IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-10-19

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jaegerdeus_ex: interestingly, if I compile my own OVMF and use the split files it won't boot automatically anymore, though I can boot an EFI file manually. very strange00:30
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deus_exsomething is broken.even when I use to build, no messing with options, it builds fine, build log shows that shell.efi is built and merged to ovmf.fd, but its nowhere to be found when I boot it.00:35
jaegerhopefully they'll sort it out soon00:36
deus_exqemu -pflash OVMF.fd <---proper way to do it, according to docs00:37
deus_exoffical binaries work fine.00:37
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jaegerthere are two ways to do it now00:38
jaegerthat or splitting OVMF_CODE and OVMF_VARS00:38
jaegernot a huge difference between the two but it's possible both ways00:38
deus_exhow do you tell qemu to use code and vars?00:40
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jaeger-drive if=pflash,format=raw,readonly,file="/path/to/OVMF_CODE.fd" -drive if=pflash,format=raw,file="/path/to/copy/of/OVMF_VARS.fd"00:42
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jaegeryou can even split the single image with dd if you're bored00:42
jaegerthe first 128KB is vars, the rest code00:43
deus_exis there a way to unpack them, so I can compare them with off.binaries?00:46
jaegerNo idea there, sorry00:47
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deus_exare you using qemu-2.4?01:00
jaeger2.4.50 I think. checked out of git this morning01:02
jaegerwith a patch to allow specifying a custom hyper-v vendor id01:02
deus_exso this might be an issue with 2.4?01:03
jaegercould be, I suppose01:03
Worksterdxlr8r, if you have one to provide. been thinking of adding one but i haven't got around to it.01:03
jaegerI'll test a 2.3 checkout if I can tomorrow01:03
jaegeror 2.3.0 from opt01:03
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deus_exI really need to patch virt-managers recognition logic, Crux is not 'generic' :)01:09
deus_exand vnc and spice are broken...argh, I better get some sleep.g/n01:11
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david__I'm back; I've finished my first crux install but now I'm getting a panic on boot. Maybe I misconfigured LILO ?01:59
david__I'm getting: Failed to access perfctr msr. Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)02:00
jaegerthe latter message almost always means your kernel is missing support for either the disk controller, the filesystem, or scsi02:02
jaegerif you built any of them as module <M> instead of builtin <*> that would be why02:02
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david__Hmm. I disabled virtio and I'm running in virtualbox02:05
jaegerso make sure that the type of disk controller you selected in virtualbox is builtin when you build the kernel02:05
jaegerahci, ata_piix, etc.02:05
jaeger'lspci -k' can tell you which kernel module is relevant02:06
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Spoofingfor how long to wait CRUX 3.2? release date?02:24
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david__Hey jaeger, that was it, I was missing ata_piix02:35
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david__Hi.. I know this might be a little too dumb but I've finished a working install and can't find any packages, the network is properly configured04:24
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Worksterdavid__, ports -u04:26
david__Thanks workster, I somehow skipped that in the installation page04:28
david__Shouldn't prt-get resolve dependencies? Installing tmux fails because libevent isn't installed, installing libevent lets me install tmux with no problem04:31
david__Or is tmux not reporting libevent as a dependency?04:32
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david__I ended up running prt-get install $(prt-get quickdep $PACKAGE)04:40
nwedavid__: you must also add /usr/ports/ports_name into /etc/prt-get.conf04:45
