IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2015-11-01

Romsterfucking stupid comments -_-00:00
Romsterthat be like saginy that we are gentooised because we use a gentoo fork of udev called eudev.00:00
feelinbluewell the linux kernel is used in debian as well, so you know . . .00:01
Romsteri'm looking in the source code for ssd now.00:02
retardi would actually say that crux were gentooised if it started relying on something that's distributed with portage00:02
onoderabut does dash rely on something ditributed with apt?00:03
Romsterssd is a small utility inspired by debian... a rewrite of some one else perl code. and then ported to openBSD.00:03
Romsteri haven't looked in dash code but we have dash in opt/dash since forever. it's just got moved to core in 3.200:04
feelinblueretard: so the void install failed because the only server is down, what were you guys saying about adding cryptsetup earlier?00:05
Romsterfeelinblue, it's in the crux 3.2rc3 iso00:05
Romsteror you could grab system rescue cd that also has LUKs support.00:06
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retardRomster: my openbsd system does not have start-stop-daemon btw00:06
Romsteri odn't recomend installing crux 3.2 yet but you can use cryptosetup to setup your container then pop in the crux 3.1 disc/usb stick to kick off the setup00:07
Romsterretard, i just read the comments in the start-stop-daemon.c file00:07
feelinblueRomster: good idea, i'm gonna chroot into the crux subvol from my existing arch install, and then do the install00:08
Romsterit's probably optional in openBSD00:08
Romsterthat'll also work feelinblue00:09
retardRomster: a tool having been ported to an os doesn't make those projects linked. a tool being created for a specific distribution and being spread through that distributions package manager is a different thing entirely00:11
Romsterwe aren't using there package manager though just the small .c file00:13
koriI don't think pkgmk is using all the cores00:13
koriand -j4 is set in MAKEFLAGS @ /etc/pkgmk.conf00:13
RomsterMAKEFLAGS= in /etc/pkgmk.conf00:13
Romsteron what program are you compiling?00:14
Romstersome don't take all the cores.00:14
koriffmpeg now, I believe00:14
Romsterhtop will show you if it is.00:14
koribut I was compiling libressl00:14
koriI know00:14
Romsterssl probably wont.00:14
korithe three other cores are zero'd out00:14
Romsteri'd check but i'm compiling webkit-gtk3 atm00:14
koriits probably only a problem here00:15
koriwhich is why I'm confused00:15
korimake outside pkgmk is only using one core too00:15
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS="-j$(/usr/bin/getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)"00:15
Romsterthat is what i do and i wish crux would set that as the default in /etc/pkgmk.conf00:16
retardfeelinblue: i just put cryptsetup.static for my own use here - but for all you know that binary could be a rootkit or other kinds of nasty business00:16
feelinblueretard: and the original website looks sketch as hell; like really, a bunch of links to .webm's?00:17
koridid y'all change something in pkgmk?00:17
retardfeelinblue: it's my video ripping irc bot. :300:18
RomsterMAKEFLAGS=-j4 make00:18
Romstertry that00:18
Romsteror just make -j400:19
onoderaRomster: can you explain what that MAKEFLAGS line does?00:20
lentetthanks for your response about crux-x86 Romster!00:20
onoderanot -j4, but the one before that00:20
Romstermine? it checks for number of cores that are online and then reports the number.00:20
Romsteryou can disable cpu cores and it'll report only those that are active.00:21
feelinblueI always used the number of cores + 1 for make -j00:21
Romsterand you never have to change it for any system you use the same pkgmk.conf n be it 2 or 4 or more core system00:21
koriis there something in the kernel config that would disable other cores?00:21
Romsteri used too but that's not needed now.00:21
Romsteryou gain nothing doing that.00:21
RomsterSMP support00:22
korithat's enabled00:22
Wildefyrwhy would you want to disable cpu cores00:22
koriI'll just do a mrproper00:22
Romsterif you can't make -j4 or something on something then... yo got problems.00:22
koriWildefyr: I don't, but my other cores aren't being used at all00:22
Romsterif it's not using more than 1 core.00:23
koripossible solution: do a mrproper, reboot00:23
koriI'm kinda annoyed00:24
Romsterat that?00:25
koricould be good to update my kernel too00:27
koriI was using 4.2.000:27
feelinblueanybody have any idea what the install iso does on boot with regards to what happens with rootfs and the packages in the crux/{core,opt} folders?00:30
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retardfeelinblue: it unpacks and chroots into rootfs.tar.xz, and mounts the entire device/iso under /media i think00:31
Romsterwhat retard said. also the packages arn't used on the iso itself, there used in setup to install into the chroot.00:32
retardthen setup installs the packages from those two folders into /mnt by default00:32
feelinblueretard: there are things missing when I chroot into rootfs tho, and I have to /bin/ls to run ls and other things; setup is also missing, in addition to lsblk, and blkid00:33
Romsteriso system is in squashfs iirc00:33
Romsteryou have to mount root at /mnt00:33
Romsterthen setup-chroothelper00:33
Romsterthen setup00:34
Romsterinstall at least core ports00:34
Romsterthen configure settings and compile the kernel.00:34
retardfeelinblue: are you attempting to do the install through a different chroot? in that case you have to extract rootfs.tar.xz somewhere, mount the proc and dev filesystems in there and mount the root of the iso to media inside that dir00:34
retardbefore chrooting into it00:34
retardnesting chroots, one of the great joys in life00:35
Romsterin your case you'd luksOpen ... then use that open container for setting up crux on. then you'll also need a small /bot outside of LUKs to install a initramfs to be able to open the LUKs container to be about to boot.00:35
feelinblueretard: yup i am chrooting in from my existing arch install, did mount those before chrooting into the extracted 3.1 CRUX rootfs.tar.xz, but I have the problems from before00:36
