IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2015-11-29

Romsteri did try to bump llvm before tilman but it broke mesa in 3.100:17
Romsterprobably why tek had it built but not pushed yet00:19
korilibvpx isn't building00:24
korisomething related to halloc or whatever it may be00:24
koriI need it for mpv :X00:24
Romsterand i mae a bug report for it00:26
koriRomster: thanks00:27
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Romsteri should email him see if i can apply that patch. been a number of days now.00:35
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: qt4-32: fix footprint00:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.7.55 -> 1.8-rc201:59
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brian|lfsquestion crux iso have SSH built in?05:52
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brian|lfscool I'll eventually install on my test machine06:36
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Romsterhi i'm guessing your involved with linux from scratch brian|lfs07:01
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brian|lfsnot involedd but installed it a few times in the past07:41
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Romsterah, having a nick with |lfs made me think you were heavily involved.08:11
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brian|lfsdoes crux have something to make an initrd image of a kernel08:20
deep42thoughtromster, are you there? Have you successfully compiled inkscape on crux3.2 yet? I'm asking, because I get a lot of ungoogleable errors and want to be sure, I didn't mess something up (
Romsterdeep42thought, i haven't checked, i just started a docker container, purely for depinst inkscape. And i'll see how that goes.08:23
Romsterbrian|lfs, any initramfs tools should do. crux doesn't packae the kernel, that's upto you to do.08:24
Romsteri honestly haven't had a need to make a initramfs yet. since i use root on a SSD08:24
brian|lfsunderstood but I would need an inird to do my lvm and mdadm and luks08:24
tilmanungooglable errors08:25
tilman/usr/include/c++/5.2.0/bits/c++0x_warning.h:32:2: error: #error This file requires compiler and library support for the ISO C++ 2011 standard. This support is currently experimental, and must be enabled with the -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 compiler options.08:25
tilman #error This file requires compiler and library support for the \08:25
Romsternow i do use mdadm and lvm08:25
Romster\ space?08:25
tilmanlooks like sigc++ needs a version bump (if available)08:25
Romster2.6.2 works tilman about to commit08:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libsigc++: 2.6.1 -> 2.6.208:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: Merge branch '3.1' into 3.208:31
Romstersilly bot that first line was a commit to contrib.git/3.108:32
Romsterthen i pulled it into 3.208:32
Romsterjue, bot logic is a bit messy.08:32
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Romsterah more bug reports -_-08:48
Romsterknew these would roll in on 3.208:48
deep42thoughtnice way to spend a sunday, huh?08:53
Romster19:53:32 up 26 days,  2:52,  2 users,  load average: 17.19, 16.41, 13.3708:53
deep42thoughtactually, what's the reason, that it's inkscape 0.48 and not 0.91?08:56
Romsterbecause i haven't bumped it yet08:57
Romsteri think i tried 0.91 and it didn't build, and i left it as is. to look at again when i had more time.08:58
Romsterand i guess i haven't had that much time or thought about it.09:03
Romsteri would rather have working old versions than broken new versions.09:03
Romsterbut then crux 3.2 tool chain and dash and other changes have thrown a spanner in the works.09:03
deep42thoughtyes, I understand. It's just, that I solved some issues by updating the version ...09:04
Romsterwell if it works... i'm currently compiling all the deps for it09:05
deep42thoughtno, it was not inkscape, where updating helped09:05
Romsteri've already fixed gtkmm09:06
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deep42thoughtfor inkscape 0.91, gsl 2.1 is needed (
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deep42thoughtromster, I got inkscape 0.91 to compile: ... i stole your Pkgfile and applied some small changes11:34
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deep42thoughthmm, but it crashes :-/11:41
frinnstminor detail11:42
Romsteri was eating diner and i'm still stuck on libtorrent-rasterbar11:49
Romsternot finding boost11:49
deep42thoughtno problem, just tohugt, I had some progress to report ... but I don't11:49
RomsterCXXFLAGS+=' -std=c++11'11:53
Romstermight need to be added to glibmm11:53
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Romsteras for libtorrent-rasterbar... digging into the depths of hell11:53
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arceterawelp, i'm ditching void today and installing cru12:10
arceterafor no apparent reason12:10
Romsterwhy is that?12:10
arceterai've been looking for a distro that's relatively close to *bsd12:10
