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tired890rmull, I have all sorts of issues with mpv as well00:29
tired890in the end gave up and went back to mplayer00:29
rmullRomster: Tons of missing footprint items from gcc-fortran00:29
john_cephalopodaRomster: mypaint requires numpy to build.00:36
john_cephalopodaOh, wait...00:37
john_cephalopodaIt even looks for it, but not like I want...00:37
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tierd891why is the libreoffice port binary? shouldn't all "ports" be source based?00:44
tierd891I realize it has ridiculous compile times but so does firefox for example, and firefox is source based. perhaps too many compile issues?00:46
john_cephalopodaRomster: Okay, that worked, but now it wants the command "swig", which is not in the deps.00:51
Worksterwhats wanting swig?00:53
john_cephalopodaSeems to be some tool that is needed in the build process.00:54
Worksterprt-get depinst swig00:54
john_cephalopodaAlso footprint for mypaint is mismatched.00:54
john_cephalopodaWorkster: Yep, already did that.00:54
Worksteri haven't looked at some of my ports in romster/ for some time.00:54
Worksterto be expected00:54
Worksterbut gcc-fortran should be right rmull00:54
Worksterhmm i don't think i updated gcc in that docker contianer when i built gcc-fortran bah00:59
Worksterthis shits me00:59
Worksterit'll take awhile to redo00:59
tierd891kernel 4.4 seems to pack quite the changelog for kvm:
tierd891can't say I'm not excited :)01:11
tierd891especially about virgl drm + virgl gallium3d..01:12
rmullWorkster: No problem, thanks very much01:21
rmullI don't even know why I have it installed01:22
rmullIt doesn't seem like anything I have depends on it01:22
rmullWorkster: Any idea about the lua thing? I'm seeing /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link occasionall when working with prt-get01:24
Romsterldconfig is bitching its not a symlink01:34
Romsterignore it01:34
Romsteri can't see why that would be a problem01:35
Romsterall because i simplified the Pkgfile;a=commitdiff;h=71a1d31a7837713034c5885969a19b3afc15c08701:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lua: fix library symlinks01:51
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tired890nice performance rmull, how old were you then04:01
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tired890I have some files with special characters, for example: luci� (spanish)04:32
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tired890when I open these files in some players they won't play as if they are not found.. due to special characters04:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cairomm: 1.10.0 -> 1.12.004:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: glibmm: 2.42.0 -> 2.46.104:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: atkmm: 2.22.7 -> 2.24.104:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gcc-fortran: fix footprint04:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pangomm: 2.34.0 -> 2.38.104:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libsigc++: 2.2.10 -> 2.6.104:32
tired890is this something to be remedied system-wide or for that particular application (smplayer) ?04:33
tired890pointers appreciated04:33
Worksterunicode support perhaps or utf-804:33
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tired890Workster, do I set this using locale ? when I do locale -a (per man page) I see only POSIX and C as available locales..or perhaps passing utf8 to fstab options?04:39
tired890perhaps it is this I need:
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Worksterthat's for programs to show that character set on the locale, afaik.05:25
Worksteryou talking about filenames not working in say mpv?05:29
Worksteri only use english so i might be the wrong person for this.05:30
Worksterwhat file system and mount options?05:30
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tired890Workster, ext4, defaults05:51
tired890yes correct, filenames with special characters like the example above05:51
tired890when I open the file in say mplayer, it won't play05:51
Worksterwhats the error file not found?05:51
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tired890Rom I simply get a "file not found" error..07:47
Romstermaybe your missing the utf-8 code page in the kernel and only have iso 8859-2 ?07:56
Romsteri've never had this issue07:56
Romster zgrep UTF /proc/config.gz07:57
RomsterFile systems07:58
RomsterNative language support07:58
Romsteris it loaded?08:05
tired890lsmod | grep utf returns nothing08:06
tired890what is the module name?08:06
Romsteregrep -r '(utf|UTF)'  /lib/modules/`uname -r`08:09
tired890Romster, I got it loaded08:09
Romsteri dunno and i don't have the module to know it08:09