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retardyou shouldn't really; i've created several chroots by mounting the iso loopback, extracting rootfs.tar.xz and chrooting into it00:37
retardnot directly, since a loopback is read-only00:37
feelinblueretard: alright, I'll try unmounting everything and trying it out again00:37
retardas long as the install target is mounted in /mnt and the cdrom is mounted in /media you should be okay00:38
Romsterwell you can stick the mount anywhere but setup defaults to /mnt but you can change that when it prompts you.00:39
feelinblueso i extracted the rootfs.tar.xz to a folder; mounted dev,tmp,proc, and sysfs; and then chrooted into the folder, but I still have the same problems, any ideas?00:43
Romsterwhat the heck are you doing?00:44
feelinbluei don't know?00:44
Romsterafaik that's exactly what your doing... Kappa00:44
Romsterso what are you trying todo? and what have you got now?00:44
feelinblueok i'll take it from the top00:45
feelinblueMy computer is UEFI with a luks partition00:45
feelinblueand a EFI partition, on the luks partition is a btrfs filesystem with two subvolumes(arch linux and an empty one for crux)00:46
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feelinblueright now I'm in the arch partition, and after mounting the crux 3.1 iso to /media, I extracted the rootfs.tar.xz in the iso to a local folder00:47
Romsteryou doing it wrong...00:48
feelinblueand then I mounted --bind /dev rootfs/dev, etc. and then chrooted00:48
Romsteryour right to chroot to the crux btrfs00:48
Romsterbut then you fail.00:48
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feelinbluecould you elaborate?00:48
Romsteryou should not be touching rootfs.tar.xz at all00:48
Romsterhave you even read the handbook?00:49
feelinblueyes ... how else would I be able to get the "setup" utility?00:49
feelinbluebecause it sounds like a crux specific utility for bootstrapping the system00:50
Romsteractually don't chroot just yet...00:50
Romsterjust mount the crux brtfs somewhere like /media00:50
feelinblueye, i have it under a folder under mnt00:51
Romsterthen type setup from the crux iso.... oh but your not running the crux iso... there is your problem.00:51
feelinblueyup, which is why i was trying to chroot into the iso00:51
Romsteryou can't run it because your not running the iso00:51
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Romsteryou can do it manually00:51
Romsterforget setup00:52
feelinbluehow would i do that?00:52
Romsterdo this instead00:52
retardi've extracted the rootfs.tar.xz manually, chrooted into it and ran setup in there many times00:52
Romstermount the iso somewhere00:53
Romstercd into the core ports.00:53
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux00:53
Romstermkdir /media//var/lib/pkg00:53
Romstertouch /media//var/lib/pkg/db00:53
feelinblueassuming /media is the btrfs crux subvol?00:54
Romsterpkgadd -r /media filesystem....00:55
feelinblue. . . but pkgadd is crux specific00:55
Romsterfirst off you set a empty databaqse for pkgadd to use. then install the filesystem that'll make all the directories00:55
Romsterah nuts you need to manually extract pkgutils and libarchive from core into /media00:56
feelinbluethis really sucks00:56
feelinblueif only there was a tarball of the base system00:57
Romsteractually let me see if pkgadd is static00:57
retardi would try to get the rootfs.tar.xz chrooting right; i've built four or five chroots from crux 3.0, 3.1 and various rcs00:57
retardthe fact your environment is so fubared your path is messed up sounds really weird to me00:57
retardyou chroot into it with /bin/bash as your shell?00:58
Romsterpkgadd is static so jsut that should work.00:58
Romsteri'll upload it00:58
feelinblueyes to the /bin/bash . . . hmmm, does mount care about relative paths?00:58
feelinbluebecause I didn't use absolute paths00:58
retard.. it might00:58
retardi've always used absolute paths.. but then i've never done this on arch either00:58
feelinblueaight, I'll try that then00:59
retardlook at setup-chroot inside the rootfs.tar.xz00:59
retardto see exactly how that does it00:59
Romsterwe need todo that after retard00:59
retardif you imitate that you should be okay00:59
retardbut for now he can rea dit00:59
Romsterdon't confuse feelinblue00:59
retardto check what he needs to chroot into the rootfs.tar.xz00:59
retardi'm not trying to confuse him, i'm explaining how i've done exactly this00:59
Romster./pkgadd -r /media filesystem....01:00
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feelinbluedarn, absolute paths don't change anything01:00
Romsterif it complains that /var is already there just add in -f01:01
Romsterto force it.01:01
Romsterforget paths and stuff for the moment.01:01
*** kori has joined #crux01:01
koriyeah it was a problem with the kernel01:02
korisomething I accepted while updating to 4.2.001:02
Romsterkori, oh01:02
feelinbluethe only thing it complains about is "bash: ls: command not found"01:02
korithis is why you reply n to everything01:02
Romsterfeelinblue, you got that far?01:02
Romsterok now you can do this in the core directory01:03
feelinbluebut /bin/setup doesn't exist inside the chroot anyways01:03
Romsterfor p in *; do01:03
Romsterpkgadd -r /media $p01:03
Romsterwe don't need setup we are doing it without that.01:03
Romsterwhich i've done this ^ multiple of times.01:03
Romsterafter that's done you got core ports for crux in /media01:05
Romsterready for the next step?01:05
feelinblueactually, pkgadd -r needs complains about not reading /media/var/lib/pkg01:06
feelinblueso i'm just gonna copy the *.tar.xz to /var/lib/pkg in the chroot01:07
Romsterthat is why i said to mkdir /media/var/lib/ ; touch /media/var/lib/pkg01:07
feelinblueoh, i did that inside the crux subvol01:07
Romsterthen install the filesystem package01:07
Romster./pkgadd -r /media filesystem....01:08
feelinbluefor me /media is the crux iso and /mnt/crux is the btrfs; so i assume you mena pkgadd -r /mnt/crux filesystem for my setup?01:08
feelinblue*mean pkgadd01:08