david__Those were already there05:04
Worksterdavid__, prt-get depinst tmux05:04
Worksterinstall is for single ports05:04
Worksterdepinst is for dependencies05:04
Worksterprt-get tree tmux05:04
Worksterto see what dependencies you'll need and have already05:04
david__Thanks, I'm installing a few things now05:07
Worksterif you haven't already you may want to enable contrib05:07
Worksteralso some ports require --install-scripts or enable this in prt-get.conf at your own risk. ie if using other ports collections. though i've never seen one yet05:09
david__For now I'll get a more-complete system going. Do you provide any kind of binary packages for big projects? Say firefox/chromium05:11
Worksteri personally do here
Worksterand if it's not there or out of date just let me know.05:12
Worksterprt-get depinst firefox --ignore=firefox ; wget ; pkgadd firefox%2341.0.2-1.pkg.tar.xz05:13
david__Nice, thanks05:14
Worksternote firefox is at -2 now i need to upload that yet05:14
Worksterjaeger, wine: 1.7.53 is in opt-3.105:15
david__Workster, you llvm is 3.6.1 and on the 'main' repos is 3.6.205:39
nwegood morning!05:43
david__yeah I'm gonna leave this building xorg and go to sleep, night05:43
nwegood night!05:43
Spoofing CRUX 3.2 is coming?05:46
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nweSpoofing: for a week or some thing like that jaeger annoncement rc1 of crux-3.205:50
tired890nice :)05:53
nweI updated my server yesterday to crux 3.2 :)05:54
tired890clean install or changed the rsyncs only? ;)05:57
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nwetired890: upgrade via cd..05:59
tired890I see05:59
nweso what are tired890 doing this morning/evening?06:10
tired890nwe, browsing hardware sites :)06:14
nwebuy a new computer or upgrading existing one?06:19
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tired890neither, I just browse HW when I'm bored..06:39
tired890drooling over the R9 nano though.. the jump in efficiency and performance for such a small size is impressive06:40
tired890but its waaaay too expensive for me now06:40
tired890can't afford it06:40
retardbetter weight for the doubling of the hbm anyway06:55
retardit's too early06:55
tired890not that I could buy one anyways :P07:03
retardbetter get a fury x07:07
retardmuch more affordable07:07
retardi do really like the innovation that went into the chip though07:07
retardinterposer etc07:07
retardmakes me even sadder about amd giving up on the server cpu market07:08
frinnstthey are?07:14
tired890no, they are coming with zen in 201607:23
tired890and investing in ARM (K12 chips, also aimed at servers)07:23
frinnstI dont think i've ever come across a AMD server at a customer site07:24
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Guest64677I noticed that for every port upgrade by crux I now get four emails from the crux mailing list. Two for 3.1 and two for 3.2.  Why two mails for each? They are addressed to, I am only member of
nweGuest64677: I also noticed that..08:59
frinnstoh? I thought it was just me09:00
Guest64677one is with User-Agent: Heirloom mailx 12.4 7/29/0809:10
Guest64677and the other mail has X-Git-Commit and X-Git-Refname mail headers09:13
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dxlr8rRomster: there is on for FreeBSD provided on the site. I could perhaps make something from that, switching to deluge so need a rc script :)10:53
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david__Hi, I came back from work and my computer had finished building xorg19:04
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nebghello everyone...19:37
nebgis crux is crux still an active distro ?19:37
nebgi tried the installation from virtual machine and had problems with grub19:38
nebgcan somebody help me ?19:38
david__crux is still active19:39
jaegerStill very active, yes.19:39
jaegerWhat problems did you have?19:39
nebgjaeger, i used gentoo in the past... which are the advantages over gentoo and other distros ?19:39
jaegerAdvantages are subjective, really, that's up to you to answer. :) As for differences, though, that's maybe an easier target19:40
