IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2015-10-31

john_cephalopodaMost of the time, it is just a simple change like incrementing a version number.00:00
onoderawhile I do agree that the outdated port reporting could be made easier, I do not agree that there are lots of outdated packages, most failry up to date. Almost as "bleeding edge" as Arch.00:00
onoderaYou should check out freebsd, or a binary distro like ubuntu, packages are much much older there00:01
john_cephalopodaArch is binary and more up-to-date than crux. I come from arch, that's why I am used to it and probably I got too high standards here.00:03
onoderayou know what, I'm going to create a simple script wehre it auto grabs the mail from the Pkgfile, and where you can input the new version number and additional notes if needed.00:03
onoderaand then it compiles a male and sends that00:03
onoderaI also came from arch. the difference is that arch has like 200 port maintainers00:04
john_cephalopodaOptional dependencies are a thing that should be discussed.00:04
john_cephalopodaI installed mpv. mpv was practically unusable for me at first. I had to find out (mostly by hand), which optional dependencies are needed for the most basic features (like playing CDs or youtube streams - which is my main usage).00:05
onoderawell that's just 2, youtube-dl and I think it does cd's ootb actually00:06
john_cephalopodaonodera: youtube-dl and lua are both needed for youtube, for CD playing, libcdio-panic is needed.00:07
john_cephalopodaArch lists optional dependencies after installation but for crux it must be beforehand since everything must be hand-selected and compiled in.00:08
john_cephalopodaIt should be automatable though, when scripts are used.00:09
onoderaI updated my mpv ports to include libcdio-paranoia, thanks.00:09
onoderaas optional dep00:09
john_cephalopodaIs the package manager able, in any way, to handle optional dependencies?00:10
onoderaprt-get, I don't think so.00:11
rmullI think if there is any precedent for this sort of thing, it's usually that the optional deps get called out in the readme for that port00:12
onoderaif you haven't yet, check out gentoo, they handle every use flag as an "optional dependency".00:12
onoderawhile this sounds good it adds lots and lots of complexion, I prefer the crux way.00:12
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Wildefyrha there is a twitch installs arch linux00:16
Wildefyrit really should be twitch installs crux00:16
Wildefyryeah you can easily see if there is a readme file too if you run prt-get info $package00:18
onoderamuch easier in my opinion00:19
onoderacreate partitions, mount partitions, run setup, run setup-chroot, some addition config stuf and you're done00:19
WildefyrI would say there are pretty similar except for compiling the kernel ye00:20
onoderaoh true forgot about that00:21
onoderaonce you have a good .config saved that becomes trivial too00:22
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john_cephalopodaThe most difficult part of installing linux are the bootloader and the config files01:25
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john_cephalopodaqt5 seems to need also gperf.01:58
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nebghelo everyone... can somebody tell me what0s the meaning inthediff files of "@@ -29,10 +29,6 @@" ?10:04
tilmanpositions in the unpatched and the patched file10:06
tilmannebg: the format is called "unified diff" ... google away10:06
nebgtilman so in my case what's the meaning of that string ?10:10
nebgthe first file starting at 29 and the secondo at 29 i shoud remove 10 lines from the first and add 6 lines to the second?10:10
tilmanyou should use the patch program to apply the diff10:10
tilmanpatch -i path/to/foo.diff10:11
nebgtilman but what's the meaning of the 10 and the 6 in that string ^10:12
tilmanread the link10:12
nebgi read it... but no explanation...10:12
nebgabout multiple numbers10:12
nebgguys how can  i install gnome on CRUX ?10:16
nebgand systemd ?10:16
Wildefyrif you want systemd crux is absolutely the wrong distro for you10:23
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nebgWildefyr, why ?10:37
Romsterbecause we use evdev and not systemd. someone might of packaged systemd but that's up to you to do.10:39
