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Wildefyrdash is in core for 3.2 right?02:56
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joacimfrinnst: did they fix that freeze bug un the 4.1.x kernel series?18:19
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rmullHas anyone here tested a 3.1 -> 3.2 conversion just by switching their ports over?20:09
tilmanomg, the release20:13
rmullI see there is a warning about not updating manually via ports on the website...20:19
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jaegerrmull: you can do it but it's quite a bit of work and not officially supported20:45
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mike_kHi. FYI: in link to the "Generating locales" points to the same page. Also, Documentation still references 3.1 docs.20:55
mike_kCongratulations on the release. Can't wait to try it out.20:55
z3brajaeger, it's not?21:04
z3braso what's recommended, resintalling?21:04
tilmanrunning the upgrade from the iso of course21:07
z3braoh, if that's all then OK :)21:08
z3brabut why would it works better than just changing the port sources?.21:09
tilmani think in practice, upgrading via ports works as well21:10
tilmanbut since nobody knows wth you're building locally, there are no guarantees ;)21:10
tilmanthe packages on the iso are known to be good[tm]21:10
z3braoh okay21:12
z3braso upgrading from the iso just force everyone to use the same 'base' system21:13
z3bragotcha :)21:13
z3braI'll wait a bit then, thanks for the hint on this one21:13
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pidsleyi have another 3.2 question21:19
pidsleyi have a working 3.2-rc1 install -- if i continue to upgrade it, do i need to reinstall with the actual 3.2 release?21:20
pidsleyor am i effectively now running 3.2?21:21
frinnstyes you are running 3.221:25
pidsleythank you21:26
pidsleyand thanks for the release21:26
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rmullWhat happens to my man pages from 3.1 when I upgrade to 3.2? Are they all copied into /usr/share/man?21:29
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frinnstmike_k: fixed, thanks21:40
frinnstrmull: no, nothing is copied over21:40
frinnstnew ports just use /usr/share/man21:40
frinnstso if you upgrade a port (like those on the iso) they will remove the /usr/man/<whatever> files and install /usr/share/man/<whatever> instead21:41
rmullokay, sounds good, thanks21:49
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arduoyay, it's out, thank you all22:15
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jaegerz3bra: the problem with upgrading from ports directly is usually that the toolchain shits itself in weird ways22:40
jaegeranother option would be to moun the ISO, upgrade the toolchain packages, and then do the rest via ports22:40
jaegeror update ports, rebuild your toolchain, then do the rest22:40
jaegerpossible, sure, but not the "official" way22:40
z3braI see22:47
z3brathanks for the explanation22:47
z3braany planned support for 3.1 ?22:47
jaegerthere's usually a period of time after a release where security updates are backported22:48
z3braor just a couple of weeks?22:49
jaegerI don't think it's ever been defined, honestly22:49
jaegerIt seems like we did it for much longer than that in the past, though22:49
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