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nwefrinnst: I recompile firefox with gtk2 and now the scroll wheel is working06:00
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onoderaxorg-xf86-input-evdev now depends on mtdev?11:02
onoderais mtdev like udev or what?11:02
frinnstprt-get info mtdev11:28
nwefrinnst: did you see what I wrote earlier  about firefox?.. :)11:36
Romstermtdev is the multitouch driver afaik for touchpads11:37
Romsterand screens11:37
Romsteror at least library of it... for doing multi touch gestures.11:38
Romsternothing todo with udev at all.11:38
rmullEvery time I click the noscript button on firefox, firefox freezes11:59
rmullAnyone else using noscript? Can you check this?11:59
xeirrrrmull: I can confirm12:00
rmullDisabling the add-on also freezes12:01
xeirrrrmull: and I got hangs for more than 20 seconds loading gmail on Firefox, then I change to mutt to see email.12:02
rmullRemoved/reinstalled noscript, still freezes12:02
Romsteri'm still on a older firefox, and refuse to even bother updating it. all the newer versions i have tried are buggy.12:07
rmullHow old?12:13
rmullalright, good to know, thanks12:13
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rmullWhat does it mean when kill -9 can't remove a process?12:15
rmullI have one zombie and one non-zombie firefox, and kill -9 can't remove them. I'm not aware of any other tool to get rid of them.12:16
Romsterran as root?12:21
Romsteronly other option is to reboot.12:21
Romsterif i ever get zombies i've tried other ways to kill em and they all fail.12:21
Romsterbut it's care to get them12:22
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frinnstwow, its like looking in a mirror!:
frinnstdear god:
Romstertext based horror game.... wth12:30
frinnsti guess you could class arch as a "horror", sure12:30
Romsteri guess12:33
Romsterwont remember to watch that "horror story"12:41
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frinnsttry running glib-compile-schemas regarding the firefox 3.2 problems13:17
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teK__you probably know, but evdev fails because of a missing mtdev (I saw the notes in #crux.) There is no mtdev in
teK__that was meant for -dev :-)13:34
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frinnstthere is in 3.214:08
frinnstand it was not pushed to 3.114:08
xeirrrI guess a few of us already are using 3.2 now14:13
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joacimin 10 years, we'll find the rc2 iso on an ftp dedicated to collecting mythical unreleased software like resident evil 1.5 and pre-release versions of doom 317:12
joacim+ that gay porn clip people once uploaded to youtube in place of lazytowns "you're a pirate" song.17:12
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tierd982why hi there tsaop17:38
tierd982welcome to crux the last free OS in the world17:38
tsaopbased crux minimalism17:38
tsaopthis is just so simple17:39
tsaopit's perfect17:39
tierd982I'm glad we agree17:39
tsaopmore importantly, I sent an E-mail to contrib-admin at crux dot nu a few months ago to add my KF5 repo to the port list. Who do I need to contact to have it added?17:41
Wildefyranyone got any idea why nvidia module isn't loading at boot and just leaving me on the last screen grub displays?18:40
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dansimonHi, very stupid quesiton: Does anyone know if a new stable release of crux is around the corner?19:10
dansimoncool :)19:11
z3bradansimon, yep19:11
z3bra3.2 is in the pipes19:11
z3brayou can already give the beta a go if you want19:12
tsaopyou can already upgrade to it, but expect things to break19:12
tsaopyou'll have to rebuild something probably19:12
dansimonlooking good.. I havent used crux before, thought I'd wait for the new version. What brief benefits would you long time users give crux over distros like arch/gentoo/slackware?19:18
dansimonanother very stupid question, I know..19:23
z3brait's easier to package things19:23
z3brathat's the main reason why I use crux19:24
tsaopslackware is easier, from that point of view19:24
z3braI've never built slackpkgs19:24
tsaopyou just compile the stuff and install into a custom destdir, then create the package19:24
tsaopof course, if you're talking about creating a Slackbuild, that is a bash script19:25
tsaopyou have to manage that19:25
z3brayou could do the same for crux though19:25
z3brainstall to destdir then tar.xz19:25
tierd982crux is simple, from package management to initscripts, which makes it easy to comprehend in a "big picture" sense19:25
z3braand call it a package19:25
tierd982also allows great control over all aspects of sys19:25
z3brayou must be really "tierd" man ;)19:26
tierd982yea :(19:26
tierd982I'm sleepy all the time :D19:26
z3brawhat's the number?19:26
tierd982:O (yawn)19:26
tierd982its usually 89 but my line has been dropping19:27
tierd982so my client goes to next nick name..19:27