jaegercrux uses a ports system similar to freebsd and somewhat similar to portage but simpler. No use flags or the like19:40
nebgjager ok, even if those are subjective... why one should prefer crux over other distros ?19:40
jaegerWe generally try to run upstream software without patches if it's avoidable, keep things simple and clean19:41
nebgjaeger, is it possible to install it in a uefi system ?19:41
rmullI switched from gentoo to crux. I like that the package manager is a lot simpler and easier to understand/fix. I was annoyed at first about the lack of USE flags but I came around19:41
jaegernebg: certainly. I use UEFI on several systems with CRUX19:41
jaegerI was a gentoo user for a few years, too, before CRUX19:41
nebgjaeger, so why you switched ?19:42
jaegerI like both systems. Use flags give you more options but also more complexity19:42
jaegerI like how simple CRUX is and how accessible the community is19:42
nebgaccessible ? what do you mean ?19:42
jaegerI can do what I want with it and in general it doesn't make a lot of assumptions for me19:42
rmullI like the minimalism19:42
jaegerI mean it's easy to find users and devs, here on IRC mostly. The mailing list also19:43
david__Does anyone use this on a notebook?19:43
jaegerdavid__: sure19:43
nebgrmull, are there available all the packages ?19:43
david__My original idea was to install it on my notebook, for now I'm installing stuff and testing it in a VM19:43
nebgi have problems understanding what my kernel needs and what doesn't need19:43
nebgi am afraid of adding too much things... can somebody help me with this ?19:44
nebgdavid__ i wanted to try that too19:44
nebgi installed in a VM19:44
nebgbut have a problem with grub19:44
david__I'm using lilo.. I don't need grub19:44
nebgdavid__, ok, i'll do that too19:44
david__you could even try with an efi stub19:44
nebghow ?19:45
nebgfrom virtualbox ?19:45
jaegernebg: the installation process installs a good starting point kernel configuration, you could use that as a basis19:45
david__I dont know if virtualbox supports it19:45
jaegerVirtualBox supports EFI, yes19:45
nebgjaeger, how do i simulate an EFI system ?19:46
jaegersettings -> system -> enable EFI19:48
nebgok but does the crux installation cd starts as uefi ? or i should boot with another uefi distro ?19:48
jaegerIt will boot in either UEFI or BIOS mode19:49
nebgok, it let me choose jaeger  ?19:49
jaegerIf you use 3.1 you'll need to do some extra work but it can all be done via the install ISO19:49
jaegerwhen 3.2 is released it'll be easier because dosfstools will be installed on the ISO19:49
jaegerIf you check the "enable EFI" box it will boot in EFI mode. If you don't, it won't.19:49
jaegerAFK, working19:50
Wildefyrnebg, I found the gentoo wiki pretty good for describing the kernel compile settings in menuconfig19:52
nebgWildefyr, ok thanks19:52
Wildefyralso using the output of lspci will tell you stuff like your ethernet/wifi card etc19:52
tired890I think I found out why my system stalls when copying from one HDD to another19:56
nebgand which kind of filesystem should have the /boot partition ?19:56
tired890I see my memory usage gets full (under cached column)19:56
tired890and it seems that when that happens, some kind of "compaction" happens19:56
tired890this "compaction" affects all memory and hence my system stalls19:57
david__Disabling kernel support for inotify makes eudev fail to start, which makes xorg not detect any kind of input19:57
david__Re-enabling kernel support seems insufficient, reinstalling eudev after recompiling the kernel worked19:58
nebgdoes a non efi system supports GPT partitioning table ?19:59
david__tired890: hugepages should not have anything to do at all with your problem19:59
tired890david__, how so?19:59
david__it's something you configure to enable a certain program to have it's memory pages to be 2M or 1G instead of 4kb20:00
david__usually done for virtual machines to minimize page faults20:00
tired890david__, let me describe my problem:20:00
