IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-10-20

Wildefyri3 is horribly constricting00:00
nebgconstricting ?00:00
nebgi3 is too cool00:00
nebgis the best00:00
Wildefyrif you literally want *everything* tiled00:00
Wildefyrit's ok00:00
Wildefyrbut there's no support for floating windows00:00
nebgWildefyr, yes there is00:01
Wildefyrif you call that support I feel sorry for you00:01
nebg$mod+shift+space by default00:01
nebgWildefyr, de gustibus...00:01
Wildefyrhave fun setting up any kind of decent workflow with it00:01
nebgeveryone has its own preferences ;)00:02
david__Question: I'm getting md5 mismatch on ladspa (contrib). Now what?00:02
Wildefyrdavid__, that means that package hasn't matched up to what it should and is basically warning you that someone may have tampered with the packge00:02
Wildefyrmore likely someone forgot to update the md5sum00:03
david__Yeah, the domain is dead00:05
david__it was downloading the html files00:05
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dxlr8rRomster: take a look:
dxlr8rfeel free to "steal" rc's01:14
dxlr8rI regret basing it on the freebsd scripts. those weren't very good, but I fixed'em up. if I were to redo them I wouldn't done it like that, but they work as they should, so I probably won't bother fixing them just because I don't like the code01:16
dxlr8rand FreeBSD has something called "foo_poststart()" which crux didn't have, so had to rewrite more there and dumb it down01:17
Wildefyrso many dependcies for deluge01:18
dxlr8rmore on Romsters :P01:23
dxlr8rI removed all xorg stuff01:23
dxlr8rPkgfile is his though, I only added rc files, rc installation to Pkgfile and updated the dependecies to my liking01:23
dxlr8rthe rc files are so much modified I thought about removing reference to the rc I based it on. but it is so bad that I left it be so people know why :P01:25
dxlr8rI don't write bash anymore also, so that makes it even crappier. writes fish now for shellscripting, can't stand bash/sh. coded bash/sh for 15 years, one night with fish and I'm a wiz :P01:25
dxlr8rI'll never go back on my personal projects01:26
Wildefyrmaybe I should try fish01:28
Wildefyrbut I am too much of a zsh user for interactive use01:28
Wildefyrbeen using mksh alot recently01:28
Wildefyrso fasttttttttttttttt01:28
Romsteri'll look at that after work dxlr8r01:29
Romsterreally does need a dependency clean up for server/UI01:29
Romsteri just threw it all in there.01:29
dxlr8rwell, feel free to use my stuff01:31
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dxlr8rfish is great for interactive use to Wildefyr01:32
dxlr8r <-- one of the best pages on the internet btw :P01:32
Wildefyrugh fish's subshell is ugly01:34
Wildefyrgood page though, thanks for share01:35
dxlr8rnever used a subshell in my life :P01:35
dxlr8rI just type "bash" or "fish"01:35
dxlr8rinside my current shell01:35
WildefyrI mean for script use01:36
dxlr8rfish -c is the better way01:36
dxlr8rmore like su01:36
Wildefyr$(command) is so clean01:36
dxlr8rfish gets rid of a lot of junk if you ask me. so you only need to remember the basics01:37
dxlr8rand then do it all with the powerful building blocks01:37
dxlr8rtake a look at fishs' test etc.01:37
WildefyrI don't know enough about it to form an opinion tbh01:37
dxlr8rdoes away with [] [[ ]];, ==, = , etc.01:37
Wildefyrall I know is the syntax looks very readable01:38
dxlr8reven writing an if in bash is a shore01:38
dxlr8ryes it does01:38
dxlr8rand easy to remember01:38
WildefyrI like my compatiblity though :p01:38
dxlr8rand the way it handles list <301:38
dxlr8rman... no more "$foo" etc01:38
dxlr8ryou can do stuff like echo $foo[1..2]01:38
dxlr8rit handles spaces perfect01:38
dxlr8rso each element in a list/array can have spaces!01:39
dxlr8rwithout ""'s all the time etc.01:39
Wildefyryeah, sh is awful when it comes to lists01:39
dxlr8rit's great :)01:39
Wildefyri'll probably take a look soon01:39
dxlr8ryeah :)01:39
Romsterdxlr8r, why are you not using start-stop-daemon for deluge?01:46
Romsterand you don't have a pre-install script for making the user:group01:48
dxlr8rRomster: no preinstall no. I based my script on another from freebsd, he didn't use start-stop-daemon. I haven't much experience with it anyway, start-stop-daemon is "new" to crux to, first starting to go popular now. most rc's don't use it02:06
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dxlr8rand I don't think user creation should be a part of deluge. avahi, dbus, and systemservices yes. but deluge is more of a userservice. personally I run it as my own user02:17
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Workstertor creates a user:group it's a daemon. anyways i'll edit the rc scripts to use ssd.02:38
