IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2015-11-24

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john_cephalopodaJust trying to make a flightgear package.00:17
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john_cephalopodaIs there something like archlinux' archey for crux? Some commandline "print out your system stats and a logo" thing00:44
korijohn_cephalopoda: screenfetch00:44
korisupports many distros00:44
koriincluding crux00:44
john_cephalopodaNot in the crux repos?00:45
korijohn_cephalopoda: its a bash script00:46
korialso, one sec00:46
john_cephalopodaAh, well.00:46
koriFWIW there's this00:46
koriif you really want a port00:47
john_cephalopodaThanks :)00:47
john_cephalopodaHmm, when I want to make a package that uses git, putting git into source doesn't seem to work.00:47
john_cephalopodaAt least not with prt-get.00:47
korijohn_cephalopoda: yeah the source array currently doesn't support git links00:48
john_cephalopodaDo git packages have to be updated by hand?00:48
korijohn_cephalopoda: aye, we're working on that as well00:49
john_cephalopodaOr is there some flag that can be set in the package to update it whenever doing a full system update?00:49
john_cephalopodaCool :P00:49
john_cephalopodaCrux is pretty cool, the only thing that is a bit annoying is, that very little of the packages I use are aviable.00:50
korijohn_cephalopoda: 6c37 has 200+ packages00:50
koriand its not linked on the portspage00:50
koricheck it out00:50
john_cephalopodaI got 23 custom Pkgbuilds atm.00:51
john_cephalopodaOh, cool.00:51
john_cephalopodaWhat kind of organisation is 6c37?00:52
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korijohn_cephalopoda: it was a software development organization then00:54
koribut now we mostly maintain crux ports00:54
koriwe've some pretty neat projects00:54
john_cephalopodaSo it is just a group of people who are losely knitted together and make software?00:55
korithat's kinda it right now00:56
koriexcept s/make software/work with crux/00:56
korior even s/software/crux-related things/00:56
rmullwhat's the significance of the number?00:57
john_cephalopodaIs it possible to contribute?00:57
korirmull: it's an unicode codepoint00:57
john_cephalopoda^That one00:58
korijohn_cephalopoda: in romāji, kōri00:58
john_cephalopodaHeh, that's cool.00:58
koriI realize it's kinda silly to name an organization after your internet handle but oh well00:59
rmullis kori a name, or does it mean something?00:59
korirmull: it's the ASCII-zation of kőri, 氷01:00
koriwhich is ice in japanese01:00
koribeen using that as my handle for a couple years now01:00
john_cephalopodaSo, is it possible to reach in Pkgfiles?01:02
korijohn_cephalopoda: aye01:02
koriif you're not a part of the org, you can submit them by pull requests01:02
koriif you have a lot of interesting packages you can be added to the org01:03
koriafter they're standardized and integrated, of course :)01:03
rmullkori: Okay Mr. Ice, just making sure it didn't mean like, "kill all foreigners" or something01:03
korirmull: hahaha01:04
rmullI wouldn't want to be affiliated with that organization01:04
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john_cephalopodaDownloading git for hours -> "You must be root" -> Redownloading it for hours :D01:07
john_cephalopodaFlightgear compiling is looking good.01:32
john_cephalopodaI got to disable the builting launcher though01:34
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john_cephalopodaNote to myself: Don't try to run flightgear on highest settings, the computer will freeze and crash.01:49
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john_cephalopodaNote to myself: Flightgear will crash anyway. No high settings needed.01:54
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rmullkori: Did I do that ruby pull request correctly? First time.02:09
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korirmull: something such as Add: ruby (without rand_egd and sslv3 to enable building against libressl) would be better02:13
koribut I'll allow it02:13
kori^ that model is the ideal one02:13
korijoin #6c37 btw02:13
rmullOkay. I should have looked at existing PR patterns.02:14
rmullHoping this fixed ruby will also in turn fix webkit-gtk3, currently building02:15
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jaegerxeirrr: mate 1.12 seems to work fine with gtk2, still04:04
xeirrrjaeger: glad to hear : )04:15
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Spoofingalsa-utils is now required fftw306:04
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Spoofingchecking for fftw_malloc in -lfftw3... no06:04