arceteraand crux's ports system looks excellent12:10
arceteratwo months ago: Wow, I love Arch! I'm never using anything else again!12:11
Romsterports are more like build recipies for LFS, BSD init layout12:11
arcetera20 days ago: Wow, I love Void! I'm never using anything else again!12:11
arceteraToday (if I don't fail): Wow, I love CRUX! I'm never using anything else again!12:11
Romsterwe have fewer ports than arch no systemd but otherwise go for it.12:12
arcetera20 years later: Wow, I love this abacus!12:12
arceterai hate systemd12:12
Romsterthen welcome aboard12:12
arceteraonce my friend adam shows up i'll be installing12:12
arceteraas i have shitty hardware, but they have a fuckton of precompiled packages12:12
arceteralike firefox12:12
arcetera...i am not compiling firefox12:13
Romsterit's on the iso12:13
frinnstfirefox isnt that bad.. chromium and qt are worse12:13
arceteraalso a quick question12:13
arceteraIf I put the Linux kernel 4.3 tarball and the 4.3-ck patch on a USB drive12:13
Romsteryou can install from there and also i do provide binary packages of large stuff. but i havne't done them yet for crux 3.212:13
arceteraMount it during the installation12:13
arceteraCan I install that instead of the provided kernel12:14
Romstersure, copy it over to /usr/src/12:14
Romsterand sue that but also be aware of config options that crux uses.12:15
arceteraexactly what should i enable or disable in make nconfig12:15
arceterai'm just going to go with the stock kernel until i know what i'm doing12:15
Romsterthat's provided on the iso there is a .config in the kernel/ directory you can start with12:15
arceteraso can i copy the existing 4.1.something .config to the 4.3 kernel12:16
arceteraor would that just not work12:16
Romstercp kernel/config /usr/src/linux-1.2.3/.config ; make silentoldconfig12:16
Romsteryou can and use  make silentoldconfig12:16
arceterabut will it support my hardware12:16
Romsterthen make config and edit what ever12:16
arceteralike what should i enable and disable12:17
Romsteryou have check withlspci -k and go in there and enable your disk controller, network card and stuff.12:17
Romsterlspci -k12:17
arceterawhen i compiled the vanilla kernel (apart from ck patches) on void i just opened make nconfig and saved12:17
arceteraand all was well12:17
arceteraand yes, the vanilla kernel, not the distro kernel12:18
Romsterwell it wont work unless the disk controller is compiled in and the filesystem (usually ext4)12:18
Romsterand the rest are usually on be default.12:18
arceteraalso fat32 probably as i'm installing on efi12:19
arceterai would have done this a long time ago but only 3.2 has native efi support so12:19
Romsteractually i think the new kernel .config on the iso has most the stuff enabled to start any system.12:19
arceterai'll check12:19
Romsterbe sure you use the one that isnt' meant for the iso itself.12:19
Romsteras there are two iirc12:19
arceteraonce this 63GB rsync backup is done that's taken 6-7hours so far and still is barely halfway done is complete i'll be waiting for my friend adam12:20
arceterathen installing crux12:20
Romsterthe iso one itself is all modules as that is initramfs12:20
arceteraand also12:20
Romsterwhy wait for him?12:20
arceterai do not have access to ethernet, only wifi12:20
arceterawill that be problematic12:20
arcetera(i have a phone)12:20
arceteraand a tablet12:21
Romsterthen you'll need to grab the firmware for your wifi card before you start. but wpa_supclient is on the iso afaik12:21
Romsterand a OTG cable?12:21
arceteraalthough i do have a raspberry pi12:21
arceterathat's still running void and i'm not moving from that12:21
Romsteror a usb flash stick with a micro usb on one end and a usb a on the other12:21
arceteraas some friends and i maintain a void repo so i'll have to painfully cross-compile12:22
Romsterthen you got options12:22
arceteradoes the install need networking?12:22
Romstersetup docker and it's easy to compile12:22
Romsternot to install but to go after you will to get the ports -u ; then to install other stuff.12:22
Romsterxorg and firefox is on the install cd though.12:23
arceteraon arch my wi-fi card Just Werked12:23
arceterait was in linux-firmware12:23
arceteraso is it an option when compiling the kernel?12:23
Romsterwell you'll probably have wifi firmware in /lib/firmware/12:23
Romstercrux has this.12:24
arceteraso i gotta compile it12:24
Romsterbut that one is not on the iso12:24
retardi am having the strangest issue building dbus-3212:24
retardi can build it manually, but not with pkgmk12:24
arceterayes i am going to install crux and then celebrate by spending four hours compiling other software12:25
retardthough i use the exact same configure statements12:25
retardit throws an error about missing symbols in, and clearly uses the 64-bit libX11.so12:25
Romsterisn't that slow arcetera and if something is really big and you got less than a quadcore i5 or something ask me to build it so you can wget and pkgadd it12:25
Romsterretard, check with revdep12:26