tired890# lsmod |grep utf08:09
tired890nls_utf8                1384  008:09
tired890testing if it worked!08:10
Romsterit should work now then08:10
tired890one sec08:10
Romsteruntil you reboot.08:10
Romsterunless you add it to /etc/modprobe.d/...08:10
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tired890still "file not found" ..08:11
Romsterthen i ahve no idea... ask some non-native english speaker like tilman ? or jue or someone. that may know more about that.08:11
tired890Romster, thanks for your time mate08:12
frinnstfrom what program are you trying to load a ��� file?08:29
frinnstsomething gtk?08:29
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tired890smplayer, yes gtk08:29
frinnstsmplayer is qt08:30
frinnstdoes it display the filenames correctly?08:30
tired890ah. well in preferences I set the gui to gtk+ (and it matched my gtk theme that I set system wide)..08:30
tired890I see the filename correctly in log!08:31
frinnsti've had issues with ��� in gtk3 but not in smplayer and qt08:32
frinnst(I still have, too lazy to fix)08:32
frinnsti gather you can open the file with <mplayer /path/to/file> or whatever you use, mpv ?08:33
tired890frinnst, I wanted to test playing the files in mplayer directly, upon opening a terminal and navigating I get:08:33
tired890Camarón de la Isla - 04 - Como El Agua.mp308:33
tired890while in pcmanfm (my fm) I see the characters correctly08:34
tired890Camar�n de la Isla - 04 - Como El Agua.mp308:34
tired890so I reckon its a system wide issue?08:34
frinnstyou can open the file from a shell, right?08:35
frinnstsorry im a bit thick this morning :>08:36
tired890frinnst, yes08:36
tired890that makes two of us08:36
frinnstwhat is LANG set to?08:37
frinnstalso, where do you define it?08:38
tired890frinnst, lang where? env variable?08:39
DaViruzoh the good ol days of --disable-nls08:42
frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:~$ env | grep LANG08:45
tired890frinnst, I have none set. grep returns nothing08:46
tired890I set it now08:48
tired890no difference08:48
frinnstdid you start smplayer (or whatever) from the same terminal?08:48
tired890DaViruz, oh.. could it be that?!08:48
tired890yes, smplayer started from same terminal right after setting LANG08:48
frinnstno, nls is native *language* support08:48
tired890I see08:49
frinnstdid you have issues with any other programs too?09:34
tired890nope all my computing is in english09:34
frinnstand can you paste the smplayer and mplayer/mpv logs someplace? you can get those logs in the smplayer menu somewhere09:35
tired890frinnst, more thorough log (both mplayer and smplayer):
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frinnstif you just copy&paste the mplayer commandline and throw it into a term, does it work then?09:55
frinnstshouldnt [Mp3] be escaped?09:55
tired890frinnst, ah I think you nailed it09:56
tired890when I copy paste the cmd line09:56
tired890I get ..09:56
tired890I think we found a bug in smplayer right?09:58
frinnstyeah, looks like it09:59
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rmullThis video is shockingly good13:03
tsyesikahaha that's great :)13:04
nwehmm annoying that I must rebuild firefox everytime with gtk2 instead of gtk3 otherwise my scroll wheel wont work in firefox :/13:13
frinnstyeah there is something wrong there13:13
frinnstI run 3.2 on two machines with firefox, no issues for me13:14
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frinnstand havent heard from anybody else either13:14
frinnstdo you get any output when starting firefox from a terminal?13:14
frinnstand i forget, did you have scroll issues with any other gtk3 app?13:16
nweyupp transmission too13:16
nwelooking at this and see if that works..13:16
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nwefrinnst: when I starting I seeing GTK-Warning: Error laoding theme icon '2edit-find' for stock: Icon 'edit-find' not present in theme Adwaita13:18
nwesamt ERROR: Module /usr/lib/firefox/ could not be stored..13:19
nweand it´s work if I using this..13:20
nweexport GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=113:20
nweso workaround for the moment I put that in my .xinitrc13:23
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frinnstyeah that "could not be stored" are expected13:45
frinnstdid you try another theme without GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 ?13:45
frinnstsounds like its related to the theme.. thats even more wierd13:45
frinnstthe kde bug suggests its fixed in gtk3 with this:
frinnstbut that was committed this summer and it should be in our gtk3 port by now..13:47
nwefrinnst: which theme are you using..14:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tdb: update to 1.3.814:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: scite: update to 3.6.214:07
