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rmullskrzyp: :P00:31
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retardcrux could learn from this01:04
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matczi just installed crux01:19
matczallmost everything work01:19
matczbut my wifi doesnt01:19
matczand i dont have clue why01:19
matczkernel driver works (ath9k), iwconfig show wlp4s001:20
matcziwconfig wlp4s0 no wireless extension01:20
retardthe interface that iwconfig uses has been deprecated in the kernel01:21
matcziwconfig wlp4s0 essid essid01:21
retardyou need to enable it01:21
retardor switch tool to iw01:21
matczcannot read /proc/net/wireless01:21
retardsee under networking support -> wireless01:24
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retardenable cfg80211 wireless extensions compatability01:25
matczi used iw and it worked01:29
matczdont know why but its working01:29
matczive it enabled01:29
retardiwconfig uses the old api01:30
retardiw uses the new one01:30
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matczthanks mate01:35
tierd891that sounds easy01:36
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tierd891I wasted an hour or so configuring mine when I first installed crux01:36
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tierd891with wpa_supplicant and those endless options01:36
matczits easy01:37
matczwhen you know which tool use01:37
matczmy wifi works now01:37
tierd891real men don't use ubuntu-style tools ;)01:38
tierd891I think I'll look into it though01:38
matczinto what? ubuntu-style tool iw?01:39
tierd891no into improving my custom init scripts ;)01:39
retardi just use wpa_supplicant01:41
retardit gets started by a dhcpcd hook01:42
retardfor new networks i just wpa_passphrase essid >> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and restart net01:44
retardit's the least hassle i've ever had with wireless network configuration01:44
tierd891retard, likewise. only the initial config in setting up rc.d/wifi01:45
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matcznext problem02:02
matczwith what i can control my fan speed02:02
matczmy cpu is to hot02:02
matczand laptop start to shutdown02:03
matczwhich is good and bad02:03
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penguinfanlm_sensors has fancontrol02:10
matczcannot read configuration fiole02:10
matczi hda the same proble with arch02:11
matczsensors show acpitz-virtual-0 device02:11
matczwith some temps02:11
matczhow can i speed up fun when there is such need02:12
penguinfancheck this:
matczmy fun barked at me02:14
matczfunny sound02:14
matczmy cat is curious what is happening02:14
penguinfanalso check if you BIOS settings for fan control are ok.02:15
penguinfanhope that helped02:16
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rmullMy USB3 is constantly shitting the bed on kernel 4.3 (and earlier)03:04
matczi cannot change anything in bios03:04
matczabout fans03:04
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tierd891rmull, chipset? I have had better experience with Etron compared to ASMedia..05:42
tilmanrmull: because then you can find any function by searching for ^funcname05:47
tilmanrmull: any function's definition, that is05:48
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tierd891do you run make firmware_install after every kernel upgrade ?06:03
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skrzypRomster: Wildefyr: kori: tilman: about those mpv issues w/ youtube - it's fscked up in mpv >0.12, works well in older versions07:24
Romsteris that all and not an issue with missing lua or livestreamer or anything else missing?07:25
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skrzypRomster: yes07:42
skrzypRomster: now mpv can open youtube on its own, but lua is needed to work with youtube-dl as hook for http streams07:43
skrzypto play other websites07:43
skrzypRomster: someone on #mpv said that I need to build ffmpeg from -git07:44
skrzypso I'm doing this now, and if it solve our issue - I'll push pkgfile on 6c37-git07:45
Romsterwell i just use livestreamer to feed mpv for twitch07:48
Romstereww wth07:48
Romsteri guess it'l be in next ffmpeg release07:48
Wildefyrwait rebuilding ffmpeg?07:48
Wildefyrwith git07:49
skrzypWildefyr: yes, from git HEAD07:49
Romsterbuilding crux 3.2 ports this will take ages.07:49
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deep42thoughtHi, I'm trying to install firefox, but get a Footprint-Mismatch for gst-plugins-base:
deep42thoughtI have some files in /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ already, but the mentioned ones are not among them08:22