arceterai have a dualcore i512:26
Romsteri thought i5's are quad...12:26
arceteranot all12:26
Romster3rd generation ?12:26
arceteradualcore i5 with hyperthreading12:27
arceterame: im installing crux12:27
arceterafriend: why not install bsd12:27
arceterame: wifi12:27
Romsterwell shoudln't be too bad be sure to set MAKEFLAGS to -j4 in /etc/pkgmk.conf12:27
retardRomster: i just don't get why i can build it fine outside pkgmk but not with it12:27
retardrevdep gives no clues, this is a freshly installed system12:28
Romsterarcetera, you'll need to enable some things in the kernel for wpa_supclient to work, and then have the firmware. you could grab the config out of /proc/config.gz and save yourself a bunch of time there.12:28
retardmaybe the package doesn't have the .32bit file12:28
retardit does12:28
Romsterit should have i haven't got any errors there retard12:28
arceterawell this is gonna be fun12:29
Romsterwhat did you install retard ?12:29
retardtrying to install something that requires qt4-3212:30
Romsteri tested that earlier and it was fine12:30
arceteralet us hope i don't fail miserably12:31
Romsteron crux 3.212:31
retardit is a fresh 3.2 install.. what i don't get is that i can configure and build dbus-32 perfectly if i use -kw and run the commands in the work dir12:31
arceterakernel configuration is phun12:31
Romsterarcetera, we are here if you need help12:31
Romsteryeah kernel is the biggest pain12:31
arceteraand then i'll be compiling it again to update :p12:32
Romsteris this behind fakeroot or something retard ?12:32
retardbut using pkgmk it gives this:12:32
retard  CCLD     dbus-test-tool12:32
retard/usr/lib/ error adding symbols: File in wrong format12:32
retardRomster: no, but it is inside a chroot12:32
Romsterah retard known issue prt-get depinst xorg-libx11-3212:32
retardi did that, and then it builds fine manually, but still not with pkgmk12:33
Romsterif you got xorg-libx11 installed and dbus uses that. you also need it for dbus-3212:33
Romsterelse wrong symbools12:33
RomsterI probably should add a README on that.12:33
retardwouldn't it be fine as a dependency?12:35
retardi kinda feel like dbus implies x12:35
Romsterif dbus listed it as a dependency then dbus-32 would also.12:35
Romster-32 ports follow there 64bit dependencies for consistency12:35
Romsterand the only thing i know of that needs qt4-32 is skype.12:36
retardutil-linux-32 misses a --disable-runuser and --disable-chfn-chsh12:37
retardguess i should send a mail about that12:37
Romsteri can take a look at that i am part of compat-3212:37
arceterawhy do people use skype12:37
retardthey hate privacy12:38
Romsteri know right12:38
retardand love ads and shit animated smileys12:38
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Romsteri'm trying ot fix other shit here and ah to hell looks at util-linux-3212:39
*** SiFuh has joined #crux12:39
retardjust changing it to be like the regular 64-bit package is enough12:39
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Romsteri updated that and how did i miss that12:40
arceteraso wait12:42
arceterais linux-firmware a package that can be installed in setup12:42
arceteraas in the package installation script on the livecd12:43
retardwell, it's in contrib12:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: util-linux-32: disable runuser and chfn-chsh12:44
retardthanks, Romster12:44
Romsterno problem12:44
Romsterthanks for reporting.12:44
arceteralike I won't have access to a network connection12:45
arceteraon the livecd12:45
retardit is a hassle, dunno12:45
retardhas there been a discussion about including linux-firmware there?12:45
Romsterarcetera, it's not on the iso you'll need to grab the source= and have that Pkgfile handy12:45
Romsterto pkgmk and pkgadd it.12:45
arceterai'll just get ethernet12:46
Romsterah be easier12:46
arceteracan i copy it to a usb stick right now12:46
arceterathen mount it post-install12:46
Romsteri did ask if the firmeware for just the wifi cards could be on the iso...12:46
arceteraok what files do i need to d/l12:46
retardyou can just check out
Romstercontrib/linux-firmare/{Pkgfile.md5sum.footprint} and the source
arceteraalso on crux12:47
arceterahow do you remove shit12:48
retardprt-get remove12:48
Romsterpkgrm or prt-get remove12:48
Romsterprt-get is a front end tool to pkgmk pkgadd pkgrm pkginfo12:48
Romsterprt-get depinst foo for installing stuff with a dependency tree.12:48
retardi get why they don't want to include linux-firmware12:48
Romsterbe sure to read the handbook12:48
arceterai did12:49
Romsterit's big yeah12:49
arceteramany times12:49
retardRomster: do you have a handy tool for removing outdated packages? prtwash doesn't do the trick when i configure a package dir12:49
retardso i end up with old versions mixed with the new ones12:49
Romsterprtsweep might help there retard12:50
Romsteroldfiles is the other12:51
Romsteri do have a short script you could modify. it looks for the md5sums of files and removes those that are not listed.12:52
