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th3s3_3y3sAny torrent for crux?00:42
th3s3_3y3sUsing dialup speeds here.00:42
Worksterthere is or use
Worksterall you really need is a download manager that can resume00:47
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th3s3_3y3syes torrent00:48
th3s3_3y3sit says the torrent contains invalid data00:52
Worksterworked for me.00:53
Worksterdoes it still add and you can verify?00:53
th3s3_3y3sit added fine with another bt client00:58
Worksterdialup will be painful, i was working on a xdelta idea for low bandwidth usage, but that only works when you got older source files to begin with00:59
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th3s3_3y3show is it painful Workster ?02:32
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nwehow should I fix so I can install crux with uefi, the problem I have for the moment is efibootmgr.. I cant run it because I cant load efivarsfs...07:27
xeirrrjaeger has fixed(maybe) in iso.git, so maybe need rc3 iso?07:33
nwexeirrr: hmm yeah I reading the docs at the moment and it says I need to use fedora or ubuntu to fix that part..07:37
nweso what are xeirrr doing this monday?07:43
xeirrrpretty good. you?07:45
nweIm fine thanks, has homeoffice today so =)07:52
nwecreating new roles in ansible :)07:52
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tired890am I missing something? in all newer systems I just set boot to "legacy" and install like the old days09:31
tired890why do many people want to setup uefi ?!09:31
cinolthey, this is not a question directly related to crux but im trying to build a linux environment using CRUX as a starting point. I've installed a lot of core packages into my custom linux filesystem, but the kbd program "loadkeys" does not appear to work. It silent fails, i.e. "loadkeys dvorak" returns with $?=0, but the keyboard layout is still US qwerty. I'm using the exact same Linux bzImage/ that I am using for my CRUX parti09:32
cinoltperfectly, but for my custom linux partition loadkeys does not work.09:32
cinoltCould I be missing some sort of files on my custom linux partition?09:32
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cinoltThe amount of sense this problem makes is somewhere between -27 and -1109:52
cinoltbecause im using the exact same kernel image09:52
cinoltfor the CRUX partition and my custom linux partition09:52
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nwehmm has someone else got this boot error while trying too boot with grub2-efi first row: boot0: error, second row: boot0: test, third row: boot0: GPT and boot0: error again.. I have following the instructions on the wikipage..10:02
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frinnstcinolt: not sure. /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak/ exists?10:43
frinnstI dont see how the kernel would be related to your keymap10:44
cinoltfrinnst: well im sure that loadkeys program interfaces through kernel to change the internal keymap10:48
cinoltfrinnst and yes it does10:48
cinoltexcept that the --data-prefix is not /usr/share/kbd, but the default /usr/share, but it should not make a differenec10:49
cinoltfrinnst: for instance, if i type loadkeys dvorak_foobar, it complains like it should saying it cannot open dvorak_foobar10:50
cinoltbut if i type in loadkeys dvorak, it acts as if it succeeded, but the keymap is not changed10:50
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jaegertired890: because it's the new thing (tm) - if you don't want to mess with it you can still use BIOS/CSM so no big deal12:22
jaegerUEFI does have some neat features/possibilities, though. I like being able to update it from itself, for example, without needing to boot windows or a CD/USB12:23
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frinnstI want coreboot :(12:45
z3brainstalling it freaks me out12:46
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cinoltwow, so I forgot a symlink sh -> bash13:41
cinoltthats why loadkeys doesnt work13:41
cinoltcompletely unrelated things it seems but it shows what one little mistake can make13:42
surrealdothey, does anyone has crux 3.2? I'm trying to make the iso but it shows up an error at make bootstrap!13:43
cinoltwhere can i download that?13:43
cinoltah nvm i see13:44
cinoltits good to see CRUX still active13:44
cinoltvery good distro for people with sense in minimalism13:44
surrealdotwell i'm trying to get it, i'm interested13:44
surrealdotyeah, minimalism is great!13:45
cinoltyou'd have to tell us the error it says during the build13:45
cinoltbut i've never built crux iso from scratch so i probably could not be much help13:46
surrealdotwell it's something at makefile, i don't understand it very well13:46
surrealdot"recipe for target bootstrap failed13:46
cinoltwell, you understand what Makefiles do in general right?13:47
cinoltthey execute individual commands13:47
cinoltlike gcc compile commands13:47
cinoltso its the individual commands themselves that fail13:47
cinoltand they can fail for myriad of reasons13:47
cinoltso nobody here can help you without a detailed log of what the error says13:47
surrealdotlet me try again13:51