Romsteryou might need to adjsut paths i'm assuming your cd into the iso core ports and you got your crux sub volume mounted at /media01:08
Romsterdid you wget
Romsterand ./pkgadd ....01:09
Romsteror put pkgadd somewhere else in your path01:09
Romster/tmp be ok for this01:09
Romster/tmp/pkgadd ...01:10
Romstercd tmp ; wget ; cd -01:10
Romstermkdir /media/var/lib/ ; touch /media/var/lib/pkg01:10
Romster/tmp/pkgadd -r /media filesystem#....01:11
Romsterfor p in * do;01:11
feelinblueis "filesystem" a place holder?01:11
Romstertab to complete it01:11
Romsterit's a filename in core01:12
Romsteron the iso01:12
Romstermount the iso somewhere cd into the core ports01:12
*** lentet has quit IRC01:13
feelinblueso i got pkgadd to add the filesystem#3.1-2 . . .01:13
Romsteri take it that worked01:14
Romsterls /media should have a bunch of directories now.01:14
Romsternow you need to run the for loop to install all of core01:15
Romsterfor p in *; do01:15
feelinblueactually no, but bin, boot, dev, etc .. are all created01:15
feelinblueoh never mind, it did work properly01:15
Romster/tmp/pkgadd -r /media $p01:15
Romsterok good you are getting there. do that for loop and you'll have all of core installed.01:16
feelinbluealright all the core packages are installed, I'm guessing I chroot into it now?01:18
Romsternot yet01:18
Romstercd to media/usr/src01:19
Romstercp /mnt/cdrom/crux/kernel/{linux-3.12.24.config,linux-3.12.24.tar.xz} .01:19
Romsterjust use this kernel for now you can update it later.01:20
Romsterbsdtar -xf linux-3.12.24.tar.xz01:20
Romstercd linux-3.12.2401:20
Romstercp ../linux-3.12.24.config ./.config01:20
Romstermake menuconfig01:21
Romsteryou'll have to enable filesystem and disk controller modules as built in * and any other hardware.01:21
Romsteryou might get away using the arch kernel .config01:21
Romsteri'll leave that to you.01:22
Romsteranyways once you got the source there then we'll setup the chroot.01:22
Romstermount --bind /dev /media/dev01:23
Romstermount --bind /tmp /media/tmp01:23
Romstermount -t proc proc /media/proc01:23
Romstermount -t sysfs none /media/sys01:23
Romsterchroot /mnt /bin/bash01:23
Romsterfollow the rest of the guide on kernel and configuring crux.01:24
Romsterand you'll need to add a entry to your EFI partition to select crux or arch.01:24
Romsterchroot before building the kernel, you  can either edit files using arch or chroot in then use vim01:25
Romsterthis is more effort because of your install but you've got past the part you were stuck at.01:25
feelinblueyup, thank you,01:26
feelinblueI wonder why make menuconfig, isn't sorted alphabetically . . .01:26
Romsteronce you got a built kernel and done the boot loader. lilo or grub. then the few files to get crux running, all is left is the package manager ports -u ; prt-get depinst xorg01:27
Romsterfor like installing xorg01:27
Romsteri've messed with chroots and crux before moving to docker for all my package building. only reason why i know how to install crux the hard way ;D01:28
feelinbluelol, halfway through I considered giving up and just going to gentoo, but thanks to y'all I kept going01:29
Romsterit's a bitch to get started and familiar how it works. if you have to deviate from the manual.01:30
*** ivs has quit IRC01:30
Romsterbut once it works, you learn so much01:31
Romsteri didn't even finish my coffee -_-01:31
Romsteri struggled when i first used crux01:34
feelinbluewell darn, my woes aren't over just yet01:36
Romsterwhat are you at?01:36
feelinblueseems that make is complaining that linux/gcc5.h doesn't exist01:37
feelinbluewhich is what arch uses(gcc 5.2.0)01:37
Romsterhave you chrooted  yet do that before make01:37
Romstermistake on my part. do the mount and chroot stuff ^01:38
feelinblueokey doke01:38
Romsteris also in the manual for setup-chroot01:38
Romsterthen it'll use the crux tool chain to compile.01:38
feelinbluei wonder why  chroot doesn't automount those things, like arch-chroot can be used whithout mounting anything for arch systems01:39
Romsterit probably does that for you.01:39
feelinbluei meant why doesn't chroot auto mount those things01:40
Romsteri dunno it doesn't unless it's been modified from upstream01:41
Romsterchroot has never mounted or bindded anything ever from coreutils01:41
Romsterarch probably created a wrapper around chroot ?01:42
Romstercrux tries to keep as original to upstream as possible ie doesn't get in the way.01:42
Romsterbit less friendly in one way, but then you know what it'll exactly do.01:43
Romsteri see crux as a linux from scratch system with a package manager and BSD style init scripts.01:43
Romsterthat's it.01:43
Romsterdoens't wrap stuff up lke arch ubuntu debian does. it's more to the roots of linux.01:44
feelinbluethat's one of the reasons I stopped liking arch01:44
feelinbluesystemd was great until i realised that if it breaks, then shit really goes down01:44
feelinblueit manages network, boot, logs, init, and other things01:45
retardit wouldn't be good if chroot automatically went around mounting stuff for you01:46
retardwhat is it supposed to do when you exit the chroot?01:47
feelinbluei don't know? unmount on exit?01:47
retardand how is it supposed to know exactly what your given chroot requires?01:47
feelinblueif that's possible01:47
retardi'm sure it's possible, but it is additional state for it to handle01:47
retardand i don't see how it's supposed to predict what is needed inside a given chroot01:48
feelinbluetrue, and it would be better for the user to know what exactly to mount01:49
retardand you can always write a smal wrapper script, just like crux' setup-chroot01:49
Romsterwill exit the chroot but the mounts are still there unless you umount them01:50
Romsterwill list all the mounts01:50
Romstersee no hand holding or wrappering you do it all yourself01:50
feelinblueoh, that's helpful, i've always used cat /proc/mounts01:50
feelinbluea lot less characters to type01:51
Romsteri have a setup-chroot script in romter/01:51
Romsterand with crux you learn stuff :D01:51
feelinblueyeah, in arch I kind of felt systemd took over stuff I should have control of01:52
