IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2015-11-13

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j_vbroken download link in ports/contrib/lynx. submit bug report or report directly to maintainer?02:48
korij_v: email maintainer02:49
korior hl him here02:49
j_vah, thanks02:50
tierd982meanwhile you can fix the pkgfile by putting a direct link so life goes on :)03:03
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j_vtierd982: thanks03:06
j_vi was just testing build with more recent version before pursuing further03:07
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j_vworking link for lynx2.8.7 is
j_vI tried to build lynx 2.8.8, but there is an issue with the build. By moving the /usr/include/ncursesw/ncurses.h link temporarily out of the way, I was able to build 2.8.804:01
j_vprobably isn't worth the trouble04:02
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Worksterin the case of mine i usually see the irc highlight04:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: lynx: 2.8.7 -> 2.8.8-p204:26
Worksterworking for me j_v04:26
j_vhave you tried to build it on 3.2 yet?04:28
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j_vWorkster: is patch that makes lynx2.8.8-p2 build on crux 3.204:46
j_vi'm not saying that it's the right way to handle it, but it does do a good job of describing where the problem is04:50
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Worksteroh you using 3.2 already05:17
Worksterno i only just built new gcc-fortran on 3.2 so far05:18
Worksterthat seems like a hack?05:20
j_vif you look at fs#667 and then at, I wonder which approach is correct05:25
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j_vperusing gentoo bugs, seems to be related as well. the more i look at this the more i realize it's over my head.05:50
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tired890hi morning/evening11:37
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torisoI got crux 3.2 installed, I dont have alsamixer while I have alsa-utils12:25
torisoI have it with root12:26
tired890make sure you are in the audio group12:26
tired890usermod -aG audio toriso12:27
torisoI just added myself12:27
tired890logout and in for it to take effect12:28
torisoall good, I forgot to logged off12:30
torisoty tired89012:30
shaggy814I had a strange problem when I initially installed 3.2. My chromium and atom would lag when scrolling. I decided to build 4.3 from and the lag is gone.12:31
shaggy814anyone see something similar?12:31
j_vi've seen some lagging here and there with firefox; didn't think much about it cause i use jumanji most of the time. i'll build a 4.3 kernel to see if that helps.12:34
torisoshaggy814: jumanji? never heard of it12:35
torisoI mean j_v12:35
torisoI forgot how to use crux, how to add ports and such12:36
shaggy814I basically cant live without atom at this stage, so the lag was unbearable haha12:36
shaggy814but upgrading the kernel fixed it12:36
torisogood, you got it12:37
torisoI'm using crux 3.2 with's superfast lol12:37
shaggy814This week was my first time with crux, I came from gentoo12:38
shaggy814I like it a lot so far, simplicity is nice12:38
shaggy814toriso, I am on bspwm :P12:38
j_vmy first week full time with crux, coming over from slackware, on 3.2, using bspwm also12:39
torisoshaggy814: I wanted to try wmfs2, but I forgot how to add ports so I went for dwm that I know12:39
torisonever heard of bspwm before12:40
torisoyou use dmenu with it?12:40
shaggy814i use rof12:41
tired8904.3 introduced major changes to novueue driver. what gpu/driver are you using ?12:41
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j_vbeen using bspwm for a year or two now, sxhkd + lemonbar + dmenu12:41
shaggy814thats the more common combination id say :P12:41
torisoit looks nice12:42
shaggy814I am a big fan honestly12:42
shaggy814its easy to build too12:42
j_vyeah, i have some code in lemonbar, mostly the randr stuff, so i'm kinda partial12:42
torisoyou can have a background12:42
shaggy814Im too dumb for lemonbar haha12:43
shaggy814tint2 is more my speed12:43
j_vi've used tint2, very servicable12:43
shaggy814toriso, i use feh or nitrogen for background12:43
tired890perhaps before you jumped to 4.3, you could've tested by entering this into your chromebar:12:43
tired890this will tell if you have hw acceleration (and  to what extent)12:43
shaggy814tired890, i tried to force acceleration with command line options, but I will have too look there as well12:45
tired890firefox/seamonkey: about:support. You should see the name of your gpu/driver. eg: on my box: Gallium AMD Cedar12:48