arceteraok so I have the Pkgfile, .md5sum, and .footprint12:52
arceterawhat now12:52
Romsteractually i got a script that removes everything then copies the needed files back.12:52
Romsterand the arcetera12:53
Romsterthen job done.12:53
arceterawill i have to tinker with the pkgfile12:53
retardRomster: compat-32 has COPYING and COPYRIGHT in the root right now :X12:53
arceterathe pkgfile, footprint, md5sum, and source are in the same dir12:53
Romsteryou can pkgmk in that directory with that Pkgfile12:53
arceteraand the source?12:53
arceterawhere does that god12:53
Romsterthen pkgadd linux-firmware#20150814....12:54
arceteraso source and pkgfile and md5 and footprint in the same dir12:54
Romsterit can go in the same directory as the Pkgfile .md5sum and .footprint12:54
arceteraput them in a folder called crux/ on my usb stick12:54
retardand it trips up prtsweep12:54
Romsterthat is it's default spot unless you change it in /etc/pkgmk.conf12:54
Romsterjust name it linux-firmware/12:55
Romstereach port has it's own directory as the same name as name= in the Pkgfile12:55
arceteraso do I have to change source=12:55
Romsterbe sure to install wpa_supclient from opt/ when you get to setup12:55
Romsterif the file is there it wont try to redownload it12:56
Romsteronly if it is missing12:56
arceterawhy do pkgfiles remind me of PKGBUILDs on arch12:56
Romsterarch pretty much borrowed that idea from crux12:57
Romsterbut it has since gone more complex than crux has kept it KISS12:57
arceteraarch has really been doing shit i don't like12:57
arceterawhich is why i installed void, and now crux12:58
Romsterwe have a few from arch here, because of that.12:58
arceterathey used to advertise bsd-style initscripts12:58
Romsteri seen void but i haven't given it a go.12:58
arceteraas a prominent feature12:58
arceteravoid's pretty good12:58
arceterabut from what i've heard crux is really close to bsd in terms of linux12:59
Romsterwhat is not to like in void?12:59
arceterabut i want a distro that's close to bsd12:59
arceterathat isn't slackware12:59
Romsterwell init scripts are like BSD and directory layout.12:59
Romsterbut i have never sued BSD12:59
arceterafrom what i've heard it's super close to bsd12:59
Romstercrux is simpler at a cost you have to do the hand holding on some things.13:00
Romsterbut it never gets in the way of you doing what ever you like.13:00
Romstereven if it means breaking the system.13:00
Romstera format is never required to fix. i've broken my setup a few times and fixed it easily.13:01
arceterathis fcking rsync backup13:01
Romsterby trying dangerous changes.13:01
arceteraim just gonna use my external hdd13:01
Romsteri thought rsync is fast13:01
arceteranot to my server13:01
Romsteroh that be why13:01
Romstersome things might be a wee bit broken in crux 3.2 still.13:04
Romsterworking on fixing those.13:04
arceterawill it werk13:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: squid: update to 3.5.1213:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.13613:09
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.11213:10
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arceterait's time13:23
nebg_hello everyone... if i have crux 3,113:33
nebg_how can i update to crux 3.2 ?13:33
deep42thought might help13:34
*** arceteratemp has joined #crux13:35
arceteratempokay so13:35
arceteratempI'm booted into the live down13:35
arceteratempdo i have to configure /boot/efi in fstab13:36
nebg_how can i install a specific version of a package...13:41
nebg_let's say the core repository has the package X version 6.713:41
nebg_but i want  to install the version 6.013:41
nebg_how can i do ?13:41
deep42thoughtyou can edit the pkgfile, but I doubt, they're archived somewhere13:42
arceteratempwhat is "M" in make nconfig13:44
arceteratemplike this option has both M and *13:44
nebg_deep42thought, so ?13:45
nebg_what should i do ?13:45
nebg_compile it manually ?13:45
nebg_hoping that will be no conflicts problems ?13:45
deep42thoughtnebg_ cou can try to set the version you desire in the Pkgfile13:46
deep42thoughtpkgmk and then pkgadd -u13:46
deep42thoughtarceteratemp: compile as module13:47
deep42thoughtand * is compiled in13:48
arceteratempi hope this works lol13:48
deep42thoughtacutally, you need pretty few things for a somehow working system13:48
arceteratempwhat options to I need for Wi-Fi?13:49
arceteratempand EFI?13:49
arceteratempand do I have to put /boot/efi in /etc/fstab13:49
deep42thoughtthe gentoo-wiki is a quite good guide for what kernel options to activate for different stuff13:50
deep42thoughtbut honestly I switched back to bios, because I couldn't get efi boot running :-/13:50
arceteratempall righty kernel configured13:55
arceteratempaaaaaand make all13:57
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arceteratempwill it work fully?14:06
arceteratempi fucking hope so14:06
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arceteratempWell uh14:52
arceteratempi installed CRUX14:52
arceteratempstraight to a GRUB console14:52