WildefyrI srsly doubt anyone would have packaged systemd10:39
nebgWildefyr, but why ?10:39
nogagplzevdev? that's not an init thinger :P10:39
Romsterpretty sure someone tried it but they woulnd't publish that10:39
nebgso i have no choice of getting systemd on crux ?10:39
Romsterstupid letters10:40
Wildefyrwell nebg unless you want to write a port for it, probably not10:40
Romsterevdev is a xorg driver for keyboards and mice.10:40
Wildefyrbut I imagine it's very complicated10:40
Romstereudev is a fork of udev10:40
Wildefyrespecially considering how bloated systemd is10:40
nebgwhat do you mean by bloated ?10:41
Wildefyrerm, well to put it kindly, systemd is more than an init system now10:42
Wildefyrit's got it's hands over everything10:42
Wildefyrthat's not ideal when you want to do a minimum install10:42
Wildefyralso does anyone know how I can detect what mouse buttons are being pressed?10:43
Wildefyrsomething like xev10:43
Wildefyrhave a mouse with tons of extra buttons and I need to start mapping them, but can't if I don't figure out with ones are which10:44
nebgWildefyr, so what init system does CRUX have ^10:49
Wildefyrwhatever Romster said10:50
Romsterif you look in /usr/ports/core/10:50
Romsterudev/eudev is a small part of now systemd. for the device node creation in /dev/10:51
Romstersysfinit does the init.10:51
Romsterwhat are you trying todo nebg ?10:51
Romsterthere is a mate collection for crux.10:52
nebgwhat about KDE ?10:56
Romsterthat's on the site.10:57
nebgso CRUX uses eudev and sysVinit ?10:57
nebgand eudev is similar toudev right^ ?10:57
Romsteri did have runit running on crux ages ago. but since gone back to stock sysvinit10:58
Romstereudev is just a fork off systemd's udev with out the rest of systemd.10:58
Romsterso it's similar to udev before systemd creeped into udev10:59
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tilmanwireshark crashes for me when trying to save a packet dump -- anyone have the same problem?11:29
tilmanit hits a breakpoint (int 3) for whatever reason11:29
Romstercrux 3.1 or 3.2?11:36
Romster3.2 has a -O2 level optimization bug in gcc11:37
Romsterso it's not that.11:37
tilmani'm using gcc 5.1 though11:37
Romsterah that'll have that bug it will be fixed in gcc 5.311:38
Romstertry recompiling with either -Os or -O111:38
tilmangot a link?11:38
tilmanto the PR?11:38
Romsteri do let me find it again.11:38
tilmanwondering why i'm not on gcc 5.211:38
Romster don't know if this will affect you or not.11:40
tilmansure, thanks11:41
Romsteri'm not that up on compilers, you'd know more than me on them.11:42
Romsterdug that up after jaeger find an issue with wine then frinnst found that PR.11:42
tilman(wireshark:24815): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system11:44
tilmanthis might be related11:44
Romsterah you need to run that gtk3 post-install11:45
Romsterthat's if it's using gtk3 now?11:45
tilmanit is11:45
tilmanoh boy11:45
Romsterglib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas11:45
tilmanso ftr, "gsettings list-schemas" segfaultet as well11:45
tilmandoesn't anymore after running post-install11:45
tilmanand it fixed wireshark crashing as well11:46
tilmanRomster: thank you kindly :D11:46
Romsterwhat should happen is that updated schmas should be attached asa file in gtk3 lie we do for gtk2 hmm.11:46
Romstercool glad that is fixed and i see we need to sort this mess out on the iso, as jue said we don't run post-install from the iso on upgrade/install.11:47
Romster<jue> well, the only possibility I see currently is to run glib-compile-schemas in /etc/rc.fix11:48
Romsteroh jesus how many files are part of gtk3 in there. it was one file in gtk211:49
tilmani think a web browser, geeqie and wireshark are the only applications i ever use11:50
Romstermaybe not the only file that's not tracked is11:50
Romster$ pkg-not /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/11:50
Romsterwhat would be the best solution would be to run that glib-compile-schemas for all the ports that add to glib. like librsvg and friends.11:51
Romsteror just throw it in the wireshark port for good measure.11:52
frinnstnuke gtk3 from existence?11:52
Romsteri dunno i'll let frinnst and jue deal with that.11:53
