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rmullpulseaudio has some optional things in the .footprint I think - related to lirc, avahi, autodiscover, raop00:16
rmullall modules00:16
rmullkori: Elinks fails to build with libressl00:21
rmullDue to missing RAND_egd00:21
rmullAgain, looks like patches are available00:21
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rmullteK__: {lib,r}torrent needs an update and source URL change - looks like the host is no more and it's being distributed on github00:58
rmullCurrent rev goes 0.13.4 -> 1.0.600:58
rmullfor libtorrent00:58
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rmullteK__: Here's an example Pkgfile that seems to work okay, based on the previous one:
rmullI'll follow up with an updated rtorrent Pkgfile01:14
rmullHmm, that actually results in a libtorrent that rtorrent can't automatically find01:28
rmullduring configure01:28
rmullI guess because libtorrent was actually installed as libtorrent-rasterbar01:30
rmullhuh, I guess I'm just completely wrong or something. Libtorrent-rasterbar is something entirely different?01:45
rmullYes, that seems to be the case. My mistake.01:45
rmullAlright, sorry for the confusion, here's libtorrent: and rtorrent:
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tired890While you are at it, you might want to make a pkgfile for xmlrpc:
tired890then add "--with-xmlrpc-c" to rtorrent compile args03:23
tired890this allows webUIs like rutorrent to communicate with rtorrent which I reckon a great majority who install rtorrent would want to do03:24
tired890xmlrpc-c compiles without any work (ie configure/make install), just needs a packager to make it to ports03:25
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rmullI would not mind if that was an optional dep, btw. I don't use the web interface and I don't want to.03:47
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nwegod morning07:46
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Romstergood general greeting07:50
Romsterwell, it's meant to be good universal greeting or GUG, but i messed it up.07:53
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deep42thoughtHi, I'm trying to install gimp, however it can't find "gserrors.h", which looks ghostscriptish. The log is at (sry, it's too big for pastebin).09:00
Romsteralsa-plugins vs=1.1.0 anitya=1.0.29 arch=1.0.29 gentoo=1.0.29-r109:00
Romstermore project version monitoring09:01
Romsteri'll just try building it in my docker container deep42thought09:02
deep42thoughtk, thx09:03
Romsterversion tracking is a massive task. keeps getting bigger than i thought to get it right and reliable. i can see why no one else has tried to do it the way i am.09:05
deep42thoughtaccording to the footprint, ghostscript does not include a gserror.h09:06
deep42thoughtRomster: What's the tracking for? (I'm just curious)09:07
Romsterkeep track of all the packages in the world :D09:07
deep42thoughtok, _that's_ a massive task09:07
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deep42thoughtso you want to have - somewhen in the 2020's - a "retro-distribution" with only-2015 packages?09:08
Romsterghostscript is optional for gimp i think09:08
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Romsteri'm just tracking projects and comparing them to ports in distros.09:09
Romsterwhile there is ck4up and other tools out there already09:09
deep42thoughtit looks, like nothing depends on ghostscript on my machine09:10
deep42thoughtmaybe I'll just remove it?09:10
Romstergimp doesn't lit gtk as a dependency hrmm09:11
Romsterit might break some stuff you'd have to check with revdep after removing ghostscript and rebuild stuff.09:12
Romsterthats if prt-get dependent ghostscript, returns nothing.09:12
Romsterah no my gtk is broken when i worked on other ports. so says revdep09:12
Romsterwould of been when i bumped libvpx and made a patch for sepen in flyspray09:13
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Romsteroh i'll just use a clean container.....09:18
Romsteronly way i'll catch all the errors09:19
deep42thought... and only the related errors09:20
deep42thoughtI'm curently compiling without ghostscript and so far it looks good09:20
Romsteryou only need ghostscript for postscript support09:21
deep42thoughtdoes latex need it?09:23
deep42thoughtok, without ghostscript, it compiles09:23
deep42thoughtI only get a footprint mismatch09:24
Romsternope not a hard dep on texlive09:24
deep42thoughtthen I'll try to live without it and see if I miss it09:25
Romstermight not even miss it.09:25
deep42thoughtI hope so :-)09:25
Romsterwell if you're not using a printer you probably wont need it. nor making fonts that need it.09:26
deep42thoughtI haven't set up my printer yet, but someday I want to ...09:26
Romstermight be fixed by then09:27
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Romsterhere we go
Romsteri'll open a bug report for ghostscript09:32
Romsterand looks like gimp is missing a CVE i'll file a report on that too09:33
Romsterbut first food :D09:35
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deep42thoughtyet another thing: texlive gives a footprint mismatch, because a lot of symlinked binaries are not symlinked correctly (although the target is available).