shaggy814j_v, do you know any good resources to get started with lemonbar?12:48
j_vshaggy814, i would recommend looking at the example files that come with bspwm sources, ya know, the panel stuff... that's where i got my start12:50
shaggy814j_v, thanks! I will have to look into it, I would like to at least give it a try, I hear so many good things about it12:51
j_vi needed to build some baskervilles other pkgs, like sutils, xtitle, but all pretty small and easy to build / package12:51
j_vi haven't published my crux-ports yet, but i'll try to get them available this weekend... i've got ports for all the stuff that would be needed12:52
shaggy814looks like ill be adding another repo haha12:53
crash_does anyone have problems with wifi on crux3.1/3.2? i installed on my new laptop and i built the kernel with module for my wificard and then install linux-firmware but when i run wpa_supplicant it says disconnected all the time.12:55
j_vshaggy814, you could also take a look at mpup... let's you add just the ports you want from different repos12:55
shaggy814what wireless card do you have?12:55
shaggy814j_v interesting, I havent seen that before12:56
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crash_i have a realtek 8723BE and i tried a usb-wifi adapter too that is using rt2800usb driver and it sees the card but that is not working either, it says the same thing.12:57
j_vshaggy814, mpup is in the opt collection, man page describes how to set up... very easy12:59
tired890crash_, so you can see the card in ifconfig but can't associate it using wpa_supplicant ?12:59
crash_tired890: Yeah i used wpa_passphrase to make a config file for it. and i tried wicd too, but wicd does not see any networks at all13:00
j_vcrash_, did you check dmesg to see that the module and firmware are loading without errors?13:01
crash_j_v: it seems to be loaded correctly when i read dmesg, it found the firmware in firmware directory13:02
tired890if he can see the card in ifconfig then yes its loading fine. must be wpa_supplicant misconfig13:02
tired890crash_, use this:
j_vah, ok, good point... i rarely have to mess with wifi, so i defer to your experience13:03
tired890namely the bottom (second last script) put that in something like /etc/rc.d/wifi13:03
tired890adjust name to match your wlan card13:03
tired890in the wpa.conf file (where you have your generated passphrase), ensure you specify the ctrl interface13:04
crash_tired890: Thanks i will try that later on the laptop, and see if i can fix it. i hade some weird INFO: RCU_SCHED Stalls to on CPU0-3 don't know why.13:07
crash_thanks will read that13:14
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druid_droidhi crux'ers :)13:42
shaggy814how's it going13:43
druid_droidfine, being away from computer, updating stuff :)13:43
druid_droiddo I need a fresh install to upgrade to 3.2 ?13:43
frinnstyou can boot the iso and chose "upgrade"13:44
shaggy814j_v, mpup is awesome, thanks for the tip :D13:45
druid_droidhumm, I don't have cdrom, this install I don't use "setup" script and I never found it on cdrom13:46
frinnstYou could use a usb-stick13:46
shaggy814druid_droid, you can use a usb13:46
frinnstdd if=<path/to/iso> of=</path/to/usb-stick>13:46
druid_droidthanks, I will try later, if I have problems I will report13:47
frinnst3.2 has not been released, btw13:47
j_vshaggy814, np13:47
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j_vfrinnst, is it ok to continue to test 3.2 rc's?14:28
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frinnstof course14:35
j_vfrinnst, ty14:42
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shaggy814Is there any plans to allow prt-get to work through git?15:30
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rmullshaggy814: There is a git driver for ports that ships with git15:37
rmullIs that what you mean?15:37
shaggy814Yes i suppose that is, I just wanted to make my own repo to hold all the stuff ive built manually and didnt know if I could use a git repo.15:39
rmullYes, you can15:39
rmullYou need to install the git driver, then put the appropriate repo.git file in /etc/ports15:41
shaggy814Perfect :D15:41
shaggy814That is great news.15:42
rmullI don't know if there is an example repo.git file anywhere, but if you want, here's an example contrib.git:
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shaggy814rmull, Thanks! I'll be working on this today15:44
rmullThe file at /usr/ports/opt/git/git will need to be placed in /etc/ports/drivers15:44
