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onoderaI think my next gpu will be an amd01:00
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druid_droidwhen I change a Pkgfile of some one, should I change Packager or Maintainer with my name ?04:07
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tired890php5-fpm.. anyone used this on crux?05:07
druid_droidtired890: yes me05:10
tired890druid_droid, I'm trying to configure rtorrent/rutorrent with nginx05:15
tired890did you write a port for fpm yourself druid_droid ?05:17
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druid_droidI'm using from opt06:17
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sirmaciktired890: what kind of problems do you encounter?08:15
tired890sirmacik, I was wondering on ideal setup (ie unix socket vs scgi_port) or rpc plugin..etc08:38
tired890in some guides/wikis I found online.. I get a mixed impression of what I need.. do I need php-fpm in all cases?08:39
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john_cephalopodaHey. For some reason virtualbox (contrib) doesn't compile.16:39
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frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: seems like an issue with 4.2.3. you could try the 4.1 branch18:16
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john_cephalopodaGIMP broken.19:27
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john_cephalopodaMypaint outdated (though this is not in official or contrib)19:31
john_cephalopodaHrm, bye19:31
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frinnsthelpful reports19:43
jaegerbug report broken19:53
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nebghello everyone ... can somebody help me with the compilation of vlc ?21:02
nebgi have a problem... i'll post an image of theerror21:02
nebghere you are...21:02
nebghow can i solve this ?21:03
nebgERROR:Footprint mismatch found...21:03
nebgjaeger, can you help me sir ?21:03
jaegerit actually built fine, it's just that the libraries you have on your system and the libraries the maintainer has on his/her system don't match21:04
jaegeryou can pkgadd it manually21:04
jaegerthe NEW lines indicate you have something installed that the maintainer didn't and vlc picked that up. such as libopus21:04
jaegerthe MISSING lines mean the maintainer had something installed that you don't21:04
nebgjaeger, thank you very much :D21:11
nebgyou solved my problem...21:11
nebgjaeger, how did you know ?21:11
nebgwhere i can find more docs about CRUX ?21:11
jaegernebg: after using it a while you'll get used to those sorts of things. I've used CRUX for 14 years or something like that now21:12
jaeger12 years? I don't remember21:14
crash_jaeger: that is a long time :) you would know the ins and outs of your system21:15
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nebgjaeger, can you use even other distros ?21:17
jaegercrash_: indeed :)21:17
jaegernebg: I use ubuntu, opensuse, red hat, fedora, and centos at work21:17
jaegerprevious job used lots of gentoo21:17
onoderajaeger: are you a sysadmin or something?21:18
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onoderapretty cool, are programming skills necessary for a sysadmin job?21:19
crash_jaeger: no crux at work?21:19
nebgjaeger, which one do you prefer at home ? or you would advice for a laptop of a computer engineering student ;) ?21:19
onoderacause I can script, but I can't get into lower level languages for some reason :p21:20
jaegercrash_: for my personal workstation, yes. for the servers no21:20
crash_jaeger: i see :)21:20
jaegernebg: at home I use crux for everything. If the student doesn't already know linux I'd recommend fedora, mint, or ubuntu21:20
nebgjaeger, i used debian for a lot... don't like ubuntu21:23
nebgand  at home i have a gentoo server21:23
deus_exjaeger: it looks like edk2 fixed ovmf build, qemu works fine with it, afaict21:24
jaegerdeus_ex: nice, I'll try a new one today, then21:24
nebgjaeger, why do you prefer CRUX over gentoo or other distros '21:24
jaegereasier to do whatever I want with it. And it's a fun hobby21:24
pedjaand you get to learn how stuff hidden behind the gui works, so you can fix it when it breaks on some other distro :)21:27
jaegerindeed, very useful21:27
pedjaand the knowledge is transferable somewhat to *bsd21:30
pedjaI like free bsd very much. sane config, stuff is not all over the place, docs are great, people at forums/twitter are helpful (provided you did your research first :) )21:33
pedjaI am tired of elitist/master race bs that I find on most linux forums.21:34
jaegerI like freebsd and mess with it now and then, I just don't use it primarily on anything21:34
