what's in your xorg.conf?05:28
xveetilman:let me check. i was afk05:31
xveemy /etc/xorg/xorg.conf is empty.05:32
tilmanthought so ;p05:32
xveelet me generate one. one sec05:34
tilmani only looked at the backlog just now05:34
xveenot sure if the generation is going to help the i915 panic, but ill give anything a shot right now05:36
tilmanit probably won't05:36
tilmani'd hunt this one down:05:36
tilman[drm] GMBUS [i915 gmbus dpb] timed out, falling back to bit banging on pin 505:36
tilmanIMO and AFAIK you shouldn't have to disable the framebuffer stuff. inteldrmfb should work with KMS05:36
xveei dont think i have to either. i've re-enabled it. when i turn it off, the kernel module wont load, so, it goes back to the vesa driver05:37
xveei've been googling around, but found nothing solid.05:37
tilmanyou can avoid the vesa fallback with an xorg.conf that just says "load i915"05:37
tilman(not literally ;p)05:37
xveeyou know, there is apart of me that wants it to be literally05:39
xveetilman: when disabling it, the kernel module wont load, so it'll be forced to fall back to something other than i91505:40
tilmanok, you absolutely want the i915 module and KMS05:41
xveei have kms setup, double checked that05:42
xveethe only other thing i can think of at this point is an issue with the xf86 intel driver, or bumblebee05:43
xveethough bumblebee wouldn't cause a panic05:43
xveeone sec. let me switch to another comp05:44
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xveealright, back05:47
xveeany ideas?05:53
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xveeseems to be kernel related. im going to upgrade and see if that fixes it. bbl06:04
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xveeupdated the kernel to the lastest stable, still the same issue.06:27
xveethis intel card is literally cancer06:27
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xveefigured it out. FINALLY.06:58
xveethanks for your help fellas. im going to sleep now. take care!06:58
tired890say how06:58
tired890this channel is logged06:58
tired890someone might google this one day06:58
xveeadded the following to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf06:59
xveealso upgrade the kernel07:01
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tired890added to section "device": Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"07:04
tired890amd released a new open source driver, called amdgpu.. its already part of the kernel and its performance is on par (or better) than the closed source catalyst suite!07:09
tired890too bad it only supports the newer cards.. no love for older cards..07:10
tired890not that I'm complaining about radeon driver its not bad at all07:10
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Romsterhow new of a card would that work on? probably not worth me getting one with the GTX750 doing what i need for now10:07
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tired890Romster, R9 285, R9 3xx, R9 Fury families11:50
tired890basically all GCN 1.2 and above11:51
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juermull: thx, fixed now12:38
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jmcwin 212:47
jmcoops, sorry12:47
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joacimtired890: only on R9 285, R9 380, R9 Nano, R9 Fury, and R9 Fury X13:41
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joacimthe other R9 3xx cards are GCN 1.0 or 1.1 cards13:42
joacimhmm. grandiosa er for vanskelig13:48
joacimwrong channel13:48
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tired890joacim, ahh, yes I figured some must be rebrands..13:57
joacimfrinnst: frossenpizza =)13:58
tired890speaking of which this is hilarious I cant help laughing every time I see it:13:58
joacimput the oven on 125 degrees instead of 22513:58
tired890lol infectious laugh never gets old13:58
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frinnstisnt it 200C for grandiosa?14:33
DaViruzcelsius? how archaic14:35
frinnstas opposed to what? kelvin? rankine?14:38
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retardwhy doesn't function in links or elinks?15:43
druid_droidretard: :) I just open in lynx to see if ...15:44
druid_droidand it opens15:44
jueworks for me with elinks as well15:58