Romsterwhat is going on here...10:49
Romsterprt-get info gimp10:50
RomsterDependencies: libart_lgpl,xorg-libxmu,xorg-libxpm,gegl10:50
Romsterok now i look on the #depends on: line10:50
Romsteroh my bad there is a line under it for Nice to have...10:50
deep42thoughtyou fooled me, too10:50
Romsterthe wtf moment is gimp-2.8.10-CVE-2013-1978.patch is already applied and yet gimp-2.8.10-CVE-2013-1913.patch is not.10:53
Romstergood news is gimp hasn't got any open CVEs10:54
deep42thoughtafk: now it's my time for lunch :-) *yumyum*11:02
Romsterthe man pages are weird.11:02
Romsterhad dinner :D11:02
deep42thoughtdiffering timezones are strange11:03
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Romsterbah and automake is old on gimp11:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gimp: fix footprint11:30
sshdwhmm i can't seem to figure out why vbox won't install using the pkgfile in contrib
z3brasshdw, using prt-get?11:41
z3brathen check the logs location in /etc/prt-get.conf11:44
Romstersshdw, do you have the kernel source at /usr/src/linux-`uname -r` and compiled? make11:44
z3bra(defaults to /var/log/pkgbuild/%n.log)11:44
Romsterthere is a module that uses that to build vbox.ko in virturalbox11:45
Romsterit /will/ fail otherwise11:45
sshdwyes Romster11:50
sshdwalright think i found it11:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ghostscript add header gserrors.h for gimp12:03
Romsterdeep42thought, ^12:06
Romstershould be fine now worked here.12:06
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z3brammmh odd12:15
z3bra/etc/ports/drivers/git: line 29: sed: command not found12:15
z3brawhen using "ports -u"12:15
deep42thoughtare you in a directory, which doesn't exist?12:15
deep42thoughthad some strange results lately because of that12:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qpdf: update to 5.2.012:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mc: update to 4.8.1512:16
z3braafter putting the fullpath, everything works12:16
z3brathe weird thing is that there was no issue to find git in /usr/bin12:16
sshdwalright thanks i tink i got it, i have to go i'll be back if it didn't work12:16
deep42thought"which sed"12:17
deep42thoughtis /bin not in your PATH?12:17
z3brait is12:17
z3brabut I think escalation program doesn't use my current environment12:17
Romsteri think it's the git driver file in /etc/ports/git12:17
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Romsterthat ports uses.12:18
Romsterif git is installed12:18
z3brabut within it, there is a call to sed12:18
z3brabtw, is there any plan to switch away from md5sum ?12:23
z3brain 3.2 or higher perhaps?12:23
Romstertalked about that many times. i highly doubt it.12:26
RomsterFS bug on it even12:27
z3braI doubt it's *that* important though12:27
z3brajust a though12:27
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deep42thoughtthe strange thing with my texlive is, that when I issue the commands from the Pkgfile one by one, I get the symlinks between the binaries correct, however pkgmk lists them wrong in the footprint12:47
deep42thoughtand I get a missing "usr/man/man1/gimp-console.1.gz -> gimp-console-2.8.1.gz" for gimp, however "usr/man/man1/gimp-console-2.8.1.gz -> gimp-2.8.1.gz" is there as it should12:49
deep42thoughtI have to leave now, but will be back in ~1.5h. cu later12:58
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Wildefyranyone got any expeirence building with scons?13:56
Wildefyrusing scons DESTDIR=/usr install works just fine13:59
Wildefyrbut it's not using make so it finds an empty package and then doesn't list it as installed13:59
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deep42thoughtWildefy: It doesn't matter what tool you build with, just make sure, you install to $SRC/usr instead of /usr14:02