Spoofingconfigure: error: Error: need FFTW3 library06:04
Spoofing=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/alsa-utils/alsa-utils#1.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:04
xeirrrprt-get search fftw306:05
Spoofinginstalled fftw from contrib and now alsa-utils builds successfully06:05
Spoofingmaybe you should move fftw from contrib to opt?06:05
tilmanyep, this looks wrong06:09
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jaegeroops, forgot to add --disable-bat to the Pkgfile before pushing, my fault. you can get around it by adding that if you don't want to wait06:22
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Spoofingok thank you06:31
jaegerI just updated it, though. :)06:31
jaegerthanks for the reminder06:32
Spoofingno problem06:32
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xeirrrThanks people, upgrading from 3.1 to 3.2 is very smooth06:56
xeirrrjaeger: did you try to install mate on 3.2 without issue? the readme is still for 3.1 yet06:58
jaegerthere are some footprint updates that are necessary but both 1.10 and 1.12 do work. Hopefully we can get the repo updated to 1.12 soon06:59
jaegertime for me to sleep, though, night06:59
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druid_droidI will try to install 3.2 unconvencional way, I failed to boot from external disk, better since I have to update my notes10:55
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rmullRomster: webkit-gtk3 built okay for me using gcc12:32
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frinnstawesome. Maybe I should build one of those and go around terrorizing my neighbours at night14:35
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rmullkori: When building 6c37/blender, I'm getting a lot of "sorry, unimplemented '_Atomic' with OpenMP" and eventual build failure15:35
rmullLooks like it's related to the 5.2 gcc15:36
rmullDoes it build for you?15:36
korirmull: I haven't tried, but last time I tried it failed16:05
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rmullThere is a new version out which I am trying to build now16:22
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jaegerI have a local port that should work if you want me to pastebin it16:50
rmullSame "atomic" failure with 2.76b for me16:52
rmulljaeger: Sure, I'll give it a whirl16:53
jaegerI'll verify it before I paste it, maybe it doesn't work after all, heh16:56
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rmullno rush17:06
Wildefyr@frinnst | Wildefyr, z3bra etc seems to be regulars17:11
Wildefyrz3bra was the one that got me using crux :)17:11
jaegerI was wrong, same problem. I thought I had tested it on 3.2 but I guess not17:11
jaegerpython 3.5.1 supposedly will fix it17:13
Wildefyrso why does crux still have python2.7 as default?17:21
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t0b1nuxz3br* is very great at directing pepole, Wildefyr and I are both here because of him ;)18:37
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JSchilli1I'm back on crux for 3.2! <318:45
JSchilli1Congrats to everyone that worked on the release18:46
JSchilli1kori: yoo18:46
JSchilli1Is there any up to date documentation on setting up wireless? I noticed the wlan service is new18:47
JSchilli1Took me ages to figure out the drivers/firmware for my rMBP wireless but I finally got it18:47
JSchilli1Now I'm trying to connect to networks and having a little trouble18:48
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deus_exgreetings from 3.218:51
JSchilli1kori: do you use wifi?18:51
koriJSchilli1: nope18:52
Wildefyrfunnily enough I'm going to be tackling this problem JSchilli118:52
WildefyrI'm actually gonna use connman18:52
JSchilli1Wildefyr: oh good!18:52
Wildefyrbut I need to write the port and the service file18:53
JSchilli1I want to try and keep it simple just using wireless-tools18:53
Wildefyrin that case I have no idea18:53
JSchilli1But I don't know anything about it... Tried a few commands from archwiki and they just don't work18:53
rmullJSchilli1: are you using wpa_supplicant?18:57
deus_extbh, when I saw qt5 in revdep output, I cried a little18:57
JSchilli1rmull: yes, trying to at least18:58
JSchilli1I'm trying to break down the wlan service steps so I can find what's going wrong18:59
rmullwhat sorts of errors are you seeing?19:00
JSchilli1Rebooting really quick.19:00
JSchilli1Do I need to have net running as well as wlan?19:00
JSchilli1rmull: ERROR: netdev:wlp3s0 already exists19:01
JSchilli1Does that have to do with net running?19:01
JSchilli1Tried it with net service disabled, same thing. So I guess not19:03
