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onoderanebg: add exec to you ~/.xinitrc00:21
nebgonodera, i did00:21
nebgbut it's not working00:22
onodera*exec i300:22
onoderaany errors?00:22
nebgno it justa start a black screen00:22
nebgnow i installed i3status00:22
nebgbut don't know how to run it00:22
onoderahmm sorry i've never used i3 so i can't help you00:23
nebgok thanks the same00:27
nebgonodera, what about a good tutorial on installing gnome on CRUX ?00:28
nebgi couldn't find ti00:28
frinnstread the docs00:28
frinnstthe manual is pretty self explanatory00:28
onoderagnome might be hard since it depends on systemd stuff00:29
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Spoofingrc2, f*ck yeah!02:12
Spoofingalready downloaded, installing..02:13
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Spoofing*opens champagne*02:19
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darthlukannebg: here's my i3 config, it goes in $HOME/.config/i3/config :
darthlukannebg: you can use that as a starting point, but keep in mind, you'll need to change things like the terminal variable, the status_command, and anything that references a program that you don't have installed05:25
darthlukannebg: the i3 homepage also has an extensive write-up on how to configure i3:
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nwehas someone got this issue, when I running printf "adsfsdfds\n asdfsdfs\n\r" | nc <ip> <port> on one machine I got prompt back, but on another machine it just hangs..07:18
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Spoofinghalow :311:07
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nwehwo are you Spoofing ?11:12
Spoofingso so11:13
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nebgdarthlukan, i odn't have problems configuring i313:41
nebgi have problems making it start from CRUX13:41
nebgsince if i start it from .xinitrx (with startx) and i put exec i3 & exec xterm13:41
nebgit works and opens me terminal13:41
nebgbut if i remove the exec xterm part13:41
nebgit doesn't start13:41
nebg,and additionally when i start with xterm13:42
frinnsthow does it "not start"?13:42
frinnstdo you just get a black screen?13:42
frinnstif so, i'd say i3 has started13:42
nebgfrinnst, yes13:42
frinnstdoes it respond to keybindings?13:42
nebgfrinnst, no !!13:42
nebgthat's the problem13:42
nebgand when i start it with xterm13:42
frinnstbut you can type in the xterm?13:42
nebgwhen i quit xterm it quits13:42
nebgfrinnst, when i start with xterm it responds to keybindings13:42
frinnstexec i3 & exec xterm <- thats your problem i think13:43
nebgbut without nothing works13:43
jaegernebg: don't use 'exec' for both13:43
frinnsttry something like
nebgfrinnst, what should i append in .xinitrc ?13:43
xeirrrxterm I guess should be executed before i313:43
jaegeronly use exec for the last command, the window manager13:43
jaegerI would use:13:43
jaegerxterm &13:44
jaegerexec i313:44
nebgfrinnst, the link doesn't work13:44
nebgjaeger, why should i have xterm ?13:44
jaegerthe link works fine, just separate it from "like"13:44
nebgi want  to start i313:44
jaegerxterm is not required.13:44
jaegerthat was an example13:44
nebgjaeger, but should i append at the end of .xinitrc  right ?13:44
nebgwhat if i don't want xterm  to start ?13:45
nebgshould i put exec i3 ?13:45
frinnstexec i3 should be the last line in xinitrc13:45
jaegeror the only line, if you prefer13:45
nebgfrinnst, without the "&" ?13:46
nebgfrinnst, but why that ? i mean ... what's the meaining of running first the other applications and at the end i3 without "&" ?13:53
nebgwhat actually exec and & mean in those cases ?13:53
frinnstman exec13:53
frinnstyou dont want to run i3 in the background13:54
onoderanebg: & makes a command run in the background13:59
nebgthank you14:00
onoderaif you don't use this the script (xinit in this case) will wait for the process to finish14:00
onoderathat means that anything after that command will not get executed, so that's why you should use &14:01
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xeirrrusing startx has some disadvantages. I prefer lightdm but no pkg available14:25
onoderadisadvantages like?14:30
onoderato me a dm sounds like it has way more disadvantages14:30
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xeirrrI ever see those disadvantages from arch wiki,  but I can't find it now.14:52
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xeirrri gave you a example: my fcitx never work under dwm with fcitx & line in .xinitrc, I need a bash script and pipe into it to start it.14:54
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jaegerbeen a long time since I used any flavor of suse, had to install an openSUSE server today16:39
frinnstoh i feel your pain16:41
frinnstits sooo fucked up compared to everything else16:41
jaegerIt didn't seem terrible to me but this installation is pretty simple16:41
frinnstI run one server for a customer16:41
frinnstyeah but then you need to do stuff16:42
frinnstcron? nope, fucked up16:42
jaegerin this case its entire purpose is to host some cross-compiler software for building MRI scanner code16:43
frinnstah. we use it for the native btrfs support16:43
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jaegertheir default partition layout suggestions were nutbar, though16:45
jaegerit wanted to create like 20 subvols16:45
jaegerI used ext4 with / and swap, instead. :P16:45
frinnstI had to set up a simple oneliner that would run each night and send me an email... you'd think that would be easy16:45