frinnstyeah im looking into it this weekend11:53
Romsternow if only gtk 2 and 3 and qt themes all looked the same.11:53
frinnstgtk3 never got much love before11:53
Romsteri think most hate gtk3 to be honest.11:53
frinnstand nobody ever reported any issues so i just let it sit11:54
Romsterto the point some even reveted from gtk3 back to gtk2 or moved to qt11:54
Romsterto be honest i've been avoiding gtk3 on sakura by not updating it.11:54
Romsteri will have to eventually i guess.11:55
onoderaI'm happy most gtk applications I use offer both gtk2 and 3 versions11:55
Romsterbut it works fine as is on gtk211:55
Romsteron that note i bumped qt5 to 5.5.1 and uploaded a package of it to the usual spot.11:56
Romsterand wine 1.7.5411:56
Romsternot that many use it11:56
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joacimRomster: your webkitgtk fails to build on my machine without gtk212:09
joacimI had to install that first to compile webkitgtk successfully12:09
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Romsterah gtk3 used to list gtk212:10
john_cephalopodaYesterday I had to go fast, but said that qt5 seems to need also gperf.12:10
Romsteri think gtk2 is still used for plugins.12:10
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, i read that and yet i got qt5 5.5.1 to compile without it.12:11
john_cephalopodaSo ninja and gperf are needed.12:11
john_cephalopodaWell, the standard package won't compile for me.12:11
Romsteri never used ninja and it compiled.12:11
Romsterthe one in opt that i jsut pushed a few hours ago?12:11
john_cephalopodaNo, the one from opt, a bit older12:12
Romsterso your not on 5.5.1 yet ?12:12
Romstergperf is part of crux 3.2 core12:13
john_cephalopodaOkay, still on 3.112:13
Romsterqt5 seems to be fine without gperf on 5.5.1 to compile.12:13
john_cephalopodaYeah, but the previous version needed it.12:13
Romsteri think it's optional it'll use it if it's present on 5.5.112:14
john_cephalopodaIs it possible to keep a work directory, so when I update a git package, I don't have to compile everything?12:14
Romsterwhich is why i didn't add it12:14
Romsternot really but you can keep the downloaded git tree.12:15
Romsteri got some ports in romster and there are some in emulators that do that.12:15
Romsterthat's another thing i need to work on. all them emulators. nogagplz isn't on crux anymore.12:15
Romsterbut no one really has said anything about them yet.12:16
onoderaemulators as in game emulators?12:16
nogagplzI'll fix them up for the next version of crux12:16
Romsteron 3.2 ah ok.12:16
onoderaI maintain a dolphin-emu port12:17
onoderathe git version though, since dolphin-emu's developmet is so ridiuclously fast12:17
Romstertaht is in there too... perhaps we could get a few maintainers in to the emulators group.12:17
nogagplzyeah I had the git version there too, but it's pretty far behind by now12:17
Romsteri think we can nuke emulators-i686 nogagplz ?12:18
nogagplzyeah should've been done ages ago12:18
Romsterif anything needs 32bit can do a touch .32bit12:18
Romsterin the port.12:18
Romsteri'll nuke that one then when i get to it.12:18
nogagplzonly things that require it afaik are pcsx2 and fusion12:18
Romsterah those got -32 in the port name on the 64bit tree so that's fine.12:19
nogagplzzsnes could probably be pruned too, it's pretty much worthless these days12:20
Romsternothing in emulators-i686 of value then12:20
Romsterwhat is a good nes emulator?12:20
Romsteri used to use testicle iirc12:21
nogagplznestopia or fceumm12:21
nogagplznesticle rofl12:21
Romsterwould love to get back in a few old games again.12:22
Romsteronodera, do you want to join emulators collection? nogagplz any objections?12:22
Romsterit's just nogagplz and me atm12:22
Romster i don't see your port onodera12:24
onoderayeah not in the portdb yet, sorry12:25
Romsterah your in that massive 6c37 group12:25
Romsterwell more than 1 users12:26
onoderaah it seems there is already a dolphin-emu git port in there12:26
Romsterin emulators12:26
onoderaI compiled mine without gui/wx though12:27
Romsterthat's the group nogagplz and i are in.12:27
onoderaso it's just commandline, might be a /bit/ too minimal12:27
Romsterany benefit to just command line? that reminds me i need to fix up deluge to be command line and gui separate.12:28