rmullAnyone using btrfs raid5?02:53
rmullIs it "ready?"02:53
WildefyrI hear horror stories every now and again from reddit02:54
Wildefyrbut generally I just assume they're retards02:54
Wildefyrbut I'd still go for zfs tbh02:55
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tired890are there any good WYSIWYG web builders (comparable to dreamweaver) ? I want to get rid of win VMs if possible..07:24
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frinnstrmull: yes08:42
frinnstit works, but there are lots of unfinished things08:42
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frinnstmy fstab allowed for degraded mounts and after adding a new fan in my box i had knocked out a powercable to a drive in the array08:43
frinnstlets just say it was not handled well by btrfs :-)08:43
tilmanfrinnst: data loss?09:01
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frinnstwhen i tried to fix it :)09:44
frinnstit went wrong when i readded the disk09:44
frinnstbut! back on the horse! still running raid509:45
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Spoofingawww. *knocking spoon on the table*12:51
Spoofingjust want crux 3.2 =(12:52
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Spoofingnew PS1, hrrmm..12:55
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SpoofingI like the previous one, a simple # shows all the transparency and lightness of the CRUX.12:59
Spoofingexport PS1="\[\033[1m\]\\$ \[\033[0m\]" from CRUX 3.1 are better, I think.12:59
jaegerSpoofing: that is my PS1 setup, it has  nothing to do with crux13:00
Spoofingoh ok13:00
onoderaeh I think it still uses # Spoofing13:00
nebghello everyone... how can i'm a crux newbie... how can i add a repo from ports db ?13:03
nebgfor example i've searched for the i3 windows manager13:04
nebgand i found it to be on an external db of ports...13:04
nebghow can i add that port ? on the website it let me download an httpup file...13:04
nebgdon't know what to do13:04
frinnstplace the httpup-file in /etc/ports and do "# ports -u"13:06
frinnstthat should sync the repo to /usr/ports/<reponame> - add that path to /etc/prt-get.conf13:07
frinnstyou can also use opt/mpup to "subscribe" to single ports from various collections13:07
nebgthank you frinnst13:09
nebgfrinnst, if a package is in no ports... should i compile it manually  ? or there are other options ?13:13
nebgand do you download the source code from the official site of the program or have some other more used repos for sources ?13:13
rmullShould I switch from ntpd to chrony? I only just heard about chrony due to the recent port update13:14
onoderanebg: just create your own port, it's very easy13:18
nebgonodera, how ?13:18
nebgonodera, i imported a repo from the port db... and it fails to install... :(13:18
nebgand can somebody tell me where i can find docs for prt-get13:19
onoderaman prt-get13:19
nebgi can't find anything online :(13:19
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rmullnebg: What are you trying to do?13:24
nebgrmull, i trying to understand... ok, if a package is in the ports i just install as shown in the handbook... if a pakage is not there i should search in the port db on the website...13:25
nebgbut when the installation of one of those ports fails ? or if the package i'm searching is not there ?13:25
rmullIf there are no ports available for the software you want to install, you can either compile/install manually (meaning you don't get any advantages of using a ports system) or write your own Pkgfile for it13:26
rmullA Pkgfile is basically a script that calls the build steps that you would use to manually build the software - they're really easy to write. I suggest looking at existing Pkgfiles to see how they work.13:27
rmullOnce you have a Pkgfile written, you can then use pkgmk to download the sources and build them, and pkgadd to install the resulting package13:28
rmullOr, if you prefer, you can use prt-get if you have your Pkgfile in a location that is tracked in /etc/prt-get.conf as a prtdir13:29
rmullprt-get is something of a wrapper for the pkgmk/pkgadd steps that is system-aware, not just package-aware.13:30
rmullAnyway, if you have a port written by someone else, but installation fails - the next steps depend on the nature of the failure. For example, sometimes you can safely ignore footprint mismatches13:31
rmullIf you want to paste your error, we can be more helpful.13:31
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nebgrmull thank you13:51
nebgand how are dependencies managed ?13:51
onoderaby prt-get13:54
onoderaif you use prt-get depinst it will also install the dependencies13:54
