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tired890I'm getting all sorts of failures with win10.. I think its time for me to finally move to ovmf00:47
tired890jaeger, besides ovmf and your via bios (needs to be uefi compatible), is there anything else?00:47
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jaegerif you already had a working BIOS setup you're mostly there... just use the OVMF flash files01:18
tired890jaeger, \01:31
tired890I grabbed edk2.git01:31
tired890built it01:31
tired890then copied over two files (OVMF_CODE.fd and OVMF_VARS.fd)01:32
tired890basically followed this:
jaegerCODE should be read-only, VARS is read-write for vars01:32
jaegerI can post an example command line if you're interested01:32
tired890I put both as drives in my startup script, now I see uefi msgs and all that but my machine wont boot into my drive01:33
tired890yes, code already set as readonly01:33
jaegerok. you might be able to use the boot manager to pick your actual install... unless they broke the git version again01:33
tired890I get a Mapping Table (in yellow) and a list of BLK0 to BLK601:36
tired890then get dumped into a shell01:36
tired890no boot no menu no nothing01:36
jaegeryou can use some commands like cd, ls there01:36
jaegerblk0: to switch to that drive, etc.01:37
jaegerdid you install windows using BIOS mode, then switch to UEFI?01:37
tired890jaeger, correct01:37
tired890I realize I need to reinstall01:37
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jaegerif so you'll need to either rebuild the boot stuff or reinstall windows01:38
tired890but I was hoping for at least a BSOD to know my boot setup is correct01:38
tired890jaeger, so if I get this right, the yellow list and shell is the actual uefi interface ?01:38
jaegerAFK, phone01:39
tired890it worked..01:53
tired890I had to do fs0:, then cd into the only dir and execute a file..01:54
tired890dos like navigation01:54
jaegerheh, got the backup of my qemu/vfio machine mounted as a loopback image in a VM01:58
tired890inception ?01:59
jaegerwell, I was looking at the config but I don't have the physical machine anymore01:59
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tired890speaking of which01:59
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tired890I did a dd of my system disk (which is a 120GB ssd)02:00
tired890then I dd'ed the img file to a USB stick of 128GB02:00
tired890now I plug the USB stick and try boot off of it02:00
tired890but due to UUID mismatch is hangs02:00
tired890can I do something besides chroot etc02:00
tired890say I only have that usb and the machine and nothing else..02:01
jaegerprobably need another one so you can boot something and change the UUID it's looking for02:02
tired890because I can see the kernel booting it only fails afterwards.. thought there might be some kind of emergency shell or something02:02
tired890wow after first boot now upon restart not a single thing about uefi, straight to windows logo..02:03
tired890I changed over to uefi hoping it'd fix my vga crashing problem (not sure happened after update to qemu 2.4 or something else)..02:04
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tired890hey gents12:01
tired890in package linux-firmware12:01
tired890how do I change the source so that it will pull a fresh clone every time I do a update -fr ?12:01
tired890this is the url: git://
tired890I tried finding a port that uses git but couldnt find any.. all use normal compressed archives..12:02
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onoderaDo I need to enable any kernel option to use fuse?15:46
rmullonodera: Yes15:48
rmull(unless you make it a module)15:48
onoderaHm I hope I have it enabled15:49
onoderareally don't want to recompile/boot15:49
onoderaaaaand I don't15:49
yui^^why not build it as a module?15:50
onoderahm If I do that do I still need to reboot?15:51
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yui^^onodera: nope15:52
onoderaSo I enabled fuse as a module in menuconfig15:52
onoderashould I now make all && make modules intall?15:52
yui^^and then you do modprobe fuse15:53
yui^^or whatever it's called15:53
onoderabtw, I've never really used modules, is there a way too see which modules are loaded?15:54
onoderathis changes everything :p15:55
onoderamight use modules more15:55
rmullmodules definitely have their use15:55
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tired890oh man17:37
tired890I spent almost all my time today trying to figure out why my VM goes into BSOD as soon as I install catalyst drivers17:38
tired890now I'm back to seabios and win7 trying to juist get it to work like before but still get BSOD as soon as gfx driver is installed17:39
tired890jaeger, any idea why ?17:39
jaegerno idea there18:47
jaegerI've read repeatedly that windows 7 is a pain in the ass with qemu OVMF but haven't tried it myself18:47
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tired890I'm trying to install win10 actually19:14
tired890it goes smoothly an no probs at all, until I install the graphics driver :(19:14
tired890then it BSODs and goes into reboot cycle19:14
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Wildefyrso frinnst, I did the recompile this morning22:49
Wildefyrgonna guess something is still wrong because it still won't compile :p22:49
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john_cephalopodasubversion from [opt] repo doesn't work.23:52
john_cephalopodaVersion 1.9.1 is not aviable on the website, 1.9.2 is aviable though.23:53
john_cephalopodaChange the version number, then it will work again23:53
john_cephalopodaOh, wait, still doesn't work23:54
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john_cephalopodaDidn'd do depinst. Now it seems to compile. So 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2 and it will work23:59

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