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rmullWildefyr: Btw, almost all USB webcams are supported by CONFIG_USB_VIDEO_CLASS in the kernel03:21
Wildefyrrmull, thanks, i've enabled it now, still no luck with getting alsa to recognize it though03:26
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skrzypalsa? webcam?04:54
WildefyrI want the audio off it04:58
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nwegood morning06:35
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onoderalol towards the end there is a guy sliding down on skies13:43
frinnsti remember watching that on eurosport way back :D13:44
rmullAre there any commandline interfaces for libreoffice .ods spreadsheet files?13:44
frinnsticelandic hillclimbs is pretty epic too13:45
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skrzyp *nostalgia intensifies*15:55
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Wildefyrwe want 3.2 and we want it now!18:00
nweWildefyr: if you want it you can use crux-3.2rc2 release..18:03
Wildefyrpref it to be stable18:06
nwehm okey18:13
tilmanskrzyp: rms' reply made me chuckle ;d18:18
skrzyptilman: as usual18:19
skrzyptilman: he's now using Trisquel with MATE desktop on librebooted x200 afaik18:19
Wildefyrok guys I really want to help out writing documentation for crux but the wiki system is plain terrible18:44
Wildefyrcan we not get a more modern wiki system?18:45
nwethat would be nice =) can you recomend any wiki system?19:01
WildefyrI am not sure what is out there tbh19:02
Wildefyrmaybe something similar to the arch wiki19:02
Wildefyrarch covers all the programs and stuff so we only need stuff that's more indepth for crux19:03
darthlukanas promised19:04
Wildefyrthat looks like total black magic to me19:09
onoderathat's alsa for you19:11
onoderaas soon as OSS supports suspend I'm switching back19:12
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nwehas someone problem to use scroll wheel in firefox?19:44
nwemy scroll wheel is working in my urxvt, and in X but not in Firefox :( any idea?19:45
Wildefyrrestarted X?19:48
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nwemy xorg.conf looks like this
z3branwe, what's the point of all the different depth?20:23
nwez3bra: xorg generate the config I have lost my xorg.conf so thats default generate...20:29
z3braoh, okay20:36
nweit`s annoying with out scroll in firefox..  at the moment I building thunderbird, will be intresting and see if it will work in thunderbird..20:39
nwez3bra: do you use firefox? scroll works in my music-player so it feels it something with firefox..20:39
z3brano I don't, sorry20:42
z3braI've never seen such a problem in fact :/20:42
nweit`s first time for me too :/20:43
nwez3bra: how does your InputSection looks?20:45
z3braI don't have one20:46
nweah I see20:47
nwehmm strange when I push down the middle button (scroll wheel) then scroll works in firefox20:47
frinnstnwe: use evdev instead of mouse and kbd driver21:39
frinnst <- thats the only setting I have for keyboard and mouse with evdev :-)21:40
nwehmm I will try with that then :D21:42
nwehmm same as before, if I push down scroll wheel and scrolling it work.21:44
nwethe strange thing is that it works normal in both thunderbird and all other program I running execpt firefox21:45
frinnstdo you have any addons that might intefere?21:45
nwenope, just a fresh install of crux and firefox21:45
onoderadoesn't the new firefox pkgbuild use gtk321:46
onoderaor am I wrong?21:46
onoderaif so, that might have something to do with it21:46
nweonodera: looks like firefox using gtk3 I checked thunderbird that using gtk, and there doesnt the problem exists..21:51
onoderawell that was easy :p21:51
onoderano idea how to fix it though21:51
onoderamaybe the same problem?21:51
onoderatry installing another gtk3 app to see if the problems occurs in all gtk3 apps21:52
nwehmm do you know any more gtk3 app ? :)21:53
frinnsttransmission uses gtk321:54
frinnstthe bittorrent client21:54
onoderaopt/transmission-gtk that is21:55
frinnstah, right21:55
nweI building it now too see21:55
frinnstsomething to test with:
frinnstUploaded: 39444.1 MB21:56
nweonodera: yupp the same problem with transmission-gtk21:56
frinnsti've seeded it for a looong time21:56
onoderaOne thing that worked for me was setting GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1.21:58
nweI have try that..21:58
nwewithout success :(21:59
onoderayou did "GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 firefox" right?22:00
onoderahmm no idea then22:05
onoderaas a last resort you can try compiling firefox with gtk222:05
nweor upgrade gtk322:07
nwefrinnst: new version of gtk3 latest 3.19.122:08
onoderano it isn't i pretty sure22:09
onoderathe gnome/gtk versioning is like this:22:09
onoderaeven = stable22:09
onoderauneven = development/unstable22:09
nweit´s  worth a try =)22:09
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