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john_cephalopodaI get this error when compiling some stuff, it seems to have something to do with qt5. But not sure if it is a bug or anything.
john_cephalopodaHmm, looks like some path is non-standard there and should be different.01:45
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xeirrrAnyone has this problem with me: when I play online movie and then open another tab loading some flash page, the firefox got instant crash?02:12
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Ghost_r00tafter building kernels some of the components are modules. where could I specify them to be picked up at boot time?05:11
Ghost_r00tin the handbook we have /etc/rc.modules but how should I write them in that file?05:14
jaegerrc.modules is just a script so use commands there like you would manually05:14
jaegersuch as "/sbin/modprobe module"05:15
jaegerz3bra: blocking TCP and all?05:15
tired_laptopGhost_r00t, if you are using lilo you can specify modules to load at boot there ..05:27
Ghost_r00ttired_laptop: no lilo.05:28
Ghost_r00tdoes lilo supports EFI boot05:29
jaegerno, but elilo does05:29
Ghost_r00tor does crux accepts GUmmibot?05:29
jaegerEFI boot loaders/managers are not distro-specific so you can use whatever you want05:29
Ghost_r00tjaeger: as I could read gummiboot is a quick and pain-less way for uefi boot but is it the best?05:32
jaegerI haven't used it so I couldn't say05:32
Ghost_r00tand how would lilo handels EFI?05:32
jaegerlilo doesn't handle EFI05:32
jaegerelilo, grub2, kernel stub support, gummiboot, refind are all possible options05:33
jaegersyslinux theoeretically supports EFI but I've never seen it work05:33
tired_laptopyes lilo can't do efi05:35
tired_laptopand elilo is (according to wiki) no longer updated from upstream..05:35
Ghost_r00tif I want to setup my wifi connection with wpa_supplicant what should I do? I think it would have some work. yes?05:51
Ghost_r00twhat is the SERVICE inside service array in rc.conf05:51
jaegerIf you use dhcp, dhcpcd will call wpa_supplicant on its own so no specific wpa_supplicant service is needed05:52
jaegerif you don't use dhcp, call wpa_supplicant manually from /etc/rc.d/net05:52
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z3brajaeger, I know there is a file (or used to be), that would just block TCP packets, or filter them or something like that07:49
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z3brajaeger, that was /etc/hosts.deny, but I see it's not present on 3.208:03
xeirrrz3bra: jaeger slept.08:07
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juez3bra: we removed the support for tcp_wrappers with 3.2, you have to use iptables instead08:32
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deep42thoughtHi, is there an easy and clean way to provide a different /bin/sh for compilation of one port. E.g. something, which fits into a Pkgfile?09:17
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frinnstdeep42thought: yes, something like "CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash ./configure --prefix=/usr"09:19
deep42thoughtgood, thanks09:19
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frinnst[Lag: 14.05]10:03
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deep42thoughtHi, it looks like the Pkgfile of texlive does not mention all dependencies: ... or did I do something stupidly wrong?14:27
deep42thoughtwell, no, they _are_ installed O.o14:28
deep42thoughthmm, something's broken completely in my box :-/ libgd won't compile, too14:31
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deep42thoughtIt looks, like libgd 2.1.0 is not compatible with libvpx 1.5.0 (, however, libvpx 1.3.0 (which is in contrib) does not compile with gcc5 :-(14:54
Romster i already did the patch for libvpx14:59
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Romsterand i just got home not long ago, i was out and drove 400~ kilometers to get back home. anything else can wait until i've had sleep is 2am now.15:01
deep42thoughtah, thanks Romster! Good night :-)15:02
Romsterdid you try bumping libgd to 2.1.1 ?15:03
RomsterLibGD 2.1.1 final release, Wed 14 January 201515:04
Romster2.1.0 was released at Fri 24 May 201315:04
Romstergoing by there web site.15:05
deep42thoughti made a patch for 2.1.015:05
deep42thoughtnow, at least, it compiles15:05
Romsterwhy not try 2.1.1 see if it actually just works (tm)15:05
deep42thoughtyes, I was not aware of the new version15:06
Romsteri see no reason to stay on libgd 2.1.0 when there are open CVEs15:06
Romsteralways check versions first.15:06
Romsterprt-get dependent --all libgd15:07
Romsterthen make sure each of those work.15:07
deep42thoughtdoes not compile, same error15:08
Romsterthen it's not a simple fix...15:08
deep42thoughtjust the names changed15:09
Romsteranyways file a bug report on your findings. and tag it for sepen15:09
deep42thought"PLANE_Y" -> "VPX_PLANE_Y", etc.15:09
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Romsterattach patch if you can get the symbols working.15:09
Romsteractually you should have a look at git or cvs or what ever libgd uses they might have a commit you can yank for that.15:10
Romsteror a bug report with a patch/commit upstream.15:10
Romsteri'd look but i'm gonna get to bed.15:11
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jaegerz3bra: aye, what jue said15:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: php-bcmath: update to 5.6.1615:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: php-mcrypt: update to 5.6.1615:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: php-tidy: update to 5.6.1615:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: php-xsl: update to 5.6.1615:52
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john_cephalopodaThat Qt thing _really_ annoys me but I can still not find out where the error lies.16:29
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deep42thoughtjohn_cephalopoda, what is it you're trying? It looks to me, like Qt5NetworkConfig is not installed18:27
