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nwegood morning :)06:04
nwehow are you guys?06:04
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newbie__how to upgrade manually without CD/usb media?06:31
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frinnstmanually upgrade the packages pretty much07:44
frinnstand perform the things thats done in setup-helper on the iso07:49
frinnstfor a headless server: inject_packages dash gperf start-stop-daemon07:50
frinnstought to be enough07:50
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juewell, that will lead to a not really bootstraped system, I'd suggest to mount the ISO image, inject the new packages and update everything with the packages from the ISO08:04
juebut all of that isn't official supported, be warned ;)08:05
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frinnstyeah, maybe i wanst clear enough. use the packages on the iso08:06
jueyeah, sorry, I thought you meant an update via ports08:07
frinnstextra clarification is a good thing :-)08:07
Romsterdon't forget to change contrib/compat-32 to the new crux 3.2 branch. setup-helper don't do that.08:07
Romsterand since they are .inactive rejmerge wont be of help there08:08
Romsterjue, i was thinking of a sed line if them 2 files exist, to change to 3.208:09
Romstertilman and others have been caught out on that :P08:09
jueRomster: provide a patch, please08:28
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dxlr8rhopefully there will be some documentation on this :)11:20
dxlr8rI don't mind a reboot, but booting from another media is a hassel11:20
frinnstyou can just mount it..11:48
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john_cephalopodaFinally got everything to work. Linux metis 4.2.3 #4 SMP Thu Oct 15 23:04:30 CEST 2015 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux :D21:10
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john_cephalopodaOh, wait, my soundcard doesn't work.21:28
john_cephalopodaBut at least I got a recent kernel and a recent nouveau21:28
john_cephalopodagotta reboot21:30
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onoderateK__: can you please update contrib/feh to 2.14?21:37
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WorksterteK__, and update the URL to when you bump the version to 2.14 on feh22:05
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dlcusaI noticed the 3.2-rc1 UEFI works on my Asus X401A but hangs on a Asus G74Sx (after disabling all the hard drives and Legacy UCB--this one has Win7).22:54
dlcusaThe G74Sx' AMI BIOS is 203 which seems to be the latest, and the X401A has 212 (also latest).22:57
onoderahmmis 3.2-rc1 an iso?22:57
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dlcusaonodera, yesy--did you miss the announcement?22:58
onoderawhere is it22:59
dlcusaOn my USB-stick ;-)  Page back a few days through the archive or mailing list.23:00
onoderahmm should I go though all the trouble or wait... :p23:00
onoderahmmm for some reason lots of sites are down, including the irc archieve. I've asked around and the same sites are down for other dutch people23:01
onoderavery weird since they jsut work fine for other people.23:02
dlcusaonodera, Announcement email in
dlcusaNP :-)23:07
dlcusaNote start-stop-daemon was missed and will be in rc2.23:07
onoderaI should just be able to unpack the iso, run setup and reboot right?23:09
dlcusaYeah, just dd it onto a USB-stick or mount it for a virtual machine.23:10
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onoderahas the handbook undergone any major changes?23:12
dlcusaApparently none yet.23:12
john_cephalopodaWhat are the changes in the new iso?23:12
dlcusaRead the announce letter and the TODO file it links to.23:13
onoderagcc 5, dash for /bin/sh, mans moved to /usr/share to name a few23:13
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