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jaegersurrealdot: the bootstrap process does a lot of work and it logs each stage in a "log.stageX" file where X is 0, 1, or 2 depending on the stage. So check there if it failed during one of the stages13:56
jaegersurrealdot: if you want to save some effort,
cinoltjaeger: are there any major changes from 3.1 -> 3.2?14:01
surrealdotthanks for the link!14:03
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surrealdoti noticed the problem, didn't know i needed to build it from crux, failed at stage 0 because it calls 'make all', 'all' calls 'collections', and 'collections calls pkgmk, which i don't have14:04
z3braAnyone here ran crux on the cubox successfully?14:08
z3braI see it's listed as "reported to run on" on http://crux-arm.nu14:09
z3brabut there is no infos as to how it can be achieved14:09
rmullz3bra: That was me14:12
rmullI ran it successfully, but it was just a novelty and I didn't keep up maintenance14:13
z3bradid you need specific tricks to get it running?14:13
z3braI was planning to get one to act as a media center, and if I can manage to get crux running on it, that'd be perfect14:14
rmullIIRC all specific tricks should have been committed to crux-arm repos, but may be out of date14:14
rmullI never managed to get accellerated video working on it, but other distros have (FWIW)14:14
rmullThe manufacturer (solidrun) was dramatically changing the way they distribute their files and stuff and it wasn't very organized. It may be better these days.14:15
tired890thanks for tip jaeger14:17
tired890damn it I updated windows and now my VM wont start14:17
tired890no way this is "accidental"14:17
tired890M$ together with nvidia are targeting VMs with passthru14:18
z3braok cool; Thanks for the feedback :)14:19
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tired890tip: dont update your win VMs14:20
jaegersurrealdot: if you want to you can build it on a non-crux machine but it does rely on the pkgutils, so you'd have to install them on that machine14:24
surrealdotthanks! I'll try14:45
surrealdotwhat kernel version does crux3.2rc2 have?14:45
rmullz3bra: Just as a final note, the reason I didn't "stick with" the cubox was because I bought it impulsively thinking it was an "open hardware" project, but it is not14:46
jaeger4.1.8 I think, or 4.1.1014:46
rmullz3bra: Also, it shares the same CPU (Allwinner A20) as the cubieboard2, which has better documentation - if you get stuck or want to get more up-to-date than what exists for cubox at the moment, look to cubieboard2 for inspiration14:47
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z3braah, good to know..15:05
z3brait looks powerfull though15:05
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Wildefyranyone else having compile issues with libsndfile?17:10
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Wildefyrodd getting this output:
Wildefyram not really a c master so struggling to figure it out17:21
rmullHuh, it doesn't really identify an error, that's annoying17:22
frinnstdo you have flac and libvorbis installed?17:23
frinnst"External FLAC/Ogg/Vorbis : ............ no" looks odd17:23
frinnstif you use the flag -kw (keep working dir) you can probably find the exact error in a logfile or something17:24
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Wildefyrdependacies are all accounted for17:26
frinnstare you really sure about that?17:29
frinnstchecking for flac >= 1.2.1 ... no17:29
frinnstchecking for ogg >= 1.1.3 ... no17:29
frinnstchecking for vorbis >= 1.2.3 ... no17:29
frinnstchecking for vorbisenc >= 1.2.3 ... no17:29
WildefyrI've fixed it now I mean to say17:30
Wildefyrthey were installed on the system but configure wasnt picking them up, reinstall and it does17:30
frinnstand now it builds fine?17:30
Wildefyrnope it says the error is on a different line17:31
Wildefyrto what it was before17:31
frinnstrun revdep17:31
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WildefyrI didn't know about that17:33
Wildefyrmore info frinnst:
Wildefyrconfigure no shows no issues17:51
Wildefyrrevdep also shows no issues now17:51
frinnstwouldnt be surprised if something is still broken on your system17:55
frinnstbacktrack all the deps and rebuild those17:55
frinnstor brute-force it overnight; prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)17:57
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Wildefyrdoing a full rebuild of everything prt-get deptree libsndfile18:00
timcowchipanyone tried this ?18:00
frinnstI would still be worried, if some packages had broken installs - what other stuff is also broken?18:01
WildefyrI guess full rebuild it is18:02
tilmancraaaap, my emulated windows' driver doesn't seem to work with the host's device :(18:04
tilmanscratch that18:08
tilmanFUCK YEAH18:08
tilmanadding both of those command line options does the trick18:08
rmulltimcowchip: Nope. Will be interested to hear your impressions if you try it.18:12
timcowchiprmull I am using it now and it works for me18:18
timcowchipI like that it has a binary repo for packages that can't be built on old hardware18:19
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timcowchipI have push most of my crux ports to with few depends modification18:26