arceteratempDo I have to chroot in and add /boot/efi to fstab?14:53
frinnstNever played with uefi so I cant help, sorry15:01
frinnstif you can wait im sure someone that has can help you15:01
nogagplz_arceteratemp: did you remember to generate the grub.cfg15:02
retardRomster: nice work on the wine 1.8-rc2 port15:04
retardRomster: got a footprint mismatch on some openal and gstreamer files, but works nicely15:04
dbrookearceteratemp: /boot/efi will need to be mounted to update kernel image, grub or whatever from the running system15:05
*** deep42thought has left #crux ()15:08
*** arceteratemp has quit IRC15:12
arceterahow do I enable wpa_supplicant15:17
arceterawell fucj15:19
retardwhatchoo mean15:20
retardyou can start it manually or have dhcpcd start it for you15:20
arceterano wifi15:21
arceterawlp2s0 is not in the list15:21
arceteraonly enp1s015:21
retardhave you installed the linux-firmware package15:21
retardand have you enabled the driver in your kernel15:21
arceteraI think so15:21
arceterasaw it compile iwlwifi15:21
retarddoes lspci -k print a driver in use for the network card15:22
arceteraits detected by lspci15:22
retardthen something is wrong15:22
arceterait does not print a driver15:22
retardcheck that the firmware is loaded in dmesg15:22
arceteradmesg | grep iwlwifi does nothing15:23
arceterarecompile the kernel? its still in /usr/src15:23
arceteralet me cp .config somewhere else then make mrproper and recompile15:25
arceteraor is there another way15:25
arceteraI'm surprised it booted at all so15:26
arceterawhat do I enable here15:30
arceteraIntel Wireless 726015:30
arceteraiwlwifi is enabled in the kernel but no driver is loaded15:32
retardhad to hang some clothes15:56
retardarcetera: what hardware do you have15:56
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC16:00
arceteraIntel Wireless 726016:01
retardin that case you need the mvm firmware loader16:06
retardhave you selected that one16:07
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arceteraretard: nope lol17:09
arceterathanks, recompiling17:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: texlive: update for newer perl release17:31
*** deep42thought has joined #crux17:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: implement hints from FS#116517:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: newsbeuter: fix build with ncurses 6 (FS#1253)17:47
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arceteraon crux 3.2 fontconfig depends on harfbuzz17:57
john_cephalopodamesa is outdated, I think17:57
arceterabut fontconfig is a harfbuzz dependency17:58
arceterapls fix17:58
john_cephalopodaOr wait...17:58
john_cephalopodaOkay, I was only confused because the latest one is announced as 11.0.4 on the website but crux got 11.0.6 already.18:00
john_cephalopodaWhy isn't 3d acceleration compiled into mesa?18:12
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frinnstwtf are you talking about john_cephalopoda ?18:19
frinnst"Why isn't 3d acceleration compiled into mesa?" ?18:19
frinnsti've seen you make that statement a few times now, but you always leave irc before i can ask what you mean18:21
tired_laptophey gents18:22
tired_laptopcongrats on 3.2.. awesome work18:22
tired_laptopone question18:22
tired_laptopin the handbook, specifically section 6.318:23
tired_laptopit says: "This will not make the package database inconsistent (since it's not installed with pkgadd) nor will it affect the kernel headers found in /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm since these are not symlinks to the kernel source, but instead contain copies of the headers. "18:23
*** kori has joined #crux18:24
frinnst.. yeeees?18:24
tired_laptopnot sure I get this.. so if I wanted to use 4.4 (including its headers), the system will no longer use those found in /usr/src/linux<version> but use the outdated copies found in /usr/include/linux ?18:24
tilmanthe system never uses anything in /usr/src18:25
frinnstyeah we ship the linux headers with glibc18:25
jaegerThat's the way it should be. Because if you replace /usr/include/linux you'll need to rebuild glibc and maybe others with it18:25
tilmanyou install the kernel headers that were used when building libc18:25
arceterahelp I can't install my graphics drivers18:26
tired_laptopso this has been the way since before 3.2 ?18:26
john_cephalopodafrinnst: The crux mesa package doesn't compile 3d acceleration (dri) into mesa.18:26
tilmantired_laptop: it's been the way since forever18:26
john_cephalopodafrinnst: So when I'm using nouveau, 3d stuff is laggy as hell.18:26
tilmanjohn_cephalopoda: wrong.18:26
arceterabecause xorg-xf86-video-intel depends in xorg-libxfont which depends on harfbuzz18:26
arceteraand harfbuzz is broken18:26
frinnsthow is harfuzz broken?18:26
arceterafontconfig is a harfbuzz dependency but fontconfig depends on harfbuzz18:26
frinnstyes, blame upstream18:27
jaegeryeah, that's a known issue and they don't seem to intend to change it18:27
arceterahow do I fix it?18:27
arceteraotherwise I have no graphics drivers18:27
