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rmullNecrosporus: Security updates are generally announced on the mailing list, and you can install them the usual way (ports -u, prt-get sysup)02:01
rmullThere's nothing differentiating a security update from any other update except for the mailing list post that identifies the CVE02:02
rmullI'm not sure if that answers your question02:02
Necrosporusrmull, if you use Slackware, then slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade-all will install all security updates automatically02:03
NecrosporusWith you being able to choose which one you want02:03
Necrosporusit isn't differentiated from other updates, but if you use stable mirror then all updates would be security related or fixing important bugs02:04
Necrosporusso updates are quite rare02:04
rmullcrux updates to the core repo aren't usually concerned with staying on the bleeding edge - you'll find a bit more stability in core02:15
rmullother repos might be more up to date02:16
rmullSelecting which update you want is done on a per-package basis, but a sysup will update everything. You'd need to use sysup --test to see which ones can be updated, and then manually update the ones that you want to update02:17
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Necrosporusbtw is crux handbook 3.2 any different from 3.1?03:55
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xeirrrjust have some versioning change as i see, and a little uefi part change04:10
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JSchilli1Well, fixed it. I was specifying the wrong configuration file for wpa_supplicant. The wiki article says to use /etc/wpa.conf while the init script uses /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf04:26
JSchilli1Here goes sysup. Lol04:26
JSchilli1Hmm. Looks like I found a circular dependency. Harfbuzz depends on fontconfig but fontconfig won't install without harfbuzz.04:35
JSchilli1Well... Depends on Cairo, which depends on fontconfig.04:36
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WorksterJSchilli1, that is a known upstream bug06:02
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nwegood morning08:46
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dxlr8rI don't know about that09:04
dxlr8rto early man09:04
frinnstindeed, fuck mornings!09:07
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frinnstman I love how windows does memory09:24
frinnst"swap space? yeah, lets use a dynamic file on the OS filesystem - doesn't matter if we run out of space on C, right?"09:25
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druid_droid :D10:26
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Romsteror fragment into 2000 parts10:45
Romsterwont slow the system down much right :D10:45
Romsterfirst thing i do is turn swap off C and stick it on another disk10:46
Romsterthen it bitches about no space for a debug log should it need to log one...10:46
Romsteri'm like eh that's pointless anyways applies10:46
frinnstIm happy to say I dont really need to worry too much about fragmentation with netapp & wafl11:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: midori: 0.5.10 -> 0.5.1112:41
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frinnstcool, there's a qt frontend for password-store14:38
dxlr8rRomster: windows is only good for steam14:58
dxlr8rand shouldn't be used for anything else :P14:58
dxlr8rbut now with ssds etc. fragmentation ain't a big problem anymore14:59
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Guest90864silly question: how long will 3.1 be supported with (security) updates?16:43
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pitillofrinnst: have you seen something like this using radeon? radeon 0000:01:00.0: GPU lockup CP stall for more than 10000msec18:04
tilmani think every radeon user has seen those18:11
tilmanthat can happen when the opengl driver tries to send crap to the device for example18:11
pitillo... mine is sending crap all the time tilman...18:12
pitilloit's locking up after 5 minutes18:13
tilmaneven if you don't run $fancy_opengl_app ?18:13
pitillousing X (e19) with GL support...18:13
tilmanthat counts i guess18:13
pitillothw wm it's a fancy opengl app itself18:14
pitillobut using a web browser decrease the time, locking up faster18:14
pitillowith a kernel upgrade (4.x) the computer freezes18:15
tilmanwhat card/chip is it?18:23
pitilloapu HD 6500 + radeon HD 645018:31
frinnstyou might want to open a bug with the ati/radeon people18:40
frinnstif it still happens with new kernels18:40
frinnstI guess you could also try a more bleeding edge mesa3d package.. from git or something18:40
pitillothat could be an option to try, I'll bump first to 3.218:41
pitillothank you both18:42
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deep42thoughtHi, I tried to upgrade to crux3.2, but now openldap reports (during build) "configure: error: Unknown Berkeley DB major version in db.h". I already updated db (which I believe, contains db.h), however, this doesn't help.20:40
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deep42thoughtfull log is at
deep42thoughtmay this be some issue due to gcc 5?20:55
Guest90864sounds like openldap depends on a specific version of Berkeley DB20:56
Guest90864sounds like openldap depends on Berkeley DB and your db.h didn't provide a Berkeley DB major version20:57
Guest90864maybe it is too new for openldap hmm?20:58
deep42thoughtnope, it's this:
deep42thoughtjust added 'CPP="cpp -P"' in front of ./configure and it works20:59
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xveehi fellas, i have a weird question for you. all my browsers seem to use ridiculous amounts of memory. Midori, for example, uses 3gs. firefox is roughly the same, and all of these are at idle. all they do is load up an about:blank page with limited addons (adblock)21:00
xveewhat can cause this high usage?21:01
Guest90864deep42thought: ok, good!21:01
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xveelooks like its using virutal memory. wouldn't that be bad on a ssd drive though?21:06
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deus_excurrent openldap(2.40) has a problem building with core/db.2.42(latest) builds fine.21:15
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deus_exqtpass is interesting, it can either use git/gpg/pwgen directly, or be an frontend to pass.22:35
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