Romsterdeep42thought, new files like that are fine, you have extra packages that add extra files to it.08:28
Romsternot a bug use --ignore-new08:28
Romsteror set pkgmk.conf PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"08:28
deep42thoughtso the footprint depents on other installed packages?08:29
Romstermissing files are a bug new files are generally soft (optional) dependencies08:29
Romstersome do yes08:29
deep42thoughtok, thanks08:29
Romsterunless you see like doc html or something new there then that is a bug.08:30
Romsterextra includes libs are not.08:30
deep42thoughtso if I generate a footprint-file for my own packages I should have a look if any of the files is "optional"08:30
Romsterwell i build all mine in a clean docker container so it's always got a clean .footprint08:31
deep42thoughtok, that's a good idea08:31
Romsterthat also makes me see if i have a missing dependency not listed on #Depends on:08:31
Romsteralso take a look at my romster/pkg-clean08:33
Romstercan use that in in the container to remove all packages except core.08:33
RomsterPORTS="`grep "# Maintainer: Danny Rawlins" */Pkgfile | awk -F / '{print $1}' | xargs`"08:33
Romsterfor p in $PORTS; do pkg-clean -r; prt-get depinst $p; done08:33
Romsterso i can do stuff like that08:33
Romsteror you can make multiple docker containers with different names.08:34
Romsterupto you08:34
deep42thoughtthanks, this looks great08:34
Romster# /usr/sbin/pkg-clean -r08:35
RomsterError not in chroot!08:35
Romsterthere is a safety file you need to touch for it to work08:35
Romsterbe easy to spot in the script08:35
Romsterdon't run it on a system outside a container.08:35
Romsterunless you only want core left being installed :D08:36
deep42thoughtmaybe once a year, I'll do a big cleaning with this ;-)08:37
Romsterand then there is romster/pkg-not that will report files not tracked in the pkgadd database08:38
Romstergreat for cleaning up.08:38
Romsterwho ever needs to format to clean when there is that.08:38
Romsterjust be warned some untracked files are meant to be there.08:38
Romsterlike in /etc08:38
Romsterit only reports so you can pipe it to rm if you trust it.08:39
Romsterok all my stuff in opt 3.2 is building08:40
tired890thanks for your hardwork rom08:40
Romsterno probs08:43
Romsterbut it's not just me thank the rest of the dev team too.08:43
Romsteri've been doing less lately so i got a lot to catch up on08:44
tired890but of course, I said it the other day. Appreciated gents.08:44
Wildefyr+1 for the Romster08:45
Romsterbeen seeing a few new names lately08:51
Romsterwe always need more :D08:51
Romstermissing trench aon and a bunch of others though.08:52
WildefyrI would help out more with the dev side if I knew what I was doing :d08:56
Romsteronly learn by doing.08:57
Romsterand reading08:57
Wildefyryes that's very true08:58
Romstertime to cook dinner while i wait.09:19
Romsterload average: 5.89, 5.87, 5.5109:20
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tired890heh, I get that kinda load average when I run win10 VM09:27
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frinnsti ran a windows 10 vm when it was just released09:31
frinnstfelt slow as crap09:31
frinnstwin7 is much faster09:31
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deep42thoughtis there an "official" way to get encrypted home partitions automatically mounted?09:40
korideep42thought: if there isn't, just roll yer own09:42
deep42thoughtthat's what I did last time09:43
deep42thoughtand it was, well, hackish09:43
deep42thoughtwhat do you suggest? some commands in /etc/rc.local? a rc.d-script?09:44
korirc.local probably09:44
deep42thoughtand the unmounting and luksClosing will happen automatically then?09:45
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deep42thoughtI'll try a rc.d-script this time, makes a cleaner impression to me.09:48
Romstergood for testing ports10:02
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xeirrrfrinnst: win10 is damn slow on 8g laptop10:43
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WildefyrI know this is a weird question but is there anyway to make compiling at least not slow down my .sh scripts when I am running both at the same time?13:52
Wildefyror shall I just hand off basic maths / decision making to python?13:52
deivioryou could set niceness13:52
Wildefyrnever heard of it13:53
deiviorlook it up, essentially you set priorities on IO and cpu for processes13:53
deivior"nice -n 19 make"13:53
deiviormeans run make as nicely to the system as possible13:53
Wildefyrah I got you13:57
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frinnstWildefyr: you could add "renice -n 19 $$" to /etc/pkgmk.conf15:28
Wildefyrwhere abouts?15:32