john_cephalopodatilman: --enable-dri and --with-dri-drivers=nouveau is needed for me to get fps higher than 10 with 3d games.18:27
tired_laptopI recall when updating the kernel I had to rebuild virtualbox modules, when compiling i see references to /usr/src/linux<my_latest_installed>, from your feedback now i understand these are not the headers in this case..18:27
jaegerthe virtualbox modules are compiled for the current kernel18:28
jaegerarcetera: pkgadd from the ISO is probably the easiest method18:28
tilman"no 3d accel" and "lacking classic nouveau driver" are two vastly different statements18:28
tilmanget a grip18:28
tired_laptopah.. got it. cheers gents18:28
arceterajaeger: so boot the iso, mount, and install it?18:28
jaegerno need to reboot18:29
arceteramount the iso?18:29
jaegerif you have a working system already, just mount the ISO loopback or download the packages18:29
jaegersorry, misclick18:29
arceteraor for me, my phone and drivedroid18:29
frinnstmount -o loop <path/to/iso> <path/to/mountpoint>18:29
arceterafirst let me finish compiling weechat and tmux so I can get off this painful phone keyboard lol18:30
arceteraI'm new to CRUX but pretty happy with it so18:30
arceteraI'm surprised it booted on my first attempt lol18:30
arceteraalthough I did have to recompile the kernel one more time18:30
jaegerIt's a good learning experience if you take your time and stick with it18:31
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: we build the gallium drivers in mesa3d. i guess your system uses swrast instead of the accellerated driver?18:31
arceteraive compiled kernels before so it wasn't hard18:32
tilmanfrinnst: if he's positive the gallium driver doesn't work for him it's probably because of old hardware18:32
tilmanfrinnst: iirc the two drivers support different sets of chips18:32
arceteraalthough I'll be recompiling later cause 4.318:32
frinnsthm, i thought the gallium driver supported more or less all pci express cards?18:33
tilmandon't take my word for it18:33
john_cephalopodaMy hardware isn't old. So Idk.18:33
tilmanfrinnst: make him double-check gallium doesn't work18:33
john_cephalopodaBut the compile guide for nouveau says, that dri should be activated.18:33
john_cephalopodaAnd after I activated it, the framerate got a LOT higher.18:34
frinnstyeah, john_cephalopoda run glxinfo and grep for "OpenGL renderer string"18:34
john_cephalopodaOpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on NVE618:34
john_cephalopoda01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK106 [GeForce GTX 645 OEM] (rev a1)18:35
frinnstok so it uses gallium then..18:36
frinnstdo you have some simple benchmarkingtest so we can reproduce it?18:36
frinnstdoes glxgears work?18:36
frinnst(as in, it gives terrible performance without the dri driver)18:36
tilmanjust take the mesa package from the iso and run glxinfo with the debug flags18:36
tilmanto see whether it loads anything other than swrast18:37
tilmanand why not18:37
john_cephalopodaPhew, complicated.18:39
tired_laptopif benching using glxgears disable vsync18:40
tired_laptopor it'll cap at 60fps18:40
tired_laptopvblank_mode=0 glxgears18:40
frinnstI love hp hardware.. Just installed the latest firmware for my switch:18:40
frinnstSSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in Server Key Exchange handshake message. (Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key)18:40
john_cephalopoda16430 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3285.942 FPS18:41
tired_laptopthat sure is accelerated18:41
john_cephalopodaHmm, I'll install flagless mesa.18:41
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC18:42
tired_laptopfrinnst, I hear netgear switches are good for SMB (and home) use18:43
tired_laptopI saw an 8 port smart switch for a good price18:44
frinnstfriends dont let friends buy netgear18:44
tired_laptopnot exactly mainstream price but surely no ripoff like certain brands18:44
tired_laptopfrinnst, how so? bad hw ?18:44
arceteramount: /mnt/crux: Mount failed: Unknown error -118:45
arceterawhen mounting the crux iso18:45
frinnstjust not much luck with netgear. all netgear switches i've had contact with have been a pain18:45
arceterahow do I mount the crux iso on /mnt/crux?18:46
frinnstarcetera: do you have loop built as a module?18:46
frinnstmodprobe loop first if thats the case18:46
tired_laptopoh. I was eying this for an upgrade:
frinnsttired_laptop: i have a 5 port version of that switch but I just use it as a dumb switch18:48
arceterahello from laptop18:51
arceterai am successful18:51
arceteratime to startx18:51
*** sudobaal has quit IRC18:52
*** evil_shibe has joined #crux18:54
evil_shibecrux is nice distro?18:54
tilmanvery nice18:54
tilmanmuch wow18:54
deep42thoughtevil_shibe, you came to the right channel to get the answer "yes"18:54
evil_shibemuch wow? :)18:55
evil_shibeits in kde? gnome? or without?18:56
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux18:56
evil_shibeexist x86 version?18:57
john_cephalopoda16544 frames in 5.0 seconds = 3308.664 FPS18:57