Romsterdave i can't let you do that... s/dave/systemd/g :D01:52
feelinbluelol, i have something of the sort for when I try to use rm01:52
Romstersystemd probably works ok but yeah it does to much01:53
Romsterand then there is ubuntu when you go to uninstall a port it rips half the ports you wanted to keep on the system01:53
feelinblue look at line 74-9101:53
Romsterhahahah nice01:54
feelinblueis vmlinuz the only thing that's made by make?01:55
feelinbluei can't seem to find an initramfs01:55
Romsterit wont make one but you have a initramfs already in EFI ?01:56
Romsterall you need is cp /boot/01:56
Romstercp arch/x86_64/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz01:56
Romsterdon't forget to make modules_install01:57
feelinbluehow would that help? the that is01:57
Romsteri often forget that :D01:57 is a table of modules and loading order.01:57
Romsterfor the kernel01:57
feelinblueah, does the kernel use that?01:57
Romsterentry points and such.01:57
feelinbluei meant at boot time01:57
retardfor uefi i've actually been compiling the kernel as an uefi executable and booting it directly without a bootloader01:58
retardit's kind of hacky though, i have to pass the boot parameters through iconv to mangle them into ucs-201:58
Romsterhow ever you do your luksOpen and subvolume mounting and pivot_root to arch/crux01:58
*** mechaniputer has quit IRC01:58
feelinbluei'd like to keep a bootloader because i may need arch if crux breaks, and vice versa01:59
retardregular way, with initrd stored inside the fat partition that uefi runs01:59
Romsteri haven't had much experience in that area.01:59
retardi use better-initramfs01:59
retardvery happy with it01:59
Romstera /sbin/init file and busybox is usually enough and cryptosetup.static01:59
retardactually grub2 can do all that stuff too, cryptsetup, lvm and even software raid02:01
Romsteri got my root on a SSD the rest of my system is in lvm202:01
retardi find it very confusing though02:01
Romstergrub2 configure script is ugh complex02:01
retardnot to set up, but to actually understand how it all goes together.. and how it uses files that are generated rather than just configurable by hand02:02
Romsteri'm still using lilo02:02
feelinbluegummiboot is very nice if you use uefi02:02
retardlilo is nice02:02
onoderayou mean systemdboot :)02:02
Romstereww systemdboot....02:02
feelinblueoh crap, i forgot that got "assimilated" into systemd02:02
onoderalilo is perfect for me02:02
onoderanever gonna switch if possible02:03
feelinbluethe systemd developer even deleted the git for gummiboot02:03
retardsyslinux/extlinux is fine too02:03
Romsterelilo i think exists for UEFI02:03
retardelilo is good too02:03
Romsterbut i don't have hardware that needs that yet02:03
retardi just wanted to try compiling the kernel as an uefi executable for fun02:03
retardlook ma, no bootloader02:03
Romsterworks well?02:04
onoderaI can boot both BIOS and UEFI02:04
retardfor me, perfectly02:04
onoderadoes UEFI have any pros?02:04
retardit's not very flexible though02:04
feelinbluewell maybe one's faster than the other02:04
retardi virtualize rather than dualboot02:04
Romsteri hate the fact it's using fat32 like really no journal02:05
retardone drawback is that it requires an unencrypted fat partition with your kernel and initrd on02:05
Romsteri'd like to qemu windows and vga pasthough but i haven't yet02:05
retardi have yet to run into any issues with corruption though02:05
retardi'm going to try that on my new x25002:05
retardtrying to decide if i should go for supporting dualboot on it or not02:06
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux02:06
Romsterwebkit takes forever to compile02:10
*** onodera has quit IRC02:11
retardfirefox too02:12
retardnetsurf isn't too bad though02:12
retardcompile system has gotten a lot better02:12
*** jusplainmike has quit IRC02:43
feelinblueso turns out i need an initramfs because of the encryption02:43
feelinbluei downloaded Romster 's mkinitramfs(
feelinbluebut I'm not quite sure what to do with it after downloading it02:44
Romsteri've only played with it a few times ages ago02:45
*** jusplainmike has joined #crux02:45
feelinbluewell darn02:45
retardi've got better-initramfs set up and working02:47
retardit was pretty simple, just cloned this repo and followed instructions
feelinblueI'll try that out02:49
retardBoot0019* crux  HD(1,800,1dc800,46752a2c-776c-4899-9a3d-12f6f41e1dcc)File(\vmlinuz)i.n.i.t.r.d.=.\.i.n.i.t.r.a.m.f.s...c.p.i.o...g.z. .l.u.k.s. .e.n.c._.r.o.o.t.=./.d.e.v./.s.d.a.2. .r.o.o.t.=./.d.e.v./.m.a.p.p.e.r./.e.n.c._.r.o.o.t. .i.w.l.w.i.f.i...s.w.c.r.y.p.t.o.=.1...02:52
retarduefi is weird02:52
retarducs-2 -_-02:52
*** kori has quit IRC02:55
retardi like how it's built though02:56
feelinblueThis may sound like a silly question,, but how do you install  git?02:58
retardprt-get depinst git02:58
feelinblueright, i tried that, but i got the package 'git' could not be found"02:58
retardports -u first02:59
retardto update the repos and populate /usr/ports02:59
retardgit is in opt and should be enabled by default02:59
feelinblueso prt-get is just a 'frontend' for ports?03:01
feelinblueand pkgadd, etc?03:01
retardpkgmk and pkgadd03:04
retardit also handles dependency resolving03:04
retardyou can cat /usr/ports/opt/git/Pkgfile to see what a package looks like03:05
retardthe "# Depends on:" line is what is used by depinst to figure out which ports to install before it03:06
retardeach package also has an .md5sum with hashes of the files, and a .footprint with a list of the files the built package should contain03:06
retardwhen i need a file but i'm not sure what package to use i often do grep filename /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint03:07
feelinbluei also added -j4   to the MAKEFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf,   but prt-get   depinst   git only uses one core(htop)03:09
retardyou remembered to uncomment it, and you did it before you started the depinst?03:11
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Romsterprt-get cat git06:19
Romstersome ports don't use more than 1 core.06:19
frinnstholy backlog, batman!06:31