pedjawhen I fugure out libvirt/kvm, I plan to use it as one of the salt minions.21:35
pedjaopen indiana/omnios, too, maybe.but solaris is whole another beast.21:37
jaegerI've seen some libvirt stuff in the portdb, not using those?21:37
pedjaI rolled most my own.21:38
jaegerI'm just using command line qemu/kvm here21:38
pedjayou could try libvirt, it works with qemu/kvm, vmware esx, etc.21:39
pedjahypervisor agnostic21:39
onoderasince both gentoo and crux are source based they are both pretty similar21:40
onoderathe thing that winds me over is the super simple package management and easy to write pkgfiles21:40
jaegerhaven't had any need for libvirt so far21:40
jaegeryeah, the simplicity of the package manager is a big draw in my opinion21:40
jaegerthough I do want a few more features. I started work on my own pkgutils but haven't gotten far, haven't had much time to put into it21:41
onoderathe gentoo pgmnmnt is slow and feels bloated, and you need to put a lot more info in the ebuilds, like what dependency needs what dep21:41
pedjaI never used gentoo.21:41
onoderaI did before crux21:41
onoderaI think it's a good distro to learn the basics about compilation and stuff21:41
onoderafor me it was a stepping stone between arch and crux21:41
jaegerarch is one that I've never used for very long. I've installed it a couple times and ended up not using it more than a couple of days at most21:42
pedjaI started porting their openrc to crux.21:42
jaegernothing bad about it, just nothing that held my interest21:42
pedjait's either Crux or OpenSuse for me.21:44
jaegerI installed openSUSE on a VM at work just this week, first time I've used it in years. Seemed pretty straightforward to me. I like their installer quite a bit, it was clean and thorough21:45
onoderaI started out with manjaro, pretty much arch with an installer21:45
onoderaafter that I moved to arch, gentoo and crux21:45
jaegerthough its default partition layout was arcane as hell :)21:45
onoderaI've only been using linux for like 3 or 4 years21:45
jaegerq3 1996 for me21:45
onoderaI don't even remember why I switched from windows :p21:46
onoderaI know that I didn't dual boot though, in my opinion the best way to learn new stuff is to dive head first into it21:47
pedja2001.was the year of linux desktop for me :)21:47
pedjano more dual boot21:47
onoderaIt feels like the avarage age of crux users is pretty high21:48
pedjayeah, old farts21:48
pedjacrux since 2003-ish, 1.1 or smth?21:50
pedjaqt4 and vbox update.this might take a while.21:52
onoderaI;ve never actually used qt before21:52
onoderaalways used gtk21:52
pedjavbox,smplayer, stellarium, all qt apps21:53
pedjadisk editor21:53
onoderaI think i used a gtk frontend for qt21:54
crash_i started to use linux full time around 2002, not crux though but debian 3.0 "woody"21:54
onoderaand I use mpv, I actually only use three gui apps, gimp, easytag and seamonkey21:54
pedjaeasytag is awesome21:55
onoderaoh and blender, but that doesn;t use any toolkit21:55
pedjahow's blender's cuda support these days?21:57
crash_pedja: the manual says they are supporting nvidia cards since 4xx21:58
nebgpedja, what i don't like about freebsd is the license21:59
nebgi prefer GPL21:59
nebgindeed i compiled a linux-libre kernel21:59
nebgover here21:59
onoderapedja: I maintain both a cuda and blender port22:00
onoderabut I can't get cuda to work with blender :p22:00
jaegercuda worked with blender back when I tried it but it's been many months since then, I'm not current there22:00
onoderaIt worked for me on arch too22:00
jaegerthat crux wallpaper I made was rendered with cuda blender :)22:00
onoderaI;m not sure what I'm doing wrong22:01
pedjawhat's amd's equivalent to cuda?or are they using opencl?22:01
onoderaI think yeah22:01
crash_does blender works with intel cards?22:01
jaegerpedja: on a side note I think I've gotten everything working in the GPU passthrough VM that I need now. Sound and dvd/blu-ray ripping were the last things22:01
crash_opencl is what amd is using yes.22:02
pedjajaeger: now, put that knowledge in the wiki, so you don't forget what and how you did it :)22:03
jaegeryeah, probably should write something up about it22:03
onoderacrash_: you don't have to use a gpu22:03
onoderaI for example don't22:03
onoderaeven though I have an nvidia gpu22:03
onoderabyt yeah it;s pretty fast with just a cpu22:03
crash_onodera: but it will render faster with a gpu then with the cpu?22:03
crash_all the machines i have at home are using intel cpu and intel gpu,22:04
onoderabut that's just rendering22:04
onoderamodeling and texuring should work well enough with just a cpu22:04
crash_nice i haven't touched blender in a while though, not since i had the slow laptop with a amd cpu in it :P22:05