dansimonmy current distro of choise is slackware, and I do enjoy the ease of making slackbuilds. It looked to me like crux has a more structured way of dealing with 3rd party apps (ports), and a cleaner init system (rc.conf). but like I said, I havent acctualy used crux yet :)19:27
tsaopdansimon: crux Pkgfiles inspired Arch PKGBUILDs19:30
tsaopthey are similar, but simpler19:30
tsaopand dependency management is optional19:30
tierd982for me the community is also a big part of appeal.. when I first started using it I wanted to open a forum to bring more attention to crux, then a senior member here told me they don't want "exposure" in that sense.. and I get it.. look at the quality of "users" in ubuntu forums19:30
dansimonGood point :^)19:32
dansimonOne thing that really bugs me about Slackware is the totall lack of communication with the development team. Shure you can contrib a slackbuild to, but you are never quite shure what the main developers are doing..19:35
tierd982not to mention they spook me out with their flying spaghetting monster nonsense19:37
dansimonyeah, that too...19:38
tilmanelaborate please19:38
tilmanthe quickest googling ever didn't turn up anything19:38
dansimonthere is a certain connection between the lead developer, Patrick Volkerding, and the joke religion church of subgenious. the flying spagetty monster is yet another joke religion.19:39
tilmanthat subgenius stuff has got to be much older than the FSM joke19:40
dansimonnothing official, but for instance the slackware mascot is tux smoking a pipe, this is inspired by the mascot of the subgenious church wich aslo smokes a pipe..19:40
tilman(FSM started around 2005 iirc)19:41
tilmanmmh, i knew that, but i don't see the FSM connection tbh19:41
dansimonI think tierd982 used the spagetti monster just as a general refference to weird fake religions?19:43
tilmanoh well19:44
tilmanmight want to fix your sense of humour ;>19:44
tierd982I don't understand why anyone, especially a community, want to associate with FSM19:45
dansimonwell buy guys, thanks for your answeres :)19:45
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tierd982btw sceintology also uses FSM and people make fun of it.. but:19:45
tilmanwhat the actual fuck19:46
tilmanscientology has nothing to do with FSM19:46
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tilmantierd982: duuuuuuude19:47
tilmani don't even19:47
deiviorHi! I'm trying to boot on my notebook instead of a VM and I'm getting kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block(0,0)19:48
tierd982oh well, I didn't research this stuff. same junk, different plate.. avoid public radar by being "funny"19:48
tierd982I hate cults19:48
tilmani hate cults as well19:48
deiviorWhat could I've forgotten? I have ahci ata_piix, scsi compiled in kernel19:48
tilmani love the FSM19:48
tilmandeivior: $FS is compiled in as well, right?19:49
deivioryes, ext4 only19:49
tilmantierd982: scientology doesn't avoid public radar19:49
tilmantierd982: they also don't think they themselves are funny. while the FSM stuff *CLEARLY* is satire19:50
tierd982well yea, they go onto radar through travolta and cruise19:50
tierd982but their real stuff exposed, through the people who joined for "audits" then died. or that girl that was forced to spend I dont know how many years on a ship19:52
tilmannoone is debating the evilness of scientology19:52
tierd982oh.. thanks for informing me I thought scientology used the FSM in its "stories", but it seems its some kind of lord I dont know who, that is their god19:53
tilmanclaiming that making fun of religion means ignoring fucked-up cults is ridiculous19:53
tilmanFSM is not xenu.19:53
tierd982yea xeno. yes I was confused on that part19:54
tilmanxenu, not xeno19:54
tilmandeivior: CONFIG_BLOCK  ?19:54
tierd982anyways, this is proven psychological manipulation, having ridiculous stuff like this "lord xenu" as official doctrines of a registered "religion" makes people dismiss it.. its only LATER in their existence that people knew the real scnetology.. before that people saw celebrities going there and wanted in.19:56
tilmanstill no relation to FSM19:56
tierd982in the same sense, lord xenu and FSM can be considered the same dna, of course they come from very different sources (I know now, thanks to you) but you can't blame me if I avoid anything (including computer OSes) that show "satire/fictional/cartoonish" gods as their mascots19:57
tilmanget a grip19:58
tsaopwhy give a fuck?19:58
tierd982thats the thing, I do NOT. I dismiss it and avoid it19:58
tilmantierd982: get a dictionary and look up "satire" maybe19:59
tierd982oh well, to each his own. I have to mention, I'm a creationist. Evolution is a joke to me. Perhaps this is why I took it too seriously.20:01
tilmani see why you would be offended by the FSM then20:01
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deiviortilman: BLOCK=y20:06
tilmandeivior: i don't have another idea right now :/20:44
tilmandeivior: you could check the kernel output for information about your chipset etc -- to see if the right driver is loaded20:44