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xveeso, i noticed another old issue is back. the stupid high pitched whine/squeal is back, and i think it might be the gpu causing it. crux is like the cute girl that keeps slipping man, but i blame nvidia more than anything18:12
frinnsthow can you blame software for crappy fans?18:14
frinnst(other than rpm control)18:14
xveei'm not blaming software. its not even the fans, the squeal sounds like its coming from the actual gpu18:15
xveethe gpu doesn't have a fan on it (on a laptop). its weird. *buntu systems dont have the squeal, windows didn't have it, its only when i compile kernels that it comes about. probably some power management issue/kernel config that i've over looked18:16
jaegerSome GPUs have coil whine, though I'd expect that to happen under every OS18:18
frinnstyeah, though power management could play a role18:19
xveei thought it'd be the coil wine, but, if it were the case, as you said, it would happen on any os18:19
frinnstit probably sounds the same under load on the other systems too18:19
xveeone interesting thing to note is this -- when i disconnect the a/c adapter, the whine gets louder18:19
teK__tired890 ---v18:20
teK__cruxbox> [opt.git] libreoffice : update to 5.0.218:21
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joacimfrinnst: 225C for 10-15 minutes =)19:05
joacimfrinnst: proof19:11
frinnstyour norwegian ovens must suck then, im sure its 200C in sweden19:16
frinnstand 10-12 minutes19:17
joacimI thought it was 10-12 minutes too19:20
joacimbut i guess they must've changed it19:20
joacimIt's been 225C for as long as I can remember19:21
nwefrinnst: my oven is 250C19:21
tilmanhe's talking about pizza, not ovens i think?19:22
joacimtilman: grandiosa19:22
tilmanfrinnst: are you argueing that SVERIGE is better because SVERIGES pizza can be booked at only 200C?19:23
tilmancooked, not booked ;p19:24
joacimthe swedish booking oven19:25
frinnstobviously, yes19:29
frinnstright! tomorrow i'll buy one and post pictures!19:30
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darthlukanScandinavian pizza has nothing on pizza from the US, all of your ovens lack the power to properly cook a pizza19:54
jaegerhere in the US we cook our pizzas using the oven's self-clean cycle. nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure19:54
Wildefyrhi, could anyone help with understanding on how to get the opt/nvidia working? I've installed the port but I am guessing I am still missing something as nvidia-smi reports it can't talk to the driver, I guessing I need a kernel module?19:55
jaegerWildefyr: the port installs a kernel module (two, actually)19:55
jaegerdoes it show up in lsmod's output?19:55
darthlukanWildefyr: su -c "gl-select set nvidia"19:55
darthlukanI forgot that step the first time I installed from opt/nvidia19:55
jaegerdid you run "depmod -a" after installing the port?19:56
Wildefyrit's select darthlukan19:56
jaeger(or reboot)19:56
darthlukanyeah, that19:56
Wildefyrer let me try it19:56
Wildefyrno luck19:58
Wildefyrno idea what's going on19:58
jaegerhave you switched kernel versions since installing it?19:58
jaegercan you load it manually with modprobe or insmod?19:58
WildefyrI may have switched kernel versions but I reinstalled it after anyway as I wanted to switch to it away from nouveau20:00
WildefyrI must admit I am not familiar with modprobe or insmod20:00
Wildefyrwhere is the nvidia module placed?20:01
jaegerthay're the tools used for module loading. Usually that happens on its own when needed but you can use "modprobe nvidia" to try it manually20:01
Wildefyrsays it's not found20:01
Wildefyrlet me try reinstalling again20:01
jaegerhow about find /lib/modules -name "nvidia.ko" ?20:02
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frinnstoh please20:03
Wildefyrhm okay it's installed itself into the kernel that originally came with crux20:03
Wildefyrbut I'm on 4.3.0-rc4 now20:04
jaegerrebuilding and reinstalling the nvidia port will fix it20:04
jaegerassuming it compiles on 4.3.x20:04
Wildefyrokay will try again20:04
jaegerman up, pizza cookers:
teK__measuring and drawing a kitchen oven's temperature curve -- the internet, full of normal people20:08
Wildefyrtime to recompile the kernel as I have a conflicting parameter apparently..20:09
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Wildefyrahaha now it won't build20:20
teK__trying an rc?20:22
frinnstwhat conflicts?20:23
frinnstrunning rc4 here without issues20:23