frinnsttry using "stop" before you start it again19:04
frinnstor restart19:04
frinnstlooks like you try to set up an already configured interface19:04
JSchilli1Well, I get that error upon startup19:04
frinnstis wlp3s0 your actual interface?19:05
frinnstpastebin your config19:05
JSchilli1That's hard to do with no net :)19:06
frinnsttrue :)19:06
JSchilli1No Ethernet port on this damn thing either19:06
frinnsti see that wlp3s0 is the interface in the example service-file19:06
frinnstare you *sure* that is your interface?19:06
frinnstwhat does ip link say?19:07
frinnst.. does ip link list wifi interfaces btw?19:07
JSchilli1Yes, it was that on arch and iwconfig says wlp3s0 as well19:07
frinnstoh, ok19:07
JSchilli1Starting net cleanly says this: if_addaddress6: Operation not supported19:08
JSchilli1And "no interfaces have a carrier"19:08
frinnstDont use wifi myself so cant really help, sorry19:10
JSchilli1I think it may be something to do with IPv6 support in the kernel? Although I've never used IPv619:10
JSchilli1frinnst: okay, thanks anyways19:10
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JSchilli1Well. Enabling IPv6 in the kernel stopped that error19:19
JSchilli1Work time, I'll be back tonight to interrogate you all some more ;)19:34
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deus_ex386 "/usr/man" lines in my ports.This may take a while...20:06
tilman(have someone) write a script20:07
jaegerno big rush, both locations will work for now20:07
deus_exI know, I am just playing with ag (the_silver_searcher) :)20:10
deus_exaka grep -r on steroids20:11
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deus_exnot bad, ~4sec for 300 or so ports :) another win for the shell20:36
deus_exstolen and modified from github
deus_ex(I couldn't script myself out of paper bag, so I borrow)20:39
tilmanhave you guys seen those "hacker scripts" on reddit/elsewhere?20:43
koritilman: aye20:47
korithey were funny for the first couple days but then it got posted so many times it got kinda silly20:47
tilmannot sure why the story would become silly just because it's shared20:49
tilmanbut oh well20:49
koritilman: nah it just kinda burns out20:50
korilike when someone tells you the same joke over and over20:50
deus_exiirc, someone rewrote them in ruby20:52
tilmani guess it's mostly about the story though =)20:54
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deus_exI wish I could code (shell,python), but nothing seems to get into this thick skull of mine :)20:59
deus_exmodify/reuse-yes, start from scratch-hell no.21:00
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tilmandeus_ex: mmh, but you use random programs in your shell, string them together via pipes etc?21:02
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tilmangotta hit the sack. ttyl21:03
deus_extry something->read the manpage->curse->try again is my workflow :)21:04
deus_extilman: gn21:04
deus_exfrinnst: this might be interesting to you
frinnstyeah just read that21:14
frinnstechoes my sentiments pretty much spot on21:14
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frinnstshame all other browsers suck even more21:15
xveehey teK____, libreoffice has been updated to 5.1. when you get a chance, can you update the ports as well?21:15
xveealso, hi chat21:17
pedjais it me, or is ftp server powered by overweight hamster with heart condition?35-50kb/sec, max21:19
frinnststill better than hp.com21:23
xveedownload hp drivers21:23
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Necrosporusis there kde5 for crux?22:18
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john_cephalopodaNecrosporus: Yes.22:53
john_cephalopodaOr wait.22:53
john_cephalopodaNo, doesn't seem so. Only 4.22:54
john_cephalopodaAnd the qt package is pretty broken.22:54
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Worksterwhich qt package?23:06
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: if you find something "broken", please open a ticket instead of just stating on irc that "it doesnt work"23:22
frinnstthats not very helpful23:22
NecrosporusDoes CRUX support automatical security updates and for how long are they provided?23:29
Necrosporusor semi-automatical23:29
Necrosporusnot requiring user to go to security bulletins and monitor them manually23:29
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I don't know what is broken, there are just some things that don't work sometimes, some cmake files are missing or something.23:32
john_cephalopodaBut I haven't got actual informations and I don't know where exactly the problem is.23:32
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