IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-11-23

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rmullAm now on 3.2 ^_^01:04
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rmullWhat's the deal with PASS_MAX_LEN in /etc/login.defs?01:18
rmullIs it ignored?01:18
jaegerNo idea there, never really played with those options01:25
joacimdamn. skylake is pretty expensive01:28
joacimi3 more expensive than my 469001:28
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rmullDid anybody add any new gcc CFLAGS for gcc5 in crux 3.2?02:45
rmullNew optimizations I mean02:46
jaegernothing crux-specific if that's what you're asking. At least not that I know02:54
rmullNo, not crux specific02:56
rmullJust seems like there are a raft of new features added and wanted to know if I should be ricing out my CFLAGS02:56
jaegerI haven't read the release notes but I'm sure if there are useful flags they're in the gcc docs somewhere02:57
rmullIt seems like the contrib/nginx .footprint file has not been updated to match 3.2 expecations03:16
jaegerjoacim: speaking of that,
jaegerI need a better place to put the cooler fan cables but haven't figured that out yet03:17
jaegerAnd the usb3 cable is just an eyesore in every case, they're too rigid to route properly03:17
jaegerrmull: since 3.2 just arrived there will be quite a few things like that especially in contrib03:20
jaegerperl modules, etc.03:20
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rmulljaeger: What do you recommend for action to take when encountering them?03:25
jaeger fix it and send a patch to the maintainer would be my suggestion. It will be a little while before everyone gets updated03:26
Wildefyrhey just thought i'd let you guys know that the kernel boots correctly on my chromebook now03:29
Wildefyralso best way to upgrade an existing crux install: the iso option03:29
jaegeryes. The ISO has both install and upgrade modes03:29
Wildefyrnow I need to go read the handbook again to remember how to install :p03:30
xeirrr3.2 is realsed today?03:33
rmulljaeger: Flyspray needs a 3.2 added to the Contrib tracker's Reported Version field03:37
jaegerI think I updated it, does it show up now?03:40
rmullYes, thanks03:41
jaegerFirst time I've done that so wasn't sure03:41
rmullIt was a wild success03:41
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rmullLooks like webkit-gtk either doesn't like to build with clang, or something about the new perl messed it up:
rmullThe first error is thrown by clang, but there is a lot of perl happening prior to that03:43
jaegerclang is almost always a pain03:43
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koriexcept when it isn't03:44
Wildefyrexcept when it is03:44
koriwebkit is a pain in general03:44
rmullI'll try to force gcc and see if the build works03:45
rmullkori: Any chance 6c37 would absorb some libressl-compatible elinks and socat ports? I don't have them, maybe you guys are interested in figuring them out03:46
korirmull: maybe after 3.2 comes out03:48
jaegerkori: It has.03:49
Wildefyrrmull, create a pull request03:49
Wildefyrgah why is gdisk not included? :(03:50
korijaeger: was that today03:50
koriwell ok I need to update03:50
korinot right now though03:50
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Wildefyrfuck me I hate fdisk03:59
Wildefyrmight actually boot into something else to get gdisk04:00
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xeirrrjaeger: thanks put mate in github. 1.10 is kinda falled behind, 1.12 is out for nearly 2weeks. :)04:16
jaegeryeah, I'm working on 1.12 updates already04:16
jaegerwas more concerned with crux 3.2 first04:16
Ghost_r00thello all04:17
Ghost_r00tjaeger: hi back.04:18
Wildefyrhuh chroot isn't working for me04:25
Wildefyrhmm never mind04:26
rmullkori: libressl should go from 2.2.2 -> 2.3.1 btw04:26
Wildefyrwe're looking at trying to make the repos self maintainable04:29
Wildefyrbut I'm outta ideas for static packages like that04:30
WildefyrLOL the install failed for me04:30
rmullIn what sense? Get everything fetched from an upstream source repo?04:30
Wildefyrgit makes this easy thankfully04:31