tired890bat-who ?06:32
tired890I got a chance to play on a debian system to compile some stuff, one thing I noticed is typing "make <tap>" gives me all possible make args for that particular package after a second or so, some program/script reads the makefile to determine possible args.. anyone know what mechanism in in place? Would be handy to have this (in my case)06:42
frinnstbash-completion probably06:43
feelinblueanybody using better-initramfs, and not having disks recognized?06:44
skrzypcan I make building ports more quiet?06:45
tired890as in "compile xyz... done." kinda quiet ?06:46
frinnstfeelinblue: not using any initrd here, but do you modprobe for scsi controller and scsi-disk ?06:46
skrzyplike portage do06:46
skrzyp"compiling xx of yy, loadavg: 13.37 6.66 0.00"06:46
skrzypand everything goes into logfile06:47
frinnstskrzyp: that would require some scripting.06:47
feelinbluefrinnst: I have a luks container with a btrfs subvol for crux(and arch on another), and I think luks needs an initramfs(not sure about this)?06:48
skrzypfrinnst: mostly in pkgmk, right?06:48
frinnstfeelinblue: yeah if you encrypt / you'll need an initrd - you will need to open it up before you can boot from it06:49
frinnst <- looks very out of date but it might give you some pointers06:50
frinnstskrzyp: you would need to write a script that calls pkgmk, redirects output to a logfile06:51
feelinbluealright, the problem is that the initramfs doesn't seem to recognize any disks. In the shell "ls /dev/" doesn't show any sdX devices, and blkid doesn't have any output06:51
frinnsthave you built your disk controller as a module? if so you will need to load that in the initrd06:53
frinnstMy USB keyboard does not work under better-initramfs06:53
frinnstInitramfs does not 'support' any kind of hardware, if your USB keyboard does not work its propably because you did not compiled USB HID drivers into your kernel or have it as modules, which aren't loaded at initramfs boot time.06:53
frinnstthat would apply to all hardware, so06:54
skrzypwow, why xorg pulled llvm as dependency?06:58
frinnstbecause mesa3d06:58
skrzyphave I missed something in compilers' world?06:58
skrzypehh ok06:58
frinnstxorg-server depends on mesa3d, mesa3d depends on llvm for gallium06:58
frinnstblame the folks, they are responsible for 95% of all the dependencies in your system :-)06:59
Wildefyrtalking of xorg, anyone know how I can set xorg to test multiple drivers when loading into the environment?06:59
frinnsttest? as in loading lots of drivers to see what sticks?06:59
Wildefyrwell I want to load into nvidia on one kernel, and modesetting on the other07:00
frinnstrun without a config, that will throw all installed drivers at your hardware to see what sticks iirc07:00
Wildefyrye I was thinking that07:00
Wildefyrbut it's not very 'clean' I guess07:00
frinnstah, kernel drivers07:00
frinnstsimplest way would probably be to have two different kernels installed07:01
frinnstor blacklist the nvidia & modesetting drivers in modprobe.conf and then load the one you want manually, then start x07:01
Wildefyrhow that's what I have already07:01
WildefyrI am talking about xorg.conf settings specifically07:02
frinnstoh ok. not sure if you need to take extra steps with nvidia since its quite different from the other ddx drivers07:03
frinnstyou could specify an xorg config when starting x07:03
Wildefyrwell specifically saying it Driver "nvidia" seems to work just fine07:03
Wildefyrhm or directory07:03
tired890Wildefyr, with older xorg that was the norm (ie make a config file), now the right way is to start it without one, ie detect and start on the fly. Tho you sometimes need to specify some settings.. like in my case I wish to start x on the second VGA (first being for passthrough), so I have a file with just the relevant setting07:04
Wildefyrso just don't have a 20-nvidia.conf and let xorg sort it out is the only way?07:04
tired890Section "Device"07:04
tired890Identifier  "Radeon"07:04
Wildefyrergh I really hate autodetect stuff sometimes07:05
tired890thats all whats in it (ie relevant part I need only, not the whole xorg.conf)07:05
Wildefyryeah I have something pretty similar07:05
Wildefyreh driver mind just having Driver "nvidia" and Driver "modesetting" one after each other works fine07:07
Wildefyrguess it works07:07
skrzypi'm still writing xorg.conf files07:09
skrzyphipster level is over 900007:09
Wildefyrit just takes the last argument07:10
Wildefyralso I love how I got the nvidia blob working but have no idea how to have any kind of framebuffer supp :<07:10
tilmanpeople still use VTs in 2015? ;p07:11
WildefyrI like to be able to see what I am typing :p07:11
skrzyptilman: yes07:11
skrzyptilman: I have a VT51007:12
Wildefyreven if I am just gonna load into x07:12
skrzypdo you?07:12
WildefyrI love how the only way to load into x is to ssh into my machine from another and x explicitlu07:18
Wildefyrhaving no framebuffer means I don't get the keyboard eitehr07:18
tilmanskrzyp: i meant v as in virtual not v as in video :((07:19
tilmanbut i think you know that ;p07:19
tilmanskrzyp: also: cool! i don't have any vintage hw07:20
Romsterfrinnst> blame the folks, they are responsible for 95% of all the dependencies in your system :-) <- and if it's not them it'll be me.07:22
tilmanWildefyr: so putting 'modprobe nvidia' in /etc/rc.modules doesn't work?07:22
Wildefyrnvidia is fine07:23
WildefyrI've loaded the module and running x on it07:23
tilmanWildefyr: why do you still need ssh then?07:24
Wildefyrbecause there's no fucking console to type into on the machine once it's booted07:24
tilmanwhat would you type?07:24
Wildefyroh I dunno07:25
Wildefyrhow about username and pass07:25
Romsteri don't even load nvidia that is done on startx.07:25
tilmando you have a login manager?07:25
frinnstRomster: lol :D07:25
tilmanlike slim or xdm?07:25
tired890I have framebuffer support built into kernel..07:25
Wildefyrno and I don't want one07:25
Wildefyrall I want is a tty when the machine boots rofl07:25
tilmanfair enough07:25
tired890as in the one in fstab ?07:26
tilmanWildefyr: thought we are talking X :-)07:26