evil_shibe;/win 2019:01
john_cephalopodaSeems like it is fixed.19:10
john_cephalopodaMaybe because I am using latest one now19:10
*** deep42thought has quit IRC19:17
jaegerevil_shibe: there's an unofficial/unsupported x86 version19:46
arceterahaving X11 troubles19:47
jaegerwhat kind of GPU do you have?19:53
arceteraIntel Integrated19:54
arceteraalso what repo contains mksh?19:54
arceterait's not in the official ones and it's not in 6c37 and i really don't know what i'm doing19:54
arceterai'm very new to this distro hah19:55
arceterabrb google19:55
jaegertry searching for it at
jaegerif it's not listed there, make a poert19:55
jawboit looks like it's in contrib19:55
arceterahow do i enable contrib though?19:55
jaegerregarding X11, make sure you have the i915 driver and kms enabled in your kernel config19:56
jawboshould already be there, just make sure to mv contrib.rsync.inactive to contrib.rsync and uncomment/add in prt-get.conf19:56
arceteraso recompile19:56
arceterasince I have the chance I'll use 4.3 this time around19:56
arceteracan I copy my existing .config to the 4.3 kernel?19:56
jawboyeah i always keep my existing .config in /usr/src then when i recompile kernel just cp into new linux-whatever dir, and do either `make oldconfig` or `make silentoldconfig` (to get help just run `make help` in kernel directory)19:58
jaegersure. It may not map 100% but you can always do that19:58
jawbogreat job on 3.2 - upgrading was a cinch. only hiccup was bash->dash, i fouled up the rejmerge and the symlink was gone19:59
arceteraso i can copy the config, make nconfig, enable i915, and make -j4 all19:59
jaegeri915 and kms for it20:00
jawboyeah and kms20:00
arceteradownloading kernel 4.3 as i have the chance20:00
arceteramight add a special name this time around too20:00
arceterawhat should i put after the kernel20:00
jawboi always name mine for kicks and giggles20:00
arceterathat's what i'm gonna do but idk what20:00
jawboright now mine's linux-4.1.13-Thomas_Motherfucking_Jefferson20:01
jawbomaking my way through presidents20:01
arceterai'm pretty happy with crux so far20:01
arceterawent from void to crux today20:01
jawboi made the mistake of trying out crux a few years ago, haven't been able to move away since20:02
arceteraubuntu -> arch -> failed crux 3.1 attempt on efi -> arch -> void -> gentoo (for around three hours, didn't like it much) -> void -> crux 3.2 (successful)20:02
arceterainstalled 3.2 as it has native efi20:02
tilmanjawbo: you didn't get very far yet20:02
evil_shibejaeger: you here?20:06
evil_shibeWHERE i can download unofficial x86 version?20:06
jaeger is the ISO, there's a ports overlay at
evil_shibehy its 3.1?20:08
evil_shibei need 3.220:08
jaeger3.2 is brand new and I haven't built a 3.2 x86 ISO yet20:08
arceteratheres no x86 3.220:08
evil_shibeso make it20:08
arceterait takes time and work20:09
arceteraalso i'm not the maintainer20:09
jaegerhaven't had time yet20:09
*** TheCephalopod has joined #crux20:09
*** sudobaal has joined #crux20:09
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC20:10
tilman"so make it" :D:D20:10
jawbotilman: i suppose i haven't tried very hard20:11
jawboCrux - it just works(TM)20:11
evil_shibejaeger: it is 30minutes max i think20:11
tilmanwhy don't _you_ build it then?20:11
evil_shibehow much costs your time?20:11
jaegeryou're wrong if you think that, heh20:11
evil_shibebecause im not dev20:11
evil_shibeso i dont must compile20:11
tilmanyou realize these are all volunteers?20:12
evil_shibei can pay you it bitcoins to compile it20:12
arceteraCONFIG_DRM_I915 is on, where's KMS?20:14
jaegernot interested in payment. I'll build it when I have time to20:14
arceteraCRUX - Good Distro 4 Noob20:14
koriarcetera: have you read the handbook btw20:15
jaegerarcetera: it's a subentry under that option20:15
korinot related to your question20:15
korijust curious20:15
arceterakori: yes20:15
jaeger"enable modesetting on intel by default" or something similar20:15
john_cephalopodaarcetera: Totally. I'd recommend it to everybody, especially people who don't get difficult Ubuntu.20:15
arceteraall i have is "Enable preliminary support for prerelease Intel hardware by default"20:16
arceteraunder "Intel 8xx/9xx/G3x/G4x/HD Graphics"20:16
jaegertry searching for DRM_I915_KMS20:17
jaegerit should show you if an option that's required is missing20:17
arceteradoesn't exist20:17
arceterajust DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT20:17
jaegerIt exists in 4.1.13 at least, perhaps 4.3 has changed it20:18
arceteraShould I just compile with i915 enabled?20:18
arceteraI'm just gonna make -j4 all.20:19
arceteraunless there's something i'm missing here20:19
arceteraehh, worth a shot i guess20:19
arceteralet's go20:19
jaegergive it a try and see, yeah20:20
arceteraI've compiled the kernel three times today.20:21
arceterauser friendly distro 100%20:21
*** joacim has quit IRC20:23
*** joacim has joined #crux20:24
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC20:28
