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onoderais there any advantage of using pkgmk with curl instead of wget>?00:21
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rmullnebg: It depends on the footprint match. If you have new files that don't exist in the footprint, it's probably okay, and caused by you having some optional dependencies installed on your system at the time of build. If you want some peace of mind, share the mismatch with us and we can confirm.03:52
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Wildefyrer so guys04:38
Wildefyrwant to install crux on my lame chromebook04:39
Wildefyrbut trying to load a kernel image from the install media gives me not enough memory to load specified image04:39
Wildefyrit's only got 2 gb's of memory04:40
Wildefyrany recommendations?04:40
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z3bramy I changed the URL of my crux repo ( ->, where do I ask for it to be changed, so it shows up in the crux port search?10:36
xeirrrI guess Romster can do it10:48
Wildefyrweb site upgrade z3bra ? :)10:51
z3brait's been a "while", but I just realized my ports don't show up anymore11:10
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dlcusaz3bra, click on (the Register section).  Coincidentally I just "retired" your collection yesterday (I guess leo's is never coming back).13:53
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NecrosporusWhat is rootfs.tar.xz for?19:32
onoderaI think that get's extracted to /19:32
onoderawhen you boot the iso19:32
Necrosporusonodera, what's the reason to keep it separate from initramfs?19:33
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onoderaNecrosporus: well I'm not sure but maybe it's in a tar.xz to keep the iso size small19:37
NecrosporusThen why not to make initramfs smaller ?19:38
Necrosporuscpio: lib/modules/3.12.24/kernel/drivers/ata/pata_netcell.ko not created: newer or same age version exists // cpio: lib/modules/3.12.24/kernel/drivers/scsi/mvsas/mvsas.ko: Cannot open: No such file or directory19:38
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NecrosporusAlso I get this errors when extracting crux initramfs19:38
Necrosporusthough I get it, it's kernel modules for most part19:40
jaegerone reason is because that kernel and initramfs could be used to boot an already-installed system with root=/dev/whatever, for example. the rootfs wouldn't be used then19:55
retardit also makes it a lot easier if you want to modify the rootfs somehow, say for automation19:56
Necrosporusjaeger, what about error messages? Does it mean there were two files with same name in archive?19:57
jaegercould be, not sure. are you extracting it manually?19:59
Necrosporusjaeger, cpio -i < initramfs20:00
NecrosporusAlso init file header misses license information20:01
jaegertry cpio -id20:01
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Necrosporusjaeger, pata netcell error persists20:04
Necrosporusmount -r $DEV ${MEDIAMNT} 2> /dev/null20:05
jaegermaybe an extra copy got in there somehow, not a big deal20:06
Necrosporusby the way, it's safer to use -o loop,ro as I read in certain places20:06
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NecrosporusMounting with -r might initiate journal recovery20:07
NecrosporusThough I'm not sure if it's true for current kernels20:07
NecrosporusBy the way, it seems that if user has to mount cruxmedia by oneself, $CRUXMEDIA won't be assigned20:17
NecrosporusAlso modules from initramfs do not get copied to new root, which means they are duplicated in rootfs.tar.xz (aren't they?)20:21
jaegerthe initramfs doesn't contain all the kernel modules, only the ones important to storage and disk controllers, etc.20:34
jaegercheck out initramfs.lst if you want to see the specific list20:34
Necrosporusjaeger, by the way, you could use pipe with grep in if statement directly (in bash at least)20:42
NecrosporusI guess it doesn't work in busybox shell?20:42
jaegerthe shell in use in the initramfs is ash. some bashisms work, some don't20:43
jaegerI haven't done any exhaustive testing20:43
jaegerare you running into an actual problem somewhere or are you just taking it apart to learn?20:43
Necrosporusthe latter. Though I finished and removed unpacked tree already20:44
Necrosporusjaeger, so far I spotted two possible problems20:46
NecrosporusBy the way, when is 3.2 going to be out?20:47
jaegershould be soon, rc2 is available now21:01
retardthank you for your work, jaeger21:02
frinnstHopefully rc3 will be without issues21:03
jaegerwould be nice, yeah :)21:04
jaegerretard: welcome :)21:04
onoderawhere can I find the rc2 announcement?21:04
onoderadoesn't seem to be in the mailinglist21:05
retardit's there21:06
frinnsthm, not rc2 from what I can see21:10
jaegerthere's no announcement for rc2 yet, I was too busy at the time21:11
retardoh sorry, i just went to the dir listing21:13
onoderaany big differences?21:14
frinnstfirefox with gtk321:14
frinnstadds a few new deps but its worth it for the performance it delivers21:14
frinnstI dont like gtk3 generally but I was surprised with the scroll performance21:15
onoderaI don't like how gtk3 depends on dbus21:16
frinnstno. dbus support in firefox is still disabled since that would require dbus-glib21:17
onoderaalso the gtk2 and gtk3 filepickers (the file manager programs such as gimp and firefox use) both really suck, but at least the gtk2 one has a decent patch21:17
onodera (thumbnail view patch)21:18
frinnstMy biggest problem with gtk3 are the themes (except for the extra deps)21:18
frinnstbut I've managed to modify a theme to make it more compact21:18
onoderahm I kinda like the themes better since it's just pure css21:18
onoderaI'm too lazy for gtk themes lol21:18
frinnstmy bookmarks no longer require two screens stacked to prevent the need for scrolling :)21:19
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joacimnever understood why the file picker and file manager are different22:33
onoderaI just want to be able to choose my own file picker22:36
onoderadoes anyone here know about a program like anki but for gtk2?22:37
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jaegernot I22:54
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