tired890I have two HDDs (normal mechanical) and from time to time I need to transfer huge files (80GBs+) from one to the other. When I do that, my system works normal for a while, then after a while, it stalls.. as in mouse is not responsive, then stutters and the whole system becomes very slow like a 5 second delay to any action.20:02
tired890this happens for a few minutes then system becomes normal20:02
tired890note when this happens, I issued: free -h20:02
nebgcan somebody tell me a minimal partitioning scheme for non EFI and for EFI system ?20:03
nebgshould the boot partition should be of type BIOS Boot ?20:03
nebgor what ?20:03
tired890I see "buff/cache" column for my memory to have all remaining RAM (ie all RAM used for cache)20:03
tired890so I tried to look around and saw people who face the same problem solve it by changing how THP work20:03
tired890namely by changing mode to madvise20:04
tired890some disable it completely20:04
tired890the stall happens and the system recovers while the copy from HDD1 and HDD2 is still ongoing20:04
tired890hence the "compaction" theory20:04
david__can you try lowering your vm.dirty_ratio and vm.dirty_background_ratio ?20:04
tired890when the pages are being compacted or whatnot my system stalls20:05
david__in /etc/sysctl.conf20:05
david__sysctl -a | grep dirty20:05
tired890vm.dirty_ratio = 2020:06
tired890vm.dirty_background_ratio = 1020:06
jaegernebg: <-- there's some basic partition/disk label info here20:06
nebgjaeger, which is the minimal partition table for a non UEFI system instead ?20:08
nebgi made a /boot partition of type "BIOS Boot PARTITION"20:08
nebgwith a GPT partitioning scheme20:09
nebgand a / partition of typpe Linux FIlesystem20:09
nebgis it correct ?20:09
nebgi don't want swap20:09
deus_exnebg: that's the way I did it (in a VM).grub installs fine< i am just waiting for kernel to build to see if it actually boots :)20:19
nebgdeus_ex, for me it didn't work20:20
deus_extotally forgot that grub needs boot part, so I had to resize /20:20
deus_exnebg: it doesn't boot?20:20
nebgyes grub starts and it blocks on "Loaging Grub"20:21
nebg*Loading Grub20:21
nebgand nothing goes on.. :(20:21
nebgso how many partitions should i make ?20:22
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nebgcan somebody tell me please the minimum partitioning scheme to boot a non UEFI system ?20:28
tired890for a VM? why not just make a single partition..20:29
nebgtired890, since it doesn't let me install grub20:30
nebgand i want to install grub20:30
Wildefyryou need an efi partition which is 1007bytes as the first partition20:30
Wildefyrsry kb's20:30
nebgefi ??? i want a non UEFI20:30
Wildefyrbrb let me remember20:30
nebgWildefyr, no no i want the minimum ocnfiguration for a BIOS system (NON UEFI) with grub20:31
frinnstjust one partition is enough20:31
Wildefyrso are you using gpt or mbr?20:31
Wildefyrgdisk vs fdisk?20:31
frinnstif that doesnt work you are doing something else wrong20:31
Wildefyrnebg, here
nebgWildefyr, GPT20:37
Wildefyruse the link I posted then20:38
nebgok thanks20:38
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nebgdo you suggest an ext2 fs for /boot partition ?20:47
onoderaI do20:48
jaegergrub does not need a separate /boot partition - however, if you're booting a non-UEFI system (BIOS) with a GPT disk label, you need a small (1MB is fine, for example) partition set as bios_grub (in parted, not sure what it would be in fdisk)20:48
onoderapurely placebo though, but whatever20:48
jaegerif you're using an msdos disk label, even that is unnecessary20:48
jaegernebg: for a non-UEFI system, I consider minimal to be swap and /20:49
jaegerif using a GPT disk label, bios_grub, swap, and /20:50
jaegerthe system I'm currently using uses this layout:
jaegernon-UEFI, msdos disk label20:51
nebgjaeger, but fdisk doesn't let me schoose if it should be bootable or not20:52
nebgwhen it is necessary to create a separate /boot partition ?20:52
nebgand which advantages does it have such choice ?20:52
jaegerfdisk does have that option. I haven't used it in years so I don't remember what it is, but it's there20:53