rmullWhy do you call libressl "static?"04:31
Wildefyrbecause it comes in a tar.gz04:33
Wildefyrwe have to know the version of the package before we wget it04:33
rmullyou can get it from openbsd's cvs, though, no?04:35
Wildefyrerm jaeger the install for 3.2 fails for me on trying to extract linux-4.1.1304:37
Wildefyris there anything else the setup program does after it? so I'm safe just to rsync a kernel build over04:39
Wildefyrrmull, not familar with that04:39
jaegerwhat's the error message? can you extract it manually? Did you verify the md5sum of the ISO when you downloaded it?04:39
Wildefyrmd5sum is fine04:39
Wildefyrlet me try manually04:39
jaegerwas it also fine after writing to USB or CD?04:40
WildefyrI actually use something different04:40
Wildefyrdrivedroid for android04:40
Wildefyrtakes an iso and essentially hosts it on usb04:41
Wildefyrbut it's been running fine04:41
jaegerwell, for what it's worth the ISO went through a lot of testing before release and I've already done an install with it today without trouble04:41
Wildefyrit shouldn't be an issue, just for some reason it didn't create /mnt/usr/src, and tar tried exracting some .c files then reported it's not a directory04:44
jaegerdid the filesystem package install correctly?04:51
jaegervery strange04:59
Wildefyrhm I've reset everything and now it extracts fine05:00
Wildefyrbut it still didn't create the /mnt/usr/src directory and I had to do that manually05:00
Wildefyrthen it extracted fine the 2nd time around05:00
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Wildefyrheh I'm really regreting not owning a usb ahah05:20
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Wildefyrhmm apparently crux hasn't installed correctly at all07:41
Wildefyrit didn't create a root user nor a passwd file07:42
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korirmull: it already has09:34
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rmullkori: Oh okay, thanks. I was on the wrong branch.12:14
rmullExcept your Pkgfile has the mandir set wrong12:16
Wildefyrhm I'll fix that now12:19
rmulllooks like ruby doesn't like libressl because it's missing sslv3 stuff12:25
Wildefyryeah its certainly not fully "production" ready12:28
Wildefyrgetting there though12:28
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rmullopt/pulseaudio appears to include some optional deps in its footprint:
rmulllibreoffice 404s and needs an update12:33
rmullWildefyr: 6c37's openimageio port fails to build:
Wildefyrah boost my favourite12:38
Wildefyrno idea12:39
Wildefyremail the maintainer12:39
tsyesikaoh hey a new crux has been released12:51
xeirrrrmull, i guess because iv will not be built, this will cause openimageio fail12:55
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rmullxeirrr: What's iv?13:01
xeirrrrmull, icon converter13:06
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druid_droidiuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 3.2 is out :) thanks13:10
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deus_excongrats on 3.2, guys|girls|sentient entities13:41
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deus_exas always, the biggest challenge when updating Crux to next version, for me, is finding usb port that actually works (ancient machine here)13:44
Wildefyryeah I'd like to see some streamline way of updating that doesn't require booting into the iso13:45
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deus_exWildefyr: I did this once
deus_exit worked fine, iirc, but it WAS long time ago :)13:48
Wildefyrseems risky :D13:48
Wildefyrespecially with ncurses breaking as a possiblity13:48
deus_exWildefyr: lots of learning opportunities when something breaks13:49
Wildefyroh sure13:49
Wildefyrbut ncurses breaking is annoying as fuck13:50
deus_exlibpng/libjpeg breakage ftw13:50
Wildefyrcan't even chroot initially without replacing the broken library13:50
Wildefyroh, chroot would be very handy for that13:51
deus_expxeboot, perhaps ?13:53
druid_droidI just go get USB disk to try booting from there13:54
deus_exthat's the easiest/least fun way to do it :)13:55