nebgany cool CRUX wallpapers ?22:06
nebgcan you guys can tell me if pkgadd solves the dependencies ?22:06
nebgby default ?22:06
nebgi mean what happens if i do a cd /usr/ports/opt/vlc22:06
jaegerpkgadd and pkgmk know anything about deps, prt-get handles those22:06
jaegers/know/don't know/22:07
nebgjaeger, ok but for packages in the standard repo why a simple pkgadd works ?22:07
nebghow does it solve deps ?22:07
crash_is there any problems with updating from 3.1 to 3.2/RC? i'm thinking of updating my server that is running crux to 3.2 this weekend.22:07
onoderanebg: it doesn;t22:07
jaegerit doesn't at all22:07
onoderanebg: but I created a tool that does22:07
nebgjaeger, ok22:07
jaegermeaning if you successfully install a port with pkgmk and pkgadd you had the deps already installed or it didn't need any more22:07
nebgonodera, which tool ? why not use prt-get ?22:07
jaegercrash_: rc2 is flawed, probably going to release an rc3 soon22:08
nebgjaeger, thanks now i understand22:08
nebgjaeger, so it is always adviceable to install programs with prt-get depinst pgmName right ?22:08
jaegerin most cases that's what I do. even if the port has no deps prt-get depinst works22:08
jaegerone of the goals of my own pkgutils was to combine prt-get and pkgmk and make that behavior the default22:09
crash_jaeger: oh, i think i will wait for rc3 then or the final release.22:09
onoderabecause I like the file/directory like nature of pkgmk22:09
jaegerunless many problems come with rc3 or we wait for a newer gcc, I imagine the release will follow soonish after rc322:10
crash_5.3 gcc is not that stable what i have rea22:10
onoderacrash_: didn't gcc change its versioning22:11
pedjathe opposite of depinst would be nice, but I guess it could break a lot of stuff, so22:11
onoderauneven verions are unstable22:11
onoderaeven are stab;e22:11
onoderapedja: what would be the oposite?22:12
nebgjaeger, is it easy to compile gnome on CRUX ?22:12
crash_onodera: you are maybe right on that :)22:12
onoderanebg: probably not, since the newer gnome's depend on systemd22:12
jaegernebg: last time I tried it it was a lot of work22:12
crash_pekwm or i3 is enough for me22:13
jaegerthat was with 3.14 I think22:13
onoderaiI should try pekwm again22:13
jaegerI use MATE primarily now; might try cinnamon again at some point22:13
crash_i like a simple desktop not bling-bling :)22:14
onoderaI'm using openbox22:14
pedjaonodera: when removing a package, also remove its deps.but it would need some kind of dep solver22:14
onoderaUsed fvwm before this. jwm interest me as well22:14
jaegerI like a gnome2-style desktop22:14
onoderapedja: this exists already22:14
jaegerI'm not allergic to simpler WMs, though, i3 is my choice if I'm not using MATE22:14
onoderapedja: try pkgfoster22:14
onoderawell kinda, it archieves the same result at least22:15
crash_i'm pretty used to tilingwm(i3) now but pekwm is still my favorite22:15
pedjaonodera: I totally forgot about it, thanks for reminding me :)22:16
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crash_jaeger: are you using the crux-mate.httup?22:16
pedjapkgfoster is too eager for my taste :)22:18
jaegercrash_: at the moment I use a git checkout since Chris hasn't approved updating to the 1.10 ports22:18
onoderapedja: first answer all questions with yes or no22:19
onoderaafter that it should jsut ask about new packages22:19
pedjanah, firing up yapo form time to time will suffice22:19
crash_jaeger: the mate 1.10 seems to be a nice update though, updates to gtk3 and so on22:19
jaegerI'm still mostly using gtk2 because the MATE folks still consider gtk3 support to be beta-ish22:20
crash_i wonder how gnome3 is these days the last time i tested it was around 3.422:21
jaegerI can use it (for example on fedora at work) without killing myself but it's not my favorite22:22
crash_fedora is pretty up to date with gnome?22:22
nebgjaeger, is there any guide to that ?22:22
onoderacrash_: very22:23
nebgjaeger, what about systemd ? is there any way i can install it ?22:23
onoderanebg: you probsably can, check the patches the *bsd's use22:23
jaegernebg: a guide to which?22:23
onoderanebg: void also doesn;t use systemds but has very recent gnome22:23
jaegeras for systemd, someone worked on crux systemd ports but I haven't heard much about that recently. horrorstruck, maybe? I don't recall exactly22:23
crash_wow gnome is on 3.18 already?22:24
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pedjajaeger: systemd does not build on crux atm, it needs one of the core ports built in particular way (i forgot which)22:25
nebgyou don't like gnome here ?22:25
tired890oh no!22:25
nebgwhat do you use ?22:25
nebgwhy hate gnome ?22:26