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nebgok but how dio install for example from prt-get i3 ?14:02
nebgas an example i mean.. since i have to install that14:02
nebgcan you make me an example14:02
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onoderawell first you search the portdb for repos that have i314:08
onoderathe first one seems pretty up to date, so you download that repo httpup file ( )14:10
onoderayou put that file in /etc/ports, run ports -u after that14:11
onoderaafter that edit /etc/prt-get.conf and 'prtdir /usr/ports/darthlukan' to it14:12
onoderathen you can run prt-get depinst i3 and it will install everything14:12
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nebgonodera, i followed your instructions... it gives me prt-get error while install16:31
nebgit gives me errors with compilation :(16:31
nebgis there any tool to such as wgetpaste or pastebinit  in CRUX ? so that i can append my log ? since i'm from a VM16:32
nwenebg: yeah wgetpaste exist in ports16:36
jaegeralso: cat log > curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us16:38
onoderaI created a small script myself that can upload stdin, files, clipboard and screenshots16:39
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nebgonodera, where ?16:55
nebgonodera give a loot at
onoderait's just a personal script, it's also written in fish :p,
nebgonodera i have problems compiling i3 and cant' understand why16:57
onoderaHm that's weird, I just tried the same port and resize.c just compiles for me16:58
onoderahave you installed all it's dependencies?16:58
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nebgonodera, doesn't prt-get take care of dependencies ?16:59
frinnstonly if you use "prt-get depinst i3" or whatever16:59
onoderaif you use depinst, yes it should17:00
frinnstif you dont have yajl installed, it will fail on resize.c17:00
frinnst(as it did for me, without the deps installed)17:00
onoderafrinnst: it failed a bit later for me17:00
onoderaoh wait no, that's just different threads that kept compiling for a while after resize.c failing17:01
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onoderaanyways, for me it does display yajl related errors, weird that it doesn't do that for nebg17:02
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nebgfrinnst, i did a prt-get depinst i317:02
kyubikoHi, I'm trying to install NetworkManager from contrib and it's giving me MISSING on usr/share/vala/vapi/libnm-glib.deps17:02
kyubikoanyone know what package I might be missing17:02
kyubikoI've installed all the dependencies17:02
nebgonodera, yes i have yajl related errors... how can i correct those ?17:02
onoderahm you could have posted that earlier, that makes in infinilty easier to troubleshoot17:04
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onodera install one of these17:05
kyubikohi onodera btw17:07
onoderahi kyubiko17:07
onoderaback to crux?17:07
kyubikoif I can get NetworkManager to fucking build17:07
onoderayou can just ignore the missing right?17:08
kyubikoI'll try17:08
kyubikosee if it still works17:08
onoderaMISSING are more often than not false positives, because the packager has a dependency installed that get's automatically pulled in but it's necessarily needed17:09
onoderaoh wait that's NEW17:09
kyubikoI thought that was NEW17:09
kyubikoMISSING is more important17:09
kyubikoand means something has gone wrong17:09
onoderaanyways just try ignoring it lol17:09
kyubikoI'm ignoring the footpring entirely17:09
kyubiko>to use networkmanager for wifi connections you must have compiled your wpa_supplicant with dbus support, the port in opt doesn't have this17:13
darthlukansomethings missing in the i3 port that I'm maintaining?17:14
onoderadarthlukan: no, not really17:17
onoderayajl is listed as a dep, just not in your repo17:17
darthlukanoh, I can load that up, give me five minutes17:17
darthlukanthanks for pointing that out, makes no sense to not include the dep to a port in the same repo17:18
onoderawell nebg you got lucky :p17:19
darthlukanokay, perform a ports -u and you should get the new yajl package17:23
darthlukanor at least, the last version I compiled for the i3 port17:23
darthlukanonodera: Were there any other issues with that port that I should look at now?17:25
darthlukanWanna make sure it all works as intended :)17:25
onoderanope, it works :)17:37
darthlukancool :)17:38
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nebgdarthlukan, i adore you !18:00
nebgbut i still have another problem.-. with xkbcommon18:03
nebgshouldn't prt-get install me automatically all deps ?18:04
nebgwhy not installing those18:04
frinnstI cant find a port by that name18:05