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rmullThen a ports -u will use git for each of the ports repos with a .git file in /etc/ports15:45
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tired890so I've been running my system with an undervolted cpu for a while and it seemed stable16:40
tired890today I downloaded mprime and to my surprise many tests failed16:40
tired890system doesn't hang, but get calculation errors16:40
joacimpretty common. "seems fine" and being stable is two very different things16:48
joacimdont think too many people test their overclocks with torturetests like superpi or furmark i think16:48
tired890I thought furmark was gpu only..16:49
joacimit is16:49
joacimi included it since people also tend to overclock their gpu16:49
tired890I tested using mprime (linux equiv of prime95)16:49
joacimor me, i lowered the power limit by 20% to keep it from throttling down16:50
tired890what cpu?16:50
joacimi always test with some cpu stress test for my overclocks16:50
joacimi5 469016:50
joacimbut that one is running at stock16:50
joacimwas talking about my graphics card. r9 290. some "OC" version by gigabyte16:51
tired890I see16:51
joacimthe higher clockrates doesnt make it run hotter than the reference clocked ones, but the cooler is shit16:51
tired890is it one of those windforce 3 fan coolers ?16:52
joacimonly good thing i can say about it is that the the vrm makes contact with the main heatsink instead of having its own tiny little heatspreader16:52
joacimyes windforce 316:52
joacimyeah i upgraded the bios16:53
tired890mines very similar but its the lower end 27016:53
joacimtested with the one from their reference clocked version too16:53
tired890unfortunately I think its bottlenecked (when playing games with qemu/gpu-passthru)16:53
tired890hence I was looking into tuning the 835016:54
joacim250-300W-ish card, box says the cooler can handle 450W. smells like bullshit to me =)16:54
joacimits an ok card, but runs way too hot16:54
joacimmotherboard and cpu, or my old graphics card doesnt get that hot in that case either16:55
tired890disabling nested page tables helped alot but jaeger reported it made no difference on his intel setup.. so I was wondering if there is another "undocumented" setting that could magically increase performance too16:55
tired890usually these windforce cards are praised for their temps16:55
joacimbeen thinking about a setup like that for a while16:55
tired890perhaps clean and re-apply thermal paste (quality one) ?16:55
joacimthink it could be fun if i could easily switch between winxp and win10 depending on the kind of games i want to play16:56
joacimalready reapplied the thermal paste16:56
joacimmade no difference16:56
tired890with a passthru setup, that'd literally take 20seconds (given img file is on an ssd)16:57
joacimgot a few winxp era games that have issues on my windows 7 install16:57
tired890touch the pipes that come from the side, do they get hot? if not that says there is not enough pressure between gpu die and heatsink, might consider something to increase pressure16:58
tired890would be surgical tho (warranty possibly void)16:59
tired890reminds me of a few years ago a friend of mine wanted to play CoD and for some reason the fan on the graphics card went bust, I removed the gpu fan and stuck a cooler master case fan there right over the heatsink.. temps went waaay down.. no power management, was feeding from psu at full rpm! smooth fps though :)17:02
joacimyeah it gets pretty hot17:03
joacimmight just be a flawed cooler too, so the heat doesnt spread out to all the fins17:04
joacimif the heatpipes doesnt make proper contact everywhere17:04
joacimseen some users report load temperatures of high 70s, but seen lots of users report 94C too17:05
joacimmy plan was to replace the fans with some new ones that moved more air =)17:06
joacimcan get fans that fit the mounts from ebay17:06
tired890thats why I asked to touch the pipes, to see if heat is transferring (but not dissipating) or not transferring off gpu die at all17:07
joacimmight just make it louder tho. airflow is noisy too17:07
tired890careful of course when you touch them17:07
joacimmy most quiet machine is actualy my mac mini with its tiny laptop blower17:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.18.418:34
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torisoshaggy814: trying bspwm...not easy20:02
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shaggy814toriso, do you want my dotfiles?20:13
shaggy814itll give you a start20:13