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frinnst and
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tilmanRomster: lol16:42
tilmanjust lol.16:42
koritilman: wut16:43
tilmanscroll up16:43
koriI'm non native but I use en_US16:43
tilman"i'm a native english speaker, so i cannot put non-ascii characters in my filenames" ;)16:43
tsyesikamy crux install is starting to come together :)17:05
koritsyesika: cool17:06
koritook me a week to get everything stable17:06
koria yr ago17:06
koriwow it's been a year17:06
tsyesikawell it certainly could do with a lot of tweeking and such :)17:07
tsyesikaneed to get it on my laptop though thinking of going on a road trip in the next few days so not sure it's wise to change the OS heh :)17:08
jaegerRomster: for future reference, has an unofficial i686 ISO17:09
jaegermuch less work than updating from 2.817:09
nwegood evening guys! what happening ..17:21
tilmanwhaaaaaat's happening17:22
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jaegertilman: mmmmmmmm, yeah....17:41
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deep42thoughtHi, it appears, the source for t1lib is unavailable. However, there: is still a valid source. Is it worth changing the entrance in the Pkgfile on
tilmanin /etc/pkgmk.conf19:30
deep42thoughtit's not a problem for me, I just edited the Pkgfile, but maybe one should change it in general, if the site keeps failing19:44
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jaegerdeep42thought: did you get your UEFI setup sorted out?20:13
deep42thoughtnope, switched to bios20:13
deep42thoughtand even that wasn't straight forward20:13
deep42thoughthad some residuals of gpt on my disk, which prevented proper booting20:13
deep42thoughtbut now I'm online from within crux20:14
deep42thought... won't touch the bootloader again - until I need to :-/20:14
deep42thoughthowever, this direct-kernel-booting sounds interesting20:15
deep42thoughtI think, next time, I'll give it a try again20:15
jaegerEFI stub support is a decent way to do that20:22
deep42thoughtI tried, but I did something wrong20:23
jaegerI prefer grub, myself, but there are a few options20:24
deep42thoughtI came back to grub, since EFI-stub didn't want to work20:25
deep42thoughtsomething else: I installed texlive (which had footprint-mismatches) and now I'm unable to remove it again.
deep42thoughtah, forget is20:27
deep42thought... I'm too stupid20:27
joacimpkgrm texlive20:32
deep42thoughtyes, tried to specify the version number and path, too :-/20:34
joacimyou dont20:35
joacimjust pkgrm <packagename>20:36
joacimno path, no version, no file extension, just the name of the package20:36
jaegerI plan to update the UEFI wiki page a little soon, the grub2 install is much simpler now than when I wrote that20:38
jaegerbeen out of town for my new job, though20:38
crash_jaeger: is the new job awesome?:)20:40
jaegeronly been at it one week but so far I'm very happy20:42
crash_nice, sysadmin?20:44
jaegerdevops now, for F5 networks Silverline20:51
crash_ok :)20:52
deep42thoughtcu later, I'll get some sleep20:57
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tired890just found out my sata drive which has sata3 capable controller is running at 3.0Gbps instead of 623:05
tired890but since its a mechanical drive no need to bother as that won't be a bottleneck..23:05
tired890correct assumption ?23:06
tired890I learned that cpu manufacturers increase "stock" voltage (aka vcore) to have better yields.. this in turn indicates that most chips in the wild can run at their exact same frequencies (stable) at lower voltages23:10
tired890hence I started looking into undervolting .. I found out my chip is just average - no silicon lottery :(23:11
tired890I started by dropping voltage 0.100, system won't boot.. then 0.075, boots, but kernel compile fails.. finally 0.050 boots and compiles..23:12
tired890temps dropped!23:12
tired890and there is absolutely no risk in UNDERvolting your cpu.. you gents should try it. Not only lower power but also lower temps.. I reckon some of you must have won the silicon lottery (unlike me!), I saw some people online running their chips at 0.250v lower than stock!23:13
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jaegeryeah, most likely a single platter drive won't be bottlenecked by sata 223:31
jaegermost single platter drives can't even saturate sata 1 sustained23:32
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jaeger(single "platter drive" to clarify, not "single-platter")23:37
tired890the hdd in question is a 2.5" which I recently placed in my system and only today decided to check SMART data23:38
tired890replaced my 3.5" because it was speaking dolphin!23:39
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