jaegerIt's necessary to have a separate /boot if you want full disk encryption or something similar, or if you have an ancient computer that wouldn't work with a 64-bit distro anyway20:53
onoderanebg: a seperate /boot also means you can reinstall without having to recompile a kernel20:54
nebgok thanks... jaeger how can i encrypt my partitions ?20:55
nebgdo i have to do it through the installation process ?20:55
Wildefyrnebg, look at the arch wiki20:56
nebgWildefyr, thanks20:56
Wildefyrthere's loads of info there about encrytion20:56
jaegeryou can encrypt some partitions with cryptsetup but it wasn't available with crux 3.1. It will be with 3.220:56
onoderaext4 also has encryption now right?20:57
onoderahas anyone tried it yet20:57
onoderathere was some kind of big drawback I think, but I can't remember what20:57
jaegerno idea there20:57
david__it was kind of experimental20:58
Wildefyrso .. when 3.2 does come out, how will I be upgrading my 3.1 system?20:59
nebgjaeger, what about LUKS ?20:59
onoderaWildefyr: you can already try it, they released and rc on the mailinglist20:59
onoderawhen you run setup it has an option to upgrade the sytem21:00
Wildefyrah so I will have to boot a usb?21:00
Wildefyrlame !21:01
onoderaI'm sure there are other ways of doing it but than one is the easiest21:01
jaegercryptsetup supports both luks and plain modes. luks is the default21:01
dxlr8rWildefyr: agree, they should try to have a "supported" why to upgrade without booting. very time consuming and a hassle on many headless servers etc. I might have to drive for hours to upgrade a crux etc.21:03
Guest64677well, try it on a test VM first, then do it on production21:04
Wildefyrerm, btw why is python2 preferred over python3 in the main repos?21:04
onoderadxlr8r: i'm sure it's possible to extract/mount the iso and run setup from there21:04
dxlr8ra lot of software is still python 2.721:04
pedjanebg: here is how i did it(gpt/bios)
dxlr8rI'm sure that's why :) python 2.7 software might not run to good on 321:05
Wildefyrugh, python2 needs to be dumped though21:05
nebgpedja, which software is that ?? fdisk ?21:05
nebgok thanks21:05
dxlr8ronodera: I hope so21:06
Wildefyrthe way arch handles it is probably the best21:06
dxlr8rused to use arch before myself21:06
dxlr8rused to be a good distro21:06
Wildefyrwhat changed for you :p21:07
dxlr8rto bleeding edge and systemd21:07
WildefyrI really enjoyed the bleeding edge21:07
dxlr8rto me crux is perfect for small servers21:07
pedjaWildefyr: by patching most packages to use python2, because system python is python3?riiighht...21:07
nebgdxlr8r, what about laptop ?21:07
Wildefyrbut systemd is a nightmare21:07
dxlr8rI don't do GUI linux :P21:08
dxlr8rso I don't care about lappies :P21:08
nebgis the CRUX kernel a completely free kernel ? or is it the blobbed one ?21:08
nebgWildefyr, why ??21:08
nebgsystemd is not bad i think21:08
dxlr8rnebg: you choose, you should compile your own21:08
Wildefyrokay nebg here's a great example of some bad design. Pulseaudio isn't a service under systemd21:09
Wildefyrit's integrated into it21:09
dxlr8rI actually have an old macbook with luks/crypt and crux :P works ok good. but I can't get into linux vm's, etc.21:09
nebgdxlr8r, when ? it seems to me that when i install crux there is already a kerneĆ²21:09
Wildefyryou can even have systemd boot for you now!21:09
onoderaWildefyr: crux really isn't that less cutting edge than arch imo21:09
dxlr8rnebg: yes, but it doesn't get updated21:09
dxlr8rthe documentation says so too. so create your own :)21:09
Wildefyronodera, true, but the testing repo on arch was probably as bleeding edge as you can get21:10
nebgdxlr8r, instead if i keep the original one, it gets updated ?21:10
onoderanebg: crux doesn't really ship a kernel, you are expected to get your own from, you can apply the libre patches (are they patches?) if you want21:10
dxlr8rno, it never does, except between versions I guess21:10
dxlr8ras onodera said :)21:10
nebgonodera, in the installation process there is already a kernel21:11