z3brahow can I unblock rfkilled wifi without the rfkill utility?18:46
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frinnstits a /proc or /sys switch18:57
frinnstdont remember which18:57
frinnst/proc/driver/wireless/radio maybe?18:58
frinnstYou can turn the radio on and off at your will with18:58
frinnst% echo [1|on] > /proc/driver/wireless/radio18:58
frinnst% echo [0|off] > /proc/driver/wireless/radio18:58
frinnstfrom 2005 so it might have changed :>18:58
z3bra/sys it seems18:58
z3brammmh, I don't have /proc/driver/wireless18:59
z3braI used an usb key to fetch the rfkill soruce though18:59
z3brareports it not blocked at all :P18:59
frinnstis it changeable with sysctl maybe?19:00
z3brawell I managed to 'unblock' it with rfkill19:00
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z3braso I'm not on the right track..19:01
z3bramy initial problem is that I can't get an IP via dhcpcd over wifi19:01
z3bramy driver is loaded, interface showed up, wpa_supplicant seems well configured...19:02
z3brabut dhcpcd simply time out19:02
z3braand the debug output says literally nothing19:02
jaegercan you associate to your access point?19:02
frinnsti've had all sorts of issues with dhcpcd19:02
z3braI'm not sure19:03
frinnstyou could try dhclient from the dhcp port19:03
jaegerignore dhcpcd until you know your wireless radio is connecting19:03
z3brawpa_supplicant doesn't report any error; so I figured it was workong19:03
frinnstyeah, one step at a time19:03
z3braI have no idea how to debug it19:03
frinnsttry a static ip or something19:03
z3braok hold on19:03
jaegerthough even a static IP won't help if the problem is at the associating phase19:03
frinnstif you have access to the AP you could maybe find it associated there19:03
z3braI do19:04
z3bralet me try19:04
z3braok so the problem comes from wpa_supplicant indeed19:05
jaegerYou should be able to see messages in your system log like "wlp3s0: authenticate with <MAC>" etc.19:05
z3braI don't have anything indeed19:05
frinnstkids these days with their modern 'wireless' magic!19:06
frinnstwitchcraft i tells you!19:07
z3braholy shit19:07
z3brashame on me19:07
z3braSSIDs are case sensitive...19:07
jaegerz3bra: for example19:07
jaegerheh, yes.19:07
frinnsthow much time have you spent on it? :D19:07
z3brait started yesterday at 8pm19:08
z3braI hate myself right now19:08
z3bra1. for not figuring out earlier19:08
z3bra2. for putting a fucking upper case later in the SSID19:09
z3braI've always know camelCase was evil19:09
frinnstdont feel bad. You should be happy you made someone smile! :D19:09
z3brawell, thanks for your help ^^19:09
z3braI was 100% sure the wpa_supplicant part was ok19:09
jaegerHrmm, I wonder if I can run a VM on my surface 319:10
jaegerI know the CPU is capable of vt-x but not sure how to get it enabled.19:10
z3bragod now I need to port all my ports to 3.2... :/19:14
frinnstyou dont really need to do much19:15
z3braupdate the manpath19:15
frinnstwell both paths works so dont worry too much about it19:15
z3brayeah but I'd rather just follow the "rules"19:16
z3braalso, this /usr/man constraint was truly annoying19:16
z3brasome ports required patching just for that, because devs can't write correct makefiles19:16
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z3braoh, so now deamons depend on "start-stop-daemon" from debian?19:22
vlnxWhat about hooking into pkgmk's compress_manpages to correct the mandir either way?19:22
z3brathat could be an option yeah19:23
deep42thoughtwhat's the supposed source of opt/jdk? What does "file:///" mean?19:28
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z3bradeep42thought, you have to download the jdk yourself19:28
deep42thoughtok, why is that?19:29
jaegerbecause you have to agree to oracle's license to use it19:29
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john_cephalopodadeep42thought: Read the bug report, it is solvable by setting an environment variable.19:43
john_cephalopodaI could save the error by setting "export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/share/qt5/lib/cmake/"19:44
john_cephalopodaUh, save... fix.19:44
z3brawhy the switch to start-stop-daemon?19:48
z3bradoesn't it make service scripts harder to understand/write?19:48
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frinnstz3bra: quite the opposite20:27
frinnstfor some ports you have to write a war and peace length rc-file for the daemons to operate correctly20:28
frinnstwith ssd you can keep it small :)20:28
frinnstits not ideal, but it's the best compromise imo20:28
z3braokay, I get the idea20:30
z3braI just think the pidfile based services idea is flawed20:31
z3brasomething inherited from sysV that has proven to be inneficient20:31
z3braeg, I liked better the 'killall' method20:32
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newkeim goin crux. hold my hand :D20:54
jaegergood luck :)20:57
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amzwhat is the simplest and easy to work tilling (keyboard) window manager?21:52
jaegeri3 is my preference but that's a bit of a subjective question21:55
jaegertry a few and see which you like best would be my suggestion21:56
amzjaeger: how is its learning curve?21:57
jaegerseemed pretty short/small to me. The docs are good and there are some "getting started" type videos21:58
amzjaeger: youtube?21:59
jaegerthough there are likely some on youtube as well21:59
amzjaeger: too much i3 in portdb. which one is the latest or what?22:06
amzor better perhaps?22:06
jaegerboth jue and darthlukan ones are current, I believe22:07
amzjaeger: jue's port seems more complex why?22:25
amzis it build i3 with some extra dep falvours?22:25
jaegerI have no idea, I haven't compared22:25
Wildefyri3 is pretty simple to build22:29
Wildefyrwrite your own port for it I would say22:29
Wildefyrthen again I would say that for anything22:29
amzfatal error xcb/xcb_cursor.h not found22:33
frinnstprt-get fsearch xcb_cursor.h22:47
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