teK__hypervisor/guest code was not compiling in rc320:24
teK__btw frinnst.. what did I do wrong:20:26
teK__I created a snapshot with btrfs of / in /snap20:26
Wildefyrer, I had a nvidia module enabled for some reason that said it was confliciting, recompiled and the issue is gone, but now the opt/nvidia module won't build20:26
jaegerprobalby had nouveau in the kernel20:26
jaegerprobably, too20:26
teK__then I changed some things on / and tried to make the /snap/.. thingy the new default subvolume20:26
jaegerif you don't want to mess with finding an nvidia patch for 4.3.x, try 4.1.8 - it seems ok20:27
teK__but the changes were not undone20:27
WildefyrI'd prefer to get super comfortable with doing it all manually anyway20:30
Wildefyrgood advice, I might take it if I start to get too frustrated20:30
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frinnstteK__: what does btrfs subv get-default <path> say?21:11
frinnstalso make sure you're not mounting a specific subvol in fstab21:11
Wildefyrokay, I've got a newer version of lm_sensors as the main host has gone down21:16
Wildefyrbut getting a md5sum error obviously because they don't match21:16
Wildefyrbest way to solve?21:16
frinnstyou can use -im to ignore md5sums - if you *trust* the new download21:17
jaegerfrinnst: nice, that was fairly quick21:18
frinnstyeah I heard it was scheduled for the 12 or 13th21:18
teK__get-default says ID 266, the only subvolume that is there21:21
teK__before that there were no subvolumes at all. Is this is a problem?21:21
teK__fstab says /dev/vda2 /21:22
frinnstbtrfs sub show <path> might give a better insight21:23
teK__is btrfs root21:23
teK__ /21:23
frinnstyou should have created a "rootfs" subvolume and installed in there21:24
frinnstto be able to easily switch, unless that has changed since i looked at it21:24
teK__oh, I had a suspicion :\21:24
teK__so re-install / move move-back it is?21:24
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frinnstyou can probably move it, not sure21:28
teK__will do. Thanks for the hint21:30
teK__set-default has two different meanings? That's unfortunae21:32
teK__ie. <id> vs /path/to/..21:32
teK__or am I missing something21:32
Wildefyrwell, I'm at a lose why the nvidia module won't build, here's the output21:40
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frinnstiirc, the nvidia module interface usually breaks with every kernel release21:46
jaegerit actually breaks with very few kernel releases but 4.2 and up are guaranteed breaks right node21:46
Wildefyroh I see21:46
jaegerwhich is why I suggested either finding a patch or using 4.1.821:47
frinnstor buy amd :)21:47
jaegeror you could try the short lived branch, I haven't updated and tested that yet21:47
WildefyrI'll buy amd when they open source their entire stack21:47
Wildefyrnot before21:47
Wildefyrnot with how they perform21:47
frinnstdoubt they will ever free their firmware21:48
Wildefyrwell the specification will be free, vulcan or some such21:49
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retard reliably gives me 403 errors in links and elinks from multiple hosts23:14
retardi don't get it23:14
retardcurl works fine23:14
frinnstworks for me23:14
Worksteryour certs are messed up?23:15
retardwouldn't that give me a generic ssl error rather than an actual 403?23:16
Worksteri dunno i am doing tons of thigs here multitasking23:16
frinnstare you connecting from ?23:16
retardamong other ips, yes23:16
retarda friend of mine who is currently in africa brought the problem to my attention23:17
frinnstcan you try again from your ip?23:17
frinnstjust now?23:18
retardsame behavior23:18
frinnst[Wed Oct 07 01:18:13 2015] [error] No hostname was provided via SNI for a name based virtual host23:18
retardsomething elinks lacks support for possibly?23:18
frinnststrange since it worked for me23:19
jaegerthink we already fixed up elinks for that, are you on the latest port?23:19
retardit works using elinks from crux here now23:20
retarda couple of ubuntu boxes don't23:20
retardbut that answers the question i suppose23:20
retardhe brought an old laptop, given that .. well, it's africa23:21
retardprobably has a fairly old links and elinks on there23:21
jaegeryeah, could be23:21
retardthanks for the help23:25
retardsleep well23:25
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tired890cheers teK__ :)23:53

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