onoderayeah but that one gets outdated fast21:11
nebgi mean i only have to compile that21:11
onoderait's just there to get you syattyed21:11
Wildefyr3.12 is literally years old21:11
nebgok then once i have that one i can download the libre kernel right ?21:11
david__The standard fonts that are packaged in debian are not in crux. What do I do now?21:11
onoderawhile installing I always wget the newest from kernel.org21:11
Wildefyrdavid__, find the source and pack them yourself or see if someone else has21:12
pedjajaeger: I owe you a LOT of $beverage_of_choice for updated iso's :)21:13
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jaegerpedja: glad they're useful :) I actually have a CI server building them weekly now but haven't automated the upload21:14
dxlr8rWildefyr: if you are new to crux ask yourself if crux is for you. personally I think it's great for a little niche, I use it on virtualboxes and have my own kernelconfigs for that. running it on several different real hardware, quickly becomes some work21:14
dxlr8rand if you are like me a dependency nazi, it can also become a lesser good option21:15
jaegerthe basic kernel config that ships on the ISO is a good place to start for many systems. It doesn't include everything but it's pretty generic21:15
dxlr8rI usually modifiy most packages. now if you only need like 10 of them, and are going to reuse them, crux is perfect!21:15
pedjajaeger: any pics of your data-center-in-the-basement :) ?21:15
Wildefyrdxlr8r, well, yeah, I'd only really use it for my main machine21:16
Wildefyrservers and stuff are a different story21:16
jaegerpedja: prepare to be underwhelmed. :)
WildefyrI haven't put it on my c720 yet either because I need a good way to transfer packages over after I've built them21:16
pedjathere is a Crux docker image, if you like that sort of thing21:16
dxlr8rfor dependency nazis Gentoo would be a better option if you install a lot of software21:17
pedjajaeger: :)21:17
dxlr8rlike I don't want to install xorg at all! so a lot of software actually don't need it, but the ports depend on it21:18
jaegerpedja: the majority of my crux work takes place in virtual machines, that box is my ESXi server21:18
jaegerpedja: it includes all the CRUX ISO builders, my firewall/router, my NAS, and a game server or two21:18
Wildefyrdxlr8r, er, if they don't depend on it someone wrote a bad package build21:18
dxlr8rWildefyr: might be so. I find myself rewriting a lot of packages21:19
dxlr8rand for that USE flags would be awesome and gentoo21:19
pedjajaeger: what are the specs, if you don't mind me asking?21:19
dxlr8rbut gentoo might be to hardcore for simple things... :)21:20
dxlr8rWildefyr: if you need packages: :P21:20
dxlr8rmight be some good in there21:21
jaegerpedja: Not at all. It's not super powerful, just enough :) Xeon E3-1230, 16GB RAM, 1x 120GB SSD, 1x 250GB SSD, 4x 2TB-4TB spinning rust for the NAS connected to an LSI-9240-8i SAS controller21:21
jaeger2 WD reds, 2 seagate constellation ES2s21:21
jaegerI'll replace the seagates with WD reds when they fail but they're still going strong21:22
Wildefyrlikewise dxlr8r :d21:22
jaegerThe NAS is a CRUX VM using ZFS on those 4x platter drives21:23
dxlr8rlm-sensors is the only thing I might use :P not a big vimmer21:23
Wildefyrdeath to the emacs21:23
dxlr8rI actually know more emacs than vim21:24
dxlr8rbut I don't use either21:24
onoderaI've never tried emacs21:24
onoderait's so big21:24
dxlr8rhave tried emacs on several occations21:24
dxlr8rused it for half a year when I was employed a place they used it21:24
pedja:wq.That's it, now you know vi(m)21:24
Wildefyremacs makes no sense when you can just use tmux21:24
dxlr8remacs has an editor, tmux doesn't :P21:24
Wildefyrthe only thing emacs is missing is an editor21:25
dxlr8rthe only thing you need to know about vim... ctrl-z, killall vim21:25
dxlr8rhehe Wildefyr21:25
onoderadxlr8r: I aliased ctrl+z to undo in vim21:25
onoderadon't kill me21:25
dxlr8rI would love to be good in vim or emacs. would be great to have all my programming work in screen/tmux21:26