Romstercompiling qt5 for my desktop atm and compiling gstreamer 1.6.1 ports in docker.12:28
onoderanot really to be honest, I just din't want to install all these wx libraries12:28
Romsterwell could do dolphin then a dolphin-gui with the extra dependencies in the later?12:29
onoderaI'm compiling it right now to see if everything still works ok12:32
Romsterhmm 6c37 is a team effort and if you were to have dolphin in emulators with nogagplz and i. would that affect any other members of 6c3712:33
nogagplzyeah let him in, could always have another pkgfile for dolphin cli12:35
onoderaCleaned the pkgfile up a bit12:36
onoderaRomster: nah, I think these "specialiced" repos are better anyways.12:36
Romsteronodera, i'll just need a rsa (email me) key so i can add you and give you the login details.12:41
Romsteryeah, i like the idea of a special emulators tree for just that12:42
Romsteri was hoping it would attractmore crux users to be honest12:42
Romsterto the point it can be self sufficient then i could sit back and watch12:43
onoderaOk let me figure this out :p12:44
onoderaI never really worked with RSA keys12:45
Romsterssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""12:46
Romstername it something like emulators than as id_rsa and it's easier to follow when you get multiple keys.12:47
Romsteronodera, one other thing we do prefer setting a fixed commit to use that is tested to work. so each user gets the same results. as you see here sversion=12:53
Romsterideally we should be making tarballs of the commits and using the tarball on the source= line but i dunno that's more work. even though i got generate scripts for doing just that on some other ports12:54
onoderaAlright, I'm still not sure how these keys actually work and the logic behind them but I'll read up on that later.12:54
Romsterbe easier if pkgmk could use git directly.12:54
Romsterjust email me the .pub key i'll show you how to configure your end when i got this setup.12:54
onoderaRomster: Yeah I've tried that too, supposedly there is a git-archive comman, but it doesn't work with github (where dolphin-emu is hosted)12:55
nogagplzimo they should just always build the latest commit by default, having to set it manually is a pain in the arse12:55
Romstercan it be guaranteed to not break on any commit ever pushed nogagplz ?12:55
onoderanogagplz: I kinda agree, the reseon I sometimes use git ports is because I want te most cutting edge version of that package12:55
onoderathe only downside is that the build can file or that the footprint needs to be updated12:56
nogagplzno, but a handful of exceptions is better than 90+ needing to be updated12:56
nogagplzthe footprints aren't that big a deal either12:56
Romstereh as long as it remains stable let it use the most recent commit. i may have a solution to that that'll work12:57
Romsterwhich be automated.12:58
Romsterrun script grab most recent commit tarball it. update Pkgfile with new version= upload tarball to crux.ster.zone12:59
onoderaRomster: sent12:59
Romsteronodera, ta12:59
Romsteryou on tomorrow same time?13:00
Romsteror a bit earlier13:00
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onoderaYup, most likely13:00
Romstercool i'll try and go over how the setup works then. when i'm not trying to multitask as much13:01
onoderasure, thanks!13:02
rmullMan, I don't know if it's my kernel (4.2) or what, but my USB is shit13:18
rmullI hope it's not my hardware13:18
rmullThings just drop, and it's like the whole USB controller is locked up, because only a power cycle recovers plug-in detection as seen in dmesg13:18
Romsterhow annoying13:19
rmullI'm gonna switch back to the previous kernel and see how it goes13:19
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rmullHow does the "<kernel-version>" substring in the opt/nvidia footprint work? Are there any other replacable strings like that?13:55
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tilmanrmull: nope. just grep pkgmk for kernel-version13:57
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rmullHuh, that's kind of interesting.13:59
rmullPart of me is wondering if that's the best way to do something like that14:01