Wildefyrright okay14:02
deep42thoughtat least, that' what I thought so far ...14:02
Wildefyrwell that didn't work :D14:03
deep42thoughtnah, $PKG insted of $SRC14:03
deep42thought$SRC is the dir, where the source files are residing14:03
Wildefyryeah that worked just fine14:04
Wildefyrhave to remember that14:04
nebghello everyone... which is the proper file on which i can store user aliases ?14:14
frinnstuser aliases?14:18
nebgis it in .profile or in .bashrc ?14:18
nebgyes like MYALIAS=command14:18
frinnstif bash is your shell14:18
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nebgwhat if it is not my shell ? i mean---- there isn't any file which is shell independent ?14:20
nebglike it will work for ksh, csh tcsh and bash ?14:20
deep42thoughtI'm at a dead end here, with texlive: Running pkgmk creates the wrong symlinks in the package (, however downloading&extracting the source and issuing "source $portsdir/Pkgmk; build" creates the links, like it should do.14:25
deep42thoughtwhat may I be missing here?14:25
deep42thoughtnebg: I doubt there is something which works for all shells, but I don't know.14:27
deep42thoughtI even used the same user14:33
deep42thought*typo: of course, I meant "source $portsdir/Pkgfile; build"14:34
rmulldeep42thought: I installed my texlive manually14:44
rmullNot very helpful14:44
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deep42thoughtwell, I know how to do it manually: with the commands in the Pkgfile - however, I'd like to understand, what's different when I use pkgmk :-/14:45
deep42thoughtand a method with pkgmk and pkgadd seems cleaner to me ;-)14:46
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rmullyou're looking at opt/texlive, right?14:46
rmullMaybe something malfunctioning during the call to texlinks, or within fmtutil.cnf?14:50
deep42thoughtyes, but I can't reproduce from within a shell14:50
deep42thoughtfor all the things I've tested so far stands: It works, iff I'm in a shell.14:51
deep42thoughtor more precise: it works not, iff I use pkgmk14:51
rmullI guess I'll try to build it14:52
rmullIIRC this thing is huge though14:52
deep42thoughtthe texmf-part :-/14:52
deep42thoughtbut I think, the issue is outside of that14:52
deep42thoughtin shell, the relevant files are generated at the line "# Create symlinks" in Pkgfile14:53
deep42thoughtso I guess, you don't need the rest to look into the symlink-issue14:54
frinnstnebg: no, but you could use a script for that in your $PATH14:54
nebghow can i put some alias in CRUX ?14:55
deep42thoughtrmull: ok, hold on a moment14:56
frinnstI usually have a .bin dir in my home and have it added to my $PATH. so I can just drop any shellscript there that I want14:56
frinnstcat ~/.bin/rm14:56
frinnstecho "fuck you"14:56
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deep42thoughtok, I found the difference, at least: I forgot to use fakeroot15:01
deep42thoughtbut now, it works - except all files are owned by pkgmk15:01
nebgfrinnst, ok but where can i put startup scripts ?15:03
rmulldeep42thought: Sorry, I'm bailing on debugging this, will need to install all the deps and I don't have a good container setup15:06
rmullRomster may be able to help15:06
deep42thoughtI got a new starting point, because I figured out the stuff with fakeroot15:09
deep42thoughtmaybe I'll come back with a more detailed problem later :-)15:09
frinnstim not sure I follow what you are trying to do, nebg15:16
deep42thoughthe wants some shell-independent startup-script, if I understand right15:17
frinnstyou were talking about shell-independent aliases15:17
frinnstwrite it in C then :-)15:17
frinnstor add it to rc.local or whatever15:17