Wildefyrhey frinnst I think I asked this the other day, but when booting the crux 3.1 iso on my tiny chromebook, the kernel won't boot18:49
Wildefyrjust reports there's not enough space in memory I am guessing18:49
Wildefyrbut it's still 2gigs18:49
Wildefyrguessing the only way around this is to roll my own image?18:49
Wildefyrgod firefox is a bitch to compile ^^18:52
timcowchipnp w/NuTyX just cards install firefox18:54
timcowchipor you can build Pkgfiles with pkgmk if you like18:55
timcowchipthey have been discussing a binary repo on crux for a long time19:00
timcowchipthey have one user hosting packages that he has built
timcowchipoops wrong channel19:03
timcowchipthank you for hosting those packages Romster19:03
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timcowchipsalut tnut19:27
tnuthello timcowchip19:28
retardWildefyr i like how autoconf 2.13 from 1999 is a requirement for building it19:38
retardhow is that worked around exactly in the port anyway frinnst19:38
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frinnstWildefyr: no clue. sounds strange20:23
frinnstretard: which port?20:24
retardfrinnst: the firefox port, i thought building it required autoconf 2.13 :X20:26
frinnsthm, nope20:26
frinnstI dont know, never looked into it since it works out of the box20:27
retardi tried packaging pale moon, mainly for shits and giggles, but that errored out because it somehow used autoconf 2.13 to consolidate the mk_options from mozconfig into the build system20:28
timcowchipbuilding firefox requires >8Gb's mem and depending on your age a signifigant % of the the rest of your lif20:28
frinnstno it doesnt. depends on how much swap you have20:29
frinnstit requires more than 8gb diskspace though20:29
timcowchiphave you checked out "cards" on NuTyx?20:30
frinnstwhat is nutyx?20:30
frinnstoh. nope, never checked it out20:31
timcowchipmight be a good addition to crux20:32
frinnstpatches welcome ;)20:32
timcowchipok :)20:33
tnutfor ?20:33
frinnstI dont know. Improvements i guess20:34
tnutI guess to complicate20:34
frinnstif you have ideas, open up a bug report or post to the mailinglist20:34
timcowchipfrinnst: tnut is Founder of the NuTyX20:35
retardtcp_wrapper 1990-2015 nevr 4get20:40
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tired890jaeger, frinnst what windows version are you running in your VMs and do you keep them up to date (windows updates) ?21:02
tired890I was on 7 which is no longer bootable (tried all sorts of repairs to no use)21:02
jaeger8.1 professional/enterprise and yes... I don't have one active currently, though, since I just sold that machine21:02
tired890and now downloading win10 iso..21:03
tired890jaeger, dont have one active now? as in no longer using it in VM?21:05
jaegerhrmmm... I wonder why 'w' has stopped working21:05
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tired890after applying the new updates and restarting.. poof21:06
jaegertired890: correct. I sold the machine that I was running that setup on. I will build a new one soon but probably not for a couple weeks as I'm going out of town21:06
tired890jaeger, roger. hope you have a good time21:06
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tired890this time will try to install using virtio directly.. don't think it'll work tho21:07
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jaegerI've read on the ML and the old arch forums post that win7 and OVMF are workable but a pain in the butt... if you have 8.1 or 10 available, they might be easier21:09
tired890jaeger, I wish to upgrade qemu to latest as well21:11
tired890if you look at the pkgfile you will see a few tricks to get it to work21:11
jaegerI was running a git checkout of qemu from 10/15 or so21:11
tired890are these applicable with latest stable/git ?21:11
jaegerI used the opt Pkgfile but added alsa and pulseaudio sound drivers specifically, used my checkout, and patched it to add support for specifying a custom hyper-v vendor ID21:12
tired890updated to and locked :)21:24
tired890the pkgfile only needs to have the version number bumped and the patch (CVE) removed since its already applied in 2.4 ..21:29
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jaegerNot bad at all21:35
jaegerI vaguely remember removing the patch for my git checkout now that you mention it. It didn't have to change much otherwise, though21:36
tired890jaeger, specs of new box?21:39
jaeger is what I'm planning at the moment, probably won't change much in the next couple weeks price-wise21:40
tired890oh you're going all out21:40
jaegerI already have a GTX 980ti that will go in it21:41
tired890does the 6700(K) have virt support tho ?21:41
jaegerIt does.21:41
rmullI bought a badass seasonic PSU recently. It came in a velvet baggie.21:41
jaegerrmull: those bags crack me up21:41
tired890jaeger, I'd change the PSU to seasonic now that rmull mentioned it21:42
rmullConvinced me that my decision to buy that PSU was totally correct21:42
tired890they actually make em, as opposed to rebrands by the likes of corsair evga etc21:42
jaegertired890: I like seasonics but this EVGA is fantastic21:42
jaegerIt's a superflower leadex which is on par with seasonic and has a 10 year warranty, plus 10/10 review on johnnyguru21:42
