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nebghello i have problems understanding which audio module i should add in order to get the audio card working in virtualbox700:06
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frinnstnebg: if you want pacman, use arch01:03
frinnstusing two different package managers is a silly idea01:03
nebgfrinnst, but actually crux doesn't have a real package manager right ?01:05
nebgfrinnst, what's the advantage in using CRUX instead of arch ?01:05
frinnsti dont know, i've never used arch01:05
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jaegernebg: if you selected ac97 look for the ac97 driver in the kernel. if you selected intel hd, look for that instead02:52
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nwegood morning!07:48
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tired890jaeger, I have been doing some experimentation in trying to tune performance for my win VM (KVM/Qemu)11:41
tired890one dramatic change happened after I disabled ntp11:41
tired890npt *11:41
tired890[    1.556270] kvm: Nested Paging disabled11:42
tired89050-60% improvement in fps11:42
frinnstntp as in network time protocol ?11:45
frinnstoh right, typo11:45
frinnsti was worried another acronym had changed its meaning11:46
tired890I never played the game on a native win install12:06
tired890so I didnt have a point of reference and thought the 25-30 fps I was getting was all my 3 yrs old amd can pull12:07
tired890but upon disabling npt its 60+ !12:07
tired890on high settings (there is very high then ultra)12:07
tired890but I cant tell the difference so..12:07
tired890strange this npt seems to affect certain scenarios only (most relevant in games)12:09
frinnstwhat game and on what hardware?12:13
tired890Armored Warfare12:13
tired890amd 835012:13
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tvaalenHah, I didn't know it was feasible to run "heavy" games that way.12:52
nebghello everyone i have a problem of installation with a package... it tells me about a md5 mismatch found...12:55
nebgwhat should i do ?12:55
nebgtha package i'm talking about is ladspa12:56
xeirrryou can ignore that with -im13:06
xeirrrbut maybe the source you downloaded is corrupted13:06
joacimrunning games with a vm seems interesting to me13:09
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joacimhate dualbooting, and i'd like to have fewer active computers on my desk13:09
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tilmantvaalen: yeah, wtf? this sounds like the future :D13:18
jaegerjoacim, tilman: look up qemu gpu passthrough with vfio13:37
jaegertired890: isn't it disabled by default?13:46
nebgi have problems installing amarok can somebody help me ?13:51
joacimjaeger: been looking at the vt-d stuff13:52
nebgit tells me  Cmake error: Could not fine KDE4-config13:52
jaegerjoacim: I've got an i5-4690 and an i7-4790k, both with asrock motherboards, works well on these setups13:59
jaegertired890: changing the value of then "nested" parameter doesn't seem to have any effect on the 3d performance in my VM, for what that's worth14:00
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joacimyeah i5-4690 here too14:05
joacimdont know how well my motherboard works tho, but i guess itll be ok14:06
jaegerwhich motherboard is it?14:07
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jaegerboth the CPU and the motherboard need to support VT-d and your motherboard's IOMMU groups need to be reasonable14:07
joacimyeah it does support it14:07
joacimbut i dont know how reasonable it is =)14:08
jaeger indicates your motherboard should have VT-d support at least14:08
jaegerso can't hurt to try :)14:08
joacimi have virtualisation disabled tho14:09
jaegerwell, you'll need to enable it if you want to do this, of course14:09
joacimbut if i want to load up crux on it and try windows in a vm, i'll enable it14:09
joacimis this the kind of setup you use?14:11
jaegeryes. CRUX is the host and uses the onboard intel hd4600 GPU14:12
jaegerwindows 8.1 guest using the GTX 970 GPU14:12
joacimlegacy pci devices work?14:12
jaegerdepends on the device and the iommu grouping, I guess14:13
jaegerI'm only passing the GPU here14:13
joacimwas thinking a fun little windows 98se setup with a voodoo3 and vortex 2 card could work =)14:13
jaegertired890: I just recorded a test video to show performance, it's uploading to youtube now14:35
jaegertired890: - HD modes are still processing but the video is up14:55
jaegerNVENC leaves a lot to be desired in the quality department but it was just a performance test anyway14:58
joacim3.2-rc1 seems to work well so far15:10
onoderayeah I've been using 3.2 for around a week now and no problems at all15:11
jaegerok, the HD modes finally got processed on that video15:23
jaegerso you can see all the lovely artifacts NVENC creates :)15:23
jaegertvaalen, tilman, joacim: you guys might be interested in that as well :)15:31
jaegerfor reference that VM is using 2 cores and 4GB RAM15:35
joacimyeah just watched it =)15:35
tilmankinda funny that gpu-pass-through exists but usb-pass-through doesn't (or is not usable afaik)15:35
joacimguessing i need more cores for gta5?15:35