deus_exnvidia 358.x series is seriously b0rken, it seems13:56
druid_droidI don't have everything as I want yet, so I will try not to lose so much time on upgrading13:57
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deus_exupgrading is easy, rebuilding broken stuff is PITA14:00
frinnsthehe libpng abi-changes are fuuuuuuuuun14:01
frinnsteverything breaks14:02
yui^^i just upgraded without booting from the iso14:02
frinnstloops this a couple of times: prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst) overnight or something :)14:02
yui^^rxvt-unicode broke, so i had to rebuild that, but everything else seems fine14:02
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digitaloktayhey Crux14:03
frinnstyui^^: yeah you can run revdep to find other broken ports too14:03
frinnsthi digitaloktay14:03
yui^^Package injected: dbus14:04
digitaloktaymy want to test Crux14:04
yui^^guess it's time to GIVE UP14:04
yui^^and get on the dbus14:04
yui^^frinnst: thanks for the revdep tip, didn't know about that!14:04
frinnstyeah blame that on firefox with gtk3 shite14:05
pedjaand that is why I am using ff-bin :)14:05
yui^^i use surf, but i guess this means i can (finally??) try the webkit2 branch of surf14:06
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pedjaany nasty surprises wrt 4.3 kernel and nvidia binary driver?14:15
pedjaI know that 352.x works with xorg-1.18, but does it build with 4.3 kernel?14:16
frinnstamd ftw!14:17
shaggy814pedja, it does build with 4.314:18
shaggy814im on it now14:18
Wildefyrright going to boot into the iso now to upgrade14:19
Wildefyrwish me luck :)14:19
pedjashaggy814: thanks :)14:19
shaggy814pedja, anytime :D14:19
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rmulljaeger: Did you see the "nginx plus" stuff btw?14:41
pedja is broken (xml parsing error)14:42
frinnstpedja: works for me?14:43
frinnstno, you're right. stuff is missing14:43
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Wildefyryou guys broke my xorg14:44
Wildefyrupdating the xorg server without upgrading the nvidia driver rip14:45
frinnstnvidia is not on the iso so you need to update that manually i think?14:45
jaegerrmull: I've seen it, yeah. It's not a free product, though, if I remember right14:45
pedjafrinnst: my bad, Policeman ff addon induced opens now, don't know about missing stuff, though14:46
rmullYeah, that's correct. I hadn't looked at the nginx website in a while, and when I went recently I saw all this enterprise stuff with a community edition14:47
Wildefyrah yeah14:47
WildefyrI got it now14:47
Wildefyrhuh well trying to install crux on my netbook has so far been nothing but pain14:48
pedjaWildefyr: I have OpenBSD on my netbook :)14:49
pedjaworks just fime[tm]14:50
pedjafine, even14:50
frinnstworks now?14:51
pedjasorry for the noise and all that :)14:51
frinnstbut it stopped working for me too14:51
frinnstonly sawy the ports/ repos14:51
frinnstif your addon can break it for everyone i'm even more worried :-)14:52
frinnsthopefully just a server hiccup14:52
pedja <---this is how it looks for me14:53
frinnstyeah looks right14:54
rmullHmm, side tabs14:56
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pedjarmull: TreeStyleTab addon, if you are interested15:00
pedjabuilt from git15:01
pedjafrinnst: haver you played with ff-43?does it forbid non-signed addons yet, or did they push that to another future release?15:05
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frinnstyep, blocked15:06
frinnsttried to install librejs from the gnu site yesterday  - no dice15:06
pedjagreat, so I'll need to start to sign them myself15:07
frinnstits so stupid15:07
pedjasecurity vs convenience15:07
frinnstnot really security either - just trust15:08
frinnstand I dont trust mozilla more than gnu :)15:08
WildefyrI forgot to uncheck core packages that I have my own pkgbuilds for15:08
Wildefyrwhat the hell15:10
Wildefyrwith the sh being symlinked to dash is throwing me off hard15:10
pedjafrinnst: or EFF :)15:10
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pedjaWildefyr: I am curious, what did you do to core ports?15:13
Wildefyrpedja, stuff like vim gcc15:13
