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john_cephalopodals -l11:46
nwewrong terminal ^^11:47
nwechow are you john_cephalopoda ?11:48
john_cephalopodaI am chow chow.11:49
nwehow* =)11:49
john_cephalopodaI'm fine.11:50
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nwenice to hear =) so what are you doing this sunday then?11:51
john_cephalopodaI got some homework and a new (music) keyboard.11:52
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tired890ping frinnst14:27
tired890firefox 41.0.2 fails to build with error related to libxul.,. is it frinnst that maintains it or Romster ? let me know if it builds fine on your boxes pls..14:29
onoderatired890: are you compiling with-system-cairo?14:37
tired890onodera, I'm using the default pkgfile14:39
tired890it has enable system cairo commented out14:39
onoderaah ok14:39
onoderaI maintain a seamonkey port and that one didn't build with enable-system-cairo, seems like that issue is already fixed in opt/firefox14:40
tired890onodera, not fixed.. its commented out (with comment: currently broken)14:41
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tired890onodera, this is the first error:
retardi've been wanting to switch to something less .. evil .. than firefox14:52
retardbut packaging pale moon seems to suuuuck14:52
retardhow is seamonkey working out for you onodera14:52
tired890yes there is a port without the branding..14:52
tired890forgot the name14:52
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onoderaretard: I like it a lot14:56
onoderait's like firefox but with a more responsive ui, no hello/pocket crap14:56
onoderait has a addon converted for addons that don't nativly work, it works very well and even converts big addons like greasemonkey perfectly14:57
onoderathis alone makes it better than a fork like palemoon for example14:57
onoderaand you can customize it with stylish, to make it look liek something not from the 90's14:58
tired890onodera, so can you install addons like ublock ?14:58
retardthough i do like my 90's interfaces14:58
retardi will give your port a try14:58
onoderathe ones with [converted] are converted with the converter. so far I haven't come across a single addon that doesn't work15:00
retardi mean i would if it was in the 6c37 repo15:00
retardwhat gives, onodera15:00
tired890onodera, nice15:01
tired890I think I will give your port a try as well15:01
retardalso hey, thanks for the lucifox tip15:01
retardi've been using some epubreader plugin but it's pretty iffy15:01
tired890onodera, if I put the git clone url in my prt-get.conf (and place it at bottom of list), then when I do sysup and prt-get finds two ports (ie one official and one from your repo) then it will ignore the one from your repo even if its newer?15:04
tired890so I will clone the whole repo then (ie using this url )15:05
onoderayup, make sure to use the 3.2 branch, I haven backported some changes I made yet15:06
onodera this is the /etc/ports file I use15:07
onoderarename it to 6c37.git or something15:07
onoderawoops wrong one15:07
onoderaoh no, not, lol15:07
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tired890onodera, I set the repo up using
tired890this is ok right?15:15
tired890onodera, just to be sure, I have your file in my /etc/ports15:22
tired890and in my prt-get.conf I have setup the folder15:22
tired890prtdir /usr/ports/6c37/crux-ports15:23
tired890it should be prtdir /usr/ports/6c37 (without crux-ports). correct?15:23
tired890one more thing15:24
tired890I am using core 3.2 (have core.git in my /usr/ports)15:24
tired890I disabled core.rsync by moving it to core.rsync.disabled15:25
tired890but it gets re-created (core.rsync)15:25
tired890how do I permanently disable core.rsync (so only use 3.2 branch using git file) ?15:25
tired890ops, I meant core.rsync.inactive15:26
onoderahmm well that's weird15:27
onoderaI just removed all .rsync files15:28
tired890onodera, I get errors:15:29
tired890Fetching updates from git://
tired890Updating collection 6c3715:29
tired890fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git15:29
tired890fatal: invalid diff option/value: --pretty=format:15:29
onoderadit you already have a dir called 6c37 in /usr/ports?15:30
tired890onodera, yes15:37
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onodera jue:
onoderaI created a very small rc.d entry for transmission, can you maybe add it to the port?15:54
john_cephalopodawhat the...15:57
tired890frinnst, if this was in a place where it'd be easily accessible to children I'd jail whoever wrote/distributed this on charges of corruption and/or mal-use of free-speech16:01
frinnstkids need to learn16:01
frinnstzombies are not to be fucked with!16:01
tired890see thats the problem, you know this.. they don't and their imaginations will go wild16:02
frinnstwait, are you saying zombies arent real?16:04
tired890come to think of it I'd put a troll charge, just like the attitude of the guy who wrote that.. something vague like "suggestive content"16:04
tired890only one kind of zombies:
tired890everything else is bs16:05
tired890sad life for that snail, isnt it ?16:10
jaegertired890: do you have a working version of edk2.git? The latest doesn't boot for me and I don't have an older one handy16:15
tired890jaeger, not enough tabs it seems16:18
jaegernot enough tabs?16:20
tired890I assume you meant someone else with the edk2 ?16:20
tired890tabs (or whatever you use to autocomplete nicknames)..16:21
jaegerno, I meant you. Though perhaps I misremembered you using qemu/ovmf16:22
tired890yes I do.. using it now actually16:22
tired890but I don't use uefi/ovmf16:22
tired890I use the supplied seabios16:22
tired890works beautifully16:22
jaegerdoesn't work beautifully for me, unfortunately.16:23
jaegerusing onboard intel GPU as the host GPU, though16:23
tired890what doesn't work ?16:23
jaegerseabios and vga passthrough16:24
tired890do you use pci-stub or vfio ?16:24
jaegerovmf worked great last time I used it but I'm building a new setup today and the latest ovmf build seems broken16:24
jaegeruse pci-stub in the past with the same results16:25