dxlr8rnow I depend on one machine to program, where my GUI editor is set up21:26
david__There's a package (bochs) that's not in crux, can I somehow add it to the repos? What's the process for that? I've built bochs in my machines already21:27
Wildefyrdavid__, make your own repo for now21:27
dxlr8rafter half a year with emacs one should think that was enough. but I never really got into it. it didn't make sense to me, all the wierd button combos etc etc.21:27
david__dxlr8r you could use nano21:27
dxlr8rseems like something rms made when he was high21:27
Wildefyrnano is horrible21:27
dxlr8rdavid__: not to program, but yeah21:28
onoderahorribly good21:28
david__but he wants to run it in tmux21:28
onoderaI wanna try sam and acme21:28
onoderaboth look so interesting21:28
dxlr8rI use LightTable for all my clojure21:28
dxlr8reclipse for python and java21:28
dxlr8rthe thing I miss the most in cli though is a good xml editor21:29
dxlr8rlike with an interface, not just text editor21:29
dxlr8rcollapsable etc.21:29
dxlr8rI edit a lot of xml files remote, would be great to not connect to smb etc. to it21:30
Guest64677there is probably a mode in emacs for it21:33
dxlr8rI have checked, there is not21:34
dxlr8rthere is some, but not the way I want it21:34
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*** pejman has joined #crux21:47
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*** Workster has joined #crux22:03
john_cephalopodacdrtools doesn't compile for me. Can anybody confirm?22:19
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:19
john_cephalopodaAlso footprint mismatch for gimp22:20
Worksterprt-get depinst cdrtools22:22
WorksterThe package 'cdrtools' could not be found:22:22
Worksterwhos collection we got cdrkit in opt22:23
john_cephalopodaI think they are not the same.22:25
john_cephalopodaIt's prologic's collection22:25
nebghello everyone i just installed crux... and when i boot i get the grub prompt22:25
nebgand not a menu...22:25
nebghow can i boot my kernel ?22:25
nebgwhat did wrong ?22:26
nebgi did a grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:26
nebgto install grub after a grub-install /dev/sda22:26
nebgcan somebody help me ?22:26
pedjapaste your grub.cfg somewhere ( is nice)22:27
Wildefyrnebg, sounds like your grub.cfg doesn't have any menu entries22:43
Wildefyrwhich means grub-mkconfig didn't find any linux bootable images22:44
Wildefyrthey should be located underneath /boot22:44
david__I've enabled contrib on /etc/prt-get.conf22:45
david__but I'm not getting packages from there, do I have to enable it somewhere else?22:45
Wildefyrhave you synced it? with ports -u ?22:46
Wildefyrdone prt-get cache?22:48
frinnstcontrib is inactive by default22:59
frinnstmake it active by changing the name in /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive to contrib.rsync22:59
frinnstand then ports -u23:00
david__that was it23:04
david__thanks frinnst23:04
Worksterand adding a prtdir line in prt-get.conf23:08
Worksterthree be one there just uncomment it remove the #23:09
nebgWildefyr, i just followed the handbook23:13
nebghow can i add the menu entry for my kernel ?23:13
nebgi installed crux 3.123:13
Wildefyrlook at some grub documentation23:14
Wildefyrgrub-mkconfig will detect your kernel if you have the image and system map listed underneath /boot23:15
nebgWildefyr, i have those23:15
nebgand can't understand why it gave me problem...23:16
Workstervmlinuz and in /boot/23:16
nebgWorkster, yes i have those23:16
Wildefyrrun grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg then23:16
nebgWildefyr, i already did it23:17
nebgi can't understand how to boot manually a kernel from the grub menuy23:17
nebgand if this is grub 2 or grub123:17
Wildefyrcan you paste your grub.cfg23:17
nebgWildefyr, ok just a minute23:18
Wildefyrcat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw23:18
nebgWildefyr, no i am from VM without internet23:18
Wildefyrget internet on the damn vm then23:19
Wildefyror something23:19
nebgWildefyr, ok but grub.cfg seems legit to me23:21
nebgWildefyr, is this grub1 or grub2 ?23:22