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tierd982yes baby YES21:43
tierd982see people finally started to see that project (despite very obvious coding skill in its creators) just doesn't align with the FOSS philosophy. Therefore its technical merits should be dismissed. Choice must always exist for inits, desktop environments,etc, and yes that includes the BSDs21:46
jaegerdeivior: did you already check 'lspci -k' ?21:57
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jaegerregarding religious discussion:
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tierd982heh jaeger. That lady with sign language cracks me up22:10
jaegeryeah, she's great22:10
tierd982FWIW, I was once an atheist, the rebel kind who gets "offended" by folks who were religious and sure made my opinion heard. But became a full believer after an "incident" that had a profound effect on my life. Unfortunately I can't share it as most will explain it away with stuff like "were you medicated at the time?/are you sure you weren't dreaming?" and stuff like that :)22:14
tierd982but thats a discussion for another channel perhaps, back to crux :D22:15
jaegerI have pretty much zero interest in religious fights, just find that video very funny22:15
tierd982jaeger, in other news, I finally got my win10 VM running..22:24
tierd982unfortunately using seabios, gave up on ovmf22:24
onoderatierd982: the fact is, most of these revelations can be explains with much more logical and scientifically proven things like optical illusions or sleep paralysis for example.22:25
onoderaoh sorry, I'll stop talking about this :)22:27
tierd982if you feel like it we can PM ;)22:28
tierd982but it wasn't quite like that (ie hallucination) its a real experience of evil unfortunately22:28
jaegerweird that ovmf didn't work but if it works with seabios, still better than not working22:29
tierd982jaeger, I got win8.122:29
tierd982will give that a go since you already have it working..22:30
onoderasure, I'm not a "hardcore" atheist in any way btw, in my opinion religion produces much cultural and art related things of value. and if it help people or answers their questions about the "unknow" I won't try to "convert" them to atheism22:30
jaegertierd982: for what it's worth I've read plenty of accounts of people using win10 without issue22:52
jaegeryou might want to subscribe to the vfio-users ML, it was created after the arch forums mods melted down over the vfio thread22:53
jaegerprologic: I'll be in San Jose a few days next week, though probably won't get a chance to visit SF while I'm there22:58
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john_cephalopodaqt5 requires "ninja" to build, it seems.23:33
onoderait's in contrib I think23:35
onoderaI've needed it once before for a project23:36
onoderaI honestly don't see the point in all these confirure/build scripts, why not just use configure and make23:36
tierd982is this available in ports?23:38
tierd982p5-rpc-xml ?23:38
onodera(ports -l | grep p5)23:39
tierd982strange after installing it configure still cant detect xmlrpc23:40
jaegerp5-<whatever> is most likely a perl port23:40
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: email the maintainer listed in the Pkgfile when you run into breakage23:40
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john_cephalopodajaeger: Already mailed to some maintainers some time ago. It was fixed, still it is a big hassle to report it all.23:43
jaegerA big hassle?23:43
onoderamail is old fashioned to me, maybve just becuase I'm young. a simple comment system & a "this port is outdated" button like the arch AUR has is much simples and inviting imo.23:46
tierd982but mail is personal and devs (those that are working on something for free) are much more likely to respond to email rather than having to check a page for comments ;)23:47
jaegerThere was a pretty nice alternate portdb that someone was developing but he's been gone a while now, it seems23:48
onoderayou mean this one23:48
onoderayeah It was very nice, showed lots of info23:48
tierd982any screenies etc?23:49
tierd982all I see is nginx23:49
onoderanope I don't have any sorry23:49
onoderayeah it's down23:49
john_cephalopodaMailing the dev because of every single package is a bit... spammy.23:51
jaegerif you have multiple reports for one dev, maybe mail them all in one?23:51
john_cephalopodajaeger: Yeah, I did that. But I don't install all packages at once. Then I got the choice to either hold them back until I got enough to send it (which can take long and would not fix it for others) or spam the dev every time I find something (which would annoy the dev)23:53
jaegerthe email addresses are there for this purpose23:53
john_cephalopodaStill some kind of bugtracker would make it more comfortable to file bugs.23:57
john_cephalopodaThere's just so much outdated stuff, updating all of it would take enormous amounts of time.23:57

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