torisoshaggy814: I cant open xterm, I only have a black screen, no mouse20:19
shaggy814do you have sxhkd installed?20:20
torisoI have to create the bspwmrc?20:21
shaggy814yes or you can copy mine20:22
shaggy814if you have sxhkd started you should be able to get an xterm20:22
j_valso, don't forget, also need a config file for sxhkd20:22
shaggy814i believe that is the default20:22
shaggy814you can snag my sxhkd from github too if you want20:23
shaggy814its basically just default options20:23
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torisohow do I open dmenu?20:25
shaggy814super + enter20:25
j_vsuper + space20:25
shaggy814super + space20:25
shaggy814my bad20:25
torisoit's not opening20:26
torisosomething is not working20:26
shaggy814is sxhkd running?20:26
shaggy814like from xinitrc20:26
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torisoI got sxhkd & xterm & exec bspwm in my xinitrc20:26
torisoso I have xterm on20:27
j_vdo you have ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc and ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc ?20:28
torisoj_v: no20:29
j_vhere is my sxhkd
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j_vand my bspwmrc
j_vdon't use the bspwmrc... i'll simply it cause it's got stuff that only works if you have other progs too20:31
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torisonot easy when I have only one xterm, lol, have to open pcmanfm firefox from xterm20:32
j_voh, not so bad, just remove the line that has 'panel &'20:33
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j_vah, yes difficult20:34
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j_vyou could save the pastes to the correct file in firefox then edit them from vim/nano/emacs20:35
j_vor use wget: mkdir -p ~/.config/sxhkd; wget -O ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc20:38
j_vmkdir -p ~/.config/bspwm; wget -O ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc20:38
j_vdamn... my first wget is wrong... that is the bspwmrc20:39
j_vshould have been: mkdir -p ~/.config/sxhkd ; wget
torisoah I just did it lol20:40
j_vshould have been: mkdir -p ~/.config/sxhkd ; wget -O ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc20:40
torisoI did it again20:41
j_vonce those are in place and you've removed the panel line from bspwmrc, then restartx20:41
j_vif still problems, then check for errors on bspwm startup, could be socket problem... sxhkd connects to bspwm through a socket using bspc... if there is a stale socket or can't be created at startup bspwm will not be able to comunicate with sxhkd20:45
torisoj_v: big thank you20:46
j_vdid you get it working?20:46
torisothose wget commands really saved me time20:46
torisoyes it works, I will change my xinitrc again so I dont see xterm20:47
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j_vshaggy814, sorry for jumping in... sometimes i'm a bull in a china cabinet20:48
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shaggy814j_v, youre more knowledgeable than I, I never mind :D20:49
shaggy814toriso, welcome to the dark side20:49
torisoshaggy814: hehe, I like that side :)20:50
torisothere's no tab?20:50
j_vthat's why i use a bar program... lemonbar20:51
torisoI'm installing jumanji as well :)20:51
j_vfor the bar, the source for bspwm has good examples for getting started, some take some extras from baskerville's other progs and collections20:52
torisoI got lemonbar20:54
j_v   ... i use xtitle and sutils and the panel_bar example, modified for two monitor20:54
torisohow do I close a window?20:55
j_vsuper + w is default20:55
j_vsuper + {h,j,k,l} for moving left,down,up,right respectively... like vi h,j,k,l20:57
tilmantoriso: save the time, jumanji sucks20:58
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torisojumanji need webkit20:59
shaggy814i just use firefox with vimperator and stylish to get my fix21:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] libpng: updated to 1.6.19. Fix for CVE-2015-812621:03
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j_vshaggy814, i had heard of vimperator, but never tried it before... ty for mentioning it. playing with it now.21:06
torisothere's a learning curve21:13
torisocrux 3.2 is stable, I have trouble with pcmanfm, I cant pick for example, I cant pick leafpad to open a note, I have to type in the terminal leafpad /path/tofile21:22
torisoshaggy814: hehe, I like that side :)21:22
torisosorry shaggy lol21:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpd: 0.19.10 -> 0.19.1123:25
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