Wildefyrrolled my own15:13
Wildefyrjust forgot to uncheck em when i had the chance15:13
pedjavim I get, I have my own port for that, but gcc?15:13
Wildefyrwasn't 5.215:14
Wildefyrwhich means no C++1415:14
Wildefyrwhich I needed for building some stuff15:14
pedjaah, ok15:14
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pedjaWildefyr: but now, gcc IS 5.2, whay would you want to use your own port?15:15
Wildefyrbecause my port is still newer :D15:16
Wildefyralso i've already built it15:16
Wildefyrfuck rebuilding that15:16
Wildefyrwill take me 15 minutes15:16
Wildefyralso librarys breaking is fun!15:16
Wildefyrseems dash doesn't have support for &!15:17
pedjathe joys of using source based distro15:17
pedjaI just use vanilla core/opt ports to update, and then modify.A bit more work, but since it's mostly the computer doing the extra work, I am fine with that15:19
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frinnstWildefyr: use bash for your scrips - if they are bash scripts! :-)15:21
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pedjaspeaking of shells, on login, zsh takes a while to get me to the do I debug wth it is doing (rebuilding completion db would be my guess)15:23
Wildefyrfrinnst, nah it was xinitrc that was giving me trouble15:23
frinnstwhat about using another shell for login and then manually launch zsh with strace or something?15:24
Wildefyralso how is git not in core?!?15:24
pedjafrinnst: that's a good idea15:24
frinnstbecause git is not needed to run crux? :)15:24
Wildefyrand httpup is?15:25
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pedjagets the ports15:25
frinnstyeah for adding most 3rd party repos15:25
frinnstsince 98% use http15:25
WildefyrI use git for the main repos as well15:25
frinnstwell thats your option. byt default we use rsync15:26
Wildefyrguess I can just remove httpup15:26
frinnstif we added git to core we would be spammed with people asking why git is in core  :)15:26
frinnstlose/lose as usual15:27
Wildefyrrunning a source distro without git15:27
Wildefyrthat would be brave15:27
t0b1nuxWildefyr: you could still compile it easily so what's the point ?15:27
frinnsthow so?15:27
Wildefyra fair bit of software only uses git and doesn't release tarballs at all15:28
pedjanot the software in core/opt/xorg15:29
frinnstsure but all crux ports are tarballs (well, core,opt,contrib, xorg etc)15:29
WildefyrI just prefer to use git15:30
Wildefyrgit is love15:30
Wildefyrgit is life15:30
t0b1nuxthe only problem is that git isn't well integrated: you could not add a git url in the source array of a Pkgfile15:31
t0b1nuxthus you should handle yourself downloading and managing git repo15:31
druid_droid first time using dd, do I need bs option ?15:31
frinnstpatches are welcomed :)15:31
druid_droidI just run without and is working15:31
t0b1nuxdruid_droid: no15:31
t0b1nuxbut it's often better15:31
druid_droidthanks t0b1nux15:31
t0b1nuxit could be faster with some bs15:32
pedjaif git was in core, someone would ask why Mercurial isn't, because reasons15:32
t0b1nuxbut he couldn't say mercurial is more widely used than git15:33
t0b1nuxnevertheless, I currently don't see the problem15:33
pedjabut he could say that his favorite repo uses it15:33
Wildefyrnot really an issue t0b1nux, we could easily modify pkgbuilds to do that15:33
pedjaas frinnst said, patches are welcome :)15:34
Wildefyrmaybe one day ;)15:34
t0b1nuxI'm not an expert but I think adding git support would increase by a lot the complexity of pkgmk, which isn't the goal of crux which seems to emphasize on minimalism and simplicity15:35
Wildefyrthat's a valid point15:35
t0b1nux(sorry for the weird sentence, I'm french, and as you know, french often speak eglish a horrible way)15:36
Wildefyrhowever git is a fantastic tool and has features that are very useful15:36
t0b1nux(that's a great excuse to not admit you don't knwo how to speak ;) )15:36
Wildefyrdon't worry15:36
pedjat0b1nux: I use that excuse all the time :)15:36
WildefyrI am english15:36
WildefyrI couldn't cobble together a sentence of french if I tried15:37
frinnstfeels like my english is getting worse by each year15:37