Wildefyrconfused to it's position15:32
frinnstanywhere, the file is sourced from /usr/bin/pkgmk15:34
Wildefyrah ok15:34
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tilmanrmull: just re-tested my potentiometer. it now works as expected, without changing the circuit. maybe i didn't have a contact plugged in right yesterday16:05
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nwe /n17:31
Wildefyrdamn son17:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: updated to 42.0. Fixes multiple vulnerabilities18:23
darthlukanWildefyr: you said that freetalk compiled for you, can you do: ls /usr/bin | grep tex and let me know if you have a texinfo symlink?18:44
rmulltilman: What exactly are you seeing? That sounds weird. If your circuit is 3.3V -> pot -> GND and you're measuring across the pot, you're always going to be dropping all the voltage across the pot anyway, since the voltmeter has a very high impedance. Also, if you reduce the resistance of the pot too much, you're going to risk blowing it by causing a large current to flow through it18:46
rmulldepending on your power supply's ability to source current18:47
rmulland the range on the pot's adjustability18:48
tilmani can hardly describe this setup in proper terms in german18:49
tilmanno way i can do so in english ;p18:49
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rmullI suspect my description was oversimplified18:52
tilmani'm measuring the voltage behind the pot by probing the pot's pin that is connected to GND and the pot's "output" pin (english term?)18:52
rmullThe pot's output pin is usually called the "wiper"18:52
tilmanoh yeah18:52
tilmanthat sounds familiar18:52
rmullSo you're using all three terminals? That should be fine. VDD on the top end, GND on the bottom end, and the voltmeter on the wiper, referenced to GND18:53
tilmani can see what you you mean by reducing the resistance to close to 0 ohm18:53
tilmanprobing the voltage would then effectively short circuit it(?)18:54
rmullNo, you can disregard what I said, which would only be true if you had VDD on one end and GND on the wiper.18:54
tilmansorry for the confusion then18:54
rmullProbing it wouldn't blow anything (the meter has high impedance, and very little current will flow)18:55
rmullbut if you had it arranged in my (mistaken) description, reducing the resistance close to zero would be a problem18:55
tilmani should get a book18:55
tilmanor ten18:56
rmullThis has the setup you need18:56
rmullI think you're probably doing the one on the left, right?18:57
rmullThis forms a voltage divider18:57
tilmani think so18:57
tilmannot sure why the output voltage goes _into_ the pot18:57
tilmanin the picture18:57
rmullVoltage never goes into anything - it's always across two points18:57
rmullIn the picture they are saying the output voltage is measured between the wiper and GND18:58
tilmanthat's what i'm doing ;D18:58
rmullYou're good to go then18:58
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rmullI apologize for the confusion18:58
tilmanwhile we're at it... ;)18:58
tilmanso my logic analyzer reads a high logic level when the voltage between wiper/GND is >= 0.8V18:59
tilmanthat seems quite low?18:59
tilman(the LA is configured for TTL levels)18:59
rmullYou should check the docs for the LA - that sort of thing will be in the electrical specifications19:00
tilmannah, it just says you can configure the voltage threshold -- but i just set it to TTL19:00
rmullIn general I would assume that the analyzer has a pretty wide tolerance for input voltages, so it's most useful to keep the binary threshold closer to zero19:00
tilmanwp is confusing me because it says TTL is usually for devices with a voltage level of 5V19:01
tilmanbut it works just fine with 3.3V ("low level TTL")19:01
tilmanoh well19:01
rmullWell, I just googled it - it says that it is "low" between 0 and 0.8V and high between 2.2 and 5V19:01
rmullBetween that threshold, it is uncertain19:02
tilmanyeah, but using the same range when your Vdd is 3.3V seems a bit odd to me19:02
rmullWhose Vdd?19:04
rmullThe analyzer?19:04
tilmanmy circuits19:04
rmullYour circuits are generating the binary signal?19:05
rmullI would maybe consider improving the output so that they are resident for as little as possible in the intermediate voltages19:05
tilmanwhat i wanted to do is figure out what the LA's threshold voltage is when set to TTL mode19:06
tilmanso i programmed my MCU to generate a square signal on a random pin19:06
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tilmanand i'm using the pot to scale down the square's amplitude19:07
tilmanso it just seems the LA is taking liberty to interpret 'uncertain' as high19:07