frinnstbooo :)16:45
jaegerI'm leaving this job in less than a week, I want it to be easy for the next maintainer16:45
jaegerer, just over a week16:46
frinnstah right. moving on to something exciting?16:46
jaegerDevOps at F5, should be interesting16:46
frinnstnice. are you moving too?16:47
jaegerNo plans to yet, maybe in the future16:47
nebghello guys.. how do you set the default language for x ? in xinitrc ?16:49
nebgis it a good solution ?16:49
jaegerI use "export LANG=en_US.UTF-8" in .bash_profile16:50
nebgjaeger, but is it for shell right ?16:51
nebgfor an X environment it is different  no ?16:51
onoderanot if you launch the x env with that shell I think16:56
nebgok ok thanks17:04
nebgwhat about display managers available in ports db ?17:04
nebg i can't find lightdm17:05
nebgthe source code i mean17:05
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rmulljaeger: I used to irc-know someone who worked at F5. According to linkedin he's moved on though.17:08
jaegernebg: it may need to be set elsewhere for a DM, I don't know there17:10
teK__I thought there was an ISO with lightdm someone made on his own17:22
teK__have a look at the ML archives, the ISOs were announced there17:23
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jaegerare you thinking of cruxex?17:31
jaeger(I don't know if it has lightdm but that was my guess)17:32
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teK__something like that, yeah17:32
teK__19:38 < nblr> RT @SwiftOnSecurity: dat feel when the PulseAudio developer17:39
teK__19:38 < nblr> takes over your init system17:39
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rmullI see like an order of magnitude difference in times reported by the TTL field of 'ping' output and the actual timestamp delta as reported by Wireshark for the same ping exchange19:28
rmullAnybody with low level networking chops care to comment?19:29
rmuller, pardon - not TTL, but time19:29
rmullttl is something else19:29
nebgjaeger, what is F5 ?19:31
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jaegernebg: they're known for these:
nebgguys.. i have a question on CRUX20:04
nebgi found out  a program which is not in the basic repo20:04
nebgnor in the ports db20:04
nebgon the site20:04
nebgi want to create my port repo20:04
nebgbut i need some advices...20:04
nebgfor example in order to know the sequence of commands used to compile my program... should i first try to compile it manually right ?20:05
nebgcan somebody help me compiling a program ?20:16
nebgit's  this one20:17
nebgi really have no idea where to start20:17
nebgi know with C programs i should do something as configure;make;make install20:17
nebgbut in this case doesn't work20:17
nebgcan osmebody help me ?20:17
rmullnebg: Try running - it might generate a configure script for you20:20
nebgguys what about dependencies in Pkgfile ?20:21
nebgthanks rmull20:21
nebgi think i lack some dependencies though20:21
nebgfor example let's say i compile program "A"20:21
nebgbut it needs "B" "C" and "D" to be installed20:21
nebghow can i include those in Pkgfile ?20:21
nebgshould i add the procedure to install those too ?20:21
jaegertake a look at other Pkgfiles20:22
jaegerthere are many examples20:22
nebgbut what if even package "B" has its own dependencies ?20:22
nebgjaeger, where ?20:22
nebgon ports db ?20:22
jaeger... in /usr/ports/*20:22
jaegerall the ports use Pkgfiles so there are LOTS of examples to look at. :)20:22
nebgjaeger, ok i already looked there20:22
nebgbut didn't understand how those things are managed to say the truth :(20:23
jaegerprt-get looks at the "Depends on:" line in a Pkgfile20:23
jaegerif it sees anything there, it adds those ports to the list of things it needs to install20:23
jaegerthat process happens recursively as many times as needed20:23
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onoderaI often check the gentoo, arch and void packages for reference20:45
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rmullHas anybody written a PKGBUILD to Pkgfile converter?20:56
onoderaI'm sure it's possible20:58
onoderajsut take the stuff in prepare(), build() and install() and you're done pretty much20:59
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nogagplzrmull somebody made an attempt quite a while ago afaik21:18
nogagplzrmull: script itself, and their post
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nebgonodera, what do you mean by void packages ?23:11
onoderavoid has pakcge templates with some build instructions23:11
onoderaand a dependency list23:11
nebgvoid ?23:11
nebgwhat is void ?23:11
nebgonodera, but who built thosefor arch or gentoo how did he know how to compile ?23:12
nebgi mean is there some global way of compiling these things ?23:12
onoderavoid linux23:12
onoderaa distro23:12
onoderamost often ist listen in some kind of readme23:13
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onoderaif the source has a Makefile it's most often just running make and make isntall23:13
onoderaif it has a configure file you most often need to run ./configure beforehand23:13
nebgwhat in the other cases ?23:13
onoderawell some packages use cmake, use cmake ../ in that case23:14
onoderajust use gentoo/arch packages as reference, you'll learn what to use when eventually23:18
nebgok how can i check a gentoo package for example ?23:19
nebgi have in compiling vlc a footprint mismatch found...23:25
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nebgwhat should i do in order to correct that ?23:32
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