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deus_excons: fucking cold pros:penguins, polar bears, access to hidden top secret alien ufo base00:01
frinnstno polar bears on the south pole00:02
joacimyou might catch a deadly mutated paracite from that top secret alien ufo base00:02
korijoacim: what if it gives you superpowers?00:03
koriwhat if it's deadly because it makes -you- deadly?00:03
joacimI'm already deadly00:03
joacimbig strong muscular hairy body00:03
korideadlier, then00:04
joacimcant be any more norwegian than I already am00:04
deus_exnorwegian==filthy rich?00:05
deus_exif the guy I met, who used to work in your neck of the woods, is to be believed, swedes are gorgoues(sp?), finns weird and norwegians rich00:10
deus_extalk about prejudice00:11
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onoderagot x working again :)00:40
onoderaI switched to nouveau, do I need to install both xorg-xf86-video-{nv,nouveau}?00:40
jaegerjust -nouveau, -nv is useless these days00:43
Wildefyrjaeger, any reason to keep nv around? greater support?00:54
jaegerI don't know for sure but I'd guess there's not much point00:55
frinnstfor very old hardware perhaps00:55
Wildefyrwe're talking >10 years though00:56
joacimwhatever you do, do not drop the -ast package =)01:06
joacimactually it doesnt really matter to me. i dont use aspeed chips with x11 anyways01:06
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z3braGot an idea for pkgmk09:56
z3braWould it be possible to add a "$PATCHDIR" variable somewhere, and have it "patch" all the sources for a package name?09:57
z3braas in09:57
z3bracat $PATCHDIR/$name/*.diff | patch -Np109:57
z3brabefore actually running build()09:57
z3braor something like that09:57
Wildefyrsurely if you're doing that much patching it would be easier to just have a fork?09:59
z3braI don't like the idea of forking just to add a patch10:01
z3braMy problem with crux ports is that there are too much people maintaining the same ports10:02
z3brawhile they could just work together to settle on a "final" version of the port10:02
z3braeg, the "st" port from contrib10:02
Wildefyrst I don't think is a good example10:02
Wildefyrbecause of how configurable it is10:03
z3braI forked it just to add a patch, because it's simpler than actually rebuild it after each upgrade10:03
z3brahow is that relevant?10:03
Wildefyrwell everyone has their compile settings for it surely?10:03
WildefyrI thought the point of st was to compile in only the stuff you want10:04
z3brawhy would you not run "make" for it?10:04
z3brawhat do you mean by "compile settings" ?10:05
z3bracompilation flags ?10:05
z3braor is that the config.h ?10:05
WildefyrI'd just maintain my own fork of st honestly10:05
tilmanhe's talking about the lack of runtime configuration10:06
tilmani think10:06
z3braThat no problem to me10:06
tilmanor rather its consequences10:06
WildefyrI think having the odd patch is okay with the Pkgfile but having multiple ones or other people's patches for st?10:07
z3braif a "patchdir" was available, you could just have a patch for the config.h sitting in there, and rebuilding the package would just apply your personnal settings to it10:07
Wildefyrdefinately own fork10:07
WildefyrI dunno, patches just seem like too much hassle to me10:07
z3braI don't see why, really10:07
z3bradiff -urN config.h z3bra.h > /usr/patch/st/000-config.diff10:08
z3braand you're good to go10:08
z3braprt-get install st10:08
Wildefyrpatches are okay for one of things10:09
z3braPeople would not upload the patches along with the port10:09
z3braif you don't want to use any patch, just leave the directory empty10:10
z3braBut for people willing to use it, there is a way10:10
WildefyrI mean, for st I would want patches10:10
z3bra(which is simpler than maintaining a fork to me)10:10
tilmanhow about patching it to support a fucking config file?10:10
tilmanoh, wait, that would probably suck[tm]10:11
z3braI'm not only talking about st here10:11
z3bradifferent people have different needs, and sometimes they need a specific patch that's "untested" for example10:11
z3brawith a webserver or something perhaps10:11
z3braThere are a lot of use cases, and having just a "$PATCHDIR" variable configurable at runtime would be nice I think10:12
z3braIt's as easy as adding it to /etc/pkgmk.conf10:12
z3brabut if it's not "official", I won't start using it for my own ports10:13
WildefyrI mean, I'd rather it just load patches from the same directory as the Pkgfile10:13
Wildefyreven in that case but whatever10:13
z3brabut it forces you to maintain a fork10:13
WildefyrI can't see myself using10:13
Wildefyrif it came10:13
z3brathat wasted effort to me10:14
z3braThis would also be nice for people willing to try musl as their libc10:14
z3branot all soft compile against it correctly, and need to be patched10:15
z3braso instead of having them fork ports to add a -musl prefix, they'd just put their patches in this dir, and voilà :)10:15
z3braI'll just post about it on the mailist10:16
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onoderacan anyone please update contrib/libvpx, 1.3.0 doesn't build on my 3.2 for some reason while 1.4.0 does, just changing the version number should be enough.12:03
onoderaRomster: can you please update opt/libva to 1.6.1, the version needs to be changed, and the patch + sed can be removed.12:09
onoderampv doesn't build with the older libva.12:09
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onoderacan anyone explain runlevels to me?13:13
onoderawhat do they mean?13:13
john_cephalopodaWill Pkgfiles from private repos that are used often be taken into contrib when they are popular enough?13:22
nwejohn_cephalopoda: I dont think so..13:33
deus_exjohn_cephalopoda: what. for example?13:59