deep42thoughtwithin fakeroot he's missing "" (which is nowhere on my box) when executing the "texlinks ..."15:22
deep42thoughtI have to leave now, time's up ... maybe, I'm back in a few hours.15:25
frinnstprt-get fsearch15:25
frinnstis your friend15:25
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tknzI'm thinking of installing crux :) but I have a netbook :) are there binary packages for critical apps like firefox mesa llvm?21:38
tknzfor example21:38
frinnstnot from the crux project. However, some kind souls do usually build and publish binary packages21:39
frinnstour own Romster for example21:39
frinnstif you need binary packages i'd probably look into slackware or something. its pretty similar to crux (atleast last time i looked - granted, that was a few years ago)21:42
tknzi used arch, slack, gentoo21:51
tknzI was using funtoo now, but llvm and mesa got updated two times in the same week. and it takes more than 10 hours to compile both packages21:52
tknzmaybe not in the same week21:52
tknzbut it was very close :D21:52
frinnstwell to be hones you might not like crux then :-)21:55
tknzi use a very minimal setup, with ratpoison, vim, ranger, ncmpcpp, vimb/vimprobable2, weechat22:02
t0b1nuxyou will still need llvm and mesa22:02
tknzi was hoping that would be included in the binary installation part22:03
tknzof crux22:03
frinnstyeah, the installer installs binaries of those ports22:03
frinnstbut updates will be built on your system. unless you get precompiled packages obviously22:04
tknz:( how frequent are the updates?22:04
frinnstdepends on upstream. we are generally pretty quick to update22:04
frinnstsee for yourself22:04
tknzit's to fast22:05
tknzand webkit it's another pain22:05
frinnstheh yeah22:05
t0b1nuxif you use only cli and firefox, it's ok22:06
tknzthat is what I use but mesa, llvm, webkit are really slow to compile22:07
t0b1nuxwhy do you have wekbit ?22:07
tknzi rarely use firefox22:08
tknzonly when the others fail22:08
t0b1nuxOn the otyer hand, compiling firefox is rather fast22:08
t0b1nux~3 times faster than webkit alone22:09
tknzyeah but firefox + vimperator it's to slow for my netbook22:11
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t0b1nuxsad for you....22:12
tknzI also installed netbsd on the netbook, it works ok but the fan is noisy :S22:13
frinnstwhat hardware do you use?22:13
tknzintel atom n475, 2gb ram, 60gb ssd22:15
tknznot good for source based distros :P22:18
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Worksteryou can also use a docker container on a dekstop and update that then add the packages on the atom or even distcc from the atom to a faster machine to do the actual build.22:29
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tknzbut i can of limited with machines :P22:30
tknzi'm kind of limited22:30
tknzI mean I don't have an extra computer22:30
john_cephalopodaNo apparmor userland for crux?23:06
Workstertknz, then your probably better off with a binary distro on that like frugalware or something similar23:07
john_cephalopodaskrzyp: ?23:08
tknzanyone tried void linux?23:09
john_cephalopodatknz: Meh, you can do the same thing with archlinux and archlinux has support for everything and a great documentation.23:13
Worksteryeah and systemd -_-23:13
john_cephalopodaEverybody uses systemd.23:14
tknzi was just in the mood to try something different23:14
Worksteri don't crux does not23:14
john_cephalopodaI don't really see an advantage in the old systemv init system.23:15
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koriskrzyp: what's the xd about?23:27
skrzypkori: apparmor23:27
koriyeah what about it23:27
skrzypeven the name sounds stupid23:27
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