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deep42thoughtHi, I guess, I found the texlive-issue: "LD_LIBRARY_PATH+=$PKG/usr/lib" works well, if $LD_LIBRARY_PATH was empty before (which it is outside fakeroot), but not if its not (which is it inside fakeroot).08:39
deep42thoughtIs there a clean way to append $something to a variable and separate it by $delimiter iff the variable wasn't empty before?09:19
deep42thoughtBecause right now, it might break for empty LD_LIBRARY_PATH :-/09:20
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rmulldeep42thought: The PATH setting appends with a delimiter12:30
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rmullOh, but if $PATH is empty you don't need the delimiter is along the lines of what you're saying12:31
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deep42thoughtyes, otherwise it will look in . too12:33
deep42thoughthowever, this is often not a problem12:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dmenu: updated to 4.613:03
deep42thoughtI have a source (which I would like to put in a port), which needs to be compiled under a real user (e.g. not fakerooted). Is there any possibility to change the file ownership afterwards to root?13:16
Necrosporusby the way, what was the reason for crux to switch to openssh from dropbear?13:28
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frinnstwhen did we switch from dropbear?13:49
frinnstdeep42thought: chown -R root:root $PKG ?13:49
deep42thoughtwon't work as another user13:50
deep42thoughthowever, I fixed the actual issue (namely the port which would not let compile in fakeroot)13:50
Necrosporusfrinnst, I thought crux did13:50
frinnstah, true deep42thought13:50
frinnstNecrosporus: no we have never used dropbear13:51
deep42thoughtactually I don't right understand, why I can't chown a file to someone else13:51
NecrosporusI can remember installing crux and dropbear was the ssh daemon13:51
Necrosporusit's was first time I learned about its existence13:51
deep42thoughtas long as I can "chmod -R 000 /", this should be allowed, too13:51
frinnstmust have been before my time then, 1.x?13:51
Necrosporusbut in never version of crux openssh was used13:52
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Necrosporusfrinnst, nope, 2.5 or 2.6 if I remember correctly13:52
frinnstno, we have "always" shipped openssh13:52
frinnstdropbear exists in contrib iirc, or it did13:52
deep42thoughtit's in opt13:53
jueNecrosporus: no, openssh was always the default sshd, but dropbear is a port I maintain since a long time13:53
NecrosporusWhat's the reason to prefer one over other?13:54
Necrosporusdropbear seem to support all basic features: ssh server, ssh client, port forwarding(?)13:55
john_cephalopodaWhat's the difference between opt and contrib, which packages go into which?13:56
deep42thoughtcontrib is less official, I think13:56
Necrosporusare there base packages which are not needed?13:57
NecrosporusI mean may be dropped without problems by most of users13:57
juecontrib is not a official CRUX project but a community effort13:59
john_cephalopodaThe romster repo is one of the best ones. A few packages are not up-to-date but most can be changed in a matter of seconds. A lot of them are very useful.13:59
Wildefyreverything in core is pretty essentially14:02
deep42thoughtthere are some ports which you can uninstall after some considerations (e.g. btrfs-progs)14:03
Wildefyrthat's an essential package to me though :>14:05
deep42thoughtwell, there's a reason it's in core ...14:05
frinnstwe have cleaned out core in 3.2, btrfs-progs xfs-progs etc have moved to opt14:06
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Necrosporusfrinnst, but sometimes people want to have xfs root...16:40
NecrosporusBy the way what do you think about this filesystem layout?
jueNecrosporus: all the filessystem releated packages like xfsprogs, btrfs-progs are still available after booting the ISO and are as packages part of the ISO too16:49
NecrosporusSo, it's like if you install core you know that you have installed everything essential and nothing superfluos?16:51
jueI'd say so16:55
Wildefyrguys if g++ says that error: unrecognized command line option '-std=c++14' what's going wrong?16:59
Wildefyris gcc not new enough?16:59
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tilmanWildefyr: most probably17:37
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deep42thoughtHi, what font is it that X uses, when no font has been installed?17:48
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deep42thoughtHow do I configure fonts in x with crux? There is no fonts-conf ...18:13
deep42thoughtdo I simply put a fitting tag in /etc/fonts/local.conf?18:14
john_cephalopodadeep42thought: Maybe this could be helpful:
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deep42thoughtso I need to execute "mkfontscale; mkfontdir" in each of /usr/share/fonts/X11 and add the path to /etc/X11/xorg.conf?18:43
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deep42thoughtok, my problem is not installing a new font, but rather get an old one back - so some sort of configuration18:50
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deep42thoughthonestly, I have no idea, what I'm doing: I have empty /usr/share/fonts/X11, except for the fonts.dir, fonts.alias and sonfs.scale which I created according Now I installed - just as a trial - xorg-font-dejavu-ttf - and my default font changed to that, no matter what I do in /etc/fonts/local.conf :-/19:09
deep42thoughtI would simply like to have back the tiny, blocky-looking default, which it was before installing the last 100 ports ... :-(19:11
deep42thoughtfc-scan .fonts/lklug.ttf --format='%{family}\n'19:15
deep42thoughtThe font I'm looking for was called "Fixed"19:15
tilmanthat's just an alias iirc19:17
john_cephalopodaMesa is built without 3d accel by default, right?19:19
john_cephalopodaIs it possible to rebuild all packages that depend on mesa with one command?19:20
deep42thoughtprt-get -> " dependent [opt] <port>      show installed packages which depend on 'port'"19:24
deep42thoughtprt-get update -f $(prt-get dependent mesa3d)19:25
deep42thoughtI guess19:25
deep42thought-fr instead of -f19:25
john_cephalopodaOh, seems that mpv relies on mesa somehow. Now I can't watch videos while compiling :D19:30
deep42thoughtit depends19:31
john_cephalopodaMusic still works though :D19:31
deep42thoughtmay it'll work if it's linked statically?19:31
john_cephalopodaIt will work after everything is compiled.19:32
john_cephalopodaOooh, qt wants to be compiled. Can take ages. I'll better start watching TV. :D19:33
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frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: maybe you are using vdpau? try switching to xv or something22:29
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john_cephalopodaWhy is 3d acceleration turned off by default btw?23:36
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