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rmull_How come PC Power & Cooling power supplies are no longer sold on newegg? They used to be one of the best, did something happen?13:12
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john_cephalopodaI hope, flashplayer will be gone soon - replaced by html5 and js22:46
deus_exflash is still the best solution for live streaming, iirc23:02
deus_exJude talked about it on techsnap not so long ago23:03
john_cephalopodaHmm, I'm using "livestreamer", an external program.23:03
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deus_exfrinnst: just fyi, ff-41.0.2 is out :)23:19
deus_exthe joys of using binaries23:19
frinnsti've already pushed it23:21
deus_exdon't you ever sleep?23:23
deus_exsysadmin at South Pole.that must be fun.
deus_ex"Ability to lift 25 lbs" <--wth23:27
Wildefyrwhat would be the best way to install about 50 shell scripts all in one package?23:27
Wildefyrusing just install for every individual script seems like too much work23:28
deus_exfor loop?23:28
Wildefyrah ofc23:28
Wildefyrsilly me23:28
Wildefyrzsh inbuilt read sucks compared's to bash23:35
frinnst Must be able to work in possibly a stressful and cold environment with 6 months of darkness and 6 months of light.23:54
frinnstso, like sweden then23:54
frinnstDocumentation writing skills <- this should be mandatory for all positions. lucky for me it isnt, though23:55
frinnstsounds like a very interesting job though23:56
frinnstdeus_ex: i was updating a customers ERP when i saw my ck4up notification :)23:57
Wildefyrlinux only a plus23:58
Wildefyrsad times we live in23:58
Wildefyralthough I guess that makes us technically more job secure on the whole23:58

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