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Wildefyrargh I give up, why will this damn microcode not work00:04
jaegerWildefyr: trying to do a CPU microcode update?00:14
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jaegerWildefyr: I just learned how to do that a few days back, oddly enough00:34
jaegerused iucode_tool and the microcode.dat from intel's website00:35
Wildefyrhow so?00:35
jaegerwell, if you've got an AMD proc I have no idea00:35
Wildefyrnah intel here00:35
jaeger <-- get the latest microcode file here00:35
jaeger <-- a port for iucode_tool here, though it's not published in any repo yet00:37
jaegerthen something like: mkdir /lib/firmware/intel-ucode && iucode_tool -S -l -K /path/to/microcode.dat00:38
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tired890Wildefyr, curious, updating to fix some issue or just to update?01:03
Wildefyrwell, just want it fixed01:05
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tired890I don't have a /etc/ssl/certs ... pidgin won't compile. So I opened the pkgfile and removed the configure line --with-ssl-system-cert..etc.12:01
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frinnstoh he left12:22
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tired_mobileoh man wpa supplicant broke cant go online with my main sys12:30
tired_mobilei updated libressl and all went haywire12:31
tired_mobilerevdep was reporting loads12:31
tired_mobileall fixed except wpa supplicant and libreoffice (false positive since its binary)12:32
tired_mobilefor wpa supplicant there is a fix at openbsd list but not sure if it will apply here..12:34
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frinnstoh, libressl12:45
frinnstthen you are on your own :)12:45
juefrinnst: they intentionally removed the utilities, see my comment at #121112:48
tired_mobilesorry chatting from my phone12:50
tired_mobileertor seems to be caused by a trivial change12:51
frinnstteK__: how did your btrfs experiment go?13:12
tired_mobilefrinnst can u pls glance over that diff does it look like it has OS specific changes or can I use it for my crux box? mucho appreciated13:17
frinnstgive it a go, best way to test13:19
tired_mobilewill do13:19
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tired890back in business :)14:06
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deus_exteK__: would you mind updating git to 2.6.1?bumping the version in Pkgfile will sufffice, no major breakage, afaict :)14:38
deus_exI wonder if vbox-5.0.6 fixed host-only networking, so I could use vagrant for salt sandbox/demo14:42
deus_exor just use virt-manager/kvm to set it all up14:42
deus_ex4gigs of ram is barely enough for playing with vms14:43
deus_exand docker does not run fbsd14:44
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Waspdeus_ex: docker is supposed to run on fbsd16:43
Wasp"Docker is a popular application containment environment on GNU/Linux that is available on FreeBSD as of June, 2015."16:43
frinnstyeah but can it run freebsd "guests"?16:45
deus_exfrinnst: exactly.16:46
frinnsti think thats what deus_ex needed16:46
Waspah okay, missunderstood the statement16:46
pedjaWasp: it's ok :)16:46
frinnstwould be very wierd if you could another kernel under docker16:46
Waspdo it the opposit way and run linux as guest on freebsd ;)16:48
Waspin fact fbsd already as a linux compatibility layer16:49
Wasp.. or emulation16:49
pedjaWasp: I have a couple fbsd vms to play with, and it's installed on the netbook.16:56
pedjazfs rulz :) (yeah, yeah, I know, btrfs)16:59
pedjaZoL is an interesting project, too bad it will never get into mainline17:00
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pedjavirt-sandbox is/will be able to run docker thru kvm/qemu.That will be interesting.17:01
jaegerIt'll never get into mainline but it works well. I've been using it for my NAS for a long time at home17:01
pedjajaeger: Do you use FreeNAS, or ZoL?17:02
jaegerprologic uses it as well, I think17:03
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pedjaI am thinking of geting a 2 or 4 tb drive(s), make zfs pool, and use it for...stuff (vms, mostly).But17:04
pedjaunemployment > gadgets17:05
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nweI also using ZoL17:11
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onoderadoes anyone know how to compile programs that use a file?18:07
onoderawell opt/ninja seems to work :p18:08
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Wildefyrso I have the binary blob of the microcode for my specific processor, how can I get it loaded into the kernel on boot?22:06
tired890quite surprised to find out apparently pci-passthru is broken for all platforms (amd and intel) in any 4.2+ kernel. IOMMU list and arch board has many complaining about it and the solution they respond with is to disable it altogether (ie iommu=soft).. always had the impression linux had strict merge rules and such22:22
tired890seems I will be stuck with 4.1.x for a while.. good thing there is an LTS version (currently 4.1.10)22:23
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Wildefyrokay I swear I am missing a step with this damn microcode, I have the firmware file for my processor in /lib/firmware/intel_ucode, and a kernel compiled with microcode update support, but dmesg still reports that the microccode hasn't been updated22:49
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Worksterwhat does this microcode fix even?22:58
tired890I wonder the same22:58
Worksterand if it stops half way though, does it brick the CPU?22:59
Wildefyrhonestly? it's basically a firmware update for the cpu, but it's applied on kernel loading22:59
Workstercan't you just boot a intel live cd?22:59
tired890mm I don't think it does anything to the CPU Workster , it just loads every time you reboot22:59
tired890ie doesn't "flash" the cpu in the traditional sense.. (not like flashing a router)23:00
Worksterso it overrides the existing microcode23:00
Worksternot actually flash eeprom23:00
tired890yes something along those lines, intel seems to come up with many updates tho..23:01
Workstercron wget job for the microcode23:02
tired890I reckon you need to do it very early in the boot process23:02
tired890as in pass a command to the kernel or something23:02
tired890hold on23:02
Worksterwell it'll work on next boot or use a initramfs to do it23:02
Wildefyrmost places I've looked at recommend using a intiramfs indeed23:03
tired890see this page speaks about modifying bootloaders so..23:03
tired890^ bottom of the page speaks about lilo + initrd, might be useful in your casee23:06
Wildefyrusing grub2 atm but will give it a read through23:09
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jaegerideally you would do the update in a BIOS/UEFI firmware but that depends on the manufacturer including it in the BIOS/UEFI update and the user actually updating23:34
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