rmullAnyone know off the top of their head (since testing would require a reboot): If I rebuild opt/nvidia via prt-get -fr update with a new kernel version, will it keep the old nvidia.ko in the old kernel version's /lib/modules so that I can rebuild once on each kernel I want to use, and not have to rebuild if I switch kernel versions back and forth in the future?14:05
rmullbusybox dropping systemd support:
rmulland discussion on reddit:
tilmanrmull: check pkginfo -l nvidia14:08
tilmanie check what filename is recorded in the pkg db14:08
rmullOkay. I assume the update operation explicitly removes the previously-recorded stuff and then drops the new stuff in, meaning that the old .ko will get deleted every time14:09
rmullWhich is kind of inconvenient, since I don't want to have to rebuild nvidia every time I switch back and forth14:09
rmullI wonder if there is a workaround for this sort of thing14:11
rmullbut I gotta run14:11
Wildefyri've tried installing opt/nvidia so many times now14:17
WildefyrI just can't get the module to load after grub exits14:18
Wildefyrthe display just stays stuck on the last grub frame14:18
tilmantry loading it only after the system is up?14:19
tilmanthen maybe you can still ssh in to read the error messages14:19
Wildefyryes that could work14:19
Wildefyrwill do when koo vs skt finishes :p14:21
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lenteti'm trying to install crux on my system, but my system isn't x86_6421:17
lenteti know i can change the kernel with iso.git in devepment section21:19
lentetbut that would be it? just changing the kernel feature (it's only unmarking the x64 option when compiling the kernel)?21:19
Wildefyrhow old is that machine ?!?21:36
lentetit's kinda sad21:36
lentetit's from 2003 lol21:36
Wildefyrif it doesn't support x86_64 honestly don't install crux21:36
Wildefyrthe compile times will kill you21:37
lentetwell i don't mind about compile times, i've been with gentoo, and it's not annoying21:37
lenteti just want to install xserver, wmutils and firefox21:38
lentetnot much21:38
Wildefyrdoes the iso boot?21:38
*** ivs has joined #crux21:38
lentetno, because the kernel from iso (from crux 3.0) is x86_6421:39
lenteti know i can change it21:39
Wildefyryeah there is a page on the wiki that explains building your own iso21:39
onoderalentet: I think it will be pretty hard21:40
onoderabut possible21:40
onoderabut ueah, replace the kernel with a 32bit one21:40
lentetmy only concern is21:40
onoderaand of course you need to compile all packages yourself, since the pre-packaged packages included with the iso are 64-bit21:40
lentetthat's what i wanted to know!21:41
Wildefyri really would not say crux supports 32-bit well21:41
lenteti think it's time to buy a new computer, i really want to install crux21:42
onoderaisn't it possible to install a 64 bit os on your pc at all?21:42
Wildefyrwell if the processor doesn't support it21:42
lentetthe iso doesn't even boot21:42
onoderalentet: It's a truely nice distro, and since you seem to like minimalism/simplicity (wmutils) you'll probably like it a lot21:43
Wildefyrhey onodera, any idea why my nvidia module doesn't get loaded after grub, but when I ssh in and modprobe it, it loads fine?!?21:44
onoderahmm no idea, for me it just werks21:44
Wildefyrmaybe it's something in grub.cfg21:44
onoderadit you do a depmod -a after installing nvida21:44
lentetyeah, that's why i want to install it, minimalism, i don't feel okay with other distros, i thought gentoo would make the difference but no. thanks anyways!21:44
onoderaI always forget that part21:44
Wildefyrah shit21:44
Wildefyrthat might be it21:44
john_cephalopodaWildefyr: Maybe put a line "modprobe nvidia" into /etc/rc.modules21:46
onoderajohn_cephalopoda: I have never once added a modprobe line to my rc.modules and it just loads fine21:46
Wildefyrwell shit21:47
Wildefyri've booted and the nvidia module has loaded21:47
john_cephalopodaonodera: Maybe I configured that wrong. But the rc.modules is there and works. :P21:47
Wildefyrbut still doens't init the display output21:47
Wildefyrmust be something to do with grub surely..21:47
Wildefyrwell no luck there either..21:49
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feelinblueanybody have any tips on installing crux on btrfs on a luks?22:18