Wildefyrsomething isn't right and the only way I can fix your problem is if you help me help you23:22
nebgWildefyr, yes i understand.. sorry... just a sec23:23
nebgi try to do the possible23:23
nebgtry to understand me... i'm from a VM23:23
nebgwithout internet23:23
nebgWildefyr, could it be that i copied cp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz23:23
nebgand not cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz23:23
nebgas suggested by the guide ?23:23
nebgmaybe i mistook that ?23:24
Wildefyrx86_64 is correct23:25
nebgWildefyr, mmhh i will retry the installation then... since i followed the guide step by step23:26
nebgmaybe i mistook the fstab ?23:26
nebgcould it be ?23:26
Wildefyrpost that23:27
Wildefyryou're still not giving me the files so I'm gonna give up23:27
nebgWildefyr, sorry just a sec23:29
nebgi think i solved23:29
nebgWildefyr, ok i solved it23:29
nebgthe problem was that in the official handbook it let me copy a file called vmlinux23:30
nebgbut for grub mkconfig it needs a file called vmlinuz-*23:30
nebgso i just renamed it vmlinuz-3.5.423:30
nebgand it worked23:30
Wildefyrah I see23:32
Wildefyrdamn grub-mkconfig is bad23:32
nebgWildefyr, yes and even the handbook should be modified at that point...23:32
nebgi don't know if it would be useful to write tutorials for begineers as me...23:33
nebgsince CRUX is targeted to more advanced users..23:33
nebgdo you think it could be useful ?23:33
nebgWildefyr, explain your point23:33
Wildefyrhonestly if you're struggling with the install crux is probably not gonna be friendly to you23:34
Wildefyralso your google-fu skills really have to be on point as well23:34
nebgWildefyr, except for that problem i didn't have any other problems...23:34
nebgok i use ddg23:34
nebgnot google23:34
nebgWildefyr, i'm an intermediate GNU/Linux user...23:34
nebglet's say the equivalent of one who had done LPIC1 and LPIC223:35
Wildefyrlook out now!23:35
nebgwhat ?23:35
nebgwhat should i look ?23:35
Wildefyran intermediate GNU/Linux user!23:35
Wildefyrbe careful everyone23:35
nebgsorry Wildefyr i don't understand your point23:35
nebgwhat do you mean ?23:36
WildefyrI recommend seriously improving your english23:36
nebgWildefyr, sorry i'm not an english mother tongue...23:36
nebgi know...23:37
WildefyrI can tell23:37
nebgcan you explain me your point please ?23:37
WildefyrI'm being sarcastic23:37
Wildefyrthere's no point23:37
WildefyrI'm leaving now23:37
nebgahaha :P23:37
nebgok ok23:37
nebgthank you for the help !23:37
nebgvery kind !23:37
nebgsee you around here23:37
nebgis there the i3 window manager for CRUX ?23:49
nebgi can't find it in ports ?23:49
nebgis it advisable to install something from outside the ports ?23:49
nebgi added the contrib23:49
Wildefyra Pkgfile isn't in the default repos23:51
nebgWildefyr, i can't find i323:51
Wildefyreither create your own or steal someone elses from
Worksterarch/x86_64/boot/bzImage and arch/x86/boot/bzImage are symlinked on x86_64 archs23:53
Wildefyryeah thought they were23:54
nebgok anyway that problem is solved23:55
nebgWildefyr, Workster is it common in CRUX to compile packages manually ?23:56
nebgwithout using the port system ?23:56
nebgor it is common using the port system ?23:56
Wildefyryou should be using the ports system23:56
nebgWildefyr, ok and when a package isn't in the port system  and in the port db website ?23:56
Wildefyrand also, the ports system is just a front end for compiling from source23:56
nebgi should compile it manually or what ?23:57
Wildefyryou write your own Pkgfile23:57
Wildefyrjesus did you even read the handbook?23:57
Worksteryes very common if it's not in ports well all ports are source based build except on the iso and those that a few provide binarys for23:57
Worksteri really recommend writing a Pkgfile for it, plenty of examples and you can add another local ports collection in /etc/prt-get.conf for prtdir /home/foo/ports/23:58
Worksteri'm not sure if anyone made a i3 collection i know of mate and e17 xfce kde23:59

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