tired890hold on let me look up the OEM, if its ChannelWell then.... then..21:43
jaegerIt's superflower21:43
jaegerif you're bored, here's the review:
rmullSo does anyone know what happened to PC power and cooling, since we're on the topic of PSUs?21:44
tired890no velvet bag21:44
jaegerrmull: OCZ happened to them21:44
rmullah. okay21:44
jaegerbought and ruined :P21:44
retardyou'll be hard pressed to find a modern cpu that doesn't have virt support21:45
jaegeryeah, though iommu support is a bit harder, and that's required for this setup21:45
retardi want amd to be competetive again21:45
jaegermy i5-4690 supported it, my i7-4790k supports it, the i7-6700k supports it. Some K CPUs in the past did not, though, notably the i5-2500K and i7-2600K21:45
tired890ops yup, I meant iommu (ie pass through!)21:46
tired890retard, two of us buddy21:46
tired890hope zen brings them back21:47
retardthe r9 fury is super interesting21:47
retardmakes me wish i cared about graphics21:47
retardand REALLY makes me wish amd would apply themselves to cpus again21:47
jaegerThey're doing pretty well with GPUs except for power consumption... but CPUs? Man, they need to step up21:48
retardthey're responsible for creating so much we take for granted now21:48
retardjaeger: also except for driver quality21:49
tired890yes, I saw many articles about the culture inside the company, passionate bunch, thats the only way you can keep up competitors that are many times your size21:50
tired890have you seen ashes of singularity bench using dx12 ?21:50
jaegerI can't really say... I haven't used an AMD GPU in years so no idea how their drivers are now21:50
jaegernvidia's drivers work fine for me, no complaints to speak of there21:50
tired890a few years old 290x pulled ahead of a 980 !21:50
tired890so sad there is the hardware power but no drivers to match21:50
tired890vulkan/dx12 gonna fix that though21:50
tired890if you are bored the comments section will give you a few giggles.. some fanboys are just too much (both sides)21:51
retardi really dislike the shit nvidia pulls21:52
retardwith gameworks etc21:52
tired890yea :(21:53
tired890sickening actually21:53
jaegerI don't really use all that extra stuff. just the driver, pretty much21:53
jaegerGeForce experience is installed in windows but I ignore it most of the time21:53
tired890jaeger, gameworks is a "framework" for game devs21:53
jaegerAh, no idea about that, then21:54
tired890if they use it, it'll run fast on nvidia cards, once amd cards detected it'll bump tesselattion on EVERY thing, making amds look slow21:54
jaegerthat kind of stuff is nothing new, really21:54
jaegerAMD used to get in trouble for fudging benchmarks21:54
tired890same old tricks intel pulled with their compiler crippling amd cpus21:54
jaegerwell, ATI technically21:54
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Wildefyrwhen do you guys think crux 3.2 will be released finally?22:11
jaegershould be pretty soon, the RCs aren't terrible22:23
jaegerI need to make one more, I think, we had some magical times with firefox22:23
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tired890installing win10 using virtio!.. mounted the iso that has the drivers and installed viostor during win setup! now why didnt I think of this on my previous setup!22:39
tired890I think its time for me to invest in an ssd:
jaegertired890: virtio is definitely the way to go for disk and net both22:51
tired890jaeger, a few days ago I was at a computer shop and picked up a usb 3.1 pcie card (ASMedia chipset) .. I have an old usb wifi dongle..22:52
tired890so I passed through my usb controller to provide native access to devices22:52
jaegerI have one of those as well, pretty handy22:53
jaegerthough I'm not using it for wifi22:54
jaegeron that note, time for me to head home22:54
tired890take care22:55
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deus_exjaeger: may i suggest disabling support for ssh and gpg agents in gnome-keyring?23:07
deus_exit was the only way to reliably stop it from taking over proper ssh-agent23:08
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jaegerpedja: I actually use it, heh23:40
pedjagnupg wiki recommends not to :)23:41
jaegeryeah, and gnupg prints butthurt messages about it in terminal, too23:42
jaegerI don't take it too seriously23:42
jaegeryou can take it out of the startup applications or uninstall it any time if you like23:43
jaegerpedja: do you know of a better alternative that has a gui askpass as well as a terminal one?23:44
jaegerthat works for both ssh and gnupg, I mean23:44
pedjai tried.removed it from autostart, both system wide and user, but smth is still starting i recompiled it without ssh/gpg23:45
pedjagpg-agent from 2.1 is on demand, and I use keychain for ssh23:46
jaegerdo you have to run any gpg agent daemon manually?23:55
pedjawith gnupg-2.1?no, it starts on demand23:55
jaegeron demand from what? any call to the gnupg executable?23:56
pedjagpg, gpgsm, gpgconf, or gpg-connect-agent.23:56
pedjacheck out lxqt_wallet, it can use kde's kwallet, gnome secret service or libgcrypt as a backend.23:58
jaegeryeah, saw that one23:58

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