Wildefyrfollow whatever arch wiki says22:19
feelinblueunfortunately cryptsetup isn't installed on the crux bootable iso22:20
Wildefyrroll your own iso is the only thing I can suggest22:20
feelinbluei have an existing luks container, with a subvolume on btrfs for arch and crux22:20
WildefyrI don't know enough about it sadly ;_;22:21
feelinblueok, thanks anyways22:21
feelinbluei guess i'll try bootstrapping the system from the arch iso then22:21
feelinbluedoes a bootstrap archive exist for crux? I can't seem to find it in the downlaods22:33
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timcowchipare there contrib ports for the 3.2rc3?23:03
timcowchipI'm getting a lot of "dbus not configured properly" errors23:04
timcowchipoh, and sucks :(23:05
timcowchip*dash sucks23:05
timcowchipjust an opinion23:07
timcowchipyou guys probably know how to use it better that I do23:07
timcowchipI was able to boot and startx the first time around this time23:08
timcowchipcudos for that23:08
Wildefyrwho uses startx?23:08
Wildefyrwho uses lxdm?23:09
timcowchipwhat do you use?23:09
Wildefyrstartx is only a wrapper for xinit23:09
Wildefyrjust use xinit23:09
timcowchipknow anything about why ports won't build?23:10
Wildefyrwith dbus? nope23:10
timcowchipis 3.2rc3 still using 3.1 ports collections23:10
retardi am sad that crux is adopting debianisms23:11
Wildefyrwait what23:11
timcowchipdebian sux23:11
timcowchipI wish ian never met deb23:11
retarddebian is fine, but i don't like that crux is becoming more like it23:13
Wildefyrhow do you mean?23:14
timcowchipI guess the devs are sleeping or working on the latest beta of firefox23:14
retardstart-stop-daemon and dash23:14
retardssd is distributed through the dpkg source tree23:14
retardso that's now part of core23:15
timcowchipso is os-prober23:15
retardis that in core?23:15
timcowchipjust in my collection23:15
retardi don't know what it even is23:16
retardi guess it probes the os23:16
timcowchipyes and writes to /etc/grub.d/os-prober23:16
feelinbluelol, i think grub uses it to detect other os on other partitions such as windoze23:16
onoderatimcowchip: why does it such23:16
onoderatimcowchip: it's much faster than bash23:17
retardis it faster than /bin/sh?23:17
timcowchipwhere grub-mkconfig picks it up23:17
Wildefyrwait why don't we use mksh?23:17
onoderaretard: well is;t bin/sh just a symlink anyways?23:17
Wildefyrthat's fast23:17
retardonodera: not on 3.123:17
onoderaWildefyr: only the iso does I think23:17
timcowchipis down?23:17
retardyes it is23:17
Wildefyrmksh is fantastic23:17
feelinblueWildefyr: why don't we just compile c code and run the binary?23:18
retardstill though, dash is another debianism23:18
timcowchipwhere is apt for crux?23:18
Wildefyrwell os-prober is pretty useful23:18
Wildefyras much as I hate windows I still need it for games23:18
feelinbluetis a shame, but hopefully steam os changes that23:19
Wildefyrgonna maybe get one of those steam controllers23:19
onodera>playing games23:19
feelinblueat least newer games are mostly all being released on linux as well23:19
onoderaI gave up all my hobbies when switching to linux :_:23:19
onoderafeelinblue: especially when that new thing releases, what's it called23:20
onoderait's an offspring of mantle I think23:20
feelinblueooh, vulkan looks promising, it's supported on mobile as well as full computers23:22
Wildefyrif/when it releases it will be super cool23:23
timcowchiphow about crux? anyone use that?23:23
timcowchipI'm trying to, but the fucking thing is still broke23:23
onoderawell this is #crux23:24
*** kori has joined #crux23:24
onoderaso I imagine at least 90% of us do23:24
Wildefyrmaybe use 3.1 for now :p23:24
timcowchipwait I just remembered, I'm the fucking thing that's still broke23:24
onoderaI like z3bra's description of crux: Crux is the kind of distro you build with your bare hands in a whole week, while other would just it the "install" button, and watch the magic happen for an hour or so, and get the same result. You're barely helped, you do almost anything from scratch, you compile everything, and it is not even working as you want ! that's how I like my personnal desktop: raw.23:25
feelinbluewell, i tried earlier, but the install iso doesn't have cryptsetup :(23:25