jaegerUSB passthrough seems to work fine in my tests, tilman15:35
jaegerbefore I installed synergy I passed through a mouse and keyboard15:36
frinnstis that diablo?15:36
jaegerdiablo 315:36
frinnstimpressive dancing15:36
jaegerall the spinning is just how the whirlwind barbarian build works, you get used to it15:37
jaegerKylie knows what's up (tm)15:37
jaegeralso comes up a lot15:38
tilmanmaybe it's just this which was irritating me: " USB devices requiring real time streaming (i.e. USB Video Cameras) are not supported yet."15:38
jaegerhrmm... I should try my USB capture card at some point, I wonder if that works15:38
tilmani'm interested in running a device that sends out ~32 byte packets every ms (i think)15:38
tilmanmaybe i'll just try it15:38
joacimfrinnst: nice 240p15:38
frinnstoh bohoo15:39
jaeger <-- here's the second one, better quality15:39
jaegertilman: if the single-device USB passthrough doesn't work you can also pass through an entire USB controller using vfio like the GPU16:03
tilmanjaeger: thanks, will try soon16:03
tilmanvirtualbox was such a bitch to setup in crux that i chose to run it on my snorefest laptop16:04
jaegerusing the contrib port?16:04
jaegerI use the binary release, it's low-maintenance16:05
tilmani tried to use the binary release but couldn't figure out how to configure it after installation16:06
tilmangot some 'xpcom' error iirc16:06
jaegerIt's usually something like: install virtualbox, add user to vboxusers group, log out/in, start VM16:07
jaegerset up an rc script for the vbox host drivers if you want, or start it manually after boot16:07
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retardprologic: libvpx doesn't build anymore, i manually upgraded the local port here to 1.4.0 and it was fine16:47
retardnote the download link has changed, and they've removed the "v" from the filename and directory name16:47
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onoderaretard: yup I have the same problem16:57
onoderafixed in the same way16:57
retardbuilding a pkg-get repo for 3.217:27
retarda great way to spend a weekend17:27
retardoh wow17:56
retardmozilla has moved entirely to its own cdn for firefox releases17:56
retardthat explains why i can't find any mirrors17:56
retardonly the 5 kbyte/s cdn download17:56
prologicretard: ok thanks18:29
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tired890jaeger, lol @ swirling sword guy19:55
retard42.0b9.source.tar.xz.part   0%[                                     ] 350.17K  6.36KB/s   eta 5h 28m20:02
retardgreat decision to move away from traditional mirrors and roll your own cdn, mozilla20:02
retardthanks a lot20:02
jaeger work?20:03
retardslow as a dog20:03
jaegerfirefox-42.0b9.source.tar.xz  35%[================>                               ]  56.40M  12.0MB/s   eta 16s20:03
retard.. the host this vm runs it at gets 98MB/s20:07
jaegerthere might be a guest network issue20:08
jaegerjust a guess, though20:08
retardexcept i still get 70 MB/s in the vm, outside the chroot :X20:08
tired890I've always had terrible performance when the guest uses the host network.. so I passthrough'd a usb controller and hooked up a cheap wlan dongle20:09
tired890assigning individual usb devices also yields poor performance20:09
jaegerI use virtio and have the virtio accelerator support built into my kernel, plenty of performance20:10
jaegerI copied a blu-ray movie around to test it, 112MB/s average20:10
retardthis is virtio too, but the throughput just goes right into the toilet for that specific http service20:10
tired890perhaps I don't have it properly setup (virtio)20:10
retardbut only inside a damn chroot20:10
retardsupremely weird20:10
retardthe only difference i'm aware of is the dns server20:10
retardi want to roll my own virtualization without libvirt though20:11
retardjust use qemu directly20:11
tired890retard, qemu = crux way. libvirt = .. ubuntu? :P20:11
jaegerlibvirt is still using qemu underneath, right? so probably not the cause of the issue20:11
retardthe only thing libvirt gives me is a qemu launcher20:11
retardmight as well just replace it with a shell script20:12
retardand not have to deal with weird xml files20:12
retardand strange host-mode networking i don't use20:12
tired890host-guest network I still have enabled for smb share between guest and host20:12
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retardpart of me wants to play with containers, but i like having the option of BSDs20:13
retardanyway, 3.2 package repo almost ready for installing my new x250 :)20:13
retardgonna do kernel as uefi executable and luks-encryption with better-initramfs20:15
retardlook, ma, no bootloader20:15
retardmaybe hack it to use the fingerprint reader for the key20:16
retardthough i prefer a file i can just delete20:17
retardchopping off a finger is a little extreme, even for me20:17
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retardi just spent a couple of hours building the firefox package23:49
retardonly to have a footprint mismatch because there are some new files23:49
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retardi get to restart with -if i guess23:50

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