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jaegerThem's fightin' words!02:44
jaegerer, at least fightin' word02:44
xveeshould i tip my fedora now or later?02:45
jaegerprobably not at all :P02:45
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tired890I'm still trying to figure out how to set ulimit -l for my user, so I'm trying to grep for ulimit in system dirs so I can find where its at but no luck03:18
tired890I'm using this:03:18
tired890grep -rnwi '/sys' -e "ulimit"03:19
tired890but get all sorts of error msgs: (no permission, function not implemented?!)03:19
jaegerhave you had a look at "man limit" ?03:27
jaegersorry, "man limits"03:27
tired890jaeger, the problem is that there is no "/etc/limits" file03:39
tired890do I create one ?03:40
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jaegertry it and see03:45
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WaspI hate linux -.-05:19
Waspcannot quit passwd(1) .. I mean ... W-T-F05:19
Guest79623Wasp: open other consol and ute killall passwd05:20
tilmansurely he knows what signals are if this problem makes him "hate linux'05:21
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Waspokay, I'm still alive .. puuuh05:24
Waspwasn't sure if "passwd someuser" really changes the password of $someuser .. you know, because it's linux05:25
tilmanwhat did you use before?05:25
tilmanalso, why not have a very quick in the man page?05:26
Waspyes, i was going to have quick glance into the manpage ... but passwd didn't allow me anymore05:26
Waspat least I expect ^C to work05:27
Waspwhatever purely designed application .. but I expect ^C !!!11elf -.-05:28
Guest79623sometimes ^D or ^Z works better.05:28
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WaspGuest79623: works "better"?05:29
Waspthere is not better, there is just implemented or not05:29
Wasp^D is EOF and is totally not related to "let-me-out--NOW"05:31
Guest79623well, it quits passwd05:33
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Guest79623sometimes what works is what is to be used even if it is not obviously related.05:34
Waspin fact you are right, that EOL quits passwd(1), nevertheless it's -- to calm a bit down -- not the right way05:35
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rmullI guess some people like really hard to type passwords11:54
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pedjaonodera: no such error with mpv/binary driver here.13:39
pedjaonodera: and current opt/nvidia does not ship with egl libs, afaict (i rolled my own)13:40
pedjaonodera: tl;dr wrt that message/error seems to be: nvidia driver lies about hardware :)
pedjaWildefyr: do you have CONFIG_MICROCODE_EARLY enabled in kernel .config?13:48
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pedjathat and 'initrd  /boot/early-ucode.cpio' in grub.cfg, and ItWorksForMe[tm] :)13:50
pedjaI had to patch 10_inux in grub.d so it gets automagically added after kernel i[date, though13:51
pedja10_linux, meh13:51
pedja*update, even.-ENOTENOUGHCOFFEE today13:53
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frinnstwhat kind of cpu requires cpu microcode to be loaded by the user anyways? doesnt bios updates take care of all that?14:59
jaegerthey should, yes. but it's up to the motherboard manufacturer to put them in bios updates and the user to update15:00
pedjaif anyone is interested, I could attach ports for iucode-tool and intel-ucode along with the patch for grub to flyspray task?15:23
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pedjaThere are a *lot* of VPS providers, and all are 'the best'.Surprise, surprise.15:31
jaegerof course they want you to believe so :)15:32
pedjajaeger: and most reviews I found are of '$vendor is the best, make sure to click affiliate link to them' variety :)15:36
joacimpedja: DO is the best one.
joacimpls click and spend 25 dollars or more16:00
pedjajoacim: :)16:00
joacimbeen curious about vultr and ramnode16:00
jaegerI only have experience with linode, myself. Happy with them so far16:01
joacimbeing able to roll my own kernel and possible upload my own images is nice16:01
joacimDO don't let you upload your own images, and you have to use their kernels16:01
pedjajoacim: that's on vultr, right?16:01
jaegerI have an ubuntu linode and a crux linode. use their kernel, though16:01
joacimi think you can roll your own kernel and upload your own image on vultr16:02
joacimprobabably on others too16:02
chris2vultr can do custom iso, but not custom disk images afaics16:13
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frinnstjoacim: behold the superior swedish ovens!:
DaViruzthe final bit of evidence to prove once and for all swedens superiority over norway18:01
joacimvarmluftsovn is totally different =918:07
joacimwhats the cheese on yours?18:07
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Wildefyrpedja, yeah that would be fantastic20:09
WildefyrI've given up trying to get it to work20:09
Wildefyralso pedja, how did you generate early-ucode.cpio?20:15
WildefyrI'm guessing that has all the microcodes for every intel processor in there20:15
pedjaWildefyr: using iucode_tool20:15
pedjayou can generate cpio with microcode update just for your cpu20:16
pedjaWildefyr: fs#122720:25
pedjaWildefyr: if you want update just for your system, add '--scan-system' as an option to iucode_tool in intel-ucode Pkgfile20:28
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pedjaconky+lua+lua cairo bindings=segfault20:47
Wildefyrpedja, that actually worked!20:49
Wildefyrthe bit I was missing was that I needed a .cpio file20:50
pedjaWildefyr: devil in the details and all that jazz :)20:51
Wildefyras always ,)20:51
frinnstdamn crap tickets! :-)21:05
frinnstpedja: mailinglist might be a more appropriate place to post that21:07
pedjafrinnst: you are right.would you be so kind to nuke the ticket :) ?21:09
frinnstalready did :D21:09
frinnstanyways, its still there if you want to point people to it, its just closed21:09
pedjafrinnst: that works21:10
pedjaand I am sorry, posting to ml never crossed my mind21:10
pedjaI can't spell for shit these days21:12
pedjalearn serbian, dammit, no spelling there :)21:13
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Wildefyrbtw the main source for lm_sensors is down22:17
Wildefyrversion number is also out of date22:17
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