evil_shibejaeger: you are rich20:31
dbrookehaving some post-upgrade difficulties rebuilding some qt/cmake programs, so I've rebuilt qt5 but cmake fails with
dbrookeI have drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 20480 Nov 29 13:07 /usr/include/qt5/QtCore20:33
dbrookeso it looks as if cmake is looking in the wrong place but I don'y know why20:34
evil_shibewhy you are not interested with payment?20:35
jaegercrux is a hobby, not my job.20:36
evil_shibeso you can change your job to crux and live from donations20:36
jaegerheh, I don't think so20:37
evil_shibetoo small community?20:37
jaegerbecause that's not a reasonable thing to do20:37
evil_shibeso crux isnt reasonable you think?20:38
jaegerDon't twist my words20:40
*** ivs has quit IRC20:40
*** tired_laptop has quit IRC20:42
*** jue has quit IRC21:06
arceteracontinued X11 troubles21:08
*** jue has joined #crux21:09
arceteraany ideas?21:10
arceterafailed to compile keymap21:10
arceterahold on21:10
*** |narcos| has quit IRC21:11
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*** g0re has quit IRC21:11
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*** paradigm has quit IRC21:11
arceteraah, i need xkeyboard-config21:12
*** Faym has joined #crux21:12
arceterahow do i enable contrib21:13
*** Romster has joined #crux21:14
*** paradigm has joined #crux21:14
koriarcetera: its in the handbook by the way21:14
koriyou said you had read it :/ it's important!!!!!!21:14
arceteratfw handbook on phone screen21:14
*** quasinoxen has joined #crux21:15
arceterahow do i install repos like the 6c37 repo in a way that i can use them with prt-get21:17
arceteraclone them into /usr/ports and edit /etc/prt-get.conf?21:17
koriarcetera: n21:18
arceteraor do i have to use prtmk and pkgadd21:18
arceteraoh, nice21:18
arceterawill pull up when i have a working X server21:18
arceteraso uh21:24
arceterai ran startx21:24
arceterablank screen (backlight on)21:25
arceteracouldn't switch to a tty or turn it off21:25
arceterahard shutdown and poweron resulted in a kernel panic21:25
arceterareboot again and it's fine21:25
*** nwe has joined #crux21:25
arceterawill arc have a working x server by 10pm?21:26
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux21:27
arcetera x11 logs21:28
arceterashould i pastebin .xinitrc too21:28
*** nogagplz_ has joined #crux21:28
*** xor29ah has joined #crux21:30
arceteraand here's .xinitrc
arceteraoh wait21:30
arceterai don't have wmutils lmao21:30
arceterais there already a wmutils port21:32
arceteraoh Wildefyr made one21:32
koriarcetera: z3bra has one21:33
arceterai already found one21:33
arceteraoookay now to test X1121:35
*** |narcos| has joined #crux21:38
arceterasame problem, except this time my wallpaper was shown as i compiled hsetroot21:38
arceteraprobably something in .xinitrc21:38
*** jdolan has joined #crux21:42
*** retard_ has joined #crux22:12
*** vlnx has joined #crux22:13
*** B-2 has joined #crux22:16
arceterasame problem22:17
arceteralaunch X1122:17
arceterafreezes, no input, can't switch to a tty22:17
*** nogagplz_ has quit IRC22:18
*** BitPuffin|osx has quit IRC22:18
*** nwe has quit IRC22:18
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*** heroux has joined #crux22:19
*** pidsley-afk has joined #crux22:31
*** skrzyp has joined #crux22:31
pidsley-afkarcetera: do you have xorg-xf86-input-evdev installed?22:31
pidsley-afkfrom your Xorg log, it looks like no inout drivers can be found22:31
arceteraJust installed it22:32
*** jaeger has joined #crux22:32
pidsley-afkX is still broken?22:32
*** sudobaal has quit IRC22:37
*** tired890 has joined #crux22:42
*** elvenman has joined #crux22:42
*** rmull has joined #crux22:42
*** kInOzAwA has joined #crux22:43
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*** novak has joined #crux22:46
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*** deus_ex has joined #crux22:51
*** nwe has joined #crux22:51
Worksterretard> Romster: got a footprint mismatch on some openal and gstreamer files, but works nicely <- soft dependencies, new files are ok missing is not.22:55
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux23:01
*** dxlr8r has quit IRC23:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libtorrent: 0.13.4 -> 0.13.623:11
*** leetspete1 has joined #crux23:16
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libepoxy: updated to 1.3.123:20
*** _tutima has joined #crux23:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: rtorrent: 0.9.4 -> 0.9.623:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: spice-protocol: 0.12.9 -> 0.12.1023:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libreoffice: 5.0.2 -> 5.0.323:38
*** paradigm has quit IRC23:43
*** paradigm has joined #crux23:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: spice-gtk: 0.29 -> 0.3023:49
*** dxlr8r has joined #crux23:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: dhcp: 4.2.7 -> 4.3.323:59
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:59

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