korimy description of crux isn't appropriate anymore23:26
koriafter a certain incident with a certain someone23:26
koriI used to compare crux to subway :<23:27
koriwhere you build your own sandwich!23:27
feelinbluewow! i didn't know you could build a sandwich with crux! :)23:27
korifeelinblue: it's mostly a metaphor23:27
Wildefyri like it23:27
retardfeelinblue: when you build cryptsetup you get /sbin/cryptsetup.static which you can scp in23:27
koriI was comparing distros to fast food chains23:27
retardfeelinblue: that works23:28
retardbut it's not .. elegant23:28
Wildefyrso what's burger king then ? :D23:28
kori┐('~'; )┌23:28
korimcdonalds was ubuntu I think23:28
korifun fun23:28
Wildefyrkfc would make a good fedora23:29
*** arduo has quit IRC23:29
retardso is debian taco bell23:29
timcowchipfedora must be dairy queen23:30
koriI actually forgot23:30
*** timcowchip has quit IRC23:30
retardhaving to deal with debian too much gives me the squirts at least23:33
Romsterlentet, grab the crux 2.8 i686 iso for starters23:33
feelinblueretard: I'll try that when I install crux, I'm installing void currently because I've started to dislike systemd in Arch23:33
retardfeelinblue: nice! i've considered giving void a go, but it seems extremely github-y23:34
Romsterand i have these to get to 3.1 you can pkgadd -u them.23:34
feelinbluelol, yeah, even the docs are on github23:34
Romsterthey'll be a bit old still than what we have now.23:34
john_cephalopodaYesterday was halloween.23:34
Romsterlentet, put that above core in /etc/prt-get.conf23:35
Romsterthen you can sysup and might have to edit a few packages i dunno.23:36
Romsterfeelinblue> unfortunately cryptsetup isn't installed on the crux bootable iso <- i am pretty sure this is fixed in crux-3.2-rc3 it's not quite ready for relase yet but you could use that iso to configure LUKS23:39
retardthat's great news23:40
retardbeen wanting cryptsetup in the boot iso since 3.023:40
feelinbluethat is good23:40
Romsterhow the fuck is dash a debianism retard ?23:40
feelinbluealthough why doesn't crux have a boostrap archive?23:41
tilmanRomster: what does the d in dash stand for?23:41
Romsterdash is much faster when calling /bin/sh a thousand or so times to compile a program.23:41
retardwhat tilman said23:41
Romsterif you hate it symlink /bin/sh back to bash and enjoy your slowness23:41
Romsterdon't like ssd then don't use it write your own /etc/rc.d/ scripts.23:42
koriwoah woah woah, dash isn't quite a debianism, it is a debian project, but it's not really a debianism23:42
retardi would, but dash is now in core, as is start-stop-daemon23:42
retardso it's not a crux system without it23:42
koriretard: and when has anyone cared about following upstream?23:42
tilmanbut yeah, i wouldn't call it a debianism either23:42
retardand i'm not using it to write my own /etc/rc.d scripts23:42
koriCRUX is what you make of it!23:42
retardbut i would prefer to use crux and not fork it23:43
koriat this point in time 6c37 is pretty much maintaining a flavor of crux23:43
korialso I quite like how dash is now in core23:44
onoderaretard: I acually like both a lot23:45
koriI think it's time to fix my broken git cloning scripts23:45
korisince 3.2 is almost ready23:45
korimight as well change the branches23:46
*** rexich has joined #crux23:48
Romsteroh so the d is for debian eh?23:49
Romsteri can't see an issue with dash it's minimalist. less bloat than bash.23:49
koriRomster: yeah, debian almquist shell23:49
Romsterand here i thought crux was about being minimal.23:49
koriit's not like it matters, though23:49
Romsteryeah retard is being retarded on that comment.23:50
Romsterand using start-stop-daemon simplifies services scripts.23:50
Romsterdon't end up with processes that haven't killed or wont start because of left over pid files.23:51
retardhave you read the source of start-stop-daemon?23:53
Romstershould i be?23:54
Romsterif you are so inclined to want to help you should be in #crux-devel and on the mailinglist for it.23:54
retardbefore you claim it simplifies anything, probably23:54
*** rexich has quit IRC23:55
Romsterssd is even ported over to openBSD23:59
Romsterdoes that make openBSD also debianised?23:59

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