rmullOh okay, I see19:08
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rmullWhat would you do if you were a LA? :P19:08
tilman(i shouldn't have used the term Vdd i think :]19:08
tilmanit's all good, i just assumed you should scale up the threshold if you're measuring a 3.3V circuit instead a 5V one19:09
tilmani'm writing a sigrok backend for this particular logic analyzer, and finding out the threshold is part of my debugging19:09
rmullThat is a noble cause19:10
rmullWhich LA?19:10
tilmanlecroy logicstudio19:10
tilmanright now i'm seeing bogus sample data quite often, which makes the whole thing somewhat useless19:11
rmullAny chance you might have a signal generator handy? I'd be curious to see what it does with a signal that is centered around 0.8V but with some noise19:12
rmullLike - I wonder if it is doing any sort of transition detection in addition to simple logic level measurement19:12
tilmani don't, but increasing the pot's resistance _slightly_ makes the LA go crazy (ie, it reads 'random' logic levels)19:13
tilmanthat sounds like what my colleague suggested19:13
rmullSlightly, meaning very close to 0.8V?19:13
rmullThat could be the noise then19:14
tilmanthey original suggested i just use a GPIO set to high level, and then scale it using the pot19:14
tilmanbut then they mentioned slight increases in voltage might not be detected as a logic level change by the LA19:14
tilmanhence the square wave19:14
rmullYeah, I'm not exactly certain what happens inside of the LA19:14
tilmanwhich would still give me sharp rises19:14
tilmanme neither, but pretty sure it's black magic19:15
tilman(not really)19:16
rmullI guess if I had to design a LA, I would treat the space between 0.8V and 2.2V as a deadband, but maybe that's not the same assumption that Lecroy made19:19
rmullI don't even know if my assumption is a good one19:19
rmullMaybe they assumed that people will be using the tool to look at binary signals, and choosing a logic 1 at the earliest possible moment makes more sense in that context19:20
rmullit's not a scope, after all19:20
rmullIs there only one configurable for threshold?19:21
rmullOr can you define upper and lower separately19:21
tilmanjust one19:22
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frinnstif you're gonna post porn you need to detail whats running!21:02
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skrzypfrinnst: it's detailed on screenfetch21:11
skrzypfrinnst: wm is cwm, irc is weechat on tmux/mosh, I'm upgrading furryfox in background21:11
frinnstoh right :>21:11
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skrzypfrinnst: it might be good to show some screenshots of crux on our homepage21:16
skrzypwhat do you think?21:16
joacimhis desktop is too explicit21:16
skrzypI'm going to package vMware Player soon…21:19
skrzypbecause VirtualBox crashes when I try to launch some specific app in Windows XP21:20
skrzypwhich uses Direct3D21:20
skrzyp(even when I have 3D acceleration enabled in VBox)21:20
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frinnst could probably use some love too :->21:44
rmullI am trying to decode a protocol that I get in the form of a buffer transported over UDP. In terms of best practices, I see that the protocol's fields are represented as a struct, and a serialize/deserialize functions are written in order to move the struct to and from the buffer because of endianness issues. Correct?21:44
rmullAt the moment, my struct respresents the protocol fields verbatim, but if I have serialize/deserialize functions, I am considering reordering them / hand packing them so that there aren't as many padding bytes. Is this a good idea?21:45
rmullor should I keep the struct ordered according to the protocol docs, and just accept the padding21:45
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skrzypfrinnst: normies thinks that CRUX's dead22:24
skrzypand it's good for us in some way22:24
skrzypat least we're not flooded by skiddles22:24
skrzyplike Arch is22:25
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skrzyp ;_____;22:34
Worksterwe are far from it22:35
Workstermake a Pkgfile of it then22:35
Workster and look at a existing Pkgfile on how to port it22:36
Worksterprobably need dzen2 as well22:37
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skrzypa2x: ERROR: "xmllint" --nonet --noout --valid "/home/skrzyp/code/crux-ports-git/herbstluftwm/herbstluftwm/doc/herbstclient.xml" returned non-zero exit status 423:02
skrzypMakefile:95: recipe for target 'doc/herbstclient.1' failed23:02
skrzypWorkster: dzen2 is not needed23:02
skrzypit's optional dependecy for examples23:02
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