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teK____pedja: succeeded without -j1 and fakeroot00:36
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rmullteK____: New libreoffice out, should go 5.0.2 -> 5.0.302:30
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rmullAnyone use readymedia/minidlna?03:03
jaegernot I03:06
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rmulljaeger: I am able to play music from my crux PC on my phone using readymedia server, but I was wondering if it was possible to play from phone to PC04:10
rmullno big deal though04:10
rmullI think the answer is that readymedia isn't able to provide a "renderer" which means that it can only source music04:14
jaegersorry, haven't tried anything like that04:25
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tierd982rmull, that depends entirely on the phone. VLC has a built-in DLNA renderer, but to play (ie stream) from phone you need a server (ie minidlna like) to be running on phone04:51
tierd982andriod based phones have a few options IIRC04:51
tierd982so install VLC on ur crux, and a dlna server on phone and off you go :)04:52
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tired890is it a good idea to make an alias, so that whenever I issue cp it will be replaced with "rsync -a --progress"05:23
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tired890I use the latter now to copy files within one computer anyway so instead of typing all that, just cp and shell replace it..05:26
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tired890won't break anything will it?05:26
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Romstertired890, i'd make it something like alias cpr='rsync -a --progress'08:13
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frinnst <- letsencrypt tutorial08:31
frinnstseems it needs some work for crux08:31
frinnstseems like it would work: Error: unauthorized :: The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Error creating new authz :: Name is not whitelisted08:46
frinnstguess i'll have to wait for the beta to be over08:47
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frinnsttired890: yeah, replacing such a basic command is probably not a good idea. I suspect rsync --progress is a lot slower than regular old cp09:06
frinnstimagine scripts and such09:06
frinnstromsters suggestion is a better bet09:06
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rmulltired890: Thanks for the DLNA tips - is there anything that I could run on my crux PC that is command-line based that would enable streaming audio from phone?12:24
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frinnstrmull: pulseaudio probably :)12:41
frinnstif they are on the same network12:42
frinnstor pipe with netcat ?12:48
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frinnstfrinnst - giving shitty suggestions since 2015-11-1713:03
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rmullfrinnst: Super shitty suggestions, everyone knows socat > netcat14:19
frinnstbut I can never remember to type socat14:22
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NecrosporusHave you considered using ubus instead of dbus?14:35
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tired890cheers Romster frinnst15:21
tired890rmull, sorry no idea. there is a program to mount dlna as a fs.. perhaps this will work? (assuming u have a dlna server on the phone)..15:22
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rmulltired890: mpd fails to build during ./configure with libupnp not found16:14
rmullLooks like it's explicitly enalbled in the Pkgfile, but it's not listed in the depends, and there are no "mainstream" ports for it16:16
rmulltired890: oops, wrong tab-complete, sorry16:16
rmullteK____: I meant you!16:16
frinnstlibupnp.. eeew..16:17
frinnstupnp is evil16:17
pedjateK____: I'll just add 'build as root' to README for texlive :)16:43
pedjamy 'port OpenRC to crux' project is waaaaaay behind.16:47
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