Wildefyrtired890, no the one that you log in to when the machine boots07:27
frinnstRomster: im catching up with the whole firefox mess! :D07:27
Romsteri'd like to update firefox and hope it will work and not crash on me.07:27
Romstershould i be moving to crux 3.2 on my desktop already and dealing with ports there07:28
tired890I reckon since you maintain many ports.. might as well get them tested for us the masses so our experience will be swift ;)07:29
Romsteri know what will happen when 3.2 is out all of a sudden bug reports for nearly everything07:31
tilmanso will you wait for gcc 5.3 before releasing crux 3.2?07:32
Romsterthat's what i said to do. but then jue recons i should just fix wien to use -Os or -O2 until gcc is fixed.07:34
Romsteri think we should either wait for a patch for gcc or hold off until gcc is fixed07:35
Romsterthough crux 3.2 has taken ages to emerge07:35
Romsterabout time i docker crux 3.2rc3 and start testing stuff.07:36
*** xeirrr has joined #crux07:41
*** nurplepurple has quit IRC08:04
*** wuyin has quit IRC08:04
*** nurplepurple has joined #crux08:06
*** wuyin has joined #crux08:06
Romsterthere now we have a crux-3.2 docker image09:04
Romsternow i need to do my overlay of tools on top of that image.09:04
*** pejman_ has quit IRC09:21
skrzypfrinnst: Romster: anyway, intel driver doesn't use Gallium3D yet, so I can disable those things in mesa3D by configratuion options - how can I modify configure arguments and make this package still upgradeable?09:26
*** pejman has joined #crux09:28
tilmanskrzyp: there's no good or supported way to do that09:29
tilmanafaik anyway09:29
Romsteryou rarely have to build llvm often i'd just install them and forget about it09:29
Romsterif you want too add your own prtdir line above xorg in prt-get.conf then clone the mesa3d port to your new prtdir and edit it.09:30
Romsterbut then you are responsible for version bumps etc.09:30
skrzypI can still clone and patch this pkgfile every new version09:31
tilmana long time ago, several people had the idea of introducing a MESA_DRIVERS variable09:31
tilmansimilar to ALSA_DRIVERS (not sure that exits anymore?)09:31
Romstercould probably have split out mesa3d-gallium or it's own port but it gets messy09:36
tilmanbad idea09:36
tilmaneven more so considering that intel is the odd one out... everybody else is using gallium09:37
frinnstand there are always more of these compromises. unless everyone uses the same hardware, wants to run the same software and use their computer in the same way09:40
frinnst.. there have to be compromises09:41
tilmanRomster: i heard you port anything09:44
tilmanRomster: wanna port a gcc cross compiler for mingw32?09:44
*** Romster has quit IRC09:44
skrzypthat should be printed on crux's frontpage XD09:44
*** Romster has joined #crux09:44
tilmanRomster: did i scare you?09:45
Romsterno my net is acting up09:46
skrzyp104406 @tilman  Romster: i heard you port anything09:46
skrzyp104417 @tilman  Romster: wanna port a gcc cross compiler for mingw32?09:46
skrzyp104417 <        Romster (~Romster@unaffiliated/romster) has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)09:46
tilmanthat timestamp resolution ;)09:48
Romsteri actually had a mingw compiler at one point09:49
tilmanwhy did you delete it? gaaaah09:49
Romsteri'd make a multilib w64 thesedays09:49
Romsterhmm i probbly got the Pkgfile of it still09:49
tilmanwin32 would suffice for me personally ;)09:50
tilmanwin32 better supported still09:50
tilmanRomster: there probably would be a separate port for the windows headers?09:50
tilmanand libc stubs maybe?09:51
Romster mingw32- stuff is in there.09:51
tilmanma what?09:52
Romsteri honestly have no idea why i got a ton of directories of everything in romster.git09:52
Romster mingw32-api  mingw32-binutils mingw32-gcc mingw32-runtime09:53
tilmanaha, in contrib-romster/09:53
tilmanvery nice09:53
Romsterit'll need a big bump09:53
tilmani don't care as long as it produces working binaries09:53
Romstersee how you go with that i got crux 3.2 stuff todo atm09:54
Romsteryou'll want .32bit files for building 32bit in each port directory. due to our multilib09:56
tilmandon't care if the compiler is 64 bit09:56
tilmani only care that it generates 32 bit code09:56
Romsteryeah it should if it's configured as multilib.09:57
Romsterthat stuff was done when crux was i68609:57
Romsterupload faster slow internet... may as well look for food while i wait.09:58
*** feelinblue has quit IRC10:34
*** BitPuffin|osx has quit IRC10:41
*** crash_ has quit IRC10:49
*** crash_ has joined #crux10:53
skrzypRomster: why firefox-pgo in your repo doesn't have appropriate options for PGO in "ac_add_options" block? :D11:31
skrzypthat makes no sense11:31
Romsterbecause thats how it worked11:31
Romsteri don't know if they changed stuff in later versions11:32
*** onodera has joined #crux11:38
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:53
skrzypcrux 3.2 has firefox 42.0b9 in ports12:35
skrzypis that safe to install?12:36
frinnstno it will kill your puter'!!12:39
skrzypfrinnst: sure, absolutely no warranty, blah blah, I know12:40
joacimit has nsa botnet software12:40
frinnstyou should use google ultron instead12:50
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux12:53
*** kori has joined #crux13:29
*** kori has quit IRC13:30
*** kori has joined #crux13:42
*** kori has quit IRC13:57
*** jusplainmike has quit IRC14:04
*** jusplainmike has joined #crux14:06
*** kori has joined #crux14:10
koriyo Romster can you recompile icecat for 3.214:15
*** jusplainmike has quit IRC14:44
*** jusplainmike has joined #crux14:45
*** deivior has joined #crux14:54
*** xeirrr has quit IRC15:18
joacimman. this gigabyte card has a lot of worn out screws15:19
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux15:27
frinnstwee, horrorStruck \o/15:54
horrorStruckhehe suuuuup??15:55
frinnstnot much :> *afk*15:59
skrzypI can't play any youtube videos in mpv15:59
horrorStruckafk too but still using crux :)16:00
skrzyp"[ffmpeg] tls: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated "16:00
skrzypany ideas?16:00
tilmanskrzyp: fwiw, i use livestreamer to play them.16:04