t0b1nuxmaybe some other language ?15:37
frinnstgetting old i guess..15:37
frinnstkan vi inte bara snacka svenska ist´┐Żllet?15:37
t0b1nuxthat's funny how diverse and different are languages across the earth15:37
Wildefyrthe benefit of being a native english speaker is that you never have to learn a language unless you got outside the western world15:38
pedjaSwedish chef, one of my favourite characters in The Muppet Show15:38
frinnstif you want to move to another country its probably a good idea to learn the local language15:38
pedjadamn, I am old15:38
frinnsteven if everyone speaks english its probably a bit isolating not being able to join in15:39
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Wildefyrbut you could get helluva lot easier than other languages15:39
Wildefyrget by*15:39
Wildefyras you learn15:39
pedjafriends of mine learned norwegian, got the jobs there, went to Egypt to celebrate, had an accident.15:40
pedjahe is ok now, she...not so much...15:41
Wildefyrjesus that got dark fast15:42
pedjashe is in a wheelchair now, barely survived.15:42
frinnstwhat happened?15:42
druid_droidbeen at, they like urbanterror or just CS ?15:43
Wildefyrcar accident?15:43
pedjathey went on a jeep ride thru the desert, and jeep rolled over or smth15:44
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pedjahe broke his arm, she had a spine injury15:44
Wildefyrcars are death machines15:45
pedjacool people, both of them15:46
xeirrroh my..15:46
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Wildefyrhas ls been updated lol?15:50
Wildefyrstuff is showing in different orders now15:51
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Wildefyrafter all this time17:13
Wildefyrmy locale is still mssed17:13
pedjaWildefyr: "glibc locales will need to be regenerated" <---from Release Notes.You DID read them, right? :)17:27
Wildefyroh I did17:29
Wildefyrbut I've never been able to get locales to function 'perfectly' the sense they display extended character sets correctly17:29
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tilmanWildefyr: 1.) generate the utf8 variant of your locale ; 2.) export LC_CTYPE=en_GB.utf8 3.) success!17:58
tilman(assuming you use en_GB, just guessing)17:59
Wildefyrnah I generally stick with en_US18:03
tilmandoesn't even matter, what's important is that you're using an utf8 locale18:04
Wildefyrthere's essentially no difference18:04
Wildefyrwell I'm lost18:38
Wildefyrit just doesn't display the correct characters in the framebuffer18:39
Wildefyrthat must be because of the font though18:39
Wildefyrbut still even in X it doesn't display some symbols correctly that I know the font has18:39
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pedjaWildefyr: that happens to me too, in ff history sidebar, for instance.19:04
Wildefyrwell even urxvt windows for me19:06
Wildefyrdisplays most of the stuff correct but there's still a few edge cases19:06
pedjaI haven't noticed it in xfce4, sakura or mate terminal19:08
pedjaI use Droid Sans system-wide, patched for terminal, normal for desktop.19:09
Wildefyrmaybe I'll try another fonts19:16
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frinnstseems like a lot of crux:ers hang around unixporn :)22:35
jaegerI'm afraid to ask22:36
frinnst :)22:36
jaegeroh. of course it's reddit, heh22:36
frinnstWildefyr, z3bra etc seems to be regulars22:36
joacimfrinnst: really into unixfisting these days22:37
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frinnstyou cant even imagine how much unix you can shove up there22:37
joacimseen some of the crux people in here post on various desktop threads and forums22:37
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rmullkori: libressl footprint needs to be updated for 3.2 /usr/share/man23:50
korirmull: on it23:50
korirmull: done :)23:52
rmullyou da man23:53
korirmull: 3.2 updates should come next week when I update to 3.223:53
koriand when I'll inevitably need to rebuild all packages so the ones that are broken will need to be fixed23:54
rmullI'll keep an eye out23:55

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