nebgis there a way to view description of a specific package ?18:05
frinnstwhat needs it?18:05
frinnstprt-get info <port>18:05
frinnstso "darthlukan" has added that to the dependencies but the port does not exist in either his repo or any other that I can find18:06
frinnstother ports lists libxkbcommon instead18:07
darthlukanso I am missing something else18:07
darthlukanlet me check my local repo18:08
darthlukanyeah, I have it locally and forgot to include it in the remote18:08
darthlukangive me another minute18:08
nebgdarthlukan, still libxkbcommon18:08
nebgdarthlukan, how can i see all the dependencies when installing a package ?18:08
nebgthanks a lot darthlukan18:09
darthlukannebg: prt-get info <port>18:09
darthlukanI listed it in the i3 port, but I forgot to include the deps in my repo18:09
darthlukanI'm rectifying that mistake now, libxkbcommon will be up in a few minutes18:09
nebgok thanks18:10
nebgi'll wait18:10
nebgdarthlukan, do you use i3 ?18:11
nwegood evening!18:12
nebghello nwe18:12
nwehow are you guys?18:12
darthlukannebg: Go ahead an ports -u now18:13
nebgok thanks i'll try18:13
darthlukanif I'm not mistaken, the rest of the deps are available in contrib18:14
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nebgdarthlukan, thanks man !!! everything installed !!18:15
nebgdarthlukan, how did you do the repo for i3 ? was it difficult ? you tried to compile it and once you did it you made the Pkgfile right ?18:16
darthlukancool, thanks for bringing up the issues so I could fix it18:16
nebgdarthlukan, thanks to you man18:17
darthlukannebg: I followed the documentation provided by the crux website for setting up repos18:17
frinnstnebg: if you check the Pkgfile of the port you can see how simple it actually is18:17
frinnstcompare that with building an rpm :-)18:17
onoderait's just a bash script with build instructions basically18:18
nebgfrinnst, are there other resources then the CRUX docs ?18:18
nebgfrinnst, what about the debs ?18:18
frinnsthandbook on the iso/website, manpages18:19
frinnstthats about it18:19
nebgand can i use CFLAGS here in CRUX ?18:19
frinnstyes, /etc/pkgmk.conf18:19
frinnstcheck the handbook :)18:19
nebgdarthlukan, even for dunst i found problems18:20
darthlukannebg: the version in my repo?18:21
darthlukanwhat was the error?18:21
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nebgit tells mepackage libxdg-basedir was not found in the pkg-config file18:21
nebgperhaps you should add the directory containing libxdg-basedir.pc to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable18:23
nebgno package "libxdg-basedir" found18:23
darthlukanI'm pushing my local version to the repo18:24
darthlukanone minute18:24
darthlukanokay, try it now18:25
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nebgok wait18:35
nebgwhat was the problem ?18:35
darthlukanWell, I didn't have one of the deps for dunst in my repo, and it wasn't provided by another package I guess, so I added it to my repo18:36
darthlukanso if you run "prt-get depinst dunst" it should work now18:36
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pidsleyjust wanted to report that I installed 3.2-rc1 with no problems19:32
pidsleyupdated ports and installed a few things; everything appears to be working perfectly19:33
pidsleythanks to the devs19:33
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nebgwhy if i have a file and with cat i can display it but with vim it seems to me blank20:37
nebgeven less doesn't show me anything.. :(20:37
nebgwhat is the problem ??20:37
nebgi just wanted to copy .xinitrc20:37
nebgwhen i cat the file /usr/etc/X11/xinit/.xinitrc everything works20:41
nebgbut if i execute a less on it... it doens't show me anything-.. why ?20:41
onoderahm both work for me, are you sure the path is correct20:44
onodera/usr/etc/X11/xinit/.xinitrc doesn't exist for me20:45
onoderaonly /usr/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc20:45
tired890why am I not surprised:
onoderaholy shit how incompetent can you be20:46
onoderanot even hiding the gui20:46
tired890thats an Intel VP showing the "demo"20:47
nebgsorry onodera the path is correct20:47
nebgi mistook in IRC20:47
nebgbut on my CRUX i did ok20:47
nebgbut i have this strange problem...20:47
nebgwhy incompetent ?20:47
onoderaI was talking about the youtube link20:48
frinnsti like the ragequit20:49
nebgoh ok20:49
nebgi solved anyway20:53
nebgthere are many blank spaces there20:53
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nebgdarthlukan, i installed i323:58
nebgbut didn't understand how to set it up from xinitrc...23:58
nebgcan you help me please ?23:58

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