tilmanjust tried mpv, getting the same error as you do16:04
skrzyptilman: it works very well on other distros16:07
skrzypevery other distro*16:07
tilmani'm not stopping you from figuring this out16:08
tilmanjust listed an alternative16:08
Wildefyrtilman, does livestream support dash ?16:11
Wildefyrdash playback, what youtube use primarily now16:12
tilmani have no idea what that is16:12
Wildefyrit's their google's own version of their html playback16:13
Wildefyrthe 60fps stuff is what it enables16:13
*** kori has quit IRC16:17
skrzyptilman: I see, it's a problem with lacking of some libraries16:21
tilmanye, probably ffmpeg missing TLS stuff. or something.16:22
skrzypand mpv lacks quvi16:22
skrzypwho the f… maintained thise multimedia pkgs?16:22
tilmanpeople who dont care about whatever the fuck quvi is?16:22
Wildefyrskrzyp, use 6c37 port16:23
skrzypWildefyr: same thing16:23
skrzyptilman: quvi is for making lua scripts work with mpv, like OSD and ytdl hook16:23
Wildefyrgive me the exact command you're using16:23
Wildefyrlet me see if I can duplicate16:23
skrzypmpv "someyoutubeurl"16:24
skrzypbut when I use livestreamer, it works but without OSD display (progress, filename and so on)16:24
Wildefyryeah I get the same error16:26
Wildefyrthis needs a fix it seems16:26
skrzyplemme hack into pkgfile16:27
Wildefyrwell this is odd16:28
Wildefyrgonna assume mpv is the culprit16:28
*** kori has joined #crux16:31
*** BitPuffin|osx has quit IRC16:33
koriskrzyp: that happens when videos can't be played in your region iirc16:35
skrzypkori: not really16:37
skrzypkori: the same video I was watched in browser 2 minutes earlier?16:37
korithe one that had TLS errors16:40
Wildefyrthat can't be right kori16:41
koriWildefyr: it happened to me sometimes16:42
kori┐('~'; )┌16:42
Wildefyrwell using mps-youtube that has mpv set as player and it loads fine16:43
Wildefyrsomething funky is going on16:45
skrzypI've added lua as dependency for mpv16:59
skrzypthings are going on right now16:59
*** deus_ex has quit IRC17:00
Wildefyrlua's mom has got it going on *whistles*17:01
skrzypdo you have problems with sleeping, z3bra?17:01
Wildefyrz3bra you're two hours ahead of me17:01
z3brayeah and?17:01
WildefyrI am not sure 7pm is morning17:02
*** jawbo has quit IRC17:02
z3bracheck the link above...17:02
*** jawbo has joined #crux17:02
*** deus_ex has joined #crux17:03
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux17:07
john_cephalopodaHey. Subversion download fails for me. 404.17:07
Wildefyrsource is down then17:10
Wildefyror they have potentially moved the file17:11
Wildefyrgo check17:11
skrzypI've modified over 5 pkgfiles in /usr/ports17:12
skrzypand made yt videos in mpv working17:12
skrzypbut now I'm afraid to ports -u17:12
koriskrzyp: or just use mpvhq from our repo and you're golden17:13
skrzypkori: mpvhq is an testbed for mpv devs afaik17:14
skrzypkori: but this is a second issue - how I'll know that certain -git package needs to be updated in the future?17:14
Wildefyrskrzyp, put you changes in a branch17:15
koriskrzyp: nope17:15
koriit's a fork that adds some neat features (that you probably don't need)17:15
koriskrzyp: meh17:15
koriI just upgrade all git packages at once every once in a while17:15
skrzypmpvhq is based on mpv and focuses on videophile quality features and was originally created because of disagreements with the mpv developers, but currently exists more as a testbed for my own personal improvements, that will hopefully all make their way back into mpv.17:16
Wildefyrprt-get update -fr is ur friend17:16
skrzypkori: this is why void devs were right, -git packages are not that okay, because this teaches developer to not giving a shit about releases17:17
koriskrzyp: as a package maintainer -git packages are a godsend because after a while you just get tired and those packages maintain themselves17:19
Wildefyrcrux is basically rolling release anyway17:20
skrzypi see17:20
skrzypit has its own pros and cons, sure17:20
z3braskrzyp, even -git packages should show up in "ports -d" if the ports are built using the recommended way to do so17:21
mechaniputerWildefyr: I think of CRUX as a tumbling release.17:21
z3bra(aka, using a specific commit)17:22
Wildefyrwe hard core now bois17:22
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux17:27
*** jawbo has quit IRC17:28
*** jawbo has joined #crux17:54
john_cephalopodaskrzyp: You need lua and youtube-dl for youtube in mpv - also libcdio-paranoia for CDs.18:20
*** timcowchip has joined #crux18:28
timcowchipdon't like dash being forced on you?18:34
timcowchipfed up with getting bitched at, when you complain about it?18:34
frinnstwho doesnt like dash?18:34
timcowchipI'm recruiting dissidents18:35
timcowchipyou know what I do with a login me for one18:35
frinnstim not sure I follow nor why using dash as /bin/sh is a bad thing (since its by a long way faster than bash)18:36
frinnstand youre not supposed to use dash as a login shell, that would be stupid :-)18:36
frinnstshame you seem to think we are all evil cunts18:37
timcowchipI removed dash18:37
frinnstsince many of us have spend hours of our free time trying to help you18:37
frinnstanyways, good luck18:37
john_cephalopoda"dash being forced on you"? bash comes preinstalled in most major distros, except when zsh is shipped.18:38
timcowchipwhat do you think happened when I did that?18:38
timcowchipcrux broke that's what happened18:38
frinnstwell, duh18:38
frinnstits /bin/sh18:38
frinnstshitload of things depend on that18:38
timcowchipI'd say that constitutes "forcing" it on people18:39
john_cephalopoda sh --version18:39
john_cephalopodaGNU bash, version 4.3.42(1)-release (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)18:39
frinnstyeah, and we force glibc down peoples throats too18:39
frinnstand the linux kernel18:39
frinnstwe are indeed evil people18:39
frinnstgeez man18:39
john_cephalopodafrinnst: It is a really horrible thing to use the Linux kernel in a Linux distribution. You should use something more free, like sortix or BSD.18:40
frinnstnot everyone can afford 105kb diskspace!18:40
