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nweany idea about this.. Error: not a correct xfs inode and this: attempt to read or write outside partition, ? I can run grub-install /dev/sda with out any problem, also mount the system without any problem.. I have als o format the whole disk, and reinstalling it to times and get the same error..06:45
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frinnstnwe: not sure about that one.. do you have more than one partition on that disk=07:58
frinnstit obviously sounds like the filesystem is bigger than the partition :-)07:58
nwenope have too partitions / and swap07:58
nwesda1 (root /) 920G07:59
frinnstwhen do you get the errors, during normal usage?08:01
nweafter I have installed base system and will boot the computer to the fresh installed system08:03
frinnstis that "attempt to read or wrote outside of disk" error from grub? Or dmesg?08:06
nweerror from grub08:06
nweboth message are from grub08:07
frinnsta search returns lots of hits for that08:08
nwehmm before I try uefi with no success, so I create mklabel mdsos on that this, (with parted)..08:12
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frinnst1000+ mails generated company wide \o/10:17
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rmullfrinnst: ouch13:47
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Wildefyranyone got any idea how to check for my usb webcam?17:29
Wildefyrfor what drivers I need for kernel17:29
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frinnstand duckduckgo.com17:54
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Wildefyrah thanks18:05
Wildefyr+1 for duckduckgo18:05
Wildefyrbeen using it so much18:05
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joacimi never switched from altavista18:20
nwefrinnst: now when I tried with crux 3.1 everything wen okey =)18:41
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Wildefyranyone running nvidia properitary? are they working on 4.2.5 yet, the latest stable release?19:17
onoderaYes and probably19:21
onoderaI'm pretty much always running the newest kernel and nvidia and never had it fail19:21
onoderaI;m not now because I'm waiting for a 4.2 ck kernel patch19:22
WildefyrI've never got em to work for my git releases19:22
Wildefyrthey seem to lag behind19:22
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Wildefyris there no way to list packages that have a certain packaged listed as a dependancy20:49
Wildefyrso I want to search i.e. for all the packages that depend on i.e. flac20:50
onoderaprt-get dependent20:55
onoderaor prt-get depends20:55
Wildefyrthat requires that package to be installed20:56
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rmullWildefyr: There was an issue with latest nvidia and the latest kernel when 4.2 came out because the kernel switched some symbols to gpl-only or something, and the driver couldn't use them without a patch23:22
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WildefyrI would use nouveau but my card isn't supported23:32
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onodera Mine is but it lags with mpv23:40
onoderaalthough I have tons of placebo otpions enabled with mpv, which makes it even slower probably23:40
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WildefyrI'm currently just using modesetting atm23:52
tired890xrandr seems to have a bug23:52
Wildefyrit's fine for just terminals but I really need to sort it out23:52
tired890no matter what it will always treat monitor on left as primary23:52
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