john_cephalopodadeus_ex: Hmm, there are a few different things. For example window managers. It's a bit odd, that only openbox is in xorg.14:06
john_cephalopodaAlso libs like openscenegraph are very handy for all kinds of stuff. And sdl2_image is used in a lot of sdl programs.14:07
john_cephalopodaAdding 5 different repos just for one game (or using that one tool to only get the needed ones) is a bit complicated.14:08
pedjaroll your own, then. it is The Crux Way[tm]14:08
pedjai have a bunch of repos (saltdtack, virtualization, etc)14:09
pedjathe idea being core+opt+xorg+$myrepo= profit14:09
pedjakinda like freebsd ports14:10
pedjaeasier to manage, too14:10
john_cephalopodaWell, I've written a bunch of ports myself. But the possibilities are: Either I make a repo and say "Get all the needed deps from those 50 different repos" or I just copy-paste (or rewrite) the needed deps - which would be extra work and reinventing the wheel.14:10
pedjaput all the deps which are not in core/opt/xorg in the repo, then14:12
john_cephalopodaIt would mean extra-work. I'd have to maintain all those packages, that are already being maintained by somebody.14:13
nwejohn_cephalopoda: when I create a repo and it needs extra deps then I just clone them and adding it to my repo. When I create a new port I want the ppl just need to add my repo and core,opt,contrib to get the port to work..14:13
pedjathat's how I do it, too14:14
john_cephalopodaI also already had the case that package A from repo X had dependencies B and C. Repo X had A and B aviable, I had to get C from Repo Y. But C only worked together with B from repo Y, not with the one from repo X.14:15
pedjahence the 'self-contained repo' idea14:15
pedjabrb, lunch14:15
john_cephalopodaI haven't found a self-contained repo yet.14:15
john_cephalopodaWhat's the license of the ports anyway? Are they generally GPL? MIT? WTFPL?14:16
nwejohn_cephalopoda: it was a thread about that in the mailinglist..14:17
john_cephalopodaThat are 12 years of mail.14:22
john_cephalopodaWell, both threads don't give a satisfying answer.14:25
john_cephalopodaThe xorg, core, opt (and maybe also contrib) stuff is also standard. Everybody should have those, so I won't add ports from there to a private port repo.14:27
john_cephalopodaBut the other repos like "df" - I can't find any licenses, so it is all rights reserved.14:28
john_cephalopodaOf course I can change them locally, but I couldn't make them aviable.14:28
tilmantwo options:14:29
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tilmanjust copy and adjust and nobody will complain14:29
tilmanor b) shoot them an email and ask for permission14:29
john_cephalopodab) would be safe, but mailing 20 different persons for 20 different packages is a big hassle.14:35
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pedja'copy and leave their name as the packager' is what I do14:40
pedjaspeaking op ports, what is the proper name for python ports?14:40
pedjapy-foo, python-foo?14:41
pedjai see both perl and p5 used14:42
pedja'extra work, 'big hassle'.maybe he would be happier with *buntu :)14:44
tilmanpedja: "pyfoo" seem to be popular, but that might be because lots of software is called just that.. so no extra prefix for the port is needed14:45
pedjatilman: I tend to use python-foo for bindings, py-foo for modules14:49
pedjamost of the time, anyway :)14:50
pedjainit.d is OpenRC thingie, right?14:55
tilmansysv init too14:56
pedjareally?I just symlinked it to rc.d :)14:57
pedjazfs has 4 init scripts.14:58
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pedjathese days, upstream either ships with systemd.whatever and
pedjaconverting crux to use OpenRC would be a fun little project, too bad I don't know what the hell I am doing.15:09
frinnstquite possibly someone already has15:10
frinnstI know there are quite a few people running various inits in crux15:10
pedjais there a way to bribe them to write about it in the wiki?15:11
pedjasharing is caring and all that15:13
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druid_dr1idI'm thinking to look at the problem of getting distfiles with names like v2.0.015:32
druid_dr1idwhy not check if name have port name string, if not add it like xpto-v2.0.015:33
jaegerIt's been discussed in the past, though I don't think we've had a workable patch.15:35
jaegerone idea was to add to the source var, something like http://whatever.domain/path/to/v2.0.0.tar.gz#portname-v2.0.0.tar.gz15:35
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onoderafrinnst: I used to run busybox init with and sinit with my own fork of minirc on crux16:01
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jaegeronodera: did you figure out the keyboard issue? I'm unable to duplicate it on my machines16:27
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onoderajaeger: nope, I booted from the 3.1 iso and mounted the 3.2 iso in there16:58
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jaegerhow very odd. for reference, one of my keyboards is the logitech illuminated, no problems with it. If I had to guess, I'd say the 4.x kernel the ISO uses and your USB controllers have some kind of quirk16:59
onoderathe thing is, I'm using a 4.1.8 kernel right now, with a different .config though17:03
onoderaso maybe some option in the kernel is disabeld.17:04
jaegerIf you've disabled it on your end, perhaps, but the rc1 ISO, no17:05
onoderaI think I found the problem17:15
onodera#CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV is not set17:16
onoderaoh wait17:16
jaegerThat would definitely cause problems with usb keyboards, yeah17:17
jaegerer, maybe that's not the option I'm thinking17:17
jaegerI'll boot up the rc and check17:17
jaegerah, it's CONFIG_USB_HID, sorry for the confusion17:18
jaegerand that is enabled17:18
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