tilmanfrinnst: most people appreciate the countless hours you and everyone else are putting in :-)18:41
john_cephalopodaYeah, look on amazon for a 105kb disk. You won't find one. You have to look in some nostalgy forum and it will surely be $100 there or something. Now imagine what a 50 MB disk would cost!18:41
frinnsttilman: thanks :-)18:41
frinnsti think its worth 105kb storage18:43
timcowchipits your(you and everyone else that put in the countless hours) distro you have a right to make it as exclusive as you like18:44
tilmanit also saves power18:44
tilmanthus saves the planet18:44
frinnstgeez man18:44
timcowchipby limiting choice18:45
frinnsthow do we limit choices by adding dash as /bin/sh ?18:45
*** rexich has joined #crux18:45
john_cephalopodaYou always got the choice to make your own ports and use your preferred shell.18:46
frinnstif you removed dash and never symlinked bash as /bin/sh - im sorry, but thats entirely your choice18:46
john_cephalopodaafk for a bit.18:46
frinnstand your fault for doing something you dont understand the consequences of18:46
frinnstdont be mad at us for screwing up your system18:46
timcowchipno just for making it so easy to screw up with warning18:47
frinnstwell, set your root password to something random and forget about it - voil�! fixed!18:48
frinnstanyways, good luck18:49
timcowchipand to you sir :)18:49
*** rexich has quit IRC18:52
*** deep42thought has joined #crux18:53
*** timcowchip has quit IRC18:53
deep42thoughtHi, I'm trying to install crux, but am unable to install grub2 (needed by grub2-efi), which failes with some freetype-font-error (can't find freetype2/ftsynth.h). However, the file is in a package, which is installed. Any suggestions?18:57
frinnsthm, sounds like the issue I had with firefox and some other ports18:58
deep42thoughtyeah, firefox won't install, too18:59
tilmanpaste the compiler invocation? so we can see what include paths it uses etc18:59
deep42thoughtbut I'm not too concerned about that, right now18:59
frinnstfreetype broke some things in the newest version, but that is patched in firefox18:59
frinnsthm, firefox is long since patched. make sure your port tree is up to date18:59
deep42thoughtok, give me a minute ... the machine is not really online, yet18:59
deep42thought"ports -u"?18:59
frinnstgrub2 does not *depend* on freetype but it probably tries to link against it if freetype is installed19:00
deep42thoughtI was doing "ports -u" right at the beginning19:01
deep42thoughtso I may solve it by removing freetype?19:01
frinnstyeah. not a pretty fix though :-)19:02
deep42thoughtI'll give it a try19:02
frinnstactually no19:02
frinnstim wrong19:02
frinnstgrub2 does depend on freetype19:03
frinnstis freetype actually up to date?19:03
frinnst"ports -u opt && prt-get -fr update freetype"19:03
tilmanthe latest freetype ports installs:19:03
tilmangrub2 port says:19:04
tilmansed -i -e 's|freetype/ftsynth.h|freetype2/ftsynth.h|' grub-$version/util/grub-mkfont.c19:04
tilmanthat doesn't seem to match19:04
frinnsthm, not in my tree19:04
frinnstbut im on 3.219:04
tilmanyep, reproduced19:05
deep42thoughtok, so what now?19:05
tilmandeep42thought: sec19:05
frinnstyeah, that's not right. I'll push a fix since matt is away19:05
tilmani remember that freetype had header reorganization issues all the time 10 years ago19:06
tilmangood to see they are still at it19:06
frinnstyeah and they fucked shit up last release too19:06
frinnstdeep42thought: ports -u opt and try again19:07
tilmanfrinnst: isnt the bug in contrib?19:08
frinnstits in opt/grub2 too19:08
frinnsti'll commit the same fix there too19:09
tilmanyeah, my bad19:09
frinnstpushed for contrib/grub2-efi19:12
tilmanwhat's up with cruxbot?19:12
frinnstnot sure. there were some issues with the git repo and permissions a while back19:12
frinnstand sepen got ~500 emails/hour19:13
frinnstso I think he killed it :>19:13
frinnsti'll ask him to fire it up again19:13
frinnstthanks for the report :)19:15
*** ivs has joined #crux19:45
*** wuyin has quit IRC20:37
*** nurplepurple has quit IRC20:37
deep42thoughtI got another problem, which may not be 100% crux' fault, but: I'm unable to get UEFI boot running. The install medium (USB-Stick) boots via uefi, but the installed system won't. So far, I tried boot via efi-stub and via grub2-efi. However, with either of both I get nothing (not even a sign from grub). I sticked to and for the grub part I also tried parts of Maybe someone h20:40
*** ivs has quit IRC20:42
*** Lukc has quit IRC20:47
*** Lukc has joined #crux20:48
deep42thoughtalso it looks, like the source of ladspa has moved, but I can't find, where it went :-/21:12
john_cephalopodadeep42thought: Seems that their whole site is down.21:16
john_cephalopodaDown and free for purchase.21:16
deep42thoughtok, I thought, they moved it and google didn't pick up yet21:17
frinnstdeep42thought: sorry cant help you there, never touched uefi21:17
*** nurplepurple has joined #crux21:17
*** wuyin has joined #crux21:17
frinnstjaeger knows a lot about it but he's away this week21:17
frinnstteK__ might know too, not sure21:17
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC21:32
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC21:46
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux21:47
*** ivs has joined #crux21:49
koriyo Romster21:52
*** Workster has joined #crux22:05
kyubikokori: do you know if 9front has WiFi support22:11
korikyubiko: nope22:11
koriWorkster: can you compile icecat for 3.2 for me?22:11
Workstermaybe later22:11
korithe current pkg gives me a libicu err.22:11
Worksteri'm at work now22:11
koriI'm currently browserless except for google chrome22:11
koriand... you know... google chrome. ew22:12
kyubikoI'm running plan 9 again22:12
kyubikoWell on my raspberry pi at least22:12
kyubikoUsing drawterm to talk to it22:12
kyubikoApologies for off topic, on mobile and didn't see the channel22:19
john_cephalopodaDoesn't look hipster, you need a desktop background with thick-rimmed glasses, like
*** onodera has quit IRC22:43
*** deep42thought has quit IRC23:02
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:10

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