tired890well, I have vfio built into the kernel, and I passed my gfx id as a kernel parameter (ie in lilo.conf)16:26
tired890then simply pass it to qemu16:26
jaegervfio/pci-stub aren't the problem, it's OVMF16:26
jaegerusing seabios isn't an option for my hardware16:27
jaegerI've used OVMF with great success in the past but the current version of it doesn't work, so I need to find an older one16:27
tired890oh I see. what hardware ?16:27
jaegerasrock h97m-pro4 motherboard, intel i5-4690 (including host GPU), gtx 970 (guest GPU/audio)16:28
jaegerI run into vga arbitration problems if I use seabios16:28
tired890do you remember around what time edk2 worked? I guess you could pull an older version if you have an approx. date?16:29
tired890ie checkout @{xx.days.ago}16:30
jaegerI can pull the source but getting that to build is a huge pain in the ass, sadly16:30
tired890first time I hear about edk2 though16:30
jaeger is where they live, the ovmf-x64 rpm16:31
jaegerooh, seems like the really old one from ubuntu trusty might work, I'll try that16:36
tired890let me know how it goes pls16:37
tired890seems there are some advantages to using ovmf16:37
jaegerSeems to be working, going through a windows install now16:40
tired890jaeger, what kernel version are you running?16:45
tired890I'm on 4.1.10, since 4.2.x and higher I get errors16:45
tired890something changed in IOMMU driver (at least for AMD) that broke passthrough16:46
jaeger4.1.8 currently16:46
tired890do you have your keyboard/mouse setup ?16:49
jaegerAt the moment I have 2 of each plugged in with one set connected to the VM. Back when I had this set up last I used synergy and one set16:52
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tired890synergy or KVM or16:52
retardis synergy still maintained?17:08
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jaegerno idea17:22
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onoderahm openbsd has replaced sudo with "doas"19:18
onoderahas anyone ever heard of it, does it wok on linux?19:19
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jaegertired890: running into the vfio pci read/write errors I ran into ages ago, got to figure that out again. :P19:30
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deus_exhave I mentioned lately that I hate polkit?19:45
deus_exnice idea, but configuring it is a pita19:48
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onoderaI don't even have a single port in my /usr/ports that depends on it19:50
deus_exlibvirt picks it up on build19:53
deus_exit's not mandatory to use, though19:53
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jaegerah, looks like I was missing CONFIG_PCI_MMCONFIG20:02
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jaegeryay, working again. time to play a little mass effect. :)20:45
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deus_exjaeger: latest ovmf from edk2 boots fine, but it doesn't have efi shell.Am I missing some magic switch to
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deus_exlooking at kraxel's .spec, I dont' think so.wth21:35
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deus_exthere is no efi shell as a boot option, it's a bit hidden.22:00
deus_exso, jaeger, ignore the question, and good luck with the game :)22:01
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Workster built for me fine22:03
jaegerdeus_ex: it doesn't even boot for me. :)22:04
jaegernot a big problem, using an old one for now22:04
deus_exI just built one, from edk2.git, and works fine :)22:05
jaegermind sharing it? I didn't have the patience to make edk2.git build properly22:06
deus_exsure.should I send it you, upload it somewhere, or what?22:07
frinnstis pretty nifty22:08
deus_exjaeger: it is built without secureBoot or cms, pure uefi22:08
deus_exfrinnst: thanks22:09
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jaegerdeus_ex: great, no need for csm or secureboot. Thanks22:17
jaegerout of curiosity, where did you build it? I only tried on a crux 3.2 system and it seemed like gcc 5.2 wasn't going to play nicely.22:18
deus_exon 3.122:19
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david__Hi, I've recently discovered this project and I'm having an issue running the chroot22:45
david__It's literally telling me that /bin/bash can't be found while it's right there, and I can execute it to get into a new shell22:46
david__The ISO's md5 matches btw22:46
jaegerthis happens when you try to run setup-chroot?22:49
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david__chroot: failed to run command '/bin/bash': No such file or directory22:49
david__ls -l /bin/bash22:49
david__gives me permissions 1 root root 789104 ...22:50
david__=> it's there22:50
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david__I can run /bin/bash22:51
david__and even running chroot with /bin/sh gives me the same22:51
david__I'm running in a virtual machine, using virtualbox, can this be messing up? I can try it on qemu22:52
jaegerVirtualBox is fine22:52
jaegerdoes /lib/ exist inside the chroot?22:52
Worksterjaeger, does this mean you solved wine issues in 3.2?22:53
jaegerWorkster: no, not using wine for that. The -O1 workaround works but still doesn't with -O222:53
Worksterso it's a gcc optimisation bug22:53
david__there's no /lib in the chroot22:54
jaegerdavid__: then your install hasn't been completed22:54
david__no, I'm just starting it22:54
david__the root has /lib22:54
jaegerdon't do the chroot *before* setup22:54
Worksterjaeger, could you file a bug report at winehq.org22:54
david__sorry, I have to leave, I'll be back in an hour or so22:55
jaegerWorkster: it's already been done.
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Worksteri'd be worried to release crux 3.2 with a bug like that in gcc22:59
Worksternew wine building23:04
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dxlr8rRomster: you are the maintainer of deluge yes? stood so in the Pkgfile :) care to include rc script?23:09
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