pedjaif you like it, use it.22:26
crash_i have alwayes thought gnome seems so locked down, yeah gnome extensions is a good start.22:27
jaegernebg: it isn't a crux choice, it's up to individuals :)22:32
nebgjaeger, what do you mean it's up to individuals ?22:34
nebgis kde more easy to install ?22:34
jaeger17:25 < nebg> you don't like gnome here ? <-- in response to this22:34
nebgok jaeger is kde instead easy to install ?22:35
jaegerno idea, I haven't tried22:36
jaegerthe KDE ports maintainer seems to update them often22:37
nebgjaeger, so you use xfce or what else ?22:37
tired890if you are looking for opinions: if you have a fast PC and like tightly integrated desktop environment then I think you will like KDE22:37
tired890if you like elegant simplicity then XFCE22:38
nebgjaeger, except for systemd and gnome are there any other packages who i cannot install in gnome ?22:38
jaegernebg: I use MATE as mentioned above22:38
tired890if you have low resources then a WM will do (fluxbox. openbox..etc)22:38
jaegernot sure what you're asking22:38
nebgtired890, i actually urn i322:38
nebgand  i like22:38
nebgjaeger, you told me that there are packages which in practice are very difficult to deal with in CRUX , as systemd and gnome...22:39
nebgi'm asking if there are even other famous packages like the ones we mentioned who are difficult to install as those22:39
tired890no one can answer.. you have to find out which one fits the bill.. I say try them and see.. I started with xfce which I liked very much.. then it had issues (on my PC) I gave up on solving them and switched to openbox.. now I dont have a desktop environment, just right click and start my apps from there.. its very simple and now I cant use anything else.. light and doesnt distract you.22:40
jaegerI have never tried to use systemd with crux so not sure about that. GNOME just has a lot of deps and is a lot of work to get everything built together22:40
nebgtired890, how do you manage power on that ?22:40
tired890nebg, acpi22:40
nebgtired890, how ?22:41
nebgyou mean acpid ?22:41
jaegeras for others, I don't really use much outside of what's available in ports trees22:41
nebgwhat do i have to install ?22:41
jaegerthe qemu/vfio/ovmf setup is maybe the most complicated and there's nothing CRUX-specific about that22:41
crash_i think gnome is a lot of work, it seems to a update very often, so the maintainer for gnome would have a lot todo22:42
pedjahmm, I wonder what "Support systemd-logind" in mate-1.12 actually means.hard dep on systemd, or alternative to consolekit?22:50
crash_i think it's just support, i mean gentoo are still using openrc as default and that is working with mate.22:51
jaegerhopefully the latter but we shall see22:51
jaegercrash_: I was the GNOME maintainer for a long time but I gave it up after the switch from 2.x to 3.x22:51
jaeger(for crux, I mean)22:51
crash_jaeger: the depends with the transition would have been a mess i believe?22:52
jaegeryeah. more work than I felt like doing for a desktop interface I'm not really thrilled about :)22:53
crash_yeah it's not worth it, and in the beginning of 3.x gnome was not usable at all, it was buggy as hell.22:55
nebgwhich is the minimum set of packages to get the audio work ?22:57
retardalsa-utils + alsa-lib22:58
nebgfor example how do i get alsa mixer ?22:58
retardalsamixer is part of alsa-utils22:59
crash_alsa-utils should have it22:59
retardgrep command /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint is a handy thing to remember22:59
nebgit tells me "cannot open mixer: No such file or directory22:59
retardthen your kernel isn't properly configured22:59
tired890nebg,  lspci | grep Audio23:04
nebgtired890, here you are
nebgconsider i'm running CRUX from a virtualbox virtual machine23:12
nebgwhat's the problem ?23:14
tired890that should be built into the default kernel23:14
nebgso what should i do ?23:14
tired890lspci -k23:14
tired890see the entry you just posted23:14
tired890what does it have a "kernel module loaded" just below it showing some driver?23:15
nebgno driver :(23:16
nebgwhat should i enable ?23:16
onoderadevice -> audio-> alsa23:17
nebgok i'm going to recompile everything :P23:18
crash_good night :)23:18
nebgwhy sudo poweroff doesn't work but23:18
nebgsu and poweroff works23:18
tired890sbin is not in a user path by default23:18
nebgohh ok tired890 thanks23:19
tired890try sudo /sbin/poweroff23:19
nebghow can i add paths to PATH, without having to rewrite all actual already existent paths  ?23:19
nebgthanks tired89023:25
tired890good luck :)23:27
nebgcan i install pacman on CRUX ?23:52
nebgand then from pacman install gnome ?23:52
nebgis it possible ?23:52
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