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frinnstman,  ipv6 is confusing. head is just spinning :)09:26
frinnstbig numbers does my head in :>09:26
frinnstsuggested subnet for a home environment: /56 - 4722366482869645213696 ip addresses09:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mupdf: update to 1.812:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] qpdf: update to 6.0.012:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: hpcups: update to 3.15.1112:49
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deus_exteK____: (rather odd) .footprint mismatch with texlive:
deus_exCould using fakeroot to build be the cause of it, I wonder...15:37
frinnstpossibly, but it usually has problems with suid or other permission stuff15:42
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druid_droidI was thinking that with ACL I can give permission to read and execute to www user to a folder inside my home16:18
druid_droidI try # sudo -u www ls /home/bob/data/git/drupal but no permission16:19
druid_droidbut getfacl says user and group www has permission16:20
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nouveau> f16:59
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deus_exfrinnst: it builds fine as root.17:16
deus_exprologic: go port is a bit broken, go15 expects go binary in /usr/lib/go/bin, for bootstraping17:21
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deus_exsymlink as a quick, dirty fix :)17:21
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prologicdeus_ex: if you're building go from scratch; htf do you get a go binary for bootstrapping? Do the build rules create a bootstrapped go binary?17:44
deus_exprologic: there is a bootstrap.bash script (
deus_exprologic: I modified arch pkgfile thingie, afaict it works fine, syncthing builds and runs fine with go-1.5.117:51
prologicokay no worries17:52
prologicI'll update many of my ports as soon as  my desktop arrives17:52
prologicI'm told; this friday17:52
prologic*fingers crossed*17:52
deus_ex:) what are the specs for it, do tell17:52
deus_exasteroid miner would be an interesting carreer change
deus_exmore profitable, too17:57
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jaegerjoacim: I've got everything for my skylake build except the CPU (which should arrive today)19:13
jaegerI've already assembled everything except the CPU and cooler, too, so once I get the CPU it shouldn't take long to get it up and running19:14
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joacimstill rocking my haswell-r here19:17
joacimthink ill wait a couple more years before i upgrade19:18
joacimwant to see how zen ends up first =)19:18
jaegerI've sold 2 of my haswell-e builds to make room, hehe19:18
jaegerer, haswell-refresh19:19
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joacimill have to get rid of some stuff too19:28
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joacimcheap chassises and oem motherboards mostly19:29
joacimmight get rid of my mac mini too. using two computers the way i am is getting annoying19:29
joacimneed a comfortable desktop setup with crux first tho19:29
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jaegerMy intention with the new machine is to run crux fulltime and use a qemu+vfio VM for windows19:49
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joacimthats what i want to do19:52
joacimbut dont know how well that works for more demanding games like GTA519:55
jaegerI had very good success with that setup on my i5-4690 box that I sold recently so I expect good results here, unless the z170 platform is fubar for some reason19:55
jaegerIn my tests the performance was very close to native but I didn't explore it stringently19:55
jaegerI think I linked it before but this ( was recorded using OBS on that VM, using the GPU to do the encoding while playing19:58
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jaegeryou can see an FPS counter in the bottom right19:58
jaegerIf you like I can test GTA5 once I get the new machine up19:58
joacimyeah saw that =)19:59
joacimphasing out my mac might take some getting used to tho20:00
joacimconsole stuff will be just like before, but there are some nice things i really like about my current setup20:00
joacimstuff like quicklook is awesome20:00
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joacimreminds me i should finish dark soulds20:09
joacimgot stuck in anor lando with those damn archers20:09
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SirRafikihey guys20:10
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jaegerjoacim: yeah, that's a tough bit. Anor Londo is still my favorite area to co-op in Dark Souls, though20:15
joacimsen's fortress was pretty cool i think20:18
jaegeryeah, another good one.20:19
joacimwas pretty pleased when i finally got through those traps20:19
jaegerI have a character somewhere (can't remember if it's PC or PS3) that can 4-shot the bosses of both those areas. fun to help people out with that one20:19
jaegerlooks like it was on the PS3, I forgot I saved this message from someone :D
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joacimhehe. looks like you play those games a lot20:32
joacimbeen thinking about getting the ps3 for demon's souls20:32
joacimand a ps4 for bloodborne20:32
joacimdont want to until i finish dark souls tho20:32
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jaegerDemon's Souls is still one of my absolute favorite games, well worth it20:37
jaegerAnd bloodborne is great, too20:37
jaegerbloodborne's engine has some funny bugs -
jaegerwoot, CPU just arrived20:40
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jaegerjoacim: as for playing those games a lot, yes. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2  are the only games in which I've ever spent the time to get ALL the trophies/achievements20:52
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deus_exjaeger: just FYI. mate-1.12 builds and runs fine (so far) :)20:56
deus_exusing your repo from github20:57
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teK____deus_ex: hm, maybe a timing issue with parallel invocations of make?21:00
teK____will you be so kind and patient and try adding -j1 to the majke install file?21:00
pedjateK____: it builds fine as root.Ok, I'll try it, and get back to you :)21:01
teK____fine as in no fp mismatches?21:03
pedjaok, I started the build with fakeroot and make -j1 install target in pkgfile.this may take a while21:06
teK____I  with fakeroot and without -j121:06
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jaegerpedja: ok, thanks21:34
pedjateK____: same fp mismatch, (with make -j1 install)21:46
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