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john_cephalopodaHey. Romster: The python3 package in your repo is a bit outdated.01:55
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tired890expression matches the questions perfectly haha03:19
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nwegood morning folks!08:40
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koridarthlukan: I'm forking your guile package and adding it to 6c37, just a small notification12:07
darthlukankori: what's the modification?12:08
darthlukandid I make a mistake in it?12:08
koridarthlukan: nope, I'm just rolling it back to stable and made some style fixes12:08
koriand our packages are now tailored for 3.212:08
korii.e. they use /usr/share/man now12:09
darthlukanoh, cool12:09
koriI thought it'd be nice to at least tell you :)12:09
darthlukanthat is nice :)12:09
koridarthlukan: a small fix for your own package, gc should be boehm-gc12:21
darthlukandoh! You're right12:22
darthlukankori: fixed, thanks!12:27
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john_cephalopodaHi :)14:15
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john_cephalopodaI got a working blender and a working but not really well-coded openimageio package.15:21
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jaegermade anything interesting with it yet? :)15:40
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john_cephalopodaJust trying a bit of smoke and fluid simulation.16:21
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rmulluhoh. I removed openssl and broke everything.19:05
korirmull: welp19:08
koriI keep the iso handy19:08
koriin such cases19:08
koriso I can just mount and add the package from the iso19:08
rmullkori: can libressl completely replace openssl?19:11
rmullI noticed there isn't 100% footprint match19:11
rmullmy mpv was segfaulting in a libcrypto .so that was provided by openssl but not by libressl19:11
tilmanat least libtls will be ADDed ;p19:11
korirmull: yes19:12
koribut you need to recompile everything that depends on openssl19:12
korievery time libressl is updated19:12
rmullOKay, that's what I thought, but my approach was wrong19:12
rmullBasically I need to get a wget that is linked against libressl, and then I can fix everything else?19:12
korirmull: the steps to replace openssl are these:19:16
koridownload the wget source before you install libressl, recompile wget, and then recompile everything openssl related19:16
korialso, mind rtmpdump19:16
koribefore curl19:16
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rmullOkay, cool, thanks much19:18
rmullFeature request: prt-get dependent should consider prt-get.aliases when looking for dependent packages, right?19:20
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rmullFor example, prt-get dependent openssl and prt-get dependent libressl should return the same list19:20
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z3braany openrc user in there?20:09
z3brawoops, wrong chan sorry20:09
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: I have some old blender ports around if you want to compare but if yours is working fine, maybe there's no point in that20:57
jaegerold is ~ nov 2014 in this case20:58
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john_cephalopodaThe only thing that doesn't work yet is openimageio21:05
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jaeger is the Pkgfile I used back then, though I'm not sure if I gave it any thorough testing21:09
jaegerThe cycles renderer worked fine so I think that's an indication that oiio was working properly :)21:10
jaegerfor blender 2.69 at the time21:15
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rmullkori: Fortunately, it turned out I could just use firefox to download the wget sources instead of using the install CD22:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.18.222:48
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rmullkori: Socat doesn't seem to build with libressl23:38
rmullIt looks like there have been patches already put together23:40
rmullpython34 has a footprint mismatch with libressl23:41
rmullShould I bother reporting any of this stuff?23:41
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