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frinnstits not00:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, prt-get update -fr `revdep` ; gl-select use xorg ; rejmerge01:48
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Ghost_r00tdo we have /bin/env after install?04:23
Ghost_r00tI  thought we had?04:24
ivsGhost_r00t: /usr/bin/env, coreutils04:29
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Ghost_r00tin fstab; what should I specify besides main partitions? I am talking about **sysfs**  **devpts** and such? what is the  norm?06:18
jaeger /dev/pts and /dev/shm, ignore /sys and /proc as they're automatic06:19
tilmanan entry for /sys/kernel/debug (noauto) can be useful, too06:19
tilmani also like using a tmpfs for /tmp, but that's for you to decide06:20
Ghost_r00tjaeger: tilman; how  would those line look in fstab? with appropriate options I mean?06:21
jaegerthere are examples of them in the fstab file by default, take a look06:22
tilmanadjust the size arguments for devpts and tmp06:22
jaeger is an example06:22
Ghost_r00ttilman: thesize is your available ram size? or ...06:24
tilmanit's the size of the filesystem06:24
tilmantmpfs uses 50% of your physical ram by default06:24
tilmanDocumentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt in your kernel source tree06:25
tilmanmy /tmp is just this large because it holds my pkgmk WORK_DIR06:28
tilmannot sure why /dev/shm is so large ;p06:28
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Romsterprobably chromium if you use that07:07
RomsterGhost_r00t, prt-get fsearch env07:09
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/core/coreutils:07:09
Ghost_r00tyes; others told me that. I was on the assumption that it should be in /bin.07:19
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Romsterthat's the default location for coreutils07:23
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Ghost_r00tI wonder if I have to mention the /boot partition which is the esp or efi partition. and its type is fat 32.07:35
Ghost_r00twhat is the <option> for it then?07:36
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Ghost_r00tI think I should because I want grub to put its file there.07:36
Romsteri haven't had to go UEFI yet and i still use lilo07:39
Ghost_r00tfor fat32 type. I should put vfat in type?07:41
Ghost_r00tin fstab type section?07:41
Romsterinf fstab?07:41
xeirrrGhost_r00t: yes I guess07:41
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Ghost_r00the 9x series (95, 98, ME) all use Vfat (more widely known as FAT32), and the NT series (NT, 2000, XP) use NTFS. In 2000 and XP you can choose the file system type, so 2000 and XP partitions may be formatted as Vfat, too07:53
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Ghost_r00tmpfr failed in downloading phase. what should i do about it?09:47
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf09:48
Romsterwe see a issue on
Ghost_r00tCould I do the same thing as funtoo here. to set the cpu related instructions for build (compile) time?10:14
Romsterins /etc/pkgmk.conf for CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS yes10:17
Ghost_r00tRomster; and -oX -pipe ....?10:19
Romstertheir variables that feed gcc10:20
Romsterand it's capital O10:20
Romster-pipe is already set there10:21
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frinnst"its -O3 the letter, not -03 the number"10:43
Romsteroh so is no more.10:56
NecrosporusWhat do you think about ?11:23
frinnstsounds kinda silly to be 100% static imo11:27
frinnstheh, I like their writeup on systemd11:35
xeirrrfrinnst: yeah that's really a fun part11:50
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deep42thoughtthe subscription in says everyting :-D12:05
Ghost_r00tI saw an article about color in terminal for crux and also another article about optimization and speed up in crux ( sending compile to ram and zcache or was it zram?!?)12:09
Ghost_r00tbut I can't find it!!!12:10
deep42thoughtfor the latter12:11
Ghost_r00tit was about color12:28
deep42thoughtthe second thing you asked for was about compilation speed up12:28
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Necrosporusfrinnst, though it has its pluses, you could upgrade lib versions without breaking previously installed stuff12:46
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frinnstNecrosporus: yeah it would be suited for games and such.. 3rd party closed crap16:12
Necrosporusfrinnst, not only16:13
Necrosporusfor example I'm using Slackware16:13
Necrosporusit's fine overall, but it has old version of tools16:13
Necrosporusand new versions of software just do not build16:13
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NecrosporusSo I'm sort of forced to upgrade entire OS even if I do not want to16:14 solves that problem since upgrading libraries won't break stuff I compiled earlier with older libraries16:14
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frinnstyeah but you will also get a lot of downsides16:15
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frinnstlike a loooooot more memory usage16:15
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frinnstand binaries will be a shitload larger16:16
Necrosporusfrinnst, not necessarily16:16
Necrosporusthey has arguments for otherwise16:16
frinnstdepends on the usercase16:17
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frinnstalso, if a library have a security vulnerability you will need to rebuild all binaries that are statically linked against it16:17
Necrosporusnot necessarily16:17
Necrosporusonly those that communicate with internet16:17
Necrosporuslike browser16:18
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frinnstwow, thats a very naive view on security.. but sure16:18
Necrosporusbut yes, even if all of them16:18
Necrosporuswhy not to just recompile them?16:18
NecrosporusWould be nice to have a manager tracking that though16:19
Necrosporusso you could do that automatically16:19
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Necrosporusfrinnst, so it has its downsides, but up sides too16:19
frinnstlook, im not arguing against static libs and binaries16:19
frinnsti have a bunch of statically built programs on my box16:20
Necrosporusfrinnst, they have page listing and dismissing all of arguments you mentioned16:20
frinnststuff that depend on icu for example, since that fucking lib will link against everything it touches :)16:20
frinnstim sure they do, since they think its a good idea :)16:20
NecrosporusI for myself can't decide who is right without trying to myself16:21
NecrosporusThe distribution looks promising though16:21
Necrosporusbut the main problem for most of distribution is the size of repository16:22
Necrosporuspackage base16:22
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torisohello, is there a crux 3.2 iso?20:06
ivstoriso: rc4 atm,
torisoivs, is it stable to use it?20:13
torisorc4 is the last one before the official release20:13
torisoivs, thanks for the link, I'm downloading it20:15
ivstoriso, I can't say is this the last one or not. But one of my notebooks is ok with rc2.20:21
torisoivs, that's good to know, I will try it20:23
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nwehow can I fix so I dont get 169.X.X added on my interface ? in kernel 4.0.X I didn't get them auto added but now in newer kernel it´s auto adding it..21:45
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rmullnwe: That's the link local address21:55
rmullI believe that's what happens when your DHCP discovery fails21:55
